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Toondude10's 75%: Third Base

The year is certainly going by pretty quickly, hard to believe it's already October yet it still kinda feels like it should still be summer. Again, list is the new releases I listened from the third quarter and if you want to rec me some stuff go ahead.
1Bring Me the Horizon
That's the Spirit

"Avalanche" is pretty much the only good song off of this ("Drown" is passable too I guess) but other than that, this is pretty horrendous. Very little substance to be found on this and the lyrics are just absolutely awful. Instead of pursuing the post-hardcore sound that Sempiternal had, which was decent for the most part, they decided to go with the electro-poppy, teenage-loving crap that rips off bands that do it much better (Deftones comes to mind).
Threat to Survival

The first two songs and "Outcast" are the only standout moments while everything else is annoyingly terrible, though with that artwork I can't say that I'm surprised that Shinedown went down the Nickelback-pop-rock route.. "Black Caddilac" is certainly going to make my list for worst songs of the year if not THE worst song of the year. I'd much rather listen to Sound of Madness instead of this crap.
To Those Left Behind

It's not so much that the songs are terrible, it's the fact that there's literally nothing that stands out. They try to do a couple of different things by adding pop-influences but even then it's never original. Almost everything on here has been done before not just by other bands, but by Blessthefall in general. There's very little risk taking on here and this is from a band that's generic in general.
4Dead Letter Circus

I really enjoyed Dead Letter Circus' debut, this on the other hand is about as generic as it can be. "YANA" is the only good track on here while everything else was incredibly mediocre. It sounded really flat and uninspired and I'm surprised that this band would stoop this low. Definitely one of the most boring albums this year.
5Saint Asonia
Saint Asonia

Because Three Days Grace wasn't generic enough, we're having to deal with two of the same band. There's almost no substance in this and it ends up being generic radio rock that very few will even remember in the end. But I'll give it this, at least it's better than Human.
6Bullet for My Valentine

It's unoriginal and stagnate but that's probably the worst thing you could say about this. Now granted, the fact that it's better than their last album is pretty much the reason why it has a higher rating than most of their other albums on here. It's got a couple of memorable songs but everything else is just painfully average. They said they wanted to make the best metal album of the year, but we all knew that wasn't going to happen.
The Awakening

Definitely their weakest album to date. All of the energy and fun that was present in this band just seems to be completely replaced by a conceptual story that you can find in every single Christian movie that's out in theaters. Everything in here just feels contrived, tired and dated. I might as well listen to Satellite instead of this.
8Low and Behold

An interesting little experiment by Ryan Clark. There's isn't very much to say about this due to the fact that it's short but also because there's very little that sticks out. It's got a couple of cool moments like the stoner rock influenced guitars on "Some People", but in the end it's nothing spectacular.
Silence in the Snow

I know that many people are going to put this down a lot as being awful and such but I'm giving this album the benefit of the doubt. I don't see this as Trivium "giving" up, I see it more as them trying what they can with the limitations that caused them to go this direction. I just hope that this isn't going to be Trivium for the rest of their careers otherwise they really did give up. I will admit though, Matt Heafy certainly improved his vocals and it shows on this.

It's Disturbed being Disturbed doing all things Disturbed, at least for the most part. It does have a couple moments of experimentation with "The Light" and the Simon and Garfunkel cover, but everything on here is pretty much exactly what you expect. It's kind of like the new Breaking Benjamin album, but you knew that Disturbed was going to come back regardless. I'll admit I have a soft spot for Disturbed, but even then I still think they can, and should, do way better than this. Aside from "Fire It Up", there's nothing particularly awful though, even for Disturbed standards (if they have any).
11Between the Buried and Me
Coma Ecliptic

I'll give them credit for changing their overall style without really sacrificing their identity, but this ended up being a bit of a disappointment. Colors is one of my favorite albums of all time but Coma Ecliptic sounds more like a less overblown Dream Theater album with harsh vocals. Speaking of which the harsh vocals on this are incredibly awful. I didn't really mind them on their previous albums but on here it's just so bad. There's a few good songs but overall there's better albums this year of the same genre.
12Blue Stahli
The Devil

I liked his self-titled album, even if it sounded more like a Celldweller album. This feels like a more generic version of that. The lyrics are corny as hell and there's nothing really groundbreaking on here. Even so there's quite a few really catchy tunes on here and I've had "Down In Flames" stuck in my head for a while now. It's harmless industrial rock but I really do wanted Blue Stahli to as least do something a bit more exciting on here.

