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Tacos' 100 Favorite Albums REDUX

so i did this a few years ago but it's my bday soon so i thought id do it again and see what carried over. I put in links for you guys to check out the stuff im talking about. Some I couldnt find full streams but i linked a song instead if that was the case. If any links don't work lmk plz. Hope you find something you enjoy!
Project Mercury

*Hardcore/Spacey Post Metal*

Yes I know. It’s a split, not an LP. But I really felt wrong not putting this SOMEWHERE. Balboa’s contribution to the split is fantastic in its own right but jesus, Rosetta’s side is the best post metal I’ve ever heard. Everything I love about Rosetta is there; Emotion, occasional crushing heaviness, great musicianship, you name it. Again, I like Balboa’s side but if this was just the last three songs, it would be the hardest 5 I’d ever 5. Favs: Clavius / TMA1 / Project Mercury https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNXjjIhnHKQ
We Are the Romans


A hardcore classic. It may not be as recognized around here as Converge’s “Jane Doe” or something but don’t be fooled, it’s just as fantastic and has its own nice following. The band mess around with lots of different sounds and happened to create something far better than anything else they’ve done (except maybe “An Anthology of Dead Ends”). After the band’s breakup the vocalist has moved on to to be the frontman of Narrows instead (who aren't as good but you should give them a listen anyway). Favs: Saint Matthew Returns to the Womb / C. Thomas Howell as the Soul Man / Man the Ramparts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brqZ6jZiOFE

*Indie Rock / Indie Pop*

I can’t quite explain how or why I like this album. Is it the female vocals? The warm and honest melodies? The general catchiness? I dunno, but it sticks with me and has become an album I love. I always sing along to these little indie rock ditties and will have them stuck in my head for hours after listening to them. Favs: Hospital / Sleep Well / This is Twice Now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWk1IJyfccg
98The Ocean

*Sludge Metal/Post Metal*

The Ocean used to be pretty heavy. Awesome, sludgy and heavy as a matter of fact. Then they took it all away and went down the more prog route. Never go prog (i’m looking at you btbam). Anyway, “Aeolian” is the counterpoint to its sister album “Fluxion.” It is their heaviest album, littered with great instrumentation, and has a good variety of harsh vocals. It’s the Ocean’s most straightforward album, so don’t be expecting anything wacky. If you want a more experimental listen, check “Fluxion” or “Precambrian.” Favs: City in the Sea / Austerity / Killing the Flies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3F_1YPPYdc
97Sweet Smoke
Just A Poke

*Jam Rock/Progressive Rock/Jazz Fusion*

“Just a Poke” is the debut jazz fusion album of the sadly lesser known progressive rock quintet Sweet Smoke. Despite being only two songs long the album clocks in at 33 minutes. All members are used fittingly and get a turn to show off their impressive chops.The scat-like section on the second track is killer. Favs: ...both songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_k4GKhslK4
96Less Than Jake
Hello Rockview

*Ska Punk*

One of my favorite ska punk albums ever, errr probably the only ska punk album that had any hope of hitting my top 100 actually. It’s fast, fun as hell, and full of memorable songs. I really wish Less than Jake still put as much effort into their music now than they did when this was released buuuut what’r ya gonna do. Favs: History of a boring Town / All my Best Friends are Metalheads / Help Save the Youth of America from Exploding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0r5M9qod37g&t=0s&index=6&list=PL1CEC3B6BF737B4A9
95The Necks


Aquatic is a 2 Part piano jazz improv bonanza and the first of a few Necks records to be on this list (spoilers, sorry not sorry). Aquatic is lovely and sounds truly beautiful. It has an air of sophistication that I can’t quite put my finger on. It makes no attempts to be overly “avant garde” so if you're looking for wacky sax noises, you may wanna look elsewhere; but if you’re looking for pretty piano noises, you’ve come to the right place. Favs: It’s uh only 2 songs long https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JLgM4gbNvo


Pop is Gas’ attempt to lay off the “underwater” techno beats and tries some straight up ambient. It paid off handsomely. This record is lush and one of the most relaxing and peaceful pieces of music the genre has to offer. I’ll explain it now while I can, this is essentially what tacos-core is. So if I ever mention that term from here on out, just think: Oh so it means “pretty ambient uplifting bs.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s--IkNqI9og
93Frank Zappa
Hot Rats

*Jazz Rock/Jazz Fusion*

Pretty much the only Zappa Album that I like a lot, but boy I REALLY like this one. It’s got some exceptional guitar playing by Zappa and is all around a super fun ride. The Gumbo Variations is an absolute blast every time I put it on. Favs: Willie the Pimp / The Gumbo Variations / It Must Be a Camel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYrd00riNqY
Fantastic Planet

*Grunge/Space Rock*

“Fantastic Planet” is spacey, catchy and actually quite an emotional ride. It delves into the mind of vocalist Ken Andrews and his difficulties with drugs and the loss of his girlfriend. It is not as much of a grunge record like the previous album “Magnified” but this is a good thing as the band doesn’t pigeonhole themselves too much here. They went on hiatus after this one but have recently gotten back together! Favs: Stuck on You / Another Space Song / Saturday Savior https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4DZ_UvMAXk
You Fail Me


The first of a few ‘verge records to be on the list (spoilers reeee). Some believe the production on this is a flaw but i see it as a strength. It sounds perfectly messy in my opinion. Bannon and co. do ther thang and made one hell of a riff-filled banger. This is Converge at their densest yet and I really enjoy it. Favs: You Fail Me / Heartless / Drop Out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeWDfSFcwf4

*Hip Hop*

“Madvillainy” is the collaboration album between MF DOOM and Madlib. It is a classic of the rap genre and the best work from both participants. MF DOOM uses his signature rap style and odd lyricism with the help of Madlib’s engaging and varied production. This was my first exposure to DOOM as well as Madlib, who quickly became favorites of mine. I got lot of respect for this Lp and is a modern rap album you’ll wanna miss. Favs: All Caps / Money Folder / Meat Grinder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8Ru8d0l_fU
89The Secret
Solve Et Coagula

*Blackened Hardcore*

The album cover alone satan’s pretty hard but the music is even harder. It’s a 34 minute ride into pure hatred and rage. The black metal influence in this is undeniable but the album is a hardcore LP at heart. There are little to no breaks in “Solve et Coagula,” just a massive wall of heavy and fast sound. If you guys got any other jams similar to this hmu. Favs: 1968 / Cross Builder / Whethermen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7k8n7X96qvg
88Harold Budd and Brian Eno
The Pearl


The Pearl is a collaboration between ambient godfather Brian Eno and Harold Budd. The goal of the record was to engulf the listener in an aquatic world of tranquility and it worked, really really well i might add. This album is mystifying in all the right ways and does a great job at world building. Favs: Still Return / A Stream With Bright Fish / Dark Eyed Sister https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj_rkkFdW7M&list=RDm7-XQbvEXtg&index=5
Spiritual State

*Jazzy Hip Hop*

A gorgeous and mostly instrumental jazz/hip hop album. Nujabes was a brilliant producer. The album sounds just like how it looks; lush and vibrant. I felt the rappers that collaborated with Nujabes suited his style well. No other hip hop producer makes me feel as warm and fuzzy inside than this man does/did. This was his last full length, released posthumously after his death in a car accident in 2010. Favs: City Light s / Spiritual State / Island https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQY9zrjPBjo

