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Favourite Live Videos

Some of my fave live versions of songs throughout the years. Being an old man I sometimes forget how hard it was too get live footage as a kid. Paying for VHS bootlegged shows etc. I take the internet for granted sometimes. Hit me with your faves Sput....V
55Jesus Piece
Only Self

Just gonna start with this because watching Jesus Piece play 'Oppressor' in the current climate just gets me pumped. Also the intro to this whole set is just the hardest shit ever for me right now. Hate5six always with the best live vids too.

Jesus Piece - This Is Hardcore, Philly - 07/2019

Intro -
54Faith No More
Angel Dust

1 of 2 Patton choices because of course!. FNM where MY first real band. One that I felt where mine as in I had found them myself. Friends would be listening to GnR and Metallica etc and passing FNM off as that 'Epic' band but I was watching them do stuff like this live on MTV. Legendary now of course. Not many people where on MTV screaming like that.

'Caffeine' MTV Hanging Out - 1992
53Elizabeth Colour Wheel

A pretty newly acquired love. This live performance really was one of those 'WOW' moments for me as I had been putting off listening to this band and when I watched this I was completely blown away. Beginning with a Planning for Burial cover with Thom which owns but the real pay off is from 'Life as a flower' and 'Hide Behind (Emmett's Song)' World ending.

'Life as a Flower'/'Hide Behind (Emmett's Song) - Live from Blackheart Sound - 2019

Another recent find this fantastic set from France. Possibly the best live Gorguts recording out there. I saw them on this tour with the same set list and it was phenomenal. This song was especially huge live. Mix is perfect on this.

'Forgotten Arrows' Nantes, France - 2016
51Earth Crisis

So the boys are old and fat here. I know Karl is still Vegan SxE but no idea about the rest. Regardless I will never not be finger pointing and screaming every word whenever and wherever I head this song. Watching people still singing it with such passion so many years later is just fantastic. Chaos.

'Firestorm' This is Hardcore Fest, Philly - 2017 Hate5sixx recording Side stage recording
50Emma Ruth Rundle
Marked For Death

I was lucky enough to be at this. 2018 Roadburn festival. The last day after 4 magical days of dark, psychedelic, experimental heavy music. The blue start to sink in and you know its nearly over and I get into the green room and prop myself against the mixing desk to see Emma for the first time. No band just semi acoustic. Everyone silent. The odd tear a dripping. It was just a perfect, beautiful and needed moment. Thats when I became an Emma Ruth Rundle fan for life.

'Real Big Sky' Roadburn Festival, Holland - 2018
49Have Heart
Songs to Scream at the Sun

I will forever be a sucker for an opening song at a 'last show' for a hugely important band. This is one of the best.

'Hard Bark On The Family Tree' - Revere, Massachusetts - 2009
El Mundo Frio

A crushing, captivated performance of the whole of 'El Mundo Frio' Collaborated with Tsurisaki Kiyotaka You can't see the visuals so much and it is edited down between but still. Phenomenal show. Essential band.

'El Mundo Frio' - Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival - 2008
47Black Sheep
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Another classic 90's Hip Hop Jam. Always puts me in a good mood this version. Positive energy and Vibes. No overbearing hype men. Dope. So many great Living Colour performances.

'The Choice Is Yours' - Living Colour 92

A plethora of quality ISIS videos across the net but this was always a go to for me. It was the only live video of this track for a long time. I don't know if thats still the case but I mean, It is still flawless.

'The Other' 2005 Not sure where.
An Anthology of Dead Ends

Simply one of the greatest bands to ever exists. A document to how great they were thankfully exists in their final show. So many highlights. The closer with everyone joining them and smashing their stuff of course is legendary but you've got to earn your right to get there and watch the whole thing!

'Frequency Ass Bandit' Showbox, Seattle - 15/06/02

No real point picking a 30 second power violence song I guess! I always come back to this Infest show its absolutely wild. I think this was their first reunion because in the comments peeps queued all night outside. I saw them a couple of years ago and was one of the craziest shows for a long time. Wall to wall chaos.

