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Season 2 Rnd 1: Annihilation Reccomendation Nation

yeah so its been around a year and it's time for season 2 yo. Archelirion is reigning champ and the rules are the same as last time for the most part. Each round i'll give a set of 2 genres, you guys give me 1 song rec each, i rate recs out of 5, bottom two people get eliminated until we get down to last ten people. Last ten people rec albums instead of songs and i eliminate only one per round. Keep my pleb taste in mind when rec'ing i guess. Oh, and saves are gone but i have something new i will explain below.
1Hiroshi Yoshimura
Music For Nine Post Cards


For round 1 and round 1 only i will take anyone's recs and narrow down to a top 22 for round 2
I will accept any genre/any song this round as long as it doesn't exceed like 9 minutes or so.

Saves were OP last game so i'm changing it to a score handicap thing. Basically if you win a round, ill grant you a .1 score handicap to any any round of your choice before you even rec anything. So if you are unsure of your rec one round and happen to have a score handicap, you can use it and get a free .1 score bump for that round only. You only get to use this ONCE, even if you win future rounds. The catch is that if you win 2 rounds and haven't used your handicap yet, i'll make it a .2 bump and so on. You can use a handicap bump on any round except the very last. I will be cutting off round 1 at uhhh 30(?) or so people i suppose. I think that covers it!
2Vyva Melinkolya
Vyva Melinkolya



I was warned beforehand that this song would probably work better in context and i suppose that could be right; Granted, this was still a strong track by itself. It harbors all the qualities of fuzzy and dreamy Abe-gaze that you know and love but this one has a bit more punch to it, a certain homemade yet charming quality.

3Laurel Halo


"Light and Space"

Now this was certainly a pretty track. The song’s core structure is composed of a warm ambient backdrop with female vox cascading over it. The vocals were certainly a generous addition to the song and gave it a more tangible form. I actually think they don't quite compliment the rest of the music that perfectly but that’s only a very minor complaint and may change with repeated listens.

4A Lot Like Birds
No Place



My modern post hardcore game is pretty weak so i can't really tell you guys what's “the good shit” but I can tell you this was a solid song. I believe the drummer really steals the show and breathes some life to a few been-there-done that sections. I found “Connector” to be at it’s best when it was at its most intense.

5Rainbow Kitten Surprise
How to: Friend, Love, Freefall



The best way i can describe “Hide” is that it’s just very smooth, like if the entirety of a song was able to roll off the tongue. These guys play southern indie rock with a vocalist i feel i should hate but just can’t. Not really what you’d expect from a band called Rainbow Kitten Surprise.

6R. Kelly
Love Letter


"Number One Hit"

First things first: Fellas please, find yourself a lady/man who loves you the same way drifter loves R. Kelly. Now, sex cult things and pedophilia aside, this was a good enough rnb track. The little guitar groove gets you in the flow and sucks you in.


7Hail the Sun


"Missed Injections"

Another contender takes a crack at some modern post hardcore jams. Not a swing and a miss, there’s some nice things happening here (especially the “breathing underwater” parts), but i wouldn't put it down for a home run either. Song felt a little too clean for its own good but i still got an enjoyable listening experience out of it.


Plowing into the Field of Love


"The Lord's Favorite"

I really enjoyed the overall vibe of this song. The vocals are the big takeaway here i think. They sound like a sloppy drunken stupor (in a good way) and really compliments the strummy/punky tone.

9Jordaan Mason and The Horse Museum
Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head


"Racehorse: Get Married!"

This song seems quite lyric and vocal driven and i feel i would have liked it more if I liked the vox more. I kinda felt like i was waiting for the song to build towards something but kinda just ended. Regardless, I still had a nice enough time listening to this, I felt a lot of emotion being poured out which i appreciated.

10Dan Deacon
Gliss Riffer

Papa Universe

"When I Was Done Dying"

A unique indie rock/neo psych mixture that gradually builds up over the course of the song. The percussion and whimsicalness of the track make for a fun time. Couldn’t help but sway my head back and forth to the melody.

Handmade Cities


"Handmade Cities"

I’ve not heard much Plini aside from “Sweet Nothings” which i remembered being a pleasant enough experience. I’d describe this song as just that too though, a nice pleasant experience. Plini is definitely a capable and talented guy but i did find the softer, jazzier sections to be superior to the more aggressive/faster paced ones.

12The Coup
Genocide & Juice


"Fat Cats, Bigger Fish"

Super groovy and wholly 90s, “Fat Cats Biga Fish” is an awesome old school hip hop track. The song doesn't change it up too much but there’s enough intricacies in there to keep you on your toes, bob your head, and get down.