*Instrumental Hip Hop*

What makes this any different from other “chill” instrumental hip hop acts? Well...nothing really. It’s just done so well that I love almost every song here and the album is well...really fucking chill. The beauty of subjectiveness and preference is a wonderful thing huh? For fans of the “Chill lo fi hip hop for studying” series on youtube. Favs: Sky Blue / Reverie / Darling https://switchy.bandcamp.com/album/bloomsday
85Elliott Smith


Oh yknow just an Elliott Smith album, and let me tell you, this one can be a downer (shocker). It’s a trip through the depressed mind of a troubled soul. Smith’s voice is subtle but powerful. If you are unfamiliar with Smith’s work, this is a great place to start. It’s everything fans love about him and more. It is also widely considered to be his magnum opus. Favs: 2:45am / Angeles / Say Yes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9g-vyrGKGWM

*Post Rock/Drone Metal*

Despite being divided into 4 parts, Boris’ Flood is meant to be experienced as a whole in its entirety. It’s basically 1 song. This was rec’d to me on my old rec tourney and has progressively clawed its way up to a top album spot. The build up in almost unparalleled. A classic of the genre. Favs: Flood I, Flood II, Flood III https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZDstZ1-EAI
Welcome to Sky Valley

*Desert Rock/Stoner Rock*

“Welcome to Sky Valley” is one monster of an album. It’s a desert rock train that ain’t stopping for nothing. It’ll make your head bob to slick grooves, guaranteed. One of the very few downsides I can say is that it is a bit cheesy, but whether that gives it charm is for you to decide. Favs: Supa Scoopa and the Mighty Scoop / Space Cadet / Whitewater https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUDvRdDMc8k
82Beastie Boys
Ill Communication

*Hip Hop*

“Ill Communication” is chock full of fun and insanely enjoyable hip hop. It’s quite varied in style so there’s always something to take away from each track. This was my first beastie boys album and has stuck with me as my favorite ever since. I really just love their style, always feels fresh to me. And ofc Rip MCA, you were dope. Favs: Shure Shot / Sabotage / Sabrosa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neawPHsSep0&index=2&list=PLQjGAxfo_LFo5FCS8KRDR6EIY4U_8Nhb3&t=0s
Broken Soul Jamboree

*Glitch Hop/Electronic*

I had this 5d for a while but it kinda dropped off a bit in recent years, regardless tho, it’s still in my top 100. It’s just so good. Tipper’s sound design is unique, quirky, and original. The beats flow like water and you fell every break hit you in the psyke. A super fun electronic album and Tipper’s best. Favs: Cinder Cone / Neuron Huskie / Dead Soon https://tipper.bandcamp.com/album/broken-soul-jamboree
80Skip James

*Delta Blues*

Without doubt my favorite blues record, Skip’s style is unlike any others. I feel his lyrical delivery more than any other of the delta blues singers. He may not have been as technically proficient on the guitar as others in his class but proficiency isn’t necessary for his music. It’s all about pure emotion resonating through to the listener. “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues” also happens to be like..the best blues track ever. Favs: Hard Time Killing Floor Blues / Washington DC Hospital Center Blues / Crow Jane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNftrsCMiQs
79The Tumbled Sea
Songs By The Tumbled Sea

*Modern Classical/Ambient*

You ever go outside and you’re like “Fuck its such a beautiful fuckin day out, imma just sit here and watch the sky because its so FREAKIN pretty and shit.” Yeah thats this album basically. But with pianos and stuff. Jam it. Now. Or don’t. You’re Loss. Favs: Walking / 97202 / We’re Turning Into Regular People https://futurerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/songs-by-the-tumbled-sea

*Progressive Metal*

“Aenima” is a progressive metal album made in dedication to late comedian Bill Hicks. It was better than “Undertow” in every way and turned a good/smart band into a phenomenal one. In my opinion, “Aemina” really showed that Maynard isn’t just another vocalist. He further develops his singing style and wrote some rather fantastic lyrics. Justin Chancellor delivers some sick bass grooves on this too. Tool can write riffs but that is not what makes them a great band. Everything comes together wonderfully. There is always more to a song than after first listen. Always a double meaning (except maybe “Hooker with a Penis,” that one’s pretty much a one way street). Favs: Jimmy / Stinkfist / Pushit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCXrgASzf50
77The Promise Ring
Nothing Feels Good

*Pop Punk/Emo*

Pop punk in the 90s was a pretty cool thing. Why? Because the scene spawned The Promise Ring, and The Promise Ring Made this album. Nothing Feels Good is a classic of this genre. It’s got plenty of earnest emotion oozing out of it and it’s ridiculously catchy at times. A pop punk/emo hybrid that should be looked to for reference by anyone playing this style. Favs: Is This Thing On / Red and Blue Jeans / Pink Chimneys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9lZ7anrKPE
I do perceive.

*Singer Songwriter/Acoustic Emo*

From the ashes of American Football comes “Owen.” One of the many side projects of vocalist Mike Kinsella. Kinsella is typically known as one of the most recognized figures in the emo/indie scene and for good reason. He’s very talented and “I Do Perceive” is only further proof of this. Kinsella’s honest lyrics mixed with interesting acoustics and other instruments make for a great album. Favs: Who Found Whose Hair in Whose Bed? / That Tattoo Isn't Funny Anymore / Bed Abuse https://owenmusic.bandcamp.com/album/i-do-perceive
75A Bunny's Caravan
Draining Puddles, Retrieving Treasures

*Emo/Indie Rock/Post Rock*

I’m not going to sugarcoat anyone here. I found this album trough Sputnik and I really don’t think I would have found it otherwise. The album mixes traditional emo with post rock perfectly. Unfortunately, the band never even got to play a single show. The album was written, recorded, and released and then guess what? The band broke up. “The greatest band to never exist.” The good news though, is that this album is amongst the finest in its genre. It catchy as all hell but full of emotion and great lyrics. The vox are rather accessible and not as grating like many other emo bands. Melodies are quite, for lack of a better word, pretty. A highly recommended “underground” emo jam. Favs: Inclosed by Skies / Cartwheels Into the Abyss / My Attic Replace https://howisannierecords.bandcamp.com/album/draining-puddles-retrieving-treasures
74Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind

*Alternative Rock/Pop Rock*

Quite possibly the only Third Eye Blind full length that matters. “Jumper” and “Semi Charmed Life” are not the only songs by this band though people! This album is chock full of hits that will leave you shamelessly singing along to it. Despite it seeming like a happy album on the surface, a closer look will reveal this album is anything but. It’s actually quite depressing. Favs: Burning Man / The Background/ Semi Charmed Life https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1f8azk
73The Armed


I am fascinated as to how this band took so long to get bigger. The quality of their releases has been on par (if not better) than many other albums in its style of hardcore. “Untitled” may not be as experimental as “Only Love” but it’s hardcore done so well that I don't care if it’s not too flashy. The production was done by Kurt Ballou of Converge fame (no complaints there) and is easily my favorite harcore release of 2015. Check it. Favs: No Risk / Dead Actress / Rage of Youth https://thearmed.bandcamp.com/album/untitled
Boris At Last -Feedbacker-

*Drone Metal/Noise Rock*

You could say “Feedbacker” is considered “entry level” drone metal...but who cares. This owns. I really do enjoy my time listening to “Feedbacker.” I love how every part feels distinct despite technically being a singular composition. When the album hits the climax in “Feedbacker III,” it gets me every time. I really need to delve more into this band’s discog, i’ve loved everything i’ve heard from them so far. Great stuff. Favs: Feedbacker II / Feedbacker III / Feedbacker IV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsKgltFHIEY
71The American Dollar
A Memory Stream