The Echo In Los Angeles CA - January 13th 2013

A band I never got to see live and it KILLS me. I don't know how many times I have watched this. Shame Al and Wino couldn't get along because I would easily give a leg for more Shrinebuilder music.

'Pyramid to the Moon' De Kreun - Kortrijk - Belgium 2010
42Cecil Taylor

15 minutes of utterly insane Piano playing by the God that is Cecil Taylor. Untouchable.

Jazz Ost-West Festival Nürnberg - 1984
41Beastie Boys
Ill Communication

By far and away my favourite version of 'Sabotage' Even though it's your stereotypical over played song as this point but for me it never sounded as good as they did it on Letterman.

'Sabotage' Letterman - 1994
40Sun Ra
The Antique Blacks

The first time I saw this my jaw hit the floor and it still does to be honest. Some of the most incredible solo's I have ever seen. A truly other worldly bunch of musicians.

Sun Ra and Arkestra playing Billy Strayhorn's "Take The A Train" at the Jazzfestival Montreux - July 9th, 1976
Seasons in the Abyss

Will never forget how evil I thought Slayer where as a kid and this video compounded it. On a traditionally rock bill Slayer where the first real heavy band to play. It rained and those grey clouds above just added to that whole feeling and look of that set. Especially during this.

'Dead Skin Mask' Donnington UK - 1992

I'm sure nearly everyone has see this. I'm not a huge Fugazi fan. I am a massive Minor threat fan. But in general this is just a fun as hell video. Everyone dancing,singing and having a ball. Timeless video.

'Waiting Room' Washington D.C - 1998
The Seraphim Fall

Always the outsiders of the hardcore scene shows they played. Misunderstood at the time but gone on to be a huge influence on many underground bands. The best live recording is probably 'Brainchild' from Hellfest but this is by far my fave Bloodlet song and seeing them perform it whilst it was still new is a treasure for me.

'Sawtooth Grin' Texas - 98
36Vision of Disorder
Vision of Disorder

This era of VOD was so dope. They were something fresh. Live shows where LIVE as you can see here. So many baggy jeans and chain wallets!

'Through My Eyes' Middlesex Community College in Edison, NJ - February 9 1997.
35Paradise Lost
Shades of God

I recorded this on Channel 4 in the UK one late night and never heard anything about it for years. It was on the 'Harmony Breaks' Video I think and then maybe rereleased early 2000. Again this whole set is magic still and I could pick any track from it. Peak PL for me. Some amazing memories.

'Pity The Sadness' Live The Longhorn , Stuttgart - 1993
Cause of Death

An old VHS gem from Headbangers ball which thanks to the wonders of the internet is now available on Youtube. Golden era death metal. Obituary absolutely killing it in London. Hair and bodies EVERYWHERE.

'Turned Inside Out' London Marquee - 1991
33James Holden
The Inheritors

This whole thing is only 22 mins long anyway so not worth picking a track out of it since some clips on this list are around the same mark for single songs! James Holden live modular set from Geoff Barrows ( Portishead ) Invada studios.

Invada Studios, Bristol - 2015
Beneath the Remains

I rarely listen to Sepultura anymore but they were a HUGE influence on me growing up. Owning 'Under Seige-Live from Barcelona' was like having Willy Wonkas golden ticket. I was the only one with it and would watch that set at least 3 times a week. If I ever go back and listen to Sepultura it's usually this set. There was always a midpoint of a journey feeling when this came on. This show was captured so well it was engulfing. Like you were there.

'Inner Self' Sala Zeleste, Barcelona - 5/1991
6 Feet Deep

'The Word' Was a weekend show over here in the UK in the 90's. I think It was a Friday night. It was wild some legendary celebs and bands appeared on there. FNM, Rage against the machine, L7, Nirvana, Bill Hicks, The Gravediggaz, Onyx, Rollins,Snoop The whole crowd where from all different persuations and usually off their boxes on drugs. Great days also one of the most cringeworthy presenters you will ever see. Google 'The Word TV show' for yourself.

