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11.02.12 Top 100 Standout Songs

Top 100 Standout Songs

Please ignore the other versions (there are a few) where my rrcomputer crashed and reverything went strange. These are the rrsongs that have really rstood out rthrough the few years of my rlife, rthey're probably not the most rimportant r(check other lists rfor the rregulars) but they just... stood out. I don't rdoubt rthey'll rbe some rdisagreements and I'm still not sure about the rorder.
Motion Picture Soundtrack

This always sticks out went I think of my favourite songs, just haunting and so
atmospheric. Played it to a girl once and she just burst out crying in front of me, bit
of an overreaction perhaps but still a great song
2The Jimi Hendrix Experience
The Wind Cries Mary

Dum Dum Dum
The only reason I need.
3Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

Admittedly its Gilmour's stadium rockThis just completely shows off everything Pink Floyd can be when they want to. Without being 20
minutes long,
4Modest Mouse
Paper Thin Walls

Just such a simple, great song. It remains possibly the only slightly happy song on
Moon & Antarctica but is a sheer standout.

Makes me feel like going and jumping off a mountain onto a plane, or something just
as liberating, like taking a big shit
6Smashing Pumpkins
Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans

The quickest ten minutes of my life. And for good reason
7Neutral Milk Hotel
Two Headed Boy Pts. 1&2

When he puts down his guitar...
8My Bloody Valentine
When You Sleep

Good all fuzz, feels just like a dream
9The Pixies
Where Is My Mind

'With your feet in the air and your head on the ground' I know its the most popular
one but hardly anything compares to the first listen of this
10Brian Eno

I probably shouldn't like this, considering most of its... pretty much nothing. But I
just can't help loving it
11The Stone Roses
This Is The One

This IS the one.
At 11
12Bob Dylan
Like A Rolling Stone

Well it was gonna' be in here somewhere...
13The Cure
Pictures Of You

Majestic songwriting that chills you
In The Mouth A Desert

'Can you treat it like an oil well?' That line is permanently grafted onto my brain

Dreamy synths used to their full potential
16Pink Floyd

Like an early 'wish you were here'
17Modest Mouse
Gravity Rides Everything

This song makes me happy for some reason
18Brian Eno

Ambience at its best
19Neutral Milk Hotel
The King Of Carrot Flowers Pts. 1,2&3

If you welcome it and forgot all the debates its a brilliant and compelling start to a
masterful album
20The Jesus And Mary Chain
Just Like Honey

Some fine fuzz. psychocandy sounds like beach boys with distortion
21Smashing Pumpkins

Once is your head, it refuses to leave
22At The Drive In
Pattern Against User

A great song from a great band
23Ben E King
Stand By Me

Another regular to greatest song lists
24James Brown
Pappa's Got A Brand New Bag

He's got a new bag

Song I listened to straight after I fell in love. I know its cheesy but I don't care - I'm
a mopey bastard half the time so I'm allowed a bit of cheese in my life.
26Arthur Conley
Sweet Soul Music

Does what it says on the tin
27The Who
Baba O'Riley

Almost makes you forget about pinball wizard
28Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Probably counts as more than one song
29The Smiths
Cemetery Gates

Insanely catchy. Short but sweet
30Pink Floyd
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (all parts)

Although inaccessible due to length. Sheer brilliance.
31The Rolling Stones
Street Fighting Man

The Stones were gonna' be their somewhere
32Led Zeppelin
Stairway To Heaven

It wouldn't be a list of standout songs without this on there
33My Bloody Valentine
Only Swallow

A startling start to the mythical album
34Guided By Voices
Tractor Rape Chain

When GbV are on form, they're rarely beatable. Some brilliant garage music
Say It Ain't So

Brilliant rock writing. Shame they had to go down the wrong direction, should've
sticked with doing material like this - and that would've meant you could speak their
name without a feeling of slight shame
36Biffy Clyro

Brilliantly chilling. Phenomenal live
37Cymbals Eat Guitars
...And The Hazy Sea

Like Proggy Pavement. Mesmerising
38Neil Young
Motion Pictures

Very relaxing. And slightly sad.
39The Velvet Underground
Waiting For The Man

I wanna be a singer like lou reed
I like lou reed she said sticking her tongue in my ear
40Manic Street Preachers
No Surface All Feeling

Feels like them saying "Richie come back!" but they didn't need him. Well at least for
a while...
41Kaki King
Close To Me

The Original's great too
42Green Day

Green Day are hit and miss, but when they're like this its hard to dislike them
43Manic Street Preachers