*Electronic/Post Rock*

This album is about as warm and gorgeous as its cover art. It is an upbeat electronic/post rock album that is perfect for a rainy afternoon. It is one of the most chill LPs I’ve heard from an artist making use of guitars, synths, and piano. Unfortunately, the rest of their discog is not as good as this (with the exception of “Technicolour Sleep,” which you should check if you happen to like this). Favs: The Slow Wait Pt 2 / Anything you Synthesize / Bump https://theamericandollar.bandcamp.com/album/a-memory-stream
70The Blue Angel Lounge
The Blue Angel Lounge

*Psychedelic Shoegaze*

The Blue Angel Lounge play an awesome style of psychedelic shoegaze. The record flows like water and puts the listener in a trance like state. It’s gripping and quite simply put, a great time. I love getting lost in its melancholic haze of reverb and distortion. Never gets same-y either, a very common pitfall of a lot of gaze imo. Favs: Desert Shore / Into Cold Water / LSD and the Search for God https://theblueangellounge.bandcamp.com/album/the-blue-angel-lounge
Axe to Fall


The second converge record rears its head and it’s AXE TO FALL. This is album is Converge at their most experimental and I think it really paid off. I love the variety on this record and think it was a very welcome addition to their killer discog. All the contributors are exceptional and I felt they were all utilized nicely. Favs: Reap What You Sow / Wretched World / Axe to Fall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIJB-9xeyq8
68Buried at Sea

*Sludge Metal/Doom Metal*

“MIgration” is BIG. That’s the best way I can describe this. Songs move slowly and crushing guitar chords create massive walls of sound that feel like tidal waves. The sheer heaviness of this made me fall in love with it and the middle riff on “Migration II” is certified fresh on rotten tomatoes. Believe me. Favs: Its only 3 songs dude https://buriedatseamigration.bandcamp.com/album/buried-at-sea-migration

*Hardcore/Converge but French*

“Forceps” is only one of the many kick ass releases to come from Throatruiner Records. It’s angry, hard hitting, and...french. The vocalist does in fact have quite the throat ruiner of a voice himself though. His approach is near identical to Jacob Bannon actually. No like seriously, he sounds JUST like him. If you like sludgy hardcore please check this band and label. Lots of sick stuff. http://music.throatruinerrecords.com/album/forceps

*Post Metal/Post Rock*

“Oceanic” is the sophomore album of influential post metal group Isis. It is considered a classic of the genre and is a great place to start for those unfamiliar with it. It has heaviness, beauty, and was very unique for its time. It’s quite a shame the band is often misunderstood as being affiliated with the terrorist organization. So much in fact that the group had received unwarranted and condemning messages on their facebook page. Sad stuff :( Favs: Weight / Carry / The Beginning and the End https://isistheband-ipecac.bandcamp.com/album/oceanic-remastered
When Forever Comes Crashing


Yet another Converge jam on the list. This time though its one in dire need of more love. When Forever Comes Crashing has my favorite Bannon performance and is is blisteringly heavy. You can tell it’s the precursor to Jane Doe, it’s similar but has its own sound. Favs: Lowest Common Denominator / Conduit / Year of the Swine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFlLIuOZwNs
Prayer for Terrene


Idylls avoid the sophomore slump and put out a brilliant chaotic hardcore LP. There is nothing happy about this album. These guy are pissed at something, I don’t know what it is, but it’s something. All the songs bring you crushing guitar licks and crazy drumming. There is even occasional use of sax, albeit it’s not too high in the mix. Literally curious: How do you pronounce Idylls? Does anyone know? Favs: Lied To / Denigrating in the Tanks / Sow Control https://idylls.bandcamp.com/album/prayer-for-terrene

*Space Metal/Sludge Metal*

I like to consider Humanfly as a hidden gem of metal. Their quality and diversity is astonishing. “II” is Humanfly’s first album and their crack at heavy, spacey, sludge metal. “II” will reel you in with soothing melodies and then pummel you with crushing heaviness. The riffs on this bad boy are straight fire and may make you want to kick babies. Vocals are used but sparingly and don’t sidetrack any of the songs. Check this album (band) out, it’s a good ass time. Favs: Another Week in the Theme Park of Death / Nenhuns Deuses Nenhuns Mestres / Marakech https://humanfly.bandcamp.com/album/ii
62Exotic Animal Petting Zoo
Tree of Tongues

*Post Hardcore/Mathcore*

“Tree of Tongues” became a quick favorite of mine shortly after hearing it. I found it to be an improvement upon EAPZ’s debut in every way. I absolutely love the vocalist’s range and energy. Drumming is spot on and as for string instruments, also killer. Songs range from post rock to metalcore and even psychedelic. Favs: Pharmacokinetic / Thorough. Modern / Arcology https://eapz.bandcamp.com/album/tree-of-tongues
61Love Sex Machine
Love Sex Machine


Love Sex Machine’s debut is nasty. Really nasty. Songs trudge on in downtuned glory and absurd heaviness. While most of the album does consist of chugging it doesn’t resemble the common deathcore breakdown. It’s just an embodiment of disgust and nihilism in music form. A fantastic modern sludge album. Favs: Killed With a Monster Cock / Vagina Curse / Fucking Battle https://lovesexmachine.bandcamp.com/album/love-sex-machine
60High on Fire
Death Is This Communion

*Stoner Metal/Sludge Metal*

I love everything about this album. Pike is a riff monster, the drums are dope, and it’s headbang worthy af. I love Sleep, don’t get me wrong but I think this is the best thing Pike has contributed to. It’s fast, unequivocally metal, and all killer no filler. Quintessential stoner metal imo. Favs: Death is this Communion / Turk / Fury Whip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHsLQ3Dzb_k
59maudlin of the Well

*”Avant Garde”/Progressive Metal*

“Bath” is part one of a two part album. While its sister album “Leaving your Body Map” is also a great listen, I prefer “Bath.” Toby Driver and company deliver you a stand out in avant garde metal. It has everything you’d expect from a band like this except expertly polished. No band member here gets overplayed. Toby’s dorky cleans yet shrilling growls are not something a listener may fall in love with fast but give them time and they may grow on you tremendously. Guitars, drumming and bass are not to be scoffed at here as they are played with tight efficiency. No member tries to outshine the other. Trumpets, flutes, and pianos are welcome additions to the album and give it a little extra something. Favs: Geography / Heaven and Weak / The Ferryman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2F3XNwVUeE

*Ambient/Post Rock*

Hammock are a band (duo) that everyone should know. They create some of the most peaceful music I’ve ever heard. Kenotic is their debut LP and surely one of their best. The album is more structured than other ambient works but still gives the listener enough room to interpret the music for him/herself. There is also very rare use of vocals on Kenotic. They are used so effectively however that Hammock makes their presence feel important and meaningful rather than out of place.Favs: Blankets of Night / The Air Between Us / Stars in the Rearview Mirror https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAi7SfivVn8&index=5&list=PL-2hUcaJw68CHyZjAXcelj4VBtMr_2a8a&t=0s
57A Perfect Circle
Thirteenth Step