'Bang Your head' The Word - 1995

Always loved this fragile version from Glasto. 100,000 people quite. Beth holding them all in the palm of her hand.

'Wandering Star' Glastonbury, UK - 2013
29The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Are You Experienced

Not much to say about this is there? Faultless. The greatest.

'Red House' Stockholm, Sweden - 1969
When Forever Comes Crashing a lot of old Hardcore vids I watch it as much for the old crowds going nuts than the now obviously faded sound quality you may have notice already. Case in point.

'Conduit' Providence - 2000
Sonic Prayer

Every time Earthless jam anything live it takes on a whole new world. I must have watched every single Earthless show on line I reckon. This for sure, The most.

'Sonic Prayer' Cactus Club in Milwaukee, WI - 2014

Confessor playing tech doom at a WaterPark in '88 and the camera panning out to Folk out with their famles sat on loungers and having their day ruined will ALWAYS be THE greatest thing ever.

Fame City , Houston - 1998
25Cult of Luna
Somewhere Along the Highway

I'm not the biggest COL fan. Much of their stuff just doesn't hit me. Even 'SATH' took a while to find a home. But it did eventually. No surprises here then but this version of the closer is absolutely incredible.

'Dark City, Dead Man' La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris - 2016
Urban Discipline

This was what made me wanna go to Festivals. When I saw that crowd. I ended up going to 3 Dynamo Festivals. All pretty dope. All because of this Biohazard live vid. Some of their crew bouncing around on this with their muscles out are hilarious.

'Black And White and Red All Over' Dynamo 93 - Eindhoven
I'll Sleep When You're Dead

I miss the old El-P. Love the horns on this version. THIRTEEN YEARS ago (sheesh!) Glad he's making bank but miss these days. I find so much Hip Hop live a let down but EL back then was one of the best live shows I saw.

'The Overly Dramatic Truth' Plug Awards NYC - 2007
Brown Sugar

Tried to keep covers off this list since I did a cover List a few weeks ago but I forgot this one. D'angelo covering Prince - Sometimes it snows in April on Fallon after Prince died. Only got a FB link for this. Watching D'angelo cry is pretty harsh though man.
21Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom

Could pick a 1-50 of Patton songs quite easily but choosing this once as it maybe less obvious ( Fantomas -Simply Beautiful from Germany is my utmost fave) Patton with the superb Dub Trio as Peeping Tom on The Rollins show.

'We're not alone' The Rollins Show - 2007
20Oranssi Pazuzu

Still my favourite song by them. Only saw this version recently but it is Pro Shot and shot really well. Phenomenal band. Their recently live stream was mind blowing.

"Vasemman Käden Hierarkia" Live @ Ferrailleur - 2017
Chicago Transit Authority

Prime Chicago with their sexy horn section and Terry Kath in full swing. Beautiful.

'Introduction' Tanglewood - 1970
Material Control

Ok I am gonna cheat here and just put this whole set because the whole things phenomenal. I read in the comments there where under 30 people there. They were headlining Arctangent in The UK that eve so they opened up Pukkelpop. Still you would expect a good crowd for Glassjaw. So strange seeing
the camera pan out and no ones there but man what transpires is absolutely stellar and professional. It sounds incredible too. Some of the outright best Glassjaw footage.

Glassjaw - Pukkelpop, Belgium - 2018

My number 1 EP of all time no questions. This version of this track is bonechilling despite sounded pretty old now on here but I had this in myhone for YEARS. This is rare footage of them as a 3 piece too I think.

'Annisette' - Mississauga, Ontario - 2009

Always thought this captured the Dalek live show (which are always incredible) really well. Played this many times over the years. Sounds really good for a 2009 recording.

''Subversive Script' Metropop Festival, Lausanne - 14.12.09
15King Crimson


'Starless' 22/03/1974 for French TV
14Mahavishnu Orchestra
The Inner Mounting Flame


Meeting Of The Spirits/You Know You Know - The Mahavishnu Orchestra - Live at the BBC 1972
13Kayo Dot
Choirs of the Eye

But for a mixup I would have flown across the globe to New York for this show at The Stone. The whole set is incredible but this is the only track to link which is fine because the whole album will always be untouchable to me and the performance does it justice.

