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Sputnik Copypasta

here's some of my favorite copypasta. got some fresh ones from that trump thread. what else we got? gotta be longer comments to make it on here, not small memes like "check grotesque" and whatnot. i realize 4 is a mashup of a bunch of quotes and im kind of cheating but theyre all from the same person and same thread, so. also provide the user that posted it if you can.
1Samsara Blues Experiment
Long Distance Trip

I self-identify with DIY punk. I have performed in the following bands: Nor'easter, Hood Ratz, Snooki Fuckers, and The W Tree. My new project is called Preachy Cunt. I will be doing vocals and lyrics, my friend Billy is writing the music. I do not hate gay people. My daughter's mother is heteroflexible, her aunt is a lesbian. I have many friends of many different sexual identities. I have had a gun pointed at me, have seen a gun pointed at a loved one, and pointed a gun at someone. I have witnessed murders and grown up with several people who have perpetrated such crimes. I have seen police brutality and been the victim of it. I am having a combination quarter life, existential, and crisis of faith. If you want to know more, just ask me. Because if it's not love, it's the bomb that will bring us together.

- hep kat
2Earl Sweatshirt
Some Rap Songs

Yea, my final legacy to this piece-of-shit site. This was one of my favourite sites of all time. I had a lot of different friends that shared the same music as I liked, but more and more assholes joined the site and my friends got banned or the simply quit visiting the site Feel free to create multiple user-accounts to flame me and this review. I don't fucking care anymore. I'm done with this site. God-like thanks to South_Of-Heaven_11, Shadows, Cravinov_13, Silent_Echo, BallsToTheWalls, Rattlehead and a few others. I hope that you will have a good life ahead of you, but this is my final farewell... Thank you Sputnik music for giving me the opportunity to discover new music and friends... metal will always stand tall m/ m/

- deathtrasher
Living Tomb

@Darius I genuinely miss talking to you. I said I was sorry for that uneccessary outburst but if you want to hold a grudge I definitely understand. You were my favorite user to talk to and we had some fun together over the last few years and I cherish those memories. I still feel horrible about all of this, it was 100% my fault and wish I could go back in time. Not trying to make an excuse for my actions by any means but alcohol and I do not mix. Even though you hate me, I still got your back no matter what, you're a good user and have great taste.

- aiwaz aka whiteprideworldwide
Negative Life

"atheists have no reason to live. they should fulfill their own paradoxical philosophy" "The environment is fine." "If Democrats retake the presidency, they will probably outlaw religion in places like california." "They will take away children from parents in the name of 'gender equality'. The result will be destroying the families of religious people." "Wages are rising... leftists like you always start class wars because its the only simple concept you can wrap your brain around. Probably because you lack any real historical context. *posts Ben Shapiro link*" "CPI has stayed proportional to median wages. Groceries, etc. cost the same. Its not worth considering. Wages themselves are rising if you look at the distribution. GG no re" "Cities are run by Democrats, so naturally they will always have higher cost of living due to regulation, corruption, moral hazards." "and its pronounced meridius, you glue-eater. its latin"

- meridiu
Rose Azura Njano

The capacity of human intelligence seems to limit the capabilities to expand upon any possible creative aptitudes. Indeed, if one cannot even notice the facets that the ingenuities around him are comprised of, how can he be expected to fashion a beast of his own? This inveterate sense of constraint is a great blow to the veracity of mankind’s abilities. It restrains us and holds our minds to the ground below, averting any possibility of rising above ourselves to something greater; something not fathomed by the conventional mind. This concept of seeking to go beyond one’s self, known as “transcendence”, is essentially a gateway to unlocking pieces of ourselves that can lead to some of the most elaborate and significant creations of our world. For many, this quest to transcend and form creations that were once considered unthinkable and overwhelming consumes life. Certainly it is rare to find such people, but when they are found, creative barriers are destroyed.

- shadows
6Fleet Foxes

First off, you need to grow up after what you just said to him and I am expecting an apology from you to both of us. Secondly, no one and I mean NO ONE is hating on you just because on your taste in music. No said ANYTHING on what you listen to or what you like. I don't care what you like and you don't care what I, or anyone else for that matter, like in music either. If you're seriously acting like this just because of your taste in music, then you can just shove it up your ass and leave. We do NOT accept that kind of behavior for a good reason. It's not about you. If you don't want any advice from others fine, just don't be a dick about it.

- toondude

First off Possessed isn't a pure death metal band. Theyre tried and true thrash metal with death-tinged vocals (yes there is a difference although you yourself wouldn't know it). and that makes sense they're your favorite since the only genre you're somewhat knowledgeable in (being generous here) is thrash.

- woodee aka themightyscoop
8Piss Vortex
Soft Reboot

we’re actually just a group of best friends who don’t give a shit about the minutia of the least popular music rating site on the web and it’s funny you guys are still this obsessed with us while we’re busy forming multilayer friendships with each other and sometimes falling in love and fuccin but y’all have fun quibbling about whether the next Brand New record is a 4.5/5 or a 5/5 despite Jessy Lacey being a badmam or whatever you guys still do on this site in 2018

- markselluswallets
9Stargazer (AUS)
A Merging to the Boundless

Why do you think I'm spending my time trying to give you advice? I have no spare time. This is hurting my job and might ruin my career to give you this advice. Consider taking it instead of hating me for being a troll on a music site and refusing to do something that MIGHT help.