*Alternative Rock*

“Thirteenth Step” was a little different than A Perfect Circle’s debut “Mer De Noms” It is less riff-centric and more subdued. I saw this as a major plus when I first heard it because I love Tool and APC’s slower and more simplistic songs. With “Thirteenth Step” there is much more emotion to be felt by Maynard than the debut. He still uses his signature style but because the rest of the band are playing in their own original way, it never sounds like a band just trying to be Tool. The album is much more attractive than the album cover, I promise. Favs: The Noose / Blue / Gravity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cDdMZ2K9o0&index=12&list=PLcy7IL8EgvnjIFRmoYHx3MayCj2rRwlzK
56The Mars Volta

*Progressive Rock/Jazz Fusion*

Hold up. “Amputechture?” “AMPUTECHTURE?” You’re goddamn right. There is no other Mars Volta album I like as much as this (it’s actually kind of an outlier really). I will not deny it is chaotic and disorganized but my brain sees something in this. It’s catchy, fun, and I find Cedric’s ridiculous lyrics and vocal performance wildly entertaining. There is always something new to find in this. Highly recommended for those with short attention spans. Favs: Vicarious Atonement / Meccamputechture / Tetragrammaton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qESwh4TR_KQ
55The KLF
Chill Out


GUEST BLURB WRITER ARCHE TAKES THE WHEEL: There’s trains. Tuvan throat singing. There’s also radio samples, steel guitar, birdsong, bursts of acid-tinged electronica, and walls of stifling, heart-stopping pads alongside the sweetest, most delicate ambient sections imaginable. Yes, there’s even sheep. A veritable hotchpotch of sounds plundered from here, there and everywhere, it’s a wonder that Chill Out (despite the clue-giving name) is even half as relaxing as it really is. However, thanks to the masterful patchwork of Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, this is probably one of the most wonderfully mind-resting works conceived, giving the impression of oneiric listlessness whilst actually being far from directionless. Or something, I dunno. It’s super nice.Favs: Kinda hard to really pick with the way the album is tbh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5S_lktstwrs
54The Human Experience
Broken Open

*World Pop/Downtempo RnB*

“Broken Open” is not the type of album I usually listen to but i’m very glad i found it and gave it a chance. It’s a stunning record chock full of catchy melodies and dare i say-sexy- vocals. The abundance of collaborators on the album make each song feel distinct but the over arching mood of relaxation and seduction are maintained. I may not be well versed in pop, but i think this is an awesome record. Favs: Broken Open / A Little Deeper / Unharnassed https://thehumanexperience.bandcamp.com/album/broken-open
Asleep Next to Science

*Progressive Rock/Space Rock*

Asleep Next to Science” is wrong in all the right ways. The lyrics are absolutely ridiculous, Adam Fisher has one of the dorkiest vocals I’ve ever heard in a prog rock band (even worse than Geddy Lee), and contains simply odd psychedelic musicianship. But boy, it is really fun.This album is just a kick ass time. “Asleep…” is not very riff-centric but some great guitar licks do come in. Some of the songs rely on either Fisher’s vocal delivery or the band building an atmosphere of sheer bizarreness. Either way is equally entertaining. Favs: Megaloblastic Madness / Eclipsical / A Man of Science https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hel-69c61Aw

*Progressive Rock/Alt Rock*

I am really bad with genre tagging but those will do I guess. “Frames” doesn’t pigeonhole itself into the stereotypical prog rock genre. Instrumentation is focused and reserved but still progresses over the course of individual tracks. I feel this gives the album a sense of simplicity, but in a strangely good way. The ideas used here are more complex than previous efforts but toned down to where the subtlety won’t be noticed on first listen.The drumming on this album and Vennart’s vocals are my personal favorite aspects of “Frames.” Favs: Commemorative 9/11 T-Shirt / Only Twin / The Frame https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJ2Oj26-0Zs
May Your Heart Be The Map

*Dream Pop/Post Rock*

May Your Heart Be the Map is a cute little pop/post rock album that feels like the summer air. The album is warm and feels genuine. Soft acoustics roam behind hushed vox and make for a delicious record. One of my favorite acts to come out of the UK to boot, jam these guys, they rule. Favs: Winterbirds / You Are an Annual / Summer’s First Breath http://digital.waysideandwoodland.com/album/may-your-heart-be-the-map-10th-anniversary-edition-2
50Hiroshi Yoshimura
Music For Nine Post Cards

*Ambient / New Age*

Music for Nine Postcards is a minimal ambient record making use of simple repetitive melodies that evoke a sense of tranquility and peace with one’s place in life. A near flawless record for thinking, studying, or doing absolutely nothing. For fans of Brian Eno’s style of ambient. A 80s classic in the genre that should not be missed. Favs: View From my Window / Clouds / Soto Wa Ame - Rain Out of Window https://hiroshiyoshimura.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-nine-post-cards
49Electric Orange
Krautrock From Hell

*Krautrock/Psychedelic Ambient*

Fans of krautrock should really check out this band. They are so freakin cool in my opinion. Their earlier releases have a more traditional psych rock sound but they delved into more ambient territory later in their career and it all ROCKS. This happens to be one of their more traditional krautrock releases but there’s a fair bit of experimentation going on. The bass work is incerdible and the grooves are unmistakingly powerful. Favs: Hers / Chorg / Neuronomicon https://electricorange.bandcamp.com/album/krautrock-from-hell
48Electric Masada
At the Mountains of Madness

*Jazz Fusion/”Avant Garde”*

Look guys, im not good at writing about jazz...so i’ll just say this album is fuego. It’s a double live LP with John Zorn doing his sax thang with a whole bunch of other dope stuff happening behind him. The marraige of smooth jazz tracks with more chaotic ones makes for a wild ride. Its an experimental and demanding listen but a very VERY rewarding one. Favs: Karaim / Lilin / Abidan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL-B_Qfj30o
47Windy and Carl

*Ambient/Drone/Ambient Pop*

Consciousness is an album by the adorable husband-wife duo Windy and Carl. W&C create some very beautiful drone and ambient pop music and this record is no exception. Its haunting yet easy on the ears. I would love more ambient to have sparse use of female vocals but alas we cant all get what we want right? Favs: Conciousness/ Elevation / The Llama’s Dream https://windyandcarl.bandcamp.com/album/consciousness

*Progressive Metal*

If you are new to this website, be prepared to see this album a lot. I am thankful I knew about this album before joining this site, as the Sputnik hivemind flocks this one like mindless sheep and may have turned me off to it had I not heard it before. Anyway, “Lateralus” is the third studio Lp by influential progressive metal quartet Tool. It is a masterpiece of the genre featuring brilliant instrumentation, and a unique performance by vocalist Maynard James Keenan. It is a very introspective listen and sets itself (very far) apart from other soulless prog metal albums. Favs: Disposition / The Patient / Parabol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCIvhNlbnok
45Pink Floyd

*Psychedelic Progressive Rock*

When people think of Pink Floyd, they think of “Dark Side of the Moon” and everything after it. “Meddle” is sadly never given the praise it deserves (maybe by fans but not by everyone). It is their most psychedelic effort and, in my opinion, is where Pink Floyd really became a top tier band. At first listen, I was rather underwhelmed. Let me tell you though, it grew on me very hard. I now consider it up there in quality with Floyd’s more famous albums. For casual fans of Floyd who only really listened to “Dark Side…” or “The Wall,” this album may not be for you. Just being honest. The final song “Echoes” is my favorite Pink Floyd song. Favs: Echoes / One of These Days / A Pillow of Winds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vm0VBWnUhvU
44The Necks