'Marathon' - The Stone NY. - 08/2015
12The Dillinger Escape Plan
Irony Is a Dead Scene

Patton choice number 2. I know theres newer footage of them together but seeing this version back when was everything to me. That extended breakdown though. Booya.

'Malpractice' No Idea. Gonna guess mid 2000's obviously.
11Gang Starr
Hard to Earn

Any vague hip hop head has surely seen this but it never gets old and never will. Wu tang, Guru, KRS, Naughty by Nature, Tribe, Mc Lyte....The list goes on and on for Arsenio Halls Final show in a segment Queen Latifah put together. A legendary amalgamation of 90's Hip Hop

Arsenio Hall Show - Hip Hop All-Stars 94
Rétrospective Vol. 1 & 2

These guys man. Absolute maniacs. Been lucky to see these French nutcases live a few times and it is always a crazy,crazy trip but arguably peak late 70's Magma here.

'Hhai' Interpretation - French TV - 1978
9Beth Gibbons and The Polish National Radio Orchestra
Gorecki Symphony No. 3: Symphony of Sorrowful Song

The last movement of this Symphony is just completely transcending. When Beth's voice comes in towards the end it's just game over. Like sunshine through the bleakness. What a woman. 'Oh Sing for Him Gods little song birds'

Symphony No. 3 Final Movement - 2019

So obviously theres tons of 'Hyperballad' Versions throughout the years but this one that goes (surprisingly) into 'Freak' by LFO and a full on rave is for sure my favourite. Looks an absolutely amazing time at that show right there.

'Hyperballard' Paris - 2009 (?)
7Cave In
Until Your Heart Stops

The mighty Cave during their Indie/major label phase played Reading Festival in front of 50 thousand plus and tore everybody a new hole when surprising anyone who turned up to hear them not knowing their metal past. This is PEAK Caleb too. RIP

'Juggernaut' - Reading Festival UK - 2003
6Anna von Hausswolff
Dead Magic

I always try and get people who haven't gave Anna the time yet to watch all of this track. This track is her greatest (so far) for me and everything about what makes her so great.

'Ugly and vengeful' (official live video) - Stockholm, Sweden -2018
5Inside Out
No Spiritual Surrender

Young Zach De La Rocha going full on preach mode about Immigration and the indigenous and even getting told to shut up and play music. One of my fave hardcore songs ever. I'd be ready to stomp after that build up man.

'Burning Fight' - 1993
Are These Our Lives?

Even if you don't like hardcore how can you not get goosebumps alllllll those faces screaming at the top of their lungs 'The wreckage of humanity has been strewn across the land' and Greggs face looking like he's simultaneously going to kill someone and burst out crying. This is what it's all about.

'Reflections' Seattle - 2005
3Hiatus Kaiyote
Choose Your Weapon

Legit watch this every few days. Such a perfect rendition of a perfect song. The harmonies, The smoothness and the way Nai just floats in there. The moment I fell in love with this band.

'The Lung' Sydney Opera House - 2016
Mass II: Sermons

A long one at 18 minutes but it is 18 minutes that literally changed my life. At a particularly dark time I watched this video and Colins live suspension with Oathbreaker and their old bassist joining them for that finale as he's lifted by those hooks in his back and broke down. It was a moment. I Flew to Europe to catch them a month later and realised as shit as life can be there always amazing things ahead, even if they are brief.

'Aorte/Ritual' Kortrijk, Belgium - 23.10.2009.
Through Silver in Blood

A video I comeback to constantly and is still as intense as the first time I ever watched it. The video where I 'got' Neurosis. Unparalleled emotional rawness. Imagine rocking up to see HedPe or Coal Chamber and the like and then seeing THAT. Heads would explode.

'Locust Star' - Ozzfest - 97
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