- LambsBread
10Infernal Coil
Within a World Forgotten

Around 4 years back, I found myself as I often am, sitting at my office desk and listening to music. I would immerse myself in my music and headphones, in order to reach a meditative, focused state. The better to work effectively and for long hours! While listening to Tool's album Lateralus (#1 below) in this fashion, I became entranced in the polyrhythms and was shocked to experience my consciousness lift slightly from my body. Of course it came back quickly with a jolt, leaving me wondering what the h$&*l just happened. Fast forward to end of July 2018. I decided that I would attempt to open my "third eye", otherwise known as stimulating the pineal gland. I listened to a 30 minute video on you tube titled "Opening the Third Eye Chakra Music: Pineal Gland Activation Awaken with Binaural Beats". Sounded a good bit like the first track on Lucid Planet (#2 below). Towards the middle of this 30 minute track, it became a slight bit painful, but I made it through. I decided to "chase it" wi
11Two People
First Body

th the Tool Album Lateralus. This was on a Thursday or Friday. My first out of body experience (OBE) occurred the following Monday night. That night, I passed out on my stomach in my bed. I awake alertly and lucidly hovering above (about a foot or so) and peering down at the upper portion of my body. I could see the outline of my back, arms, and head lying face down. I could see that my body was covered in hundreds of redish orange fingers of bioenergy, extending about 2 to 3 inches from my skin. These fingers were generally uniform (similar width and length), and appeared a bit angular and symmetrical. In my state, hovering above, I could feel the heat from my body and how intense it was (like a furnace). I could also feel that my body was not able to move...but I didn't feel the need to move either. The OBE was so vivid, it was if I was awake. As I continued to look down and focus on my body, my OBE unfortunately came to an end. I vaguely recall a body tremble, likely after.

- ???
12Erebus Enthroned
Temple Under Hell

anything short of ban removal or fripp getting banned for being blatantly as culpable, if not more so for clear cut toxic insults, and i think i might just spam the site for a while tbh.

- gyromania
13Carissa's Wierd
Ugly But Honest: 1996-1999

"Irish immigrants in the 1800's were poorer and treated worse than blacks of the same day. They became richer because their culture is better and they don't make excuses. The same for chinese immigrants." "Carbon isn't a threat. The carbon ppm was 1000 during the cenezoic and the water level was the same."

- meridiu (it's latin)
14Devil Master
Satan Spits On Children Of Light

the problem is that this band is getting recognition based solely off the fact that they are predetermined as "elite" by this genre-raping elitist bandwagon where you have to find the most obscure albums possible and taut them until they are believed to be high esteemed, where they are soon forgotten because eventually no one cares and everyone's is onto the next elite phase. why support this band after they are broken up? where was your support in 1993?

- anthracks
15The Unicorns
Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?

In my teen years, I discovered and fell and love with hip-hop and rap-rock. I was also, for a time, a "libertarian", though never a anarcho-capitalist, and ultimately, I settled into Objectivism via the fiction of Terry Goodkind, Ayn Rand and the non-fiction writing of both Rand and members of the Ayn Rand Institute because I found it to be the most rational and consistent philosophy.

- sinktrap
16Ryo Fukui

banned user torts ( gave three autechre albums a 1. These are all 70 minute albums. That's a total of 210 minutes, or three and a half hours, of autechre. I highly doubt he put himself through that length of experimental techno and i humbly request that you wipe his ratings under the guise of "troll rating."

- danielito
17John Coltrane
Blue Train

Tell me where you live, and buy me a plane ticket. If you win 2/3 Games to 21 I'll give you 5K( or however much your broke ass can afford) and pay for plane ticket. If I win you owe me 10k and plane ticket is on you. Tell me a popular public place to meet so I know you aren't a rapist (I'm honestly concerned). Also I want you to post a piciture of yourself to this thread so I know you don't get one of your friends from college team to play me. You can pick whatever third party site you want to deal with the money as long as it's mainstream and reputable. Balls in your court ya bish

- LambsBread challenging SitarHero in an NBA-related thread a few years back
18Defeated Sanity
Chapters of Repugnance

thats fucking it Futures im coming for you irl and yes you should be scared

- ballsdeep
19Frightened Rabbit
The Midnight Organ Fight

I have pretty much everything I could ever want in life. You can stop being salty its just an internet argument

- meridiu
20Magic Circle
Journey Blind

Listen, the reason I've been insulting you regularly is because you called me a bitch. I've done alot of jail time, and that's an extremely offense word in jail. You throw words around without thinking, but it's probably because you're an undeveloped 19 year old who doesn't know any better. But, listen, what's done is done. I don't want to deal with animosity from you anymore

- geasoftime
21Triumvir Foul
Urine of Abomination

Look pal. I'm not here to prove myself to anyone or any bulls*** like that. I don't give a **** whether you like me or not (which I know you don't), but you aren't doing yourself any favors with the "stop" bulls*** or the offensive bulls***. That's not cool dude. I don't go around putting people down over silly s*** like that. You think you're so cool like that? **** that. I'm not changing for anyone, and I don't give a **** what people think so ****ing stop already. And **** you while I'm at it

- strikeofthebeast aka miketunneyiscool
Satanic Royalty

Great freakin' album !!! And now Trump's tax cuts, there will be plenty more new and upcoming fresh bands who are just trying to make a mark on the record industry. Record industry will have more money to shell out to promoters, executives, producers, etc., and as a result, there will be a lot of great records that will come out during this presidency. More money = more music = more good records = more goodies. Many record labels have already begun hiring by the hundreds and thousands in expansion efforts for these new hungry bands to make quality records and impress the masses with their abilities. It's time to give a little back !!! MAGA