*Improv/Ambient Jazz*

My very first The Necks LP and one that captivated me quite swiftly. After checking out their other releases i’ve even come to the conclusion that I believe The Necks to be my personal favorite group of all time. Anyway, this album is brilliant. It is quite minimal in it’s construction, making use of only sparse piano licks and ambient drumming. Despite this it feels whole, complete, and most of all pretty as FOOK. “Open” is an album for meditation and a cup of tea on your front porch on a warm day. There’s not as much going on with this record as others in the group’s discog but it works for this one, an example of nothing can be everything. Favs: Only one song breh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlriHXLcCbI

*Ambient Techno/Ambient Dub*

Another album acquired through my Annihilation Recommendation Nation series, Liumin was rec’d to me my Archelirion and boy it has grown to be one of my all time favorite ambient dub techno jams. This is an album perfectly embodied in it’s artwork. It is nighttime urban life in musical form. It really encapsulates the feel of the big city. It may be dark out but the lights of the late night clubs and restaurants illuminate your way and you walk on. Favs: Warm / BNC Dub / Burnt Sage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGPZpr5H9Sk
42The Ocean

*Post Metal / Hardcore*

"Precambrian” was the last album before The Ocean stopped being a “collective.” There are a lot of collaborators on this album, each giving their own original performances and contributions. The album is divided into two parts. The straightforward first side and the experimental second side. The heavy first half of the album mixes sludge and hardcore punk. When the band is done pummeling you with fast blasts of angry and heavy music, it switches things up and turns into a progressive (and even at times orchestral) post metal album. Like I stated before, there are a lot of people working together on this beast. Every song feels distinct and is a pleasure to hear. It is by far The Ocean’s best work. Favs: Ectasian / Orosirian / Stenian https://theocean.bandcamp.com/album/precambrian
41David Thomas Broughton
The Complete Guide to Insufficiency

*Avant Folk*

Now, I’ve never been much of folk buff but I know a good album when I hear one (or at least I like to think that). “A Complete Guide to Insufficiency” is a delightful trip into the world of David Thomas Broughton. This is a record that I believe uses the technique of musical repetition so perfectly that I’m floored whenever I hear it. The album is able to grip you and hold on so tight you get utterly lost in its spell. Big thanks to user Frivolous for showing me this, it’s become my favorite folk record as well as my closet 4.5 to a 5 (for now anyway lol). Favs: Unmarked Grave / Ever Rotating Sky / Ambiguity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Qq_Cf-KV1k

*Ambient Dub*

Sure this album may be the lowest of my 5s, but who cares, it’s still a 5. This album is surreal and exquisite. The beats are so soft I sometimes feel like I can feel them on my skin. The album is perfect for late night rides on the train while looking out to the pastures outside the window. It’s a brilliantly executed ambient album that falls deep into tacos-core territory. Favs: Baleine / Melora / Remnant http://shop.silentseason.com/album/stillpoint
39Weaver At The Loom
Before Now, Was Then

*Post Rock/Indie Pop*

A lovely post rock/indie pop release from a relatively unknown artist. The instrumentation here is soft, lush, and soothing. Vocals are lovely but don’t steal the show and add a nice layer to the music itself. Obscenely catchy and spacey, “Before Now, Was Then” is quite simply a very pleasant listening experience. It’s hard for me to rec this album as it may seem run of the mill to some, but these songs just seemed to really strike a chord with me and I can’t get them out of my head sometimes. I 5d it when I noticed I was returning to it so often and went “fuck it.” Favs: We’re Wild Animals / Simple Rules / 11 ½
38Stevie Wonder
Songs in the Key of Life


Ooo baby, I always love giving this a spin. This is, without question, my favorite Stevie Wonder album. You may not find a more loving and honest album in soul music. Stevie’s voice and musicianship are as impeccable as ever. Lyrics sometimes tend to be repeated with increasing intensity and passion (something i’ve always liked about Wonder’s singing approach). If you feel the rhythm and let it run through you, you’ll be shaking your head to the lyrics and beats in no time. It is obvious that this one of my all time favorite albums, but the top ten cut has to be somewhere. Sorry “Songs in the Key of Life,” I love ya, but you just missed it. Favs: Joy Inside My Tears / Isn't She Lovely / Love’s in Need of Love Today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_VcTJwGZcw
Natural Elements

*Jazz Fusion/World*

This is probably the most technically impressive album I’ve heard. It’s a great moment of proficiency and good songwriting coming together to craft something incredible. The album is meditative, spiritual, and rich. The percussion and guitar on this are exceptionally impressive and really fun to listen to. This record make syou feel like a darn samurai on a mountaintop looking over the vast valleys below. Wind and string instruments soar and take you higher than you ever thought possible. Favs: Mind Ecology / The Daffodil and the Eagle / Get Down and Sruti https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6O-Z_x_-Pk&list=PL5nEJrhjTDN7DHbbfovQ75Ml79Bovs4wT
36The Psyke Project


“Daikini” was the second album by lesser known hardcore sludge group The Psyke Project. Does the album break new ground? Nah. But does it OWN? Yes. This is my personal favorite sludgecore release and has been for quite some time. Everything about this album is dope. It’s blisteringly heavy and punishing. It’s an onslaught of hyper aggression and riffs that don’t let up for over an hour. The only negative thing I can say about this is that it’s a bit long so I gotta be in the right mood, but when that time DOES come, I remember perfectly why i gave it a 5. Favs: Desert Flower / Invitation / Chaplin’s Dream https://thepsykeproject.bandcamp.com/album/daikini-full-album-captured-vinyl-sound-2005
35Ozric Tentacles
Jurassic Shift

*Space Rock/Psychedelic Rock*

One of my favorite albums from one of my favorite bands. I highly recommend you check them all out as most of their releases are spectacular (especially their 90s material).“Jurassic Shift” is my personal favorite though. It has wonderful instrumentation and not a single member gets overshadowed by the other. All the instruments are used effectively and you’ll always find something new in every song no matter how many replays it gets. Favs: Sunhair / Feng Shui / Jurassic Shift Pt 1 & 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi7VPXmbxME&list=PL28663AC9BE902B37
Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill

*Ambient Folk/Dream Pop*

Oof this album is devastatingly beautiful and morose. Liz Harris is possibly one of my favorite female vocalists and she gives a brilliant performance here on “Dragging…” Her subdued and hushed delivery fits wonderfully with the rest of the ambient folk instrumentation. This is Liz’s most folk oriented offering and I belive it to be her best work. It’s emotionally devastating, cold, and great for the winter season. Way to go Liz, you really nailed it with this one. Favs: Heavy Water / Stuck / Tidal Wave https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCOgvAIL3_U
33Message to Bears

*Folktronica/Indie Pop*

Similar to “Before Now, Was Then,” this is also another record that may not be wholly distinguishable among it peers but it’s done so well and vibes with me so hard that I look past that and enjoy it for what it is. Message to Bears crafts simple, ludicrously catchy, and wholesome indie/folktronica jams that make good use of repetition and layering. A great example of not re-inventing the wheel but refining it t near perfection instead. Favs: Moonlight / Rather Stay / Two FInds Two http://messagetobears.com/album/maps
32Big Bud
Late Night Blues

