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My Favorite Song Off Of Each Of My 5's

Compacted a list of my favorite song off of each of my 5's, hopefully I can convince some of you to check out stuff you may not have listened to yet. Enjoy!
1American Football
American Football

Never Meant- Pretty much my favorite song ever. There is a sense of utmost honesty from the beginning to the end that is punctuated by some of Mike Kinsella's best lyrics. Musically this has one of the most beautiful guitars put to record and the atmosphere is absolutely sublime.
2Arcade Fire

Neighborhood #1- Aside from being the essential Arcade Fire song, I truly believe this song to be their best off of the critically acclaimed Funeral. It is a nostalgia drenched masterpiece that introduces the listener to everything the band is about. Grand instrumentation, emotionally charged lyrics, and seemingly simple moments that come off as astounding. The "woo's" near the end of this song are seriously chilling.
3Bruce Springsteen
Born to Run

Thunder Road- Though there are many tracks on Bruce's masterpiece that are downright incredible, Thunder Road is by far my favorite. While I may be taking the easy way out in saying that, but there just isn't a song that punctuates youth and life nearly as well as Thunder Road. The harmonica and dancing piano at the beginning of the song seriously sets the mood in one of the most perfect ways possible.
4Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

You Won't Know- While not nearly as impressive as Limousine or Jesus instrumentally or structurally, You Won't Know serves as one of the most dark and heavy moments of the bands entire career.  Carried along by Jesse Lacey's incredibly detailed lyrics about lose and depression are beautiful in their own way, but the instrumentation is by far the biggest stand out. By far the biggest holy shit moment on the entire album is the real first verse and chorus on the song.
Though I'm Alone

A Dead Hum, Echoed- Barrow's 2nd album is perhaps one of the most overlooked masterpieces in the screamo genre, and go no further than the 2nd song to see why. It is a brooding piece of sludgy screamo that thrives off of its atmosphere. Crushing guitars thrash about with seemingly no sign of stopping and the dual vocals are absolutely chaotic. Yet the song is able to differentiate from the rest with some seriously emotional climaxes. Also the clean vocals on this track are completely devastating, which is something most screamo bans can almost never pull off.
Jane Doe

Heaven in Her Arms- It's hard to make such an emotionally appealing song with only using three simple words. That is all that is audible in the entire duration of the song, and instead it thrives off of the emotion in each and every aspect. The brilliant guitar work especially in the "chorus". The riff is fitting for a song so perfectly titled, with a sullen tone and Jacob Bannon's banshee like screeches seemingly discussing the absolute surrender of one's being and self-worth to another for destructive effects.
7Counting Crows
August And Everything After

Round Here- Adam Duritz's crown achievement in song writing has some of the best lyrics any song could ask for. A sullen piece that is down to earth in tone and lyricism that really details isolation and loneliness in the best ways possible. It is a work of art as both poetry and music that is certainly not forgotten.
8Dark Time Sunshine

Prairie Dog Days- While the rapping on the record was fairly simple for the most part it is at its best during Prairie Dog Days. It's almost like a journey through the past 30 years, accompanied by a subdued beat (for the record's standard) and chilling female hums and "woo's".  The part where the beat completely stops followed by Onry's best verse on the album accompanied by the female vocals is absolutely stunning.
9Deep Puddle Dynamics
The Taste of Rain...Why Kneel

Deep Puddle Dyanmics
June 28, 1998- My favorite hip-hop song of all time. The dirty production goes hand and hand with flow of all of the 4 artists featured on the track who give out their best performances. Alias and Slug especially outdo themselves on this one, it's really a lyrical treat at all points. "Voice gang rape by talent medium in question, impregnated by all three of Em, invade expression" is just one of the many incredible lines throughout this lyrical masterpiece.
10DJ Shadow