- some retard on the forums (meridiu?)
23Animal Collective
Sung Tongs

The cancer that ravages the bodies of the weak from the inside. The sheets in the hospitals that can't wash out the death of the thousand hosts they've harnessed. The ruination of nations. The sepulchral monuments to which the bodies lay buried. The rituals of sacrifice. The cults of lives stolen. The genocides of peoples. The dolmens of the ancient, unheard of and enigmatic lost peoples who had succumbed to life's inevitability before our time. The confrontation of everything that has and will be drawn to an end. The breath of life given to dead bones--the learnings from those passed and the monolith of their impression. The silence, the cacophony, the burial, the pyramids, the temples, the sky and watered earth, the petrichor that rises from old graves. The nails and hair that grow long after the flesh has decayed.

This is death metal.

This is Death.

mortui vivos docent

- snox
Herd of Instinct

K bro. I like more technical music then you do. By that, I mean that some of the bands I listen to are 10 times more technical than any thrash album that you listen to. I listen to bands like Protest the Hero, Between the Buried and Me, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Faceless, Arsis, Veil of Maya, Cynic, Atheist, stuff like that, thats WAYYYY more technical than this pathetic death/blast-beat/bullshit. Stop jizzing over albums that have speed and gutturals. Seriously dude you know nothing.

- neutralthunder/starlesscore/progmaster
25As the Sun Sets
Each Individual Voice Is Dead in the Silence

As more people get fuzzy feelings listening to records like Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, the small window mankind still has through which transcendence can be viewed and achieved is closing. The battle for black metal has ended without a shot being fired, which can be hastily blamed on capitalism, but is ultimately the result of a lack of real will on the part of those invoking the ancient Nordic archetypes through their art and is perhaps evidence that a portion of them were beholden to the irony of it and were never serious about it to begin with. Either way, if you enjoy Coca-Cola, Xanax, How I Met Your Mother, or flavored dildos, don't be surprised to see Ordinary Corrupt Human Love show up in your recommended products section on Amazon.

- scarecrow
A Blaze in the Northern Sky

"i guess it works so hats off to em, but i dont wear a hat so they can suck my dick." "This album straight up isnt for faggots, if you are looking for music with emotional lyrics about your ex dating a black dude you wont find it here. This album deals with important subjects such as pranking teachers and kickin over trash cans, basically it ***in rules. Metal lives." "As you may or may not know, the pit is it, and with the pit being it comes great responisbility to thrash hard and not give a *** about anything going on in life such as BILLS and FAGGOTS listening to everytime i suck dick and underchode"


"'shit taste' aka you don't like my opinions but you're a histrionic ass. also I'm straight-edge and 19, how the fuck could I be Snide" "sint cared so much about a joke that xe (I'm not calling that thing a dude) attempted to assert that xe wasn't an edgelord while simultaneously calling me one" "So, me wishing people wouldn't have just straight up threw out irrationally low ratings willy nilly and make it so a band's best record is their lowest rated in some cases is just stupid?" "right but its like. wouldn't it burn if you worked for over a year on each track only to have your album get a 1.9"

- agentdeathbat
In the Absence of Truth

Haven't listened to anything this band has put out since their debut. It all sucks.

- ghostbird

"Bye Sputnik, It Wasn't Fun" "I can't believe it took this long but I'm done with this website. The elitist, opinionated, homos on this site are infuriating to deal with. Your opinions mean jack shit to everyone and nobody really actually cares about it outside this tiny 'community'. Enjoy being alone for life you fucking libtards." "The Marvel list was just the tip of the iceberg. I don't care that any of you disagree with my opinion. I'm just tired of wasting precious time on this joke of a site" "There's never a 'discussion'. When has anyone ever tried to discuss anything on here. All I've ever seen is people telling me I'm shit for liking certain things. That's why I'm done"

30Somali Yacht Club
The Sea

Tried joining another community. Everyones really nice, but theyre also raging pussies with the thinnest skin. Gave me a newfound appreciation for sput. Too smart for youtube, too normal for 4chan. Hits the sweet spot.

- adolfchrist

i can't take this list seriously if it's made by some cocksucking dicksmoking cumgargling faggot who thinks jesu should be labeled post-metal

- Neurisis of Luna

"these descriptions look like they were written by a middle schooler"

I only wanted to put proper descriptions on a couple of bands and then just genre descriptions on the others, but I decided to just ramble about random shit on half of them because it seemed funny (I still chuckle when I read some of them).

- snox
33Dead Can Dance
Within the Realm of a Dying Sun

"by the way, 'bitch made', im sorry, what was your graduation year? or are you just like sach where you like talking like an uneducated fucktard with slang like 'fam'?" "They Want Me Gone, But It Ain't Gonna Happen (AKA I'm Not Leaving Sputnik Part 2) got banned, then got an anonymous shoutbox message (no username was next to the comment somehow) telling me to leave forever. a veiled threat, possibly?? i think im being watched. theyre planning something. if i disappear, blame futures and/or sach. or maybe atomicwaste, hes the one who banned me. all i know is that someone is out to get me. but i wont be silenced. the truth must be heard."

- adolf
34The Antlers

If anyone wants to be a dick, I'm here and in the mood to shit one someone. Just take the first shot! I'm here all day. Just be warned - you will lose because I'm genuinely infallible.

