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The Only Crust List You'll Ever Need

Insert bread jokes below

The founding fathers of the metal/punk/lack of hygiene combination that would be
known as Crust. Absolutely essential, even if you only have a passing interest in
the genre, or even in punk in general.

Many don't consider them strictly crust, but they helped pioneer the metallic riffs
and scuzzy production that became associated with our dreadlocked buddies, as
well as directly influencing countless bands throughout the years. Why and Hear
Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing both deserve your immediate attention.

Another one of the most identifiable crust bands, these NYC squatters proved to be
one of the most consistently good crust bands in their heyday. With a thrashy,
metallic sound and a degree of technicality not usually seen in Crust, they proved
to have major crossover appeal to the metal community. If you want to start
listening to this genre, start here.
The System Works...For Them

The title track is one of the greatest anthems of all time, and the only crust song
my brother can get into. He likes melodies and shit. pffft. Another major player in
the crust game, as well as one of the more well known bands in the punk
5Behind Enemy Lines
Know Your Enemy (Reissue)

This band rose from the ashes of Aus-Rotten in 2000, playing a slightly more
polished style of their predecessors signature brand of hardcore/crust. Another
good starting point for the genre. It actually sounds like it was recorded in a studio
rather than the basement of some squat. The jury's out on whether that's a good
Still Life

Like Nausea, this band features dual male/female vocals, and a spastic hardcore
sound with little of the metal influence that was Nausea's trademark. This was a
favorite of mine a few years ago. I had to sell the vinyl when I was short on rent
money earlier this year :'( Felt like losing a bit of my childhood
7Civil Disobedience
In A Few Hours Of Madness

Oddly, this band got me into crust. I was 15 at the time and I'd just bought a
turntable at a yard sale. A couple weeks later I found this 7" in a used record store.
It's still one of my most treasured records, even though I don't listen to it much
anymore. Also the version of this on youtube is fucked up, the lead guitar isn't
audible for some reason.

Screamo tinged crust from Germany with a lot of dissonance and some great
melodic moments. One of the better active bands around.
9Fall Of Efrafa

This band's style eventually evolved into Post-Metal, but on Owsla they play titanic
crust tunes, with some very well placed cello. God damn that cello still gives me
10 Kreigshog

Japanese crust. Their vocalist likes shrieking his lungs out and being homeless.
The Deafening Silence Of Grinding Gears

Feminist, male-female fronted crust band that has quite a bit of melody for a bunch
of crusties. Another of my early favorites.
Divine Intoxication

Crust as fuck band from Sweden. If you can't get into this, this genre's not for you.

Dual vocals n blastbeats. Unrest deserves a higher rating than 3.7
14Anti Cimex
Anti Cimex

Another of the old school Crust/D-Beat groups that managed to survive into the
90s which doesn't happen much in this genre. Most bands are lucky to record a 7"
before disbanding.

Crusty grindcore with a female vocalist. Or maybe crusty grindcore. or grindy
crustcore. It's awesome anyway.
16Man Is The Bastard

Crusty Powerviolence from California, the home of about 90% of crusty
powerviolence bands.
17La Casa Fantom
Ingen ny dag

Epic crust from Spain. Just started listening to this band. Thanks to Alachlahol
In Extremis

Thrashy crust, again from Sweden. Swedes are pissed apparently.

This song is one of the high points in any kind of music. 39 minutes of some of the
greatest crust/hardcore ever written. If you've written this genre off as being an
untalented underproduced thrash metal ripoff, I urge you to try this out. You won't
be disappointed.
Rise Of The Serpent Men

Metallic Crust with some symphonic elements.
Living Through The End OF Time

Whoever added this band fucked up the album name. Male-female vocals, sludge
elements and a motherfucking cello. I'd put this band in strong competition with Fall
Of Efrafa.

