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5 Other Nostalgic Albums/Artists

So after making my Top 10 list of my most nostalgic artists AND albums (by the same artists) I ended up thinking on what other bands should I have included in it. Honestly a few of these caught me by surprise ironically enough considering the fact that I completely forgot that I listened to these guys when I was younger. This list is in no specific order.
110 Years
The Autumn Effect

Seriously, why did I not put these guys on a place from my other list? I've been asking that question to myself for weeks and I still don't know the answer to that. I guess it's because I didn't listen to these guys as much as I thought I did when I was younger. 10 Years was the first band that I listened to that was influence by Tool in a way, which is weird considering the fact that I never heard of Tool when I was a kid. Even so, I still loved this band and let's face it, the song "Wasteland" is the best song that these guys ever came out with, hands down. "The Autumn Effect" was the only album that I really listened to by these guys at the time, which is why it is on this list in particular. I actually listened to the rest of 10 Years' albums about a month ago, to which I asked myself, "Why did I stop listening to these guys again?" While I may never know the answer to both of these questions, 10 Years definitely is very nostalgic to me. I guess I could consider it the #11 on the list or something.

Why does everyone say that this album sucks? It totally doesn't! In fact, neither does this band in general. Sure they're mainstream and they're influenced by Metallica but what's the problem with that? Mainstream music isn't always bad and Metallica is a fucking fantastic band to be influence by. What's the problem? Granted, their first and latest album weren't really the best but come on people, the albums in between were great ones. Yeah, I know Matt's vocals suck but for me that doesn't ruin the experience of the incredible amount of talent that Trivium possesses. I was introduced to Trivium at around the same time I first listened to Killswitch Engage, which was about the time where I was really getting into metal music. I enjoyed Trivium a lot and I still do to this day. While I will admit that Ascendancy isn't their best album, it's the first album that got me into them in the first place.
3Mercury Switch
If You Love Me, You'd Take Me to the City

I doubt any of you guys ever heard of Mercury Switch (considering the fact that only ONE person has rated their two albums (and no that one person isn't me, ironicially enough)) but again I was young and was just getting into metal music and again I loved it. The one song I would find a huge amount of joy to is "Youngblood Electric," only because of the "Princess Bride" intro consisting of the Vinzzini line "THE CLIFFS OF INSANITY." It was the only reason why I got into these guys in the first place and yet they were still great nonetheless. Unfortunately, Mercury Switch no longer exists (as far as I know anyways) and that is a bit of a shame. The one song that anyone seems to remember by these guys is their Smashing Pumpkins cover of "Tonight, Tonight" which in all honesty, is a pretty damn good song. To those who are interested, if you're into old-school death metal type of stuff, then I highly suggest giving these guys a try.
4Heaven Shall Burn

I'll be honest, this is probably the only band on here that I completely forgot existed until about two months ago. I remember my older brother getting a physical copy of the album and the pictures inside (and on the back) scared the fucking shit out of me. The first time I looked at those, I couldn't sleep. Not at the album cover itself, but the pictures in the lyrics sheet. In any case, I LOVED this album in particular. Looking back at it now, I remember constantly listening to the interludes within the record and I could probably fall asleep to them. They are just absolutely beautiful and I never get tired of listening to them. I will do it over and over and over again and no one can stop me! Again, this was around the same time when I started listening to Killswitch Engage and In Flames and all of that stuff. I loved it then, I remember them now, so I might as well listen to this album again at some point in time just for the purpose of restoring my memories.

As ironic as it is, I had a thing for Christian rock/metal music, well I guess you could say I was kinda forced into listening to it. I have a religiously strict mother and because of that, my older brother, who got me into music in the first place, had no choice but to force me into listening to clean lyrics and Christian rock was probably the easiest getaway I had at the time. Why? Because Christian rock bands (usually) don't swear in any of their music. I wasn't allowed to listen to most music consisting of explicit lyrics whatsoever and again, Christian rock was pretty much what I was limited to for a certain time. Skillet in particular was one of the first Christian rock bands that I ever listened to and I only listened to pretty much one song, and that was "Savior" which still continues to be my favorite song by them. I did listen to other songs but Savior was pretty much it. I can't recall any other albums that I've listened to by Skillet when I was a kid. Now I'm pretty sure that some of you guys who are looking at this are going "Wow, what an idiot you are for liking this" (and if you are then I might as well say "fuck you sir") but you know what, I like Skillet, and I still listen to them. Granted their other albums aren't as good as Collide in particular, but I still like them. Hell, I even like "Rise" for crying out loud. Is that a problem? Well it shouldn't be. In any case, I still like them and I still find Collide to be Skillet's best album, better than Comatose in fact.
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