- dimorphic
Cenotaph Obscure

Hawks do you know how bad it looks while I use reason in my arguments, you sit there and call me a "monster tard".

-woodee aka themightyscoop
The Mantle

i'm so tired of people fighting this whole national emergency thing. Trumps using government money to create jobs, I don't see what's wrong with that. I'm just glad we're building something

- QuinnObropta
37Archers of Loaf
Icky Mettle

The feminists are coming, I've seen what they're plotting. Their ultimate goal is to emasculate straight men and make them their slaves basically. Prioritizing womens' interests over men at all costs. The wage gap statistic is largely a myth. Society isn't nearly as patriarchal as its made out to be.

- lakes
38Scott Kelly
The Wake

You're meant to be sput's resident masochist / tryhard intellectual, not the memer who quotes what people say back at them. Futures already fills that niche. Don't make yourself redundant, kiddo, or people will stop paying attention to you entirely

- polyrhythm

Well aren't you a big man ridiculing a user with a diagnosed mental illness, who’s been a genuine positive force in the sputnik community for several years. Besides this is about as funny as a fart in an elevator.

Nobody gives a fuck about your fictitious anecdote either - more likely you crashed your shitbox car into the bitch because you were too busy jacking your shriveled, dust-coasted chode to 2 dimensional pornography on the passenger seat.

You’re a load that should’ve been swallowed, though i doubt your whore mother was conscious during the ordeal. Either that or she couldn’t even afford a fucking coathanger. You’re also the king midas of shit - tho i’d still like for the next thing you touch is a noose, a bottle of pills or the handle of a kitchen knife. Come to think of it you’d probably fuck that up too though. And if by some miracle you were successful, i don’t think you deserve the easy way out. I’d keep insulting you further but i’ll let life take it from here.

- n/a
40The Smith Street Band
Throw Me in the River

You know what? FUCK IT. I was tired of it. Tired of it ALL. I was tired of the limelight, the popularity! I was tired of being infamous on the site! I was tired of being called autismo! And most of all, I was tired of the disrespect.

But you know what? I've learned something today. If I tried to give myself a clean slate, it wouldn't make me, me. I might act fucking retarded a lot of the time. Hell, I am fucking retarded. But the constant perversion, hating on people for no reason, making borderline homosexual and homophobic comments in the same sentence, and just generally shitposting - this is all what makes me, me. And I might be shitty, but if I start from a clean slate, I can't call Ars rec god anymore, I can't call FullofSounds FullofShit, and I can't make fun of TVC for his shitty ratings.

So fuck it. I'm done with this clean slate shit.




- blueflame aka angrylittlealchemist
41The Seatbelts
Cowboy Bebop

why did you copy and paste my comment? its an honest question because i don't get it. is it a way of letting me know my comment was dumb or something?

- TheHung89 aka Sp00kyGrooves

Okay LISTEN you little ****. Give me your god damn snapchat. I'm kinda drunk and I'm not gonna ask again. If you EVER thought there was something special between us then you'll give it to me. You know that deep down what we had was real. IT WAS REAL.

October 11 12:16 AM


October 12:21 AM

- zippatharippa
43Causa Sui
Summer Sessions Vol. 1

Idk why you bother showing up in my lists. My minimal house recs are for people with refined sensibilities and stable lifestyles. What I'm saying is: you won't find anything there to soundtrack your next ketamine overdose.

- lucid
44Burning the Masses
Mind Control

Fucking fruit cake always thinking he's better than everyone. And like his garbage ass taste is superior to everyone else's lmao. His mom should've swallowed that fucking load holy shit does this guy suck hard. Maybe we'll get lucky and someone will curb stomp him before he can comment again.

- hawks
45Emma Ruth Rundle
Marked For Death

"You better hope to fucking God we never cross paths, in this life or another." "5 minutes alone with you, all I need. I'd even take pictures of the aftermath and make a list here to display what a coward you are." "WAAAAH I HAVE A HARD LIFE! OH YEAH! I HAVE A VAGINA AND I'M ENTITLED! I'm going to lie on Twitter and whore out the trashtagMeToo movement to collect some cash. I'm innocent guys. I was raped but a guy of a popular band I like. Send money to me via my email. iamagolddiggingwhorewith7kfds.slut., THANKS!"

- aiwaz aka whiteprideworldwide
46In Flames
The Jester Race

yeah that was something. 1.9 was the scapegoat for my own self-consciousness and insecurity because it seemed like a trend. Never mind that not too long earlier I was told that no matter how much time I spent on the music, it would still suck because of the subgenre.

- agentdeathbat
47Shub Niggurath
The Kinglike Celebration (Final Aeon on Earth)

The unfortunate thing about one of the most frequent posters on this website (Hawks) disliking one of my favorite albums (Exoplanet) is that whenever I give it praise, no matter what thread it's in, he's always there to give me a "lmao", or something of the sort.

- get low
48Regina Spektor
Soviet Kitsch

Big talk from someone on their third comment

- kompy
49Sol Seed
Rising Roots

Overall this is the best album ever made. I recommend this album to thrashers n metallers n ***in rockers even, cum gurgling FAGGOTS like ChuckTheMan and LG wont dig this because it contains riffs, trems of cunt and overall *** AWESOME music. What i'm trying to say is THRASH ***IN UGH ***IN THRASHIN SLASHIN PISS ***, end.


Mason-Chan the Bullyslayer rekt the elite libtards of sjwmusic with epic walls of nothing. He has unleashed his trve power out of his hurt feelings taking revenge on all of those who 1.0d Craig Mabbitt and made fun of Anarcho Capitalism.