Pretty much a less shittier version of Dance Gavin Dance, at least in a certain aspect. There isn't Tillian's annoying voice nor is there any lyrics about fapping which makes it better. There's nothing really original though, which does set the album back quite a few steps but I'm really hoping that these guys can makes something that I would really like.
14Paradise Lost
The Plague Within

I know that this was in the last quarter but I heard a lot of really good things about it so I decided to check it out. My real problem with this is that the songs sound the same throughout most of the album. I was really interested in the first two, maybe three songs, but after that I ended up getting bored by the fact that practically the same tempo was used for most of the album. Then again this is the first time hearing this band so I'm probably missing something.
15Scale the Summit

I feel like I would've really liked this album if it had more exciting moments. "Trapped In Ice" was just so good and I wanted more songs like that but a lot of this ended up feeling like the band just went autopilot. It's obvious that Scale the Summit are incredibly talented, but if they were able to show it more often then it could be a masterpiece in the making.
16Parkway Drive

I know most people are bashing this due to the influences but I feel like that not really the main problem with this. If anything the songs really drag out and feel a lot longer than they are and that's probably because there isn't that much variation in the music. "Writing on the Wall" is pretty bad though and the influences used in this aren't the best, but even so I didn't mind "Vice Grip" and "Crushed" as much as everyone else does. It's rather boring for the most part though because the songs drag so often. That being said, the first two songs, "The Sound of Violence", and "A Deathless Songs" are pretty good, which prevents the album from being a complete waste of time.
17...From the Deep
The Absurd Horror

A shoutout to MO's band. This is a pretty cool little progressive death metal EP, but I wish the vocals didn't sound like gargling at times, other than that this is pretty solid.
Xenophobe/Fear Itself

It's awesome to hear new material from these guys again. "Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest" is such a nostalgic jam for me and to hear new Zao after six years brings me so much joy. These two songs are just great and it really does give me hope to what Zao has in the near future.
End of an Empire - Chapter 04: Death

It's slightly better than the last Chapter, and it does give me some good expectations as to what the full album is going to sound like. That being said, it's still rather corny and obnoxious but I'm more open to that kind of stuff than most people.
20Symphony X

It's Pretty much Iconoclast part 2 in the sense that this band hasn't really changed that much since Paradise Lost. It's still enjoyable for what it is, but I'm pretty sure that Symphony X is going to become more and more stagnant as the years go on. The title track and "Without You" are definite highlights on here though, and there's nothing particularly bad, it's just a band doing what they do best for better or worse.
21Titus Andronicus
The Most Lamentable Tragedy

There were a ton of fantastic moments on here, but the only problem is that is a bit too long for it's own good. "Lost My Mind" and "The Most Perfect Union" are fantastic songs and there's plenty of memorable moments, but I feel that this type of music shouldn't be this incredibly long. If anything this is better digested in two sittings rather than one giant listen. I usually really like long albums, but only if they're done correctly does it catch my attention throughout. It's a fun record, you just need to make time to listen to it.
22Fear Factory

I was disappointed at this at first but Genexus did grow on me after a while That being said, it's still Fear Factory doing what Fear Factory does best. They tweak their sound just enough that it feels refreshing, even if the production and style are typical for them. It's an enjoyable industrial metal album that will certainly please the fans.

