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I hate everyone on sputnik

Just kidding you guys, ILY.
1Purity Ring
Another Eternity

Seeing them live in april, so stoked. This album improved their take on electronic pop in my opinion. Yes, it's less quirky and "cool" than Shrines, but I like the more polished production and her voice sounds better than ever.

Oh, this one. This is an album that will probably get quite a few spins during the spring and summer, because man, I get stoked when I jam this one. Also electronic pop with a bit of an indie-tinge I guess you could say. They're probably mostly known for featuring on FIFA 2014, but their previous EP and this album proves that they're more than just a one-hit-wonder.
3The Crystal Method

The future, but in 1997. Is it just me, or did electronic music sound more futuristic back in the 90's!?!? Like seriously, i'm all into future bass and future garage, but stuff from the 90's tend to sound so much more futuristic. Also way more dystopic than current electronic music.
Anyway, cool album.
The Blue Album

Yet another cool fucking R&B artist. From what I know, JMSN writes, produces and records all his music, and of course singing and writing lyrics on top of that. His previous full-length, Priscilla was a record that was WAAAY darker in tone, like one of the few albums that feels completely right on a shitty, rainy summer afternoon. (i've read the description that it sounds like The Weeknd meets Justin Timberlake, and I get that comparison somewhat) I can admit that I like that one better, but this new one is cool as well.
His sound has taken a turn for a more smooth approach, it's not necessarily a happy album, but it's laidback as fuck. So check it.

Well, this is sort of the same thing as with the Smallpools album. I get really stoked from this album, and I basically don't want to listen to it until the weather is a bit warmer and the sun is shining, because I don't want to associate it with a grey and cold period like this one.
Excellent EDM/House from a french dude who really knows how to make electronic dance music that sounds popular, relevant but also extremely fresh and not like some sort of shitty Basshunter/Avicii/Swedish House Mafia clone.
Also features a wide variety of guest vocalists, like Dan Smith from Bastille, the dude from Passion Pit (okay i'm too lazy for names right now), the vocalist from Foster The People, Aquilo, and Vancouver Sleep Clinic.
6Kendrick Lamar
To Pimp a Butterfly

I don't think I need to say anything about this album right now, but yeah. Did not like this the first few spins, now i'm getting a hang of it, and I like it a lot. Even though Kendrick spits about how white people suck, I still can't help but enjoy it. For you guys who has spent the last couple of years under a rock, Kendrick makes hip-hop. Yeah.
Dark Red

Just started trying to get into this album, it's pretty cool so far. You can totally hear that he used tons of old analogue synths and I guess that's pretty cool. It's a way darker effort than his previous albums.
Pretty cool electronic music anyway. He describes it as sounding as “if Electric Wizard tried to make an R&B record, or Boards of Canada meets Burzum by the River Styx.” Well... not sure if I agree but maybe you're getting a bit of a clearer picture of what we're dealing with here.

ALWAYS love me a bit of Blue Swan-core. No but Dance Gavin Dance is my favorite band, and post-hardcore with a bit of a progressive/technical/experimental-vibe is something I completely love. I had a really hard time getting into Stolas though, I sort of saw them as a poor mans A Lot Like Birds, but I was so so so so wrong. Great band, great album.
This album could be replaced with ALLB, Dance Gavin Dance, Hail The Sun, Closure In Moscow, etcetc, but I chose Stolas because I just recently realized that I really dig their sound.
9Too Close To Touch
Nerve Endings

There's a review for this album up on sputnik now, and it's dead on. This is melodic post-hardcore with a bit of an alt.rock tinge, but it works so fucking well even though it's not reinventing the wheel. Decent musicianship and great vocals makes for an interesting listen.
10 Great Good Fine Ok

See Smallpools again. Electronic pop/indie that makes me stoked on life.
11Mystery Skulls

Luis Dubuc is such an underrated fella. I mean, he started out doing The Secret Handshake back in... I don't know, somewhere around 2005-ish I would guess, and he took off, but it didn't actually go that far, since his music mostly spoke to the scenekids of the time. But Mystery Skulls is a completely different entity. I've been keeping track with his musical endeavors ever since he released his first EP under this moniker back in '11, and i've been waiting for his full-length ever since. He released it last year and it's marvellous. I might have expected a bit more, but some of the songs are fantastic. Electronic music that is somewhere between pop, funk and dance/electro house (some things sound like Daft Punk and Justice, but it's always very singy-songy and just generally... good vibes). Don't sleep on this.
Take Care

Well, If You're Reading This It's Too Late is a great album, but Take Care was the album that made me really start to dig Drake, so this is the one that i'll always like the most of his, I think.
13Jam City
Dream A Garden

Cool stuff. I like how he's incorporated more vocals into the sound, this release is way more accessible than his previous one. Electronic music, somewhat IDM-ish I guess you could say. Has produced music for Kelela for an example.
14Young Troubled Minds
One Big Session

Cool hip-hop. It's smooth as fuck, the rapping reminds me of Chance The Rapper at times, but not as quirky and out there which makes for a bit more of a pleasant experience, ALSO the beats are really chill.

Sorry for being so non-descriptive, i'm too tired to write properly today. PEACE
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