- slicepapermoog
51Malignant Altar
Retribution of Jealous Gods

If I ever had a terminal disease, I would have a realistic looking seal wetsuit made. I’d go take dips around Orca hunting grounds, and wait for that kawaii black and white face to appear from the depths. I just hope id be alive long enough to feel my broken seal boy body sliding down into its salty gullet. Then my final form could be complete, I’d then be extruded out of its whale anus a few days later as actual whale stool. What a dream!

- strikeofthebeast
Under the Sign of Hell

it�s true that it�s a growing fad for metalcore bands to use samples� but no band uses them like KillWhitneyDead. Instead of simply putting a sample at the beginning of the songs, KWD throws samples in at the beginning, in the middle and the end, samples are everywhere. The lyrics and messages are also something that makes this band unique. Many bands in the music business do have purposes and meanings behind all of their songs, KWD�s message is a little different. The whole album, and the past two, is against women and people that just can�t be trusted.

- shikyo
53Black Paw
Black Paw

U post a pic every year. All you do on this site is talk shit and you're stupid enough to post your frumpy prepubescent selfies online and then think that anyone is hurt when you come for them. It'd be cute if it wasnt so pathetic. You have to be a special kind of sad to indiscriminately provoke at all turns, something even the worst offenders on this site have grown beyond. You really dont deserve much validation beyond "fatfuck"

That's probably the most direct anyone has ever been with you for years because your so negligible. Soak it up while you can angry little pudge boy.

- pots on torts
54Richard Vagner

"Let's get back to why all atheists are hypocrites unless they instantly commit die. Nobody buys that 'I want to enjoy life some more' or 'I don't want to make people sad' NO. When you die you don't worry about that and you wont miss it. We have not a shred of evidence to believe otherwise.
Only an intuitive fear of post-mortal punishment keeps us alive."

"I'm recording what the reactions are to such posts - for my anthropological research.
In this case it doesn't matter if I believe it, as much as observing people being unable to answer it, and the ensuing coping mechanisms."

- egarran

"But as a 'nikker I'm amused when the edgy people people start squirming when presented with 'Death=No Worries'. See how their cultural conditioning prevent them from joining this discussion."

"It's not a post as much as it is a problem that's hard to relate to. You getting all jumpy about it is quite fascinating. Some people here are acting like I broke a sacred code."

- egarran
56King Tears Bat Trip
King Tears Bat Trip

Riffs like the ones from 1:13-1:19, 2:25-2:37 are some of the best that Mastodon has ever spawned. Following the second riff, is a guitar solo, YES A MASTODON GUITAR SOLO. Following the speedy solo is a repetition of the intro riff, a very proggy move by Mastodon.

- neutralthunder/starlesscore/progmaster
57Feed Me Jack
Ultra Ego

The democrat/liberal case for society is that it society is rotten to the core and needs to be destroyed before it can be changed. Peterson takes it as a central premise that society is flawed but still worth preserving. Lefty idealogoes seek to destroy civilization while peterson’s seeks to improve it from within without destroying it.

- meridiu
Forward Escape

This is not an attempt to be edgy, as these albums are indeed, to varying degrees, worse than their aggregate scores. I'm not saying they're bad, but I'm saying they're not as good as you think they are. Also, before you challenge me, please be versed in David Hume's essay "Of the Standard of Taste", as I am a "true judge" as defined by the philosopher. My opinion is infallible.

- Zorg
59Andy Stott
Faith in Strangers

When you go out of your way to market music, and make music to appeal to the masses, you can, but not always, lose the art and uniqueness of what makes music great.

Maybe instead of hating on the word "pop", how about reclassifying good "pop" music as another name.

To me the word "pop" is worse than the "n" word

- slothcoresam
60Twin Temple
Twin Temple (Bring You Their Signature Sound....

The more I think about the angrier I get that this news came out. The entire fan base was deprived of the 2018 farewell tour and the perfect ending. The critical acclaim was pouring. But Brian Diaz had to ruin it all by making that fucking Facebook post. Fuck him. The millions of fans would have been so much happier if this never came out. I wish someone shot Diaz before he could have leaked it out. I never got to see the ending I wanted. Fuck you, Brian.

- greenbaron
The Remote Part

Slice, you are the dumbest beta fag I've ever met on this site. Why do you feel like you're too good for vowels Moog? Are you on a Motorola Razor and you're saving precious time? Just type the one extra letter you cunt. go sit down and pee

- artiswar after SlicePaperMoog called him “bby”
62Through the Eyes of the Dead

you don't kill the figureheads... you slaughter their families in front of them, and then tell them to go back to the party caucus and tell EVERYONE there what happened to them (or else they'll meet the same fate)
fear is more powerful than anything it seems (at least, the last few election results here prove that)
cartel tactics are inhumane, but ultimately VERY effective

- discard aka sach
63Free Throw
What's Past Is Prologue

Hawks and I have been butting heads lately. I spent a good 30 minutes of my precious life composing an eloquent explanation/apology to Hawks in 3 paragraphs in his shoutbox, and he immediately went ahead and deleted one of those paragraphs in order to make me look bad. Hawks, I gave you an olive branch and you pissed in my face. I never thought you would stoop to sheer fucking censorship, but I guess you really are a true scumbag. Words cannot describe what a low human being you are for doing that. Instead of engaging me, you deleted my words selectively. Fucking shame on you.