*Atmospheric Drum and Bass*

My personal favorite drum and bass record! The album may appear bloated or intimidating to some (clocking in at over 2 hours), but every track is crafted so well that time just flies by and you really don't even pay attention to the length. “Late Night Blues” goes through a myriad of styles and moods but manages to remain cohesive and chill as all hell. A wonderful album that I have to give props to user L4titudes for introducing me to it. Go check out Big Bud’s other stuff too if you like this, he’s an unrecognized maestro of DnB. Favs: Soulfood / Bluegrass / Hypnosis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqoPWs3Ylcg
A Determinism of Morality

*Hardcore/Post Metal*

Rosetta finally embrace their hardcore influences and write a hardcore/post metal album hybrid. The atmosphere here can be beautiful but devastating at the same time. Armine’s vocals are as passionate as ever and BJ solidifies himself as one of the best drummers in the metal scene. Original listens were not that enjoyable as I was bitter that the band was deviating from their spacey post metal roots. I grew to love the album later though. Coming to realize that this may not be the same Rosetta I first heard but it is still them and this album, no matter what genre it is, is actually brilliant. The new musical direction gave the band a unique and original sound of their own (and it paid off handsomely). It’s even got some sick cover art to boot. Favs: A Determinism of Morality / Ayil / Renew https://rosetta.bandcamp.com/album/a-determinism-of-morality
30Lights Dim with Gallery Six
Between Spaces

*Ambient/Post Rock*

This hidden little gem was found back during my relentless search to find artists similar to Hammock. What I found was an album that captured their beauty but also had their own, more subdued sound goin on. It’s been a record I go back to when late at night and feeling blue. Always relaxes me and is simply crafted by expert hands. As a closing note, the opener, “Echoes of the Ongoing Riot” is possibly my favorite if not one of my favorite ambient tracks of all time; It’s staggeringly gorgeous. Favs: Voyagers / Echoes of the Ongoing Riot / Sea of Tranquility https://lightsdim.bandcamp.com/album/between-spaces
29Ash Ra Tempel
Ash Ra Tempel

*Psychedelic Rock / Krautrock*

Ash Ra Tempel’s debut is a perfect example of blending psychedelic ambient with krautrock. The record doesn’t rely on singular riffs typically but instead glides along formess yet easily grasped. Both songs build and build, gaining intensity as they go. The first track is more guitar solo intensive but the second is more of an ambient deal. This album was pretty ahead of its time if you ask me and has been a huge favorite of mine since I heard it, its a mystical ride you won’t wanna miss! Favs: There's only 2 songs mang https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxUycrXb6eQ
28Godspeed You! Black Emperor
F♯ A♯ ∞

*Post Rock*

If you like post rock and have not heard of Godspeed at this point, you may have been living under a rock. I don’t know how to type an infinity symbol on a keyboard and I’m too lazy to find out so I’ll just call this “F#” for now. “Many people seem to believe “F#” is Godspeed’s attempt at creating a soundtrack for the apocalypse. What is interesting is that I really can’t think of any other way to describe this. It is haunting yet beautiful. Subtle yet massive. The atmosphere on “F#” is unparalleled compared many other traditional post rock albums. The record is bittersweet in a way; It is gloomy and depressing but there is a hint of hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. If you have not listened to this yet then I suggest you do. Be warned though, the album is an hour and change long but consists of a measly three songs. You need to listen to the whole thing in succession to really grasp it i think. Favs: all three songs… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpAwrkmzmp0
27Stephan Micus

*New Age/Eastern Folk*

A relatively recent 5 but a worthy one. “Implosions” is magical. It’s a trip into the cosmos and folk music is your guide. This LP is masterful at bringing me to complete peace, one with the universe and all that shit. If you’re a fan of new age I recommend you give this a go, its the genre at its most refined and spiritual. Now, I’m not saying the rest of the album isn't good (of course it is, it’s my 26th fav album) but if this album was just the first song, i’d be okay with that. It’s that good. Favs: As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams / Amarchaj / For M'schr And Djingis Khan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lt8khOvvAk
26Sweet Trip
You Will Never Know Why

*Dream Pop/Indie Rock*

No No, this is better than VDC, sorry bub. I always found VDC to be the perfect example of an album with an amazing concept but not executed as well as it could’ve been. This record is fully realized in my opinion and every song is a banger. It’s got that west coast air about it and feels like pure summer in musical form. I’m very glad I gave this a shot after not feeling VDC as much as I thought i would, it even shot up to my top 25 pretty quick. Favs: Air Supply / Darkness / To The Moon https://sweettrip.bandcamp.com/album/you-will-never-know-why
25Pink Floyd

*Progressive Rock*

“Animals” is one of the many progressive rock classics that Pink Floyd had put out in the 70s. It is a stark criticism of capitalism in musical form. That may sound “edgy” but the music speaks for itself. The band expanded upon their two previous efforts (“Dark side of the Moon” and Wish You Were Here”) and created an album that was unique to the band and holds it own in Floyd’s staggeringly astounding discography. Favs: Sheep / Dogs / Pigs (Three Different Ones) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOqblSqx_VI

*Ambient Techno*

Never thought i’d be referring to youtube comments for things but a user actually described Gas’ sound here quite well: “Sounds like your neighbour's having an awesome party that you weren't invited to, but instead of turning sour you just enjoy the reverberations (or whatever it's called) that's gently penetrating the door.” Gas is at the top of his game here, this album is some very lovely and calming ambient techno. This was my first time experiencing Gas and it has been my favorite of his works since then. Favs: Untitled II / Untitled IV / Untitled V https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehNGoyMf9kU
Awesome Science

*Progressive Metal/Jam Metal/Post Rock*

After this album released, Humanfly earned a spot amongst my favorite bands of all time. “Awesome Science” is their most drastic change in sound, but by no means a sell out. If anything, it’s the opposite. “Awesome Science” has no harsh vocals or face melting sludgy heaviness. Expert musical precision and progressive tendencies now take the stage. The band switches between psychedelic soundscapes, heavy prog riffing and jam rock soloing. John Sutcliffe does not rely on his (rather unique) vocal melodies to carry songs along. Instead he uses his voice as if it is just another instrument in the fray. The riffs and bass on this are top notch, not to mention the solos. Oh my god, the solos… Anyway, with tags like those, im pretty surprised i like this as much as I do. Favs: Golden Arrows / Frozen in Time, Billions of Lightyears Away / The Apple that Never Fell https://humanfly.bandcamp.com/album/awesome-science-2
22Talk Talk
Laughing Stock

*Post Rock*

One of the most spiritual post rock albums to grace my ears. “Laughing Stock” follows a similar path to it’s predecessor “Spirit of Eden.” Talk Talk take a very minimal approach here. There is never a lot going on during songs, but don’t take this as a bad thing. The reliance on emotion and the band’s sophistication is what carries this album. Notes are always played at the perfect time and vocalist Mark Hollis gives listeners a heartfelt and honest performance. “Laughing Stock” is ironically anything but. It is a classic and my personal favorite post rock album of the 90s. Favs: After the Flood / New Grass / Ascension Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzfwVYgBVFQ
In All the Empty Houses

*Post Rock/Dream Pop*

Much like “The Complete Guide to Insufficiency.” this is an album that makes masterful use of lyrical repetition. This time though, the album has a bit more of that fluffy tacos-core flavor. Pretty ambient soundscapes mixed with soft vocals and twinkly guitar make for a perfect combination. The album sounds just like it’s cover. It’s cold and blue yet very cozy and modest. Every track feels earnest and are easy to get lost in. The band in general is great and needs more recognition if you ask me. Favs: The Future is Blinding / Ghosts on Tape / We Were Never Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XSGG-_ZEh4
20Popol Vuh
Hosianna Mantra