Midnight in a Perfect World- An essential trip-hop song that is driven by a soothing beat and some of the best usage of sampling on an song ever. Endtroducing... Is home to some of trip hops greatest treats of all time, but this is the one I come back to at each spin. This is the perfect song to jam at night on a walk home, nearly unmatched in atmosphere.
11Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
What It Takes to Move Forward

An Idea is a greater monument than any cathedral- A song about the death of man's best friend. Lyrically this is an emotionally poignant look at the personal experiences of the death of the lead singers dog, and boy is it sad. As someone who went through the process a few years back, I felt his pain on each listen. And why the hell was that guy at the end not on any other songs?
12Frightened Rabbit
The Midnight Organ Fight

Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms- At the time I first heard this it was one of my favorite songs ever. While it doesn't attain nearly the same degree of meaning it did 4 years ago, it still is my favorite off the album. It's the whole idea that love can be one sided, and if not reciprocated than there should be no ill-will towards the partner that isn't you. It hit home years ago and the great lyrics still remain catchy. The final lyrics are some of the most devastating on the album.
13Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

Sleep- Sleep just barely beats out storm as my favorite Godspeed song for one singular reason. The final two movements are among post-rocks finest moments. The glorious use of horns in the 2nd last crescendo are still incredible to hear, and the final build up to the last crescendo is just mesmerizing. It's a drum driven buildup but not in a conventional way, and by the last few minutes all is let loose in bliss.
14Have a Nice Life

Earthmover- Nothing really needs to be said about the closing track on Half a Nice Life's drone masterpiece. It's among one of the heaviest songs one can ever listen to, and the title of the track gives away the final movement of the song which can only be described as one of the most moving collection of sound and noise ever assembled in music. Truly one of the greatest songs of all time.
15Kashiwa Daisuke
Program Music I

Stella- Coming off of Earthmover being named one of the greatest songs of all time, Stella is perhaps one of the most complete and perfect songs of this generation. It is the cyclical music to birth until death, played to the sound of musical perfection. It's a beautiful experience from beginning to end, and for a song 36 minutes long there isn't a single dull moment.
16King Crimson
In the Court of the Crimson King

21st Century Schizoid Man- By far one of my favorite progressive rock songs ever. Something about the approach to the music is just done so well. It sound fun, free of cliche, and goddamn those horns are infectious.
17maudlin of the Well

They Aren't all Beautiful- finding a favorite for this album was almost impossible. Blue ghost is my second favorite for being a sinister post-metal track with a seriously incredible crescendo, but They Aren't all Beautiful is just a relentless beast of gripping metal. Toby Driver has never sounded so pissed and full of anguish as he did on this track any where else (unless across his 4 other projects which are all quite awesome I missed something). His screaming of "see through my eyes" is downright chilling.
Rust in Peace

Hanger 18- Megadeth wiped their asses with most other thrash release out their with Rust and Piece, and Hanger 18 while not the most cherished song on the record is mind blowing in its own right. In my opinion this is one of Megadeth's most memorable songs for how badass the guitar is throughout the entirety of the song, and the onslaught of dual solo's at the end of the track is still mesmerizing to this day.

Am I Wry?-  An incredible opening to an incredible album. It's a song full of life from the opening few guitar lines, and it gives off sort of an epic feel to what is actually a rather intimate album. It was hard to choose between this, The Spider Song, and Comforting Sounds; but ultimately decided on the track I listened to the most; which is quite a shit ton.
20Miles Davis
Kind of Blue

So What- My favorite jazz song by the king of cool. It's got this great atmosphere to it that has me barely going further into the album just because I enjoy the opening track that much. While Flamenco Sketches is also a downright beauty, So What holds a special place in my heart as the first jazz song I really ever enjoyed to a huge degree.