Fuck you Hawks, you lazy 1st amendment-violating, lying piece of human scum.

You're a degenerate prick dude. You took my honest good-faith gesture and twisted it with the least amount of effort possible. Removing comments... fucking dishonest scumbag.

I hate to admit that Hawks got to me but he legit has soured this site for me... Utter, petty, duplicitous
64Laura Stevenson
The Big Freeze

nonsense. And this dude is a veteran of this site, like wow.

- artiswar on a list he made raging about hawks
65The Goddamn Gallows
The Trial

How's it going? I don't think I've ever DM'd you, which is kind of weird cause I think I've DM'd just about everyone at some point. Just thought I'd tell you that I give you s*** sometimes for 2 reasons, 1) you might be the only person on this site who is able to actually trigger me, which I guess you would take as a compliment and 2) I feel like you take s*** on this site really personally, and not trying to insult you, but you do, which is why I feel compelled to **** with you.

I guess my point here is I don?t actually hate you, you just have a knack for bringing out the worst in me, but believe it or not I?ve actually pos?d every single review I?ve ever read from you. I hope this doesn?t just become Adolf?s pasta cause I?m being real here. Anyway I?ll stop spamming your box now.

- artiswar in hawks' shoutbox

@Adolf I'm glad malicious censorship amuses you. When it's you on the receiving end I'll also be laughing.

- artiswar commenting on my amusement of this situation
66Indigo Jam Unit

Who's hungry for more pasta? TRUE STORY: My deleted conciliatory comment literally started with 'I'm not one of these sad fools who makes angry threads about you all the time'. So I guess Hawks won, he manipulated me into losing my shit by raping my good-faith effort at reconciliation. Hawks wins and we're still bitter enemies. Great....

- artiswar
67Abscess Lord
Morbid Exaltation

It is not a natural born right to shove a phone in somebody’s face as you see fit, you F’ing millennials are so entitled. Actions have consequences, phones are the death of civilized society

- wham49 on the "Rob Halford Kicks Fan's Phone" thread
Ignominious Atonement

Rap music is fucking garbage. It literally idolizes drug dealers and murderers - reminder that these shameful activities that should never be encouraged. If you deal drugs you are fucking garbage and belong in jail. If you are enjoyng the show of rappers spitting abouut dealing drugs and murdering then you are literally gawking into their lives like a fucking zoo. Go back to your white collar office job soyboy.

- funeralopalis on his "rap is modern blackface" list
69He Basks In the Sun

This album,everything around it and reviewing it, talking about it and genuflecting toward some ‘genre’ that’s been done 48 trillion times before is not going to get rid of the basic fact.
The best art ever created is a woman, you’ll never understand it but be besotted by it for a lifetime and when you finally think you’ve related to it you’ll be confounded by it and marry it and be indebted to it for eternity.

- zak
70Waste of Space Orchestra

says the deathcore kid. if we ever got within a mile of each other I'd be tempted to bash your fuckin face in you little cunt. I'd rip you a new asshole but youve had so many goddamn cocks rammed up your bitch ass pooper I doubt I could do much more damage. Stupid fuckin retard.

- sonic replying to ghostbird who said his opinion doesnt matter because he listens to thrash
71The Tallest Man on Earth
I Love You. It's a Fever Dream.

We all know about the earthquake right?, well I used to wish a tragedy happened in Mexico specifically in Veracruz, but I feel very bad right now.

Ok, so I met a girl from Veracruz back in 2003-2004, her name was Scarlett, it was one of the first girls I fell in love before I became a teenager (I didn't have many friends in my city during that period). She went to be like a girlfriend for me, although we never had the chance to make a real meeting (I'm from a middle class family, she is from a rich family)

At one point I lost contact with her because she used to had a real asshole boyfriend (although in musical terms he was pretty cool) but last year I found her again in facebook we start to make whatsapp calls pretty much everyday but one day she started to tell me "I'm busy, can't talk to you, I text you later" and I kept asking her "why", at one point she blocked me, I'm not paranoid I'm just wanted to know what was going on, and she blocked me from all social media and whatsapp
72Enterprise Earth

of course. At one point I said "You know what? fuck her, fuck her and all the retarded Mexicans, I hope the country is destroyed by some natural catastrophe", and now this earthquake. I'm not sure If now I'm satisfied, but I feel bad for the rest of the Mexican population. So I think I learnt a pretty important lesson, be careful about you wishes, it might come true.

- rodrigo
73Endorphins Lost

Some users are experts in ruining threads.
The staff should be more aware and ban people who talk about anything but music, which is what really matters. These guys are toxic to the site.

- TheNotrap
Heaven That Dwells Within

He's telling us we better appreciate life while we're here and we better love each other, because you could, as the angelic chorus reminds us, "end up in an early grave, oh yeah!" I haven't looked up the guy's name yet, but he's a genius. He can hit angelic highs, demonic lows - in a way his masterful vocal stylings, his dominance of juxtaposition, is a metaphor for the journey of life, and is almost literary in its scope and execution - if this were Black Ops 2 he would be like a no scoper with his vocals. He doesn't even have to try, but he tries so hard because he wants our ears to be uplifted with purity. Well, again with a Call of Duty metaphor, I'd say he got a lot of headshots here.

