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Top 10 List Of My Most Nostalgic Artists And Albums

Nostalgia: a yearning for the return of past circumstances, events, etc. We all have our rtastes in music. Whether it's pop, hip-hop, rock, metal, electronica, or any other genre, we all rhave our likes and dislikes. But even so, we would listen to anything when we were kids. We rdidn't listen to what what qualified as good or bad music, nor will we ever. Why? Because reveryone likes music that other people hate. And that is a very true fact. And if I'm wrong, rtell me now, because I'd love to hear your side of the argument. As kids, we would rexperiment with music. Like I said before, we had no idea what "good" music was, with the rexception of the music that we liked. If anything, "good" music is the music that you like, and rthe same goes for "bad" music. You don't like it, it's considered "bad" to you. Believe me, rthere are a lot of artists where I just go "what the hell was I listening to back then and why?" rThis list in particular is a list of my most nostalgic bands/artists and the albums that bring rback the most memories for me. These artists are ones that I listened to when I was a kid. rI'm still young, rand many of these artists aren't really old, nor may seem nostalgic to many of ryou, but I still get memories when listening to these guys. Just to make things clear, this is rmy own PERSONAL list, not a list where I say "this list is 100% true and no one else can say rotherwise." This is what I think and what I strongly believe.
10Flogging Molly
Drunken Lullabies

If you know Dropkick Murphys, then you might have heard Flogging Molly. I remember listening to these guys and I actually
thought it was funny. While I never really listened to the full album, I think just these guys in general have always been great
and will always have a place in my musical heart. Before Flogging Molly, I never heard of folk rock music before. I've never
heard of Dropkick Murphys or the Prouges or any of those kind of bands. "Drunken Lullibies" was my favorite album at the time
and the title track was one of my favorites, and still continues to be one of my favorite songs to this day. In any case, if you
love Dropkick Murphys, or any type of folk-punk band, then I highly suggest giving these guys a listen.
9System of a Down

Let's face it, System of a Down is extremely entertaining, like it or not. The first song I listened by them was "Chop Suey!"
and I laughed hysterically. It didn't know what they were singing, nor did I care. If it made me smile, then I liked it. I listened
to it time and time again and I never got tired of it. "BYOB" was another song that made me laughed because it just felt so
random. The lyrics never really made sense to me and again, I didn't care. It made me laugh, and therefore I liked it. Toxicity
is in this list particularly because not only is this the album with "Chop Suey," but it's also the only album that I listened to by
SOAD at the time. I wouldn't listen to another album (Mezmerize) until just about a month ago.
8Killswitch Engage
Alive or Just Breathing

Ah, Killswitch Engage. No, seriously, you had to have heard about these guys before, at least once in your life, even if you
don't remember. Some consider KSE to be one of that "fathers" of metalcore, and while I can see what they were coming at,
it isn't really 100% accurate. It's pretty much the same thing as calling Trivium the next "Metallica." It isn't entirely the case,
but you know what they were getting at. Essentially, KSE came at around the time where the metal scene was really
booming into the mainstream world. And when things become mainstream, that usually isn't a good thing. However, the music
that KSE for some reason was very enjoyable to my tastes. You look at mainstream metal today and you just want to puke,
but around ten years ago, people wanted to listen to it. "Alive or Just Breathing" was most nostalgic to me because of "My
Last Serenade." It was my favorite song by KSE and it still continues to be my favorite song by them. But that's not saying
that this was the only song that I listened to from the album. I've listened to the album throughout ever since I can
7In Flames
Reroute to Remain

Yeah yeah yeah...go on. Tell me that I'm a stupid cocksucking idiot that knows nothing about music just for liking this album.
The band is another story but the album...good lord. It feels like this has more controversy than Man of Steel. Almost
everyone I've talked on Sputnikmusic says that this album just never matched to what In Flames did in the past. I'll be
honest, I can see why, but you can't just simply say that they sold out. If anything, the mainstream sound that Reroute to
Remain puts out really suits them for the better. As for In Flames themselves, I loved to listen to them when I was a kid. And
I'll be honest, I never knew that In Flames was over 20 years old, at least not until about five years ago, and my reaction
was something like "Wait, there was death-metal in the early nineties?" If anything, almost any death metal band you hear
today is pretty much a result of In Flames, whether or not you like them. Reroute to Remain is the most nostalgic album to
me, not only because it's the first album I listened to by In Flames, but it's one of the first metal album I listened to, period.
Kind of a generic reason, but in all seriousness, it really brings back the memories for me.
6Thirty Seconds to Mars
30 Seconds to Mars

Considering the fact that almost everyone hates their new album, I find Thirty Seconds to Mars to be another very nostalgic
band that I have a hidden love to. Hell, I even like their latest album, but not just for that reason alone. Ever since "Love
Lust Faith + Dreams" came out, everyone has constantly been saying that Jared Leto is a better actor than musician. (Much
like with In Flames being over twenty years old, I had no idea Leto was an actor) Even so, he is really talented guy. Having
the ability of both being in a band and being an actor must be a really challenging thing. Conflicting schedules, constantly
having to find work and find a place to have a concert, Leto really is someone who can accomplish things that few might
have the ability to do in the first place. These guys are another very nostalgic band for me. Both their self-titled and "A
Beautiful Lie" albums will always be my favorite albums by them, because they were the first albums I've heard by them. It's
just that their first album I listened to a little more and "Edge of the Earth" is possibly my favorite song by 30STM.