New York State of Mind- I'd like to give a shout out to Saints Row 2's incredible soundtrack to introducing me to the real king of 90's hip-hop. This is grit incarnate from beginning to end, with bar after bar of just mesmerizing lyrics directed at hood life and gang activity. The line "I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death" is still one of my favorites in hip-hop.
At Home With Owen

The Sad Waltzes of Pietro Crespi- while Bad News is the quintessential Owen song, I still have a relatively strong connection to the albums second song about the love struck pianola player. It's quite a sad song but so uniquely charming in its own right. The second chorus is especially beautiful, with all the instruments joining in to give one last tug at the heart strings before fading away.
Kid A

Motion Picture Soundtrack- An album as intricately designed as Kid A has some of the bands best songs. Idioteque is an electronica masterpiece, How to Disappear Completely is completely enthralling, and Kid A atmospherically is brilliant (sounds like you are actually under the ocean). Yet Motion Picture Soundtrack is Kid A's curveball the the gut. It's heart wrenching and the one time where the album and Thom Yorke sounds completely vulnerable. Plus the ending verse has a gorgeous harp.
24Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against The Machine

Know Your Enemy- Tom Morello kills it on this track, like holy shit is this song memorable for just being completely badass. It was so badass that Maynard from Tool even wanted to get his hands on part of the song by donating his vocals to the bridge, which is followed by one BADASS solo. #greendaydiditbetter
25Say Anything
...Is a Real Boy

Alive With the Glory of Love- While Admit it! is perhaps the best song the band has ever done, Alive with the Glory of Love is special just because of how it is so uplifting even while preserving the themes of anarchy and rebellion that the album presents. It's extremely fun and infectious with a booking chorus and some pretty awesome guitar work, and provided the lyrical description of two lovers who survive the holocaust, it's one greatly uplifting track.
26Streetlight Manifesto
Everything Goes Numb

A Better Place, A Better Time- This is the first Streetlight song I've ever heard, and what a great one to start with. Kalonky's great send off to suicide prevention is one of personal endeavor, and man does it sound great. As soon as the horns come blasting in you are in for one hell of a ride as the track barely looks to slow down as it comes slamming into a perfect ska chorus with simple lyrics that hit really hard.
27Sufjan Stevens

Come on! Feel the Illinois!- Another highly debatable pick for my favorite song on one of my favorite albums, Come on! Feel the Illinois! only barely beats out the rest of the crew because of the ending few minutes. It is a surprisingly sullen track led by some of the most cheery instrumentation on the entire record, that is until those last few minutes where it slows down and gives way to a leading violin and some of Sufjan's best lyrics he ever put to paper. "Even in his heart the devil has to know the water level, are you writing from the heart?"
28The Antlers

Two- Debated between this and Sylvia, but ultimately was won over by the lyrics. This is a lyrically charged song that is essentially the climax of Hospice that nobody saw coming. Appearing in the early second half of the album, it all goes downhill from here. It details the overall destruction caused by the two main characters relationship in such a sad and melancholy way that I can barely listen to much of this album anymore unless In a specific mindset. This is the start of the album where it all goes downhill with no happy ending in sight.
29The Cure

Plainsong- The airy feel and atmosphere of this song is almost unmatched on the album. There is not a lot to discuss about this song that has already been discussed before, but it is a perfect introduction to an album full of spectacular moments and lyrics. My mom would play this in the car during long rides and I didn't think too special about it until I was around 13, and man was I missing out.
30The Flaming Lips
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

Do you realize?- It took me quite a while to warm up to some of the tracks on the second half of Yoshimi. For one thing the first half of this album is generally full of my favorite Lips songs, yet none of them match Do you Realize in scope or meaning. It's an uplifting look at life with some awesome background vocals.
31The Newfound Interest in Connecticut
Tell Me About the Long Dark Path Home

Okay, you can be tigers but no crashing- My latest 5 has some of the best moments of modern emo/post-rock in recent times. "Okay" is a track that doesn't really fit in with the rest though. It has a really post-punk vibe to it thrown in the mixed, but what's really impressive is the dual layered guitars and frantic drumming. It's got those post-rock elements to it like a sudden crescendo and stop-still moments, but man does it thrive in how it presents itself.
32There Will Be Fireworks
The Dark, Dark Bright