13Pere Ubu
Terminal Tower: An Archival Collection


"Final Solution"

I’ll be honest, on first listen i didn't remember much of the song. Maybe i wasn't paying attention enough or something but i liked it more on repeated listens. Nice groove and bassline on this one; should prob give more post punk a try, maybe one day.

Vapor City



Some heavy burial influence can be heard right from the start here. There’s enough going on to keep it from being too worship-y though. The track soon progresses into a more franic dnb style and from there holds an original sounding aesthetic. Really really nice rec.

15Klo Pelgag
L'etoile thoracique


"Les Ferrofluides-Fleurs"

Ooooo some french-indie-acoustic-pop jingles. “Les Ferrofluides Fleurs" is cute and cuddly and feels like frollicing through some sprinklers. It has a cool sway to it that’s confident and artsy.

16Tonight Alive
What Are You So Scared Of?


"Breaking and Entering"

Tonight Alive play some nifty pop punk with a female vocalist twist. The song has a good amount of energy and was fun but I felt it was a little safe and par for the course. Didn’t really stick with me too much after it ended. Sorry Dedes :(


17Andy Stott
Luxury Problems



An easy song to get lost in, “Numb” is fragile and haunting in a uniquely beautiful way. There’s quite an unexpected dirty drop that comes in at 2:20 that really bumps the song up to higher levels. The track didn’t quite reel me in completely till the end when everything really came together but all in all, very dope.

18Open Mike Eagle
Dark Comedy


"Doug Stamper"

Mr Mike Eagle seems to have had a great deal of ease making this song, as it feels very natural and nonchalant. I found the beat almost menacing yet the the lyrics to be pretty humorous and there's even an unexpected hannibal buress cameo. Cool rec.

19Gentle Giant
Free Hand


"On Reflection"

Dorky, upbeat, and proggy, Gentle Giant have made an eccentric and amusing track here. There’s a lot to digest in “Of Reflection.” It makes use of a great deal of instruments but nothing quite stuck with me until around the very end. A little too cheese for me but i feel fans of traditional prog would love this.


Elegies to Lessons Learnt


"Spencer Perceval"

Don't be fooled by that happy sounding band name, this was one depressing ride. “Spencer Perceval” is a 9 minute post punk epic with a relatively heavy post rock influence. Ambient guitar and mournful vocals send shivers down the spine and create a dark and beautiful track.

21Ed Schrader's Music Beat



Lots of post punk this round i see. This may be my favorite of the bunch though. Soulful vox glide over some dancing piano and drum beats. Really enjoy the chorus and think the vocalist is the true winner on this. This and another track i heard off the album were both great, may need to give the whole thing a spin.

22Gucci Mane
The State vs. Radric Davis


"The Movie"

Def sure you knew this was a dangerous rec to give me bloon but yknow what, it wasn’t so bad. This was my first time unironically jamming gucci too. Beat is solid but overall not really my kind of rap i guess. Chorus was pretty hype though.

23Modest Mouse
No One's First, and You're Next


"I've Got It All (Most)"

Only listened to Moon and Antarctica but i don't remember modest mouse getting this heavy. It starts off slow with a pretty sick drum fill and then a riff kicks in hits you hard. As a whole i thought the song worked and i had a good time jamming it.

The Barn


"Maslows Dogs"

I remember hearing that The Barn was pretty different from the rest of their discog so i said why not and approved the rec. Well this definitely had Idylls’ frantic and heavy sound but with more of an old school post hardcore style. “Maslows Dogs” is fast, unpredictable, and bassy. Boyyyyy is it bassy.



"Dirty Blue"

I appreciated the gradual build of this nifty darkfolk track with the addition of violins and vocal layering. The song feels tragic and that little guitar riff that comes in when all the other elements go quiet got me every time. Really good song.

26Regarde Les Hommes Tomber


"A Sheep Among the Wolves"

Aaron is back for round 2 and he starts things off strong with “A Sheep Among Wolves,” a blackend sludge track about blind faith and the condemnation of religion and other metal stuff. The song is very balanced, switching between its two core genres without it becoming jarring. The ending was the best part for me.

27Young Fathers
White Men Are Black Men Too



This song kind of crept up on me. The longer it went on, the more i found myself enjoying it and getting that catchy “oo oo o o” stuck in my head. This the kinda song that could be played for both chillin and parties.

28Les Rallizes Denudes
Cable Hogue Soundtrack


"Romance of the Black Grief (Otherwise Fallin' In Love With)"

Hazy, psychedelic, and drenched in reverb, “Romance of the Black Grief" is a fascinating old-time shoegaze track. The sound quality wasn’t perfect on the vid but that may just be because it’s a live performance and because youtube. Anyway, i really really dug this. Will prob check the band out, sounds just up my alley.


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