Why doesn't everyone seem to give Evanescence the credit they deserve, or at least, give them a better chance? Everyone
here seems to say that Amy Lee can't sing (who the hell are you to think that) or that Evanescence is too "emo" for their
standards. I will say that they do have a little bit of "emo" to them, but it can't be up to a point where you would call them
an emo band. In any case, this is pretty much up to the point where I first listened to rock music for the first time, and
Evanescence is probably of the first three or four "post-2000" bands I listened to. I'll admit, I was kinda confused because I
never had the thought of a girl singing in a rock band (I was only nine years old at this point, I'm not sexist) but I just
enjoyed it anyway. After a while, I got used to women in rock bands and felt as if it was a normal thing, which it is. There
are several bands where there are women vocalists in them, Lacuna Coil, Flyleaf, Skillet, etc. I just never knew that until I
started listening to Evanescence. I still consider Fallen to be the most nostalgic and favorite album by Evanescence to this
day. I don't know, it's just that I never really got into the later Evanescence albums for some reason. That's probably
because I got into so many other bands when I got older that I never really had the time to check them out. In any case,
still love them, and I really do think that their latest album is pretty enjoyable.
4Demon Hunter
Summer of Darkness

Demon Hunter is pretty much the first Christian band in general that I listened to when I was a kid. They were also one of the
first metal bands I listened to as well if I remember correctly. "Summer of Darkness" was the first album that I listened to by
them and I never thought there was music like this, and you know what, I loved it. It took me some time to adjust to it
because it was pretty noisy to me at first, but I really loved it. "Beheaded" was my favorite song at the time because it was
one hell of a brutal song. In general, it was my favorite metal album until I started listening to more metal albums. And while
it's not my favorite anymore, I still consider it to be one of the most nostalgic.
3Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory

Anyone who knows the older Linkin Park can definitely relate to what I'm talking about. Linkin Park was the second post-2000
band I listened to and again, I really enjoyed them at the time. Hybrid Theory still continues as my favorite Linkin Park album,
as well as for many people who knows the old LP. I remember when people used to talk about Linkin Park all the time, and
everyone I knew really loved them. Now-a-days, I find less and less people that actually like Linkin Park and more people
having either mixed feelings or just plain hate them. And honestly, I don't blame them. Ever since their album "Minutes to
Midnight", Linkin Park just hasn't been the same. They experimented with different sounds that just didn't really fit them. "A
Thousand Suns," much like Man of Steel, is very controversial. You have people who are like "ehh, it's not good" or "It's got a
couple of good songs but it's not really great" and then you have people who are claiming it to be the best damn thing that
the band has ever done. I might as well come to the conclusion that older fans don't like either "Minutes to Midnight" or "A
Thousand Suns," because I don't like them either. But in any case, the older Linkin Park albums were definitely enjoyable and
very nostalgic.
2Breaking Benjamin
We Are Not Alone

The first post-2000 rock band that I listened to. So of course Breaking Benjamin is going to be on this list. (Of course I never
expected any of you guys to know that anyways) "So Cold" was the very first song that I listened to by Breaking Benjamin
and I have been a huge fanboy of them ever since. I listened to it every day of the week. When I went to school, when I
was home. I literally listened to it anywhere I went. If anything, Breaking Benjamin is pretty much the reason why I love
music the way I do now today. And honestly, they're not only one of the most nostalgic artists, but they are my favorite
band of all time. Are they the greatest, no. But wait, how can I say that they're my favorite, but not the greatest? Well, it's
because there is a difference between what's better and what's your favorite. It really hard to define in music because
everyone likes certain kinds of music, and that's the reason why I can't call Breaking Benjamin the best band I've ever
listened to. Not everyone likes them and not everyone in the world should have to. All the same, I've always enjoyed Breaking
Benjamin and I probably always will. My favorite album from them is "Phobia" but my most nostalgic is "We Are Not Alone"
simply because it was the album that got me into music.
1Paul Simon

Well....isn't this unexpected! After all of these rock bands that are on my list, and Breaking Benjamin in the number 2 list, how
did I ever come to this conclusion? How exactly is Paul Simon, a singer that has been around since the seventies, that has
little to no relation to the type of music that I regularly listen to, end up number one at the list. Yes, Breaking Benjamin was
the band that got me into music, but here's the reason why this album is on the list: It's the very first album that I listened
to, period. I'm not kidding. Paul Simon's "Graceland" was the very first album that I ever listened to. Maybe I should say
record, because I listened to this on a cassette tape rather than a disc. In fact I still have the cassette tape somewhere in
my house if I look. And it's not a copy too, it's an original cassette tape that my parents bought. I remember I used to listen
to this almost every night when I went to bed. I have listened to this album several times (the second half more often than
the first) and I never get tired of hearing it. "You Can Call Me Al" is no doubt one of my favorite songs to date and by far my
favorite by Paul Simon. I've met very few people who don't even like Paul Simon to begin with and I don't think very many
people won't like him. "Graceland" is considered to be his best album to date and I agree. One other song that is one of my
favorite's by Paul Simon is "Homeless." It's an entirely A Capella song and when I first heard it, I thought it was hilarious
because of all the weird sounds that the singers made throughout the song. I look back on it now and it is probably one of
the most beautiful pieces I've ever listened too. Paul Simon ladies and gentlemen...goddamn it all. If you haven't listened to
him, do it right now. He's my number one most nostalgic artist that I've listened to.
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