- valendreth
75Mild Manner
Mild Manner

my cringy 2014 textposts and lists didn't make it thank fuck

i've definitely had some witty comments somewhere though which seem to have been conveniently forgotten

- sinternet

"Flak fair enough but please stop calling them screams. Screams = screamo. Harsh vocals are not screams, they are a mixture of aggressive shouting, yelling, growls etc. I mean the odd 'scream' is fine but screams don't belong in metal, they didn't in the 80s and shouldnt do now"

"A troll is someone who calls the blanket term harsh vocals screaming. Screamo is only the shit technique that some idiots use to ruin metal music"

- LFC2020
77Leftover Crack
Fuсk World Trade

Metalcore really isn't metal. Not that the metal-archives are a definitive source, but you won't find a single metalcore band listed there for exactly that reason. Metalcore is rock masquerading as metal. Having metal in the name doesn't make it metal. That's a fallacy. It's rock and anyone who understands music has no choice but to concede to that whether or not you think it's a frivolous distinction.

- geasoftime
78Deus Mortem

skele "diss tracks":
skele music channel:
skele on snox's hair:

"Come on, Jom, please give me that unban. I'll behave myself 100% and only post objective reviews and meaningful stuff instead of all ths bullshit. I wont make alts or troll or anything like that. Please." (There are at least two or three more posts of bootlicking like this in the meds forum)

"Album rules harder than a night with millie [the Stranger Things actress]"

"However, season 2 is fuckkng brilliant as well. Millie is gorgeous as well"

"The story was excellent consistently, there are good characters and some good progression in Hopper, it has funny moments, serious moments, has consistently got more ambitious, the acting is superb, and millie is gorgeous."

"Haha so I saw. Watching Millie Bobby Brown newsfeed religiously does that to a g"

- skele

Every year I convinced that music nerds don't get laid

- rodrigo

"I am shocked the amount of people that listen to an album twice and then form an opinion, minimum 10 listens of any album is needed personally to judge it."

"Intothepit yes I have listened to A Thousand Suns about 12 times [mjstokes has this album 1'd], happy to show you my media monkey play count. There are some absolute idiots on here, listen to an album 3 times and judge it, maybe you should stick to generic pop if you want something that hits straight away."

- mjstokes
The Decaying Light

"the economy is fine"
"Get a better job and cope harder"
"No wars started under Trump, no international incidents, if it weren't for his Twitter persona and the collective meltdown of the left it would be the most boring Presidency in ages."
"He's MUCH more honest than Clinton, Bush or Obama and actually comes through on his campaign promises"
"Yeah, it really IS as simple as getting a better job."
"Just chiming back in to let you know Trump's still President and you're still a fucktard with a child's grasp of economics and politics Death :^* botb and kompy too. But keep making angry soy noises and unhinged TDS, really brings the funnays"

- strizzmatik
82Tomb Mold
Planetary Clairvoyance

"Alright, fun is over boys. You’re boring. Keep trolling websites. Because that’s what people with decent lives do. No doubt in my mind you’re virgins. I’ll go fuck my wife while you two hang out waiting for my next comment with baited breath because, after all, what else will you do? But know what? My comment will never come. But I bet you’ll keep checking and refreshing for at minimum the next 30 minutes, only to realize it Isn’t coming.
Keep working on that acne, you awkward, goofy, pathetic nerds."

"You got anything original to say other than reposting my old comment over and over? Obviously not. Do you think I’m ashamed of what I wrote? I don’t give a shit man. You’re pretty pathetic."

- larkinhill
83Falls of Rauros
Patterns in Mythology

I never hated [Brand New] really, I gave this a 3 initially and then when I went back to it after hearing and loving the rest of their stuff I bumped it. But I didn't listen to them for a long time because I was afraid of actually liking them due to my alignment with Doof/zak, lol.

- boney
84Full of Hell
Weeping Choir

some random: Millie is like 13-15 across the series
skele: Doesnt stop her being pretty.
85Melody's Echo Chamber
Bon Voyage

gyro: Climate change... People understand so little about this. You'd think the human race is going extinct in the next century but in fact data shows it's nowhere near that severe right now.

jac: What data would that be Gyro?

gyro: I'll find and send it to you later Jacq

*never sends data*
Dada Bandits

"The point of a copypasta is that it is things that have ACTUALLY been copy pasted. This thread is full of things that Deathconsciousness wants to flag up and be an ass about, and that's the truth of it. The stuff of mine he copied is taken out of its trolling context, plus could be equated to a petty attempt to bully someone with long standing mental health issues and I'm SURE he will delete this comment to stop people seeing it but who really cares. He flags it up with the mods, they deleted his comment. They ain't bothered. Rename the thread : Deathconsciousness Stirs It Up. That's all this thread it. Grow up and find something better to do. Or actually find things that ARE copypasta material"

(Hint: he wasnt trolling ^^^)

"Shed get to ride the Big Dipper that's for sure. Prefer jennifer lawrence and maddie Ziegler [17 year old actress] though"

- skele
87Deathspell Omega
The Furnaces of Palingenesia

"Yano what? Nuke this account from orbit please. Everything on it. I'm done with this fucking site. Moderators are a joke, not actually taking down off topic site and banning trolls, idiots in the site like drawing conclusions from troll shit on another site and assuming they know shit based on articles from years ago, and the sites dead anyway."

"Okay, I've asked for all my Intellectual Property to bed off the site -reviews and comments. I'm leaving for good and am asking again. If not, I will be taking action against the site-that is a promise. Please remove everything,as is my rights. I'm done with the site" (skele continuing his obsession with the Stranger Things actress 12/21/19)

- skele

You guys are full of shit. You're seriously telling me, as heterosexual men (assumption), that a woman's sexuality has no bearing on their music for you? I'm not saying a significant one, but her being a lesbian removes a sexual element from the music that is normally present when any woman is singing.