*Psychedelic New Age/Chamber Music*

Hosianna Mantra is an album like no other. It takes new age spirituality and mixes it with chamber music and psychedelic guitar noodling. Every time I put this record on it’s like i’m in another world. It’s classy af and is practically ageless. This coming out in the 70s feels revolutionary and is a real showcase of genre blending done right. Highly recommended for someone looking for something otherworldly yet sophisticated. Favs: Kyrie / Hosianna Mantra / Ah! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwzTd3zE49E
Sea of the Dying Dhow

*Post Metal/Post Rock*

*shels secured their position as one of my favorite post rock bands to exist after “Plains of the Purple Buffalo.” It was this album though, that started it all. “Sea…” is just as epic as their sophomore effort but in different ways. “Sea…” is heavier but not as monotonous. *shels start off the album with the massive “Conference of the Birds” making use of wailing guitar chords and trumpets. It eventually shifts into a more metal focused album with the title track and “White Umbrella.” The album does take a more laidback approach with “Water” but it is a welcome addition to change things up. Listening to this is like looking out into a vast plain or ocean. You just take all of it in and embrace how big it is. Favs: Conference of the Birds / In Dead Palm Fields / The Killing Tent https://shelsmusic.bandcamp.com/album/sea-of-the-dying-dhow
18Jazz Liberatorz
Clin D'Oeil

*Jazzy Hip Hop*

A criminally lesser known hip hop album by french crew Jazz Liberatorz. Every song has a unique collaborator and the beats are simply lush. The album has a little gimmick where there is a short interview with a featured artist at the end of most songs. It may be a turn off to some but I found them strangely endearing. As you can imagine the album is heavily jazz influenced. If you’re more into rap that “goes hard” and “bangs in the whip” then this prob isn't for you but If you’re into chill jazz rap then I highly recommend you give this a whirl, It’s some of the best I’ve heard. Favs: Vacation / The Return / I Am Hip Hop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT5JCRBFPH0
17Electric Wizard

*Doom/Stoner Metal/Riffpocalypse*

Hot damn this is awesome. “Dopethrone” is Electric Wizard’s best Lp and chock full of some of the best riffs Stoner/Doom metal has to offer. The guitars are loud and fuzzy while vocalist Jus Oborn wails his guts out, more so than any other album in their discography. This monster of an album is pretty heavy and could be appreciated by most metal fans. While this whole thing sounds rather straightforward (and it is, I won’t deny that), there is some experimentation going on here. The majority of “Weird Tales” is ambient and doesn’t feature much riffing. Also some tracks are a bit darker than others, making the band feel a little less cheesy. Favs: Barbarian / Dopethrone / Funeralopolis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaMbKZPBruU
Jane Doe


An album newcomers to this site may see a lot as well as an album I am probably grateful for knowing about before I joined lol. “Jane Doe” is arguably the greatest harcore album ever made. This is Bannon’s most indistinguishable performance yet but there are, as usual, some wonderful and poetic lyrics underneath all those raging screeches. The vox are absolutely vicious and full of passion. The rest of the band play their heart out here. Kurt Ballou’s riffs and production fit the band perfectly in my opinion. Drummer Ben Koller and bassist Nate Newman also give tight performances. “Jane Doe” is the embodiment of what hardcore is all about. Favs: Jane Doe / Thaw / The Broken Vow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLRYREmJqho
Everything and Nothing

*Ambient/Post Rock/Dream Pop*

“Everything and Nothing” is precisely the direction I wanted Hammock to take their albums. Hearing it was like a dream come true. This record is far more dream pop oriented than their other work. The band still utilizes their signature “pretty as fuck” sound but in a more tangible, catchier form. Some of the tracks on this record really transports my mind to some cozy-ass places. If you don’t already like Hammock’s sound this probably won’t do anything to change your mind, but if you do then I truly hope you'll appreciate them attempting to try something a little new.. Favs: Glassy Blue / We Could Have Been Beautiful Again / Unspoken https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1NvRG-2jDk
14Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

*Psychedelic Rock/Progressive Rock*

F you “DSOTM.” this the best Floyd album. Pink Floyd took a big risk with this one. After the astonishing success of “DSOTM,” many people (myself included after hearing dark side first time) may have expected the band to go more commercial after gaining rapid fame and money. Instead, Floyd puts out a psychedelic rock classic with 10+ minutes bookends and no obviously distinguishable “single” (maybe the title track). “WYWH” features Gilmore’s best guitar performance in the band’s history. That doesn’t go without saying however that everyone else plays marvelously. “WYWH” is emotional (title track), thought provoking (“Welcome to the Machine”), psychedelic (“Shine on you Crazy Diamond Pt1&2), and straight rockin’ (“Have a Cigar”). Pink Floyd’s magnum opus is definitely not something you’ll want to brush by. Favs: Shine on You Crazy Diamond Pt 1&2 / Wish You Were Here / Have a Cigar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJf5ZbumlgY

*Post Hardcore/Post Rock/Post Metal*

“Mondo” is a really interesting album. It has a lot going on but is not chaotic or disjointed in any way, shape or form. “Mondo” can serenade you with tranquil guitar notes, make you bob your head to some great riffs, or even have you scream along with the band to post hardcore/punk sections. Some clean parts of the album are even reminiscent of “Eye of Every Storm” era Neurosis. The band makes good use of sampling here (and on their other albums as well, it’s kind of their shtick) to add to the more atmospheric song sections. It should be noted that vocals are seldom used here and only show up at song climaxes, which is a plus for me. Lvmen don’t get much recognition so i implore you to check em out. Favs: XIII, IX, VIII https://lvmen.bandcamp.com/album/mondo
Metaphorical Music

*Jazzy Hip Hop/Instrumental Hip Hop*

I will have to shamelessly give thanks to “Samurai Champloo” for introducing me to Nujabes (Jun Seba). The opening track “Samurai” left me ever so interested in looking this guy up. Turns out he’s one hell of a producer and made what is probably my favorite jazzy hip hop album to date, “Metaphorical Music.” The beats here are ethereal, calming, and flow like water. I love the amount of sax that is incorporated into this and think it compliments Nujabes’ production style flawlessly. On initial listens, the rappers that sprang up on this album kind of bothered me a bit as I knew there were so many better emcees in the genre. Over time, I came to like them as I feel they can be quite charming and I couldn’t think of how any of the songs would work with anyone else. Unfortunately, Nujabes has been gone since 2010. Rest in beats, you glorious bastard. Favs: Blessing It / Highs 2 Lows / Letters From Yokosuka https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xZY8VJHqU4
11The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Electric Ladyland

*Psychedelic Rock / Blues Rock*

And so it begins. The top ten. If you’ve been actually reading these and withstanding my bad jokes and grammar then I commend you. I’ll be blunt: Jimi is my favorite guitarist. He is unsurpassed in my honest opinion, and he is also at his most groovy on “Electric Ladyland.” This record is something else, I really feel the passion that went into this and it resonates with me quite strongly. Everything is smooth as silk and the experimentation on the record really livens things up and elevates this high above any ol’ collection of pscyh rock jams. Favs: Voodoo Chile / Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) / Rainy Day, Dream Away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZBlqcbpmxY
10Den Sorte Skole
Lektion III