Progressive metalcore that somewhat djents. The first half is a bit generic but the clean vocals and the second half are great. "Weightless" is probably my favorite track on here and the production is great, especially considering the fact that their original frontman left. I haven't really heard much else from Northlane however, though I do plan on getting to them soon.
24Iron Maiden
The Book of Souls

While there's nothing groundbreaking or amazing on here, The Book of Souls is certainly impressive for a band that's been making music for 40 years. "Speed of Light" is a fun song and "Empire of the Clouds" is arguably the best song on here. Iron Maiden just continues to be strong while many other bands of the same era are dropping like flies.
25Agent Fresco

For an album that's built with familiar elements, this surely is one of the most unique rock albums I've listened to this year. "Dark Water" is certainly a possible contender for song of the year for me because of how simple yet beautifully executed it is. The vocals kind of remind me of Arcane and Rishloo in a way, and the production is clean cut. The heavier moments aren't particularly as interesting, but the songs are here that are good are so gorgeous that's it's hard to turn away.
26A Slow Descent
Encased in Ice and Sealed in Snow

Another quick shoutout to Judio's new album. Definitely some of his best work even if it's a little disjointed in the end. Another very enjoyable album from a Sputnik member.
27Sugary Sweet Machines
Deformity Disco

Yet another Sputnik shoutout to Judio and laughingman. This is definitely different from their other albums, it's funky and actually quite catchy. Well done to both of you.
28Disarmonia Mundi
Cold Inferno

A real kickass melodeath album. Fans of Soilwork and Scar Symmetry will certainly be interested in this and there isn't a single boring track, although "Oddities From The Ravishing Chasm" does drag out a tad bit. The vocal work is executed so well and that's what sells this album. Bjorn Strid's vocals mixed with Claudio's death screams is just such a cool combination that it get's my attention every time. The singing could use some work but that's my only real beef with this. Go check this out if you haven't yet.
Under the Red Cloud

A really neat prog/melodeath/folk metal album. Pretty much everything is perfectly executed on this from the instrumentation to the vocals (both clean and harsh) and it all results into one awesome record. The title track and Death of a King are pretty much the best songs on here because of how catchy and memorable they are. For me this is a possible contender for my top 10 of the year.

I can understand why some people wouldn't like this as much as their previous albums, but I thought this was a bit better than Altered State. Not to mention I feel like you get more of an experience by listening to the whole album rather than listening to individual songs. I'm also more of a fan of Dan than Ashe (though both are great) so I guess that contributes to the rating a bit more. That being said, I do want to see a bit more risk taking the next time TesseracT drops something new.
31The World Is a Beautiful Place...

Never thought a band from my home state would make something this good. To me this is a bit better than their debut album due to the fact that there's way more interesting moments. It's was still a good album, but there wasn't anything phenomenal overall. On here the last song, "Mount Hum" is one of the best closers of the year and a possible contender for song of the year. I know that a lot of people are complaining about the vocals, but I didn't mind them at all. This is another possible top 10 contender for me.
32The Wonder Years
No Closer to Heaven

Definitely one of the most depressing albums I've listened to this year, and it's fantastic for the most part. The vocals and the instrumentation are great as usual but the lyrics are also fantastic, which is something I don't find often in most pop-punk bands. "Cardinals" and "Cigarettes and Saints" are some of the best that this band has ever done. It does get a tad samey in the second half but each song is great in it's own right. Just an overall lovely album.
33Lamb of God
VII: Sturm und Drang

Lamb of God finally got interesting again! After three albums of not giving a shit about this band they manage to create their best album in over ten years. Everything is so much more memorable and catchier, and the production is tons better than the last two albums at least. I feel like "Still Echoes" and "512" are going to be the Lamb of God songs that everyone is going to be talking about for the next few years because of how great they are. "Embers" is also a favorite of mine, Chino Moreno just fits so well into that song. Lamb of God is back and better than before.
34The Dear Hunter
Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise

After the slight slump of Migrant, The Dear Hunter have finally returned to their roots in returning to their original story. While there the last few songs are bit standard even for them. The rest is fantastic, with both "Waves" and "A Night on the Town" being possible song of the year contenders. Another song that people are kinda hating on is "King of Swords". Every time I listen to that song I just can't help but smile because of how bizarre it is. I originally considered this to be the weakest Act but now after a few more listens I'm pretty sure this is the second best behind Act II.
The Ride Majestic

Soilwork manages to accomplish the impossible in matching up to "The Living Infinite". Literally every song is just fantastic and the title track is probably my favorite Soilwork song of all time, which is saying something since they've come out with phenomenal tracks in the past. I kind of want to 5 this but I can't say it's better than "The Living Infinite", if anything I'd say it's just as fantastic. I just hope that Soilwork continues on this path within the next few albums.
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