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Pencil's Top 50 (as of 2018)

how's everyone doing tonight? I just realized I'm approaching my 6 year sputbirthday so that's cool I guess. List is VERY loosely ranked outside the top 10 mind you.
50I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism...

49Rival Schools
United by Fate

I too like niche Capcom fighting games Walter Schreifels let’s get a beer sometime. Also this album is way too overlooked.

Admittingly this one’s kind of a lot to take in all in one sitting, but the detail within the production and the off kilter vocals make cLOUDDEAD some very nice weirdo rap.
47Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
What It Takes to Move Forward

Keith from this band is a really cool guy fun fact. Very fitting to listen to on a slow, dreary day or when you’re feeling sad tbh
46Candy Claws
Ceres And Calypso In The Deep Time

This reminds me of a weird dream I have once when I was exploring some trippy forest once. Actually it was kinda like Alice in Wonderland now that I think about it. huh.
A to B: Life

Is it an unpopular opinion to say this is my favorite mewithoutyou album? Probably. Does that matter because this album still holds the same quality of the rest of their discography just with more of a punk edge? Hell no.
44The Kodan Armada
A Collection Of Songs

They mix audio from shows with studio songs in a way that sounds pretty organic and that on itself is pretty cool. A shame these guys stopped after this one.

God the fanbase of these guys makes me wanna puke sometimes but Kevin Abstract and Co. really are breathing some fresh air into the scene. I’m confident their stuff without Ameer will still be great, if “Tanya” is any indication.

This won’t be the last /mu/core album on here sorry
41Kayo Dot
Choirs of the Eye

I actually met Toby back in September during his tour with Pallbearer, very cool guy. I’ve always been torn between this and Coyote as my favorites from this project, but this one always finds its way as #1 in my book.
The Artist in the Ambulance

Artist in the Ambulance always makes me think about my dad for some reason. Probably because he’s a paramedic. Not a very logical reason but the loose connection is there.
39Off Minor
Some Blood

Some Blood > Heat Death only because of Practice Absence because holy fuck that song gives me goosebumps every. Single. Time. I hear it
38Earl Sweatshirt

Earl’s the only consistently good member of the Odd Future family (okay besides Frank Ocean) and just try to correct me.
You Fail Me

The overall rawer sound compared to say Jane Doe is what always sold You Fail Me to me. So sue me.
Metaphorical Music

Firstly, RIP. Secondly, play this one while night driving. Trust me guys.
35Queens of the Stone Age
Rated R

C-C-C-CO-CAINNNNEEEEEEEEE *sick ass riff plays until I die*.
The Moon Is a Dead World

I really hope that this isn’t the only thing that the drummer of this band has ever recorded. Cause he kicks ass on this album and then some.
33Animal Collective
Campfire Songs

Why yes, I do feel special for saying this is my favorite AnCo thank you for asking. Give me my cookie now please and thank you. This is a very soothing album tho.

Best shoegaze album ever? Yeah actually it is. [imo]
Watch Out!

Only the second greatest band to be named after a lactating stripper, only being beat out by your mom. Oof that was bad I’m sorry.
30The Blood Brothers
...Burn, Piano Island, Burn

Believe it or not this and Young Machetes are actually tied for me, but had to give the slight edge to piano island because of that damn salesman, Denver Max.
29Sufjan Stevens

It’s my second most scrobbled album according to my for a reason, no matter how much I tried to justify Age of Adz being here instead.
28Run the Jewels
Run the Jewels

One of the albums that actually got me interested in rap truth be told. Long live the fistol pistols
27Cap'n Jazz
Shmap'n Shmazz

Whoever insists on calling this by the full title and not just “Shmap'n Shmazz” is a cock.
26Death Cab for Cutie
We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes

I still vividly remember hearing Title Track for the first time at 3 in the morning while browsing the internet on my brothers laptop when I was 17. I’m ended up becoming good friends with the girl who was his gf at the time that showed him this, which is funny to all of us. Where am I going with this one again?

Now this one just reminds me of my summer night job stocking shelves at Target because I listened to this album all the time during those 3 months. Good times. I’ve also noticed this get slightly more recognition within the last few years which let me tell you, makes me a happy camper.
New Plastic Ideas

I honestly can’t put my finger onto why this is my preferred Unwound album but who cares I still love it.
The Blackest Beautiful

If the weird production doesn’t bother you then here you’ll find some very fun and gripping Glassjaw worship, which I say in an endearing manner.
22Fear Before
The Always Open Mouth

Blindly buying this CD is still up there in best purchases I’ve ever made not gonna lie. Deserves all the acclaim it gets on this website and then some.
21The Smashing Pumpkins
Siamese Dream

Billy Corgan is one of the biggest knobs in the music industry but his talent will not be ignored.
20Death Grips
The Money Store

This band got more famous than I expected them too, but the way they blend experimentation with accessibility is definitely commendable, even if they just a big meme at this point.
19Alkaline Trio

Cynical punk is the best punk… and the only punk actually. *cue dumb genre disagreement*
18Jimmy Eat World

The clearest thing about Clarity is how this record makes me feel way too many feels.
You'd Prefer an Astronaut

Listen to this and “Downward is Heavenward” then come talk to me. I need to spread this band more.
Worship and Tribute

Aka the least surprising album to show up here. It deserves it tho so idgaf.
15Circa Survive

Can we last through the winter? The water is starting to freeze guys.
14The Avalanches
Since I Left You

Since I Left You has actually been my go to “I’m having a shitty day but I want to cheer myself up” album for a few years now. It’s hard to not smile while listening to this.
13Have a Nice Life

And on the opposite end of the spectrum from the previous entry: there’s this depressive, expansive glob of an album that just hits all the sweet spots for me.
The Satellite Years

If you’ve ever been any of the threads involving this band, chances are you’ve seen me gush over this album plenty of times, which makes the fact that it’s not in my top 10 a shock even to me tbh.

My number 1 for the longest time, it still holds up as a very fun power pop record that I have tons of great memories with.
10Godspeed You! Black Emperor
F♯ A♯ ∞

O shit my car’s on fire
Saturday Night Wrist

I would give way too much to see them play Cherry Waves live pls Chino do it for Pencil.
Chaos is Me

I used Aesthetic Dialectic in a video for school once and my classmates response to it was pretty funny tbh.
7Dance Gavin Dance
Downtown Battle Mountain

I realized it’s dumb to hide just how much I fucking love these guys so yeah. Listen to Artificial Selection tho, prolly the best Tillian era album thus far.
Red Medicine

There are like 3 other Fugazi albums I could have also put here but Red Medicine has always stood out as their “best” to me.
5Modest Mouse
The Lonesome Crowded West


My favorite rapper + my favorite producer = my favorite rap album. It’s pretty simple math guys
3The Microphones
The Glow Pt. 2

Hit me with more of those sad notez Phil I beg you. Then catch us off guard with a very loud track afterwards. You know, for good measure.
2The Dismemberment Plan
Emergency & I

The most metal band name for a very not metal band.

And here’s my favorite album. My numero uno. Jokes with all of it’s spazzy. fuzzy guitars, frantic drums, emotion-fueled screams, and keen sense of song arrangement.
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