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Prog - A Beginning - WINNER

The votes are in. Unfortunately, the 1,395,308 last minute RYM pm ballots for Syzygy were held void in the Supreme Court of Prog. All of RYM is in tears. Here is the final tally: REGAL WORM: 52 votes - Jordsjo: 48 votes - Yolk: 46 votes - Hermann Szobel: 44 votes. The true winner is Regal Worm - Pig Views! Congrats Jethro for the second win in this tournament series. Feel free to rave about your personal favorites from the tourney, vent about the state of prog, etc. Is this Friday the 13th of August, 2021 the true end, or only the beginning?
1Regal Worm
Pig Views


"Modern prog band featuring a multi-instrumentalist experimenting avant gardist music. Band is injecting Medieval and psychedelic touches in their weird kind of prog that contains start and stop patterns and eccentric turns. Alternance of punchy and pastoral ambiences give tonus to the mix. It's generally sophisticated and simple in the same time. It's really melodic, and vocals serve as an instrument. Good use of mellotrons, organs and many more keys and synths. Kinda Beck on acid, making prog." - Jethro42

On Bandcamp:
[also on Spotify]

Second place

"A sweet piece of bingeable Norweigen prog. Replete with synth and flute there’s no hiding the influence of Jethro Tull, but it’s truest ancestry lies in the melodicism of early Camel and Swedish instrumentalist Bo Hansson. For me, good prog tricks the listener into feeling like he’s hearing something playful but familiar while still pushing the experimental boundaries and Nattfiolen is one of the finest examples of that in recent memory. Headphones are the only way to listen, as some of the stereo effects really bring the fairy tale to life." - Inoculaeted


Third place

"Incredible fluid layering of sounds with a tricked-out, almost krautrock approach to rhythm. Playful vocals and vibrant atmosphere, whole thing sounds like a wonky prog forest. And they keep it tight, under 40 minutes long, praise be." - porcupinetheater

4Hermann Szobel

Fourth place

"Child prodigy Hermann Szobel composed and produced one album at the age of 18 before he disappeared from the music world completely. The album has a Frank Zappa vibe, with emphasis on piano (Szobel's instrument), percussion, and vibraphone. It was obscure even when it was released in the 70s, but a 2012 reissue has given us a second chance to enjoy it." - TwigTW

5Procol Harum
Live with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Second tier

"This was Procol's best selling album ever. The pluses include live performances of some of Procol's proggiest material ever, including their 19-minute opus classic 'In Held 'Twas in I', and the acknowledged best version of their song "Conquistador" (much better than the studio version on their first album). The LP is also historic as being one of the earliest collaborations between a symphony orchestra and a rock band. The only real minus in that their great guitarist Robin Trower was no longer with them, and organist Matthew Fisher had also long since left the band. But Dave Ball and Chris Copping do a fine job in their place, and Procol lyricist Keith Reid makes an appearance on 'In Held 'Twas in I' during the spoken interlude that begins, 'Held close by that which some despise'. Overall, this was one of the classic live albums of the 1970s, and a highlight the career of one of my favorite bands." - Divaman
Love Over Fear

Second tier

"A neo-prog gem from one of the most underrated bands in the entire genre who’ve been at it for decades.
Is it a tad cheesy, a bit over produced and lacking a certain something? Yes but I’ll be buggered if it’s not one of the greatest albums of the last few years." - zakalwe
7Seru Giran
La Grasa de las Capitales

Second tier

"One of the many projects by Charly Garcia, one of the biggest names in latin rock. La Grasa de las Capitales is a slow, bluesy prog album with what feels to me like a very nocturnal and urban vibe. Also a lot of jazz fusion into it, and your classic argentinian vocals!" - MrSirLordGentleman
Cuevas De Altamira

Second tier

"Really cool 70s release, blending in spanish folk music and progressive rock which works astonishingly well. There are great compositions on here and I didn't know before that prog sounded so sweet with the spanish language." - farmerobama
9Quiet Sun

Second tier

"I love the Canterbury prog style. As a real contestant for the first time, and it seems the last too, I needed to choose one of its albums and Mainstream is one of the best albums to that of the '70s. I love the album and Manzanera guitar style." - TheIntruder

Second tier

"Jazzy krautrock mit flute. More effects pedals than your Dad's favourite band. Viele spass fur alles. 2 votes just doesn't cut it. This write-up is short, but this album is long." - MiloRuggles
A Glorious Disturbance

"Syzygy is an American prog band that began under the name "Witsend" back in the 1980s. By this live album, their last major work before disbanding, most of these middle-aged dudes had been playing unapologetic retro prog for decades, and it shows in the best possible way. Tight harmonies, interesting keyboard sounds, shredding bass and guitar, complex drum rhythms, you know what you are going to get, you just my be surprised how good it is. Songs from their entire back catalog are more than replicated with grooving performances and pristine sound quality, and songs like "Coronation," a new song about the prodigal son story, prove they had the songwriting to be as well known as Spock's Beard or Echolyn." - Friday13th
12Colosseum II
War Dance