Okay so I’m still a little new to plunderphonics but screw it, I wholeheartedly believe this is one of the most fascinating and cool as hell albums I’ve ever listened to. The record is comprised of thousands of different and unique samples with sounds spanning from post rock to world to hip hop. And the best part: it somehow all WORKS. This never sounded disjointed or puzzling but feels more like an odyssey through time.Every time I put this album on I feel like i’m gearing up for an adventure. It’s masturfully crafted and surprisingly creative, innovative, and exciting. It’s a recent find, but one that I truly think earned its spot in my top 10. Favs: Alvin / Did You Ever / En Lille En https://densorteskole.bandcamp.com/album/lektion-iii
King Nine

*Post Rock/Electronic*

Blueneck are a band that I’ve always seen potential in. I was a big fan of their debut “Scars of the Midwest” but I felt that their quality was steadily declining since. Then “King Nine” happened and all that potential that I knew was there sprang up higher than I ever anticipated. “King Nine” is depressing, haunting, beautiful and diverse all at the same time. I usually prefer a scarce amount of vocals in my post rock. Ironically though, more vocals were exactly what this band needed. Vocalist Ben Green is strangely monotonous yet very endearing. Songs usually start simple but build and build until the ideas are fully realized then fade out at the perfect time. An emotionally devastating album that has stayed with me since its inception. Favs: Sirens / King Nine / Broken Fingers https://blueneckuk.bandcamp.com/album/king-nine
8The Life and Times
Tragic Boogie

*Space Rock/Alternative Rock*

“Tragic Boogie” is the sophomore album by The Life and Times. It is a spacy alt rock album that has so far, yet to be topped by any other albums in this genre by a long shot (from my experience of course). The album seems to convey some kind of sense of celebration. The melodies are colorful but never immature. “Tragic Boogie” is chock full of distortion and reverb. I’m quite a fan of this, as it heightens the music to places it could not have gone otherwise. Allen Epley’s (Former Shiner frontman) voice is also a big reason I love this album so much. Epley’s husky tone is really cool and unique but he never overdoes it. “Tragic Boogie” is a hidden gem in indie/alt rock music and really deserves more love than it gets. Favs: Tragic Boogie / Old Souls / Politics of Driving https://thelifeandtimes.bandcamp.com/album/tragic-boogie
Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space

*Space Rock/Gospel/Neo Psychedelia*

“Ladies and Gentlemen…” is the third album by space rock band Spiritualized. I believe it to be the band’s best record by far. The album tells the story of Jason Pierce’s break up with his then girlfriend Kate Radley. The album starts off hopeful but eventually sinks into despair. While some songs take a straightforward approach (“Electricity”) the album is more experimental than not. Songs make interesting use of repetition that gets the listener lost inside them. There is also more than the status quo guitar/bass/drums to be heard here. The integration of gospel choirs was a phenomenal decision, as the songs that make use of them feel larger than life. Only five more albums to go... Favs: Cop Shoot Cop... / I Think I’m in Love / Stay with Me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYSN5lFMHXU
Raising Your Voice... Trying to Stop an Echo

*Ambient/Post Rock*

Wow. Just Wow. This album is unimaginably blissful in my opinion. Hammock create some of the most relaxing and peaceful music I’ll ever hear on “Raising your Voice…” Quiet yet effective ambient guitar soundscapes grace the ears of the listener. You get lost in it’s sheer ambition to bring you everlasting peace. The album is mostly instrumental, but vocals are occasionally thrown in to change things up. They sweep in at the beginning of the record to reel you in and come back later in the album to create some diversity after a batch of non-vocal pieces.There is really nothing else to be said about this album other than it is absolutely stunning in execution and pure sonic bliss. An ambient/post rock classic. Favs: I Can Almost See You / Shipwrecked / ...Like Starlight Into Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsJTpxcy_sc&list=RD6QET4nuxQLc&index=5
5Space Invaders

*Space Rock/Psychedelic Rock*

Instead of writing a whole blurb, I think id be easier to just link my review. The review basically says everything I need to say to be honest: https://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/75809/Space-Invaders-Dreadnought/ Favs: Two Skulls / The Gap You Leave Behind / Out in the Madness https://space-invaders.bandcamp.com/
4Karl Verkade
Our Dreams Are Made of Rain

*Ambient / Psychedelic*

I know what your thinking, “In a sea of overdone pretty ambient music, what makes this album stand out?” Well, I’ll be honest: I’m not good at answering that question. The reason? This album holds a lot of personal preference weight to it. This is a record that I felt was practically tailor made for my taste. Its stunningly ethereal, beautiful and dreamlike while also harboring hints of psychedelic musicianship. There is *just* enough variety to keep things from getting samey which can be a big downfall for many records in this vein. Going back to the question presented: If I HAD to answer, I would say it’s because of how simply genuine this record appears to be. This elegant little album-that-could is my personal album of the decade and I really hope you enjoy it if you get the chance to try it. Favs: Iridescent / Photographs / Lips That Would Kiss https://karlverkade.bandcamp.com/album/our-dreams-are-made-of-rain
3The Necks
Drive By

*Improv/Jazz Post Rock(?)*

“Drive By” is the third album by The Necks to be on here and more deserving than any other. Like “Open,” this record is a singular track spanning nearly an hour. This time we get more of a hypnotising urban jazz sound. The record gradually evolves as it proceeds, morphing from one beat to the next so smoothly you may not even notice. At one moment you’ll be in a trance like state and the next you'll be bobbing your head to slick grooves. The album’s biggest strength its its pacing. The progression of the album is flawless and culminates into a absolutely gorgeous piano piece by it’s conclusion. The last 20 or minutes of this album is possibly my favorite section of any song i've heard, only rivaled by the later half of Rosetta’s “Au Pays Natal.” Favs: It’s one song bruh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqc0LrLq8IM
The Galilean Satellites

*Post Metal/Space Metal/Ambient*

So here it is. My favorite album. It’s not Radiohead or The Beatles, it’s Rosetta’s “The Galilean Satellites.” The song “Wake” was my first exposure to this band. Ever since that moment, I have harbored a far greater desire to seek out music beyond the “status quo.” Initial run throughs of “TGS” were generally positive but I always felt compelled to return to it constantly. With each listen I became more and more engrossed with this Lp. The spacey atmosphere is isolating and somber yet oddly beautiful. Mike Armine’s harsh vocal delivery is far more emotional and passionate than any other post metal vocalist I’ve heard (sorry Scott Kelly and Aaron Turner). Guitars are absolutely devastating at times and help the album maintain is monstrous size. What separates this from other run-of-the-mill post metal is it’s sheer emotion and scale, as well the ability carry that weight without becoming boring.
The Galilean Satellites

It should be noted that “TGS” is a double album. There is the metal CD and the ambient CD. Both CDs are supposed to be played at the same time and sync with each other. This may sound familiar to some because Neurosis did it first with “Times of Grace.” To me, the idea is stupid, but I’m not judging this album by HOW it was made, I’m judging it by the music itself. And, by god, the music is fantastic. Conclusion: Despite the many years I’ve known this album, I have yet to like anything more. I think about it a lot, and truly can’t think of any other record that comes close for me. If you’ve miraculously read all of these stupid little blurbs than that is pretty damn cool of you and I thank you for taking the time to do that! Favs: The whole thing obviously but I GUESS: Absent - Beta Aquilae / Au Pays Natal - Sol / ItineIrant - Ross 128

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