With some increasingly disturbing 'preachy' lyrics and a great sound, you can't go
High And Dry

The Bends was my favourite album of all time when I was ten. I still understand why
I thought this
45The Beatles
Maxwell's Silver Hammer

Bang bang
46Strawberry Fields Forever

Nothing is real
47The Byrds
Mr Tambourine Man

Its a jingle jangle morning
48Guided By Voices
Smothered In Hugs

More brilliance from that laundry room basement
Summer Babe (winter version)

Chronologically, pavement's first song - in a way. A brilliant introduction
Bubble Gun

Not for everyone, but I really like it
51The Longpigs
Lost Myself

I find this to be an excruciatingly good song
52Lou Reed
Walk On The Wild Side

You better listen to him, he's lou reed.
I still want to be a singer like Lou reed.
And that girl who puts her tongue in ears still likes lou reed (Run out of things to say
about songs)
53Modest Mouse
Custom Concern

"Gotta go to work, gotta go to work, gotta have a job" That line is composed
54Cat Stevens
Father And Son

My dad used to play this to me.
Never found out why.
55The Decemberists
Crane Wife 3

That bass line
56My Morning Jacket
Outta' My System

Guess he just had to get it out of his system
57Noah And The Whale

Clap clap

So good its silly
59The Ramones
I Wanna Be Sedated

Telling it like it is
60The White Stripes
I Can Tell That We Are Gonna' Be Friends

Strangely happy white stripes song
61The Flaming Lips

This one just always stood out for some reason
62Built To Spill
Randy Described Eternity

Something about this song...
Stop Breathing

Breathing for me now
Burger Queen

65Built To Spill
Made-up Dreams

'These thoughts are old.' Sounds like GbV at the start
66Modest Mouse
Perfect Disguise

Too bloody short!
67Ask For Answer

Didn't like this the first few listens, but it worms its way into your head and you can
forget it!
68The Strokes
Is This It?

Dum dum de dum, dum dum dum. That baseline.
69The Pixies

DeBASEr! Good old screamy Frank with the Pixies on top form
70Talking Heads
This Must Be The Place

Scarily infectious
71Arcade Fire
Wake Up

Perfect morning song
72Animal Collective
My Girls

Admittedly, only just got into these guys so this probably won't end up being my
favourite - but definitely a standout,
No Surprises

Just. Good. Possibly the most poppy Radiohead song mind
74Biffy Clyro
Diary Of Always

I, just, wish, we, all, could, be, tray.
Used to think it said "be Dre"
Novocain For The Soul

"Life is hard, and so am I..."
76The Clash
London Calling

The clash were gonna' be on the list somewhere
77The Sex Pistols
No Feelings

The pistols get a lot of hate on Sputnik. Can't tell why
78John Murphy
Sunshine (adiago in D major)

Makes you feel like you're in a particular sci-fi epic. Been used everywhere now,
from kickass to that weird cinema ad of all those people's mugs.
79Brian Eno
Spirits Drifting

A great end to a gem of an album
80Kevin Ayers
Didn't Feel Lonely 'Til I thought Of You

Sounds like Jermaine off Flight of the conchords. But a good song.
81Pearl Jam

Like this song too
82Dinosaur Jr
In A Jar

Brilliant and hard to hate. 'You're living all over me' is top notch
Smells Like Teen Spirit

Pure angst. Perfected
84The Arctic Monkeys
Fluorescent Adolescent

Stupidly catchy
85Bob Marley
Three Little Birds

Perhaps the happiest song, probably just beaten by Bobby Mcferrin
86The Cure
Boys Don't Cry

Like this song
87The Smiths
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Take me out...
88The Stone Roses
I Wanna' Be Adored

So true
89Aretha Franklin

She can sing dontchaknow.

Those instrumental bits...
El Scorcho

I think I'd be good for you, and you'd, be good for me. Makes me cry whenever I
see make believe
92Biffy Clyro

The chorus is ace
Exit Music (for a film)

When it kicks in...
Filmore Jive

This song's good
95Neil Young
Walk On

Love 'on the beach'
96Queens Of The Stone Age
The Lightning Song

Quirky but good
97Smashing Pumpkins
Cherub Rock

Apparently its Billy Corgan complaining about modern music studios or something.
Still great though
98Pink Floyd

A brilliant end
Gone To The Movies

Pretty good song, loved it as a child
100Modest Mouse
Talking Shite about a pretty sunset

I really, really like this song
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