- Zorg on Courtney Barnett

I'm actually really pissed over this I can't front

I hate fucking shit ass, bootcut ass metalheads coming into hardcore liking absolute BULLSHIT, then turning a blind eye to what makes the genre fucking amazing. normie music fucking idiots need to be HURT

- torts on disagreeing which knocked loose album is the best one
The 18th Letter

@Keyblade I believe it happened in 2011 or 2012. You can look back to the shoutbox history for mine and frankredhot. You can't tell me he wasn't being completely unreasonable, to the point where I even asked politely for his review sources and he tells me "I'm not doing your work for you" when all he needed to do was copy and paste a couple URLs. It started with him saying "you can't rely on sputnik reviews or wikipedia to judge a band's genre, I have good review sources with better information" as he continues to insult me for implying BTBAM incorporated some death metal influences (btw BTBAM absolutely incorporated DM in their first couple albums despite being metalcore). And then he doesn't even give the sources when I ask for them. But he was pulling that shit at every turn of the argument. Intentionally trying to be an asshole clear-cut, insulting me over EVERYTHING and unable to not assume the worst about what I was saying. How is that at all acceptable, and how could someone be
Döda Själar

legit that much of a pos? And he's still like that.

This website is basically 4chan for music enthusiasts and it was probably the first time I had a drawn out argument with the super insane/unreasonable side of the web (/pol mindset). They told me how could I have not yet learned the "internet" yet. My response is that most of the people IRL and therefore on the internet are not as insane as /pol, intothepit, 808thebassqueen, etc. These people are the exception. They group together like on 4chan and sputnikmusic. This isn't about me not learning the internet, this is me running into actually psychopathic assholes who cannot fathom reasonable discussion with another human being.

- TantricLocked replying to keyblade's comment pointing out that tantric was holding a ten year old grudge against pit
92Cerebral Rot
Odious Descent Into Decay

I have a preference for high levels of tonal musicality, creativity and experimentation. I enjoy strong and meaningful lyrics, but the music itself can override bad or average lyrics. I also value transitional flow between songs and a unique and creative theme that can be derived from the album as a whole.

- TantricLocked
Amongst The Flames Of A Burning God

- a video TantraLocked spent 8 hours on, where he throws shade at various sput users and categorizes himself as "normal"
94Polygon Woods
Post Space

you can tell a lot about someone's music integrity based on their opinion of this album - but there aren't many albums that reveal so much about people but this is one

- anthracks on Disgorge's Consume the Forsaken
95Shadow of Intent

I really fucked up on the genetic lottery... there were 20,000,000 versions of me that coulda fucking made it and I'm the one that beat them. For some fucking reason. Instead my mom got this dumbfuck autistic, 23 year old virgin with 0 aspirations and no chance in life

- caliggyjack

Any sputheads dig comedy? George Carlin sucked btw. Nothing funnier things than an old, cranky, hyper-leftist, pseudo-intellectual nihilist masquerading as a genius. Also no women because they're not funny.

- rowhaus
97Vulture (DE)
Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves

Hey whats up guys. I wanted to just keep it real and say I haven't been here in a long time. Here we go again... Another person who admits they were a cocky son of a bitch in the past and is now writing a list where he (or she) goes on and on. I will keep it real and say I am a straight man who was uncomfortable with the amount of privilege I was born into (also had some toxic masculinity misogynistic problems). Enjoying music was a great escape from the boredom of the sheltered life i was raised in. Like many others my mom was more understanding but my dad, who was amazing as fuck and taught me so much dope shit about how to be smart, I can't help but think his closemindedness made me the control freak I am today. So anyway, I turned to sputnik when i was 17 or so when I sorta just moved with my family to southern california. It sorta went hand and hand with getting into smoking weed and being more open minded about music. (a lot of music my dad talked shit on so I never get a chance)
98Jane (GER)
A Doorway to Elsewhere

The two biggest ones are hip hop and the more extreme side of heavy metal. My dad showed me Judas Priest and Sabbath though. But anyways, I discovered a lot of sick progressive rock. I'll admit I can't get pissed when I try to show my dad Karnivool and he doesn't understand the beauty. So, being such a music nerd I embraced the whole "let's start a band thing" but I did it the WRONG WAY. In other words, the pretentious way. I played in a band and granted, we did a fine job with the albums and EPs and all that, but I expected way too much from listeners and the public. I made lists on here and there still on here, I never deleted them. Where I shamelessly self promoted my shit in the most ANNNNNNOOOOOOYING WAY POSSIBLE. And I'm sorry. I was super rude to other people who did the same thing because I would RARELY take the time to actually sit down and listen to their shit. I even went as far as bugging people on here to ask if they could write reviews of my albums.
99Space Monkey Mafia
Captain Crook

When I said I was misogynstic I was referring to the fact I used to watch a shit ton of internet porn and look at females as objects! I just need to find a chill wife that is beautiful and I'm over meaningless hookups and shit

- deadcrown

Triumvir Foul is an album you won't love, but you will certainly "like." In this case it's just fine.

- xenophane's summary for a review he ended up deleting because he got so much shit for it
101Vitriol (USA)
To Bathe From the Throat of Cowardice

Now this is not a bad album. In fact, it is a pretty good album

- matthew36 displaying amazing insight in his Slayer review.
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