"In the mid 2000's when my wife and I were DINKS (dual income no kids) there was an old record store within walking distance, with 1000's of records, the guy made everything without a name on it (Beatles/Stones/etc.) was either $1.99 or $3.99. I would spend hours in there and come home with armfuls twice a week. I got good at picking unknown stuff that fit my ear. I was stocking my shelves with perfect inclusions for this album years before there was such a wonderful thing. Which is where Colosseum II comes in. It probably caught my eye because of the inclusion of Gary Moore of Thin Lizzy fame. I promise you it will not sound like Thin Lizzy Instead this sounds like a awesome progressive jazz fusion band that makes it all work somehow. Every band members influences are on display throughout. A most fun album with changing styles coming in and out of focus." - wham49
13Moose Loose
Elgen Er Los

"Moose Loose was a 70s Norwegian instrumental progressive rock and jazz fusion band. I love how dynamic and eclectic this album is. It can both jam out and be soulful. The musicanship is on point and all instruments (guitars and keys very prominently and well-done, but the bass guitar and drums are both still excellent) harmonize very well together. It's a very engaging album all the way through. Also this has to be one of the best bandnames ever." - Pangea
14Soft Machine
Hidden Details

"Soft Machine's latest record is way better than you'd expect, these are experienced prog musicians doing their thing, and it feels almost effortless, even at their current age. This record is packed with some richly atmospheric jazzy tracks, and while it might not be up there with their best, it's still a very strong record that is befitting of the band and canturbury scene's name." - Sharktooth
Mistérios e Maravilhas

"It definitely shows the best symphonic prog in Portugal. The album is full of long instrumental passages, loaded with feeling and elegance, beautiful melodies and a strong emotional charge, with ripped solos from keyboards and electric guitars, and percussion with multi-rhythmic dynamics. Almost all instrumental, only two tracks have lyrics: À Beira do Fim and Partir Sempre, curiously the first and the last one, respectively." - Zig
16Tarantula (ESP)

"As some of y’all may have figured out by now, I love Spanish/Portuguese-language prog, and this album is one of my new favorites from Spain. While there are some obvious similarities to some well known bands like Jethro Tull or Marillion (synth tones are a lot like Marillion, but this came out first), they also have plenty of uniqueness to their sound incorporating touches of blues. All in all, they are a mix of quite a few of my favorite things in prog and I hope there is something for everyone on this record." - bgillesp
Just a Collection of Antiques and Curios

"Strangely, this is a classic prog album of the 70's but that went unnoticed even by many prog heads. This is a very important and curious album, mainly due to four things. First, technically this is a live album because it was recorded live, but in reality it's a brand new album it terms of tracks. Second, this album was the real turning point to Strawbs, the album that made of them a true prog band, in my opinion, one of the best prog folk bands ever. Third, this the first of the two albums of Strawbs with Rick Wakeman as a band's member, the album that catapulted him to the stardom, you know, Yes. Forth, this is, in my opinion too, one of the best prog albums of the beginning of the 70's." - e210013
18Hercules and Lernaean Hydra
Σε Άλλους Κόσμους (In Other Worlds)

"It's an album that bursts with creativity and musicality. It's apparent it was created by people who loved music and paid attention to detail. It's never static in one place and genre, and this fluidity is further highlighted by the numerous different singers that guest here, and the more than 80 (!) different instruments used for the end result. It wouldn't be a 70's greek prog album without numerous references to Greek folk music and of course all the lyrics are in Greek as well." - Mythodea
19Alas (AR)

"Lovely album from the Argentinian outfit Alas, released in 1976. Brings to mind ELP and Return to Forever, but with a distinct twist." - normaloctagon
20Collegium Musicum
Collegium Musicum

"When Czechoslovakia did not allow foreign band names except for Latin, these four Slovak composers, music theorists, jazzmen and experimentators chose a Latin name meaning "music collective" and set out to teach the world (but mostly Czechoslovakia) the extents of musical possibilities. In a society that is being drilled into its head that the only good musical genre is classical music and all that rock and jazz is just the Western usurpers trying to undermine the good communist morale, these absolute mad lads pretty much put the whole musical propagandist idea on its head, delivering rock music composed as classical concertos, elaborate jazz pieces and that sweet professional-educated-musician spiel that knocks the heathens outta park babey! Their influence is strongly felt on Czech and Slovak music scene today including various legendary bands like Blue Effect or The Plastic People of the Universe." - someone
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