Japanese band that was extremely important to the scene. One of the first
Japanese crust bands in existence. Fucking classic
23From Ashes Rise

Melodic Crust/hardcore from Tennessee. Not one of my favorites but Nightmares is
a quality release. Dual vocals are always good.
24Assembly Of God
Submission Obedience Denial

One of the countless crust bands that released and EP then faded into obscurity.
Submission Obedience Denial is worth any crusties time.
25 His Hero Is Gone
Monument To Thieves

Influential southern crust band, another of the heavy hitters in the genre. Crust
and sludge are like two filthy cousins at a family reunion under the bridge, so it
would only be natural for them to produce offspring. But instead of having like 12
toes and shit their child turned out to be fucking brilliant.
26League Of Struggle
The Nature Of The Pig Is Greed

Almost halfway done and I'm struggling. Obscure crust band that's worth a listen
27Teen Cthulu
Ride The Blade

Crusty Black Metal band. I like em more for the name than anything else, although
they have some very good moments.

One of the most savage, misanthropic, miserable groups to ever record music. God
damn, I love 'em. When a song opens with a series of suicide anecdotes, you know
you're in for a good time.
29Electro Hippies
Play Fast Or Die

Old school crust/powerviolence that took a more experimental bent than most of
their peers. Another of the old school hall of famers
30Crustina Aguilera
Crushing The Imperialist Machine

Greatest band name of all time. Released an excellent demo and disappeared
31Extreme Noise Terror
A Holocaust in Your Head

Another band that blurs the lines between crust and grind. Formed in 1985 in
Ipswich, England. Not the greatest band on this list but still influential and worth a
Enslaved In Darkness

Crusty Death Metal.
Tired Of Licking Blood From A Spoon

Heavy as shit metallic crust that brings mad riffs
Manos Que Estrechan Planes De Muerte Y Sometimient

Screamo tinged crust from Spain with a lot of variety and some impressive
technicality. There's a lot of emotion in this album. The cool thing about crust is
that it doesn't fucking matter what language it's in because you'll never decipher
the lyrics anyway.

Fuck Umlauts. This band disbanded in 2007. They made some heavy ass music.
Blastbeats all over.
36Doom (UK)
War Crimes (Inhuman Beings)

One of the finest UK crust albums there is. Oppressive atmosphere, furiously savage
vocals, breakneck riffs and a fucking creepy intro all make for an excellent album.

Pissed off Canadians. Dissonant riffs and a touch of black metal. Maple syrup and
poutine is what makes the vocalist sound so fucked up.
38Fleas And Lice
Global Destruction

Hardcore/Crust from the netherlands. Fairly well known amongst the punx.
1st LP

Insane Crust/Powerviolence group. Unjustified Murder slays
40Icons of Filth
Onward Christian Soldiers

English Anarcho/Crust band from back in the 80s. The vocalist died from a heart
attack back in 04 and the band has been disbanded since.

One of the most well known crust bands in recent years and with good reason. The
more accessible child of His Hero Is Gone, they're still going strong despite some
weak recent releases. Vengeance is a modern classic.
Out From The Void

Quality 80s thrash/crust in the vein of Antisect. Criminally underrated on this site.
Live The Storm

One of the most enduring and consistent D-beat bands around, with some of the
greatest vocals in the genre. Live The Storm is a testament to the enduring quality
of this band and is probably their finest release.
Live The Chaos EP
45Blacken The Skies
Blacken The Skies

Needs more love and deserves attention. This song alone has enough variety in 3
minutes to keep anyone interested
Buried Alive

German Crust band. Nothing really to say that can't be said about other crust
End Progress

yes, there's ska in this. No, it's not much. Regardless, this is another great crust
release you should check out. Bonus for female vocals.
48Appalachian Terror Unit
It's Far From Fucking Over

West Virginia group with a great female vocalist. They all have hard dicks for the
environment. Thrashy crust.
49Nuclear Death Terror
Nuclear Death Terror
Vokusatsu, Seisin, Hatansha
Vintage Addiction
52Left For Dead
Splitting Heads
53Downfall Of Gaia

Almost forgot these guys fuck
Content With Dying
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