Here is Where- My favorite song off of my favorite album is a soft-spoken trip through the love life of lead singer Nicky McManus. It's seriously one of the best written songs I've ever heard from beginning to end with incredible line after incredible line that is driven by a simple yet beautiful guitar driven melody. The final verse when the female vocals kick in are especially chilling, and when followed up by the stop-still crescendo with the shouted lyrics, "the toll can have my heart to hold" and the sheer weight of the crescendo of violins serenade in it makes it that much more perfect.
33Tigers on Trains

A Year in the Garden Shed- an acoustic track that is also up there as one of my favorite songs of all time. It's a sullen look at how people react to the death of loved one's in different ways, and man is it sad. But there is a ringing beauty to behold with it, and the listener can get away with interpreting it's lyrics with different messages. One thing is for certain is the final concluding line of "Death is not a curse, it's the only thing that's keeping us alive" which is a shocking and fitting end to a phenomenal album.
34Titus Andronicus
The Monitor

The Battle of Hampton Roads- this song is epic in every single way possible. Clocking in at over 10 minutes long it never lets up. The drum beats are constantly changing, the tempo picks up after every melodic switch, and that drunken man on the mic spits out truth after truth in a comedic and dark manner. There is really not a single predictable thing about this song, and by the end when bagpipes are bouncing off explosive war like drums and a dancing guitar solo finishes the piece off in a perfect way the listener has no other option but to start  it again and enjoy.
35Trophy Scars
Darkness, Oh Hell

Time in Heaven, Forever in Hell- There is a recurring theme in my picks for favorite Trophy Scars songs that will be picked up on later, but for good reason. While objectively Sad Stanley is way more experimental in design and perhaps more interesting instrumentally, it lacks the emotional power that Time in Heaven has. It's a dark song that details the downfall of a relationship and precautions about the future and how there are no happy endings in life. Yet, the repeated refrain of "these pills won't help me fall asleep" is reassuring of the determination of the speaker, thinking of ways to woo his lover's heart; and maybe that's alright in the end.
36Trophy Scars
Never Born, Never Dead

Never Dead- I like to consider this song the prequel to Holy Vacants. It is a song that details the speaker who is now living in an old home finding his love being rolled into the same room as him. The story unfolds with them confessing their love for each other in some booming colors with some seriously great verses, female vocals, and one of Jerry Jone's best vocal performances. However, with the lines of "if I told you, we would live forever; would you end up with me" the story of Holy Vacants is foreshadowed and like hell it actually turns out that way.
37Trophy Scars
Holy Vacants

Everything Disappearing- Without a doubt this is my favorite Trophy Scars song of all time.m, and of course it's a sad one. The relationship of the two lovers has dissolved over time, and their mutual respect for each other has shown that they are moving on from each other in self-destructive ways. Yet the overall message of the song is punctuated with this feeling of regret and tragedy. And damn is that crescendo at the end one of the best things ever. "You are not alone".  The band went out on a significant bang with this one, we can only hope they follow it up with something even better.
38Wu-Tang Clan
Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

Bring Da Ruckus- We used to jam this on the bus coming into away games for baseball. It still kicks huge ass to this day and I have played the shit out of this on vinyl more than I can accept. Think of the dirtiest hip-hop possible and then think dirtier. RZA's production is second to none on this track and every MC absolutely kills it in their introduction to one of hip-hop's most seminal albums.
39Yndi Halda
Enjoy Eternal Bliss

Yndi Halda
Illuminate My Heart, My Darling!- One must listen to this song to hear the greatest buildup/crescendo in post-rock ever. No spoilers here.
40Yoko Kanno
Zankyou no Terror Original Soundtrack

Von- In my opinion this is Yoko Kanno's masterpiece of work in the soundtrack industry,(even better than her Bebop soundtrack) and Von is the forefront of it. Led by Anór Dan's beautiful vocals, it's a chilling piano driven tune that in context to the show makes it that much better.
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