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My Top 25 Albums Of The Year (plus More)

My top 25 Albums of the Year and my top 3 EPs of the year.
28Ghost B.C.
If You Have Ghost

My third favorite EP of the year, and a cover one at that. Ghost have put their own spin on the already established songs and
have made some of them better (in my opinion). Despite the general negativity towards cover albums, Ghost have made it an
enjoyable experience and one that many can enjoy.
Thousands of Evils

My second favorite EP of the year and rightly so deserves recognition. As the more atmospheric cousin of Meshuggah, Vildhjarta
have proven themselves on their debut Masstaden and now Thousands of Evils that they are worthy of this status. Mixing
ambience with down-tuned guitars creating a surreal experience.
26Black Crown Initiate
Song of the Crippled Bull

My favorite EP of the year, and what an EP it is. This band has set themselves up for something that needs to best this or get
somewhere close to it. Combining elements of death metal and progressive metal, they have created a grand piece of art.
25Fleshgod Apocalypse

First to get this out of the way, I enjoy the "jumbled mess" that is Fleshgod's new record. Not with that out of the way, I am
also a sucker for symphonic elements in my metal. This doesn't help my case. However, Fleshgod has blended their two sounds
in which they incorporate (death metal and classical music) and have created an album that is more balanced than Agony. I do
enjoy Oracles the most from Fleshgod but I believe this record to be a step up from Agony.
24In Vain

One album not to pass up is In Vain's AEnigma. The first song, Against the Grain, showcase their unique blend of death metal
and progressive metal. Elements of Opeth and Amorphis can be seen, but In Vain has their own unique sound. AEnigma proves
to be one of In Vain's best outputs (if not the best). Check out this record.
23The Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Dahlia Murder is one of those bands that have consistently put out solid material (save their worst Deflorate, which
still isn't bad). Everblack, although not as strong as Ritual (for me at least) show TBDM have kept their signature sound and
build upon it with some good ole' tech death.
Serpents Unleashed

A band that makes me wish I had longer hair so that I could show my appreciation for them. I love the combination of thrash
and black metal, so odd yet fitting for Skeletonwitch. Putting out one of their strongest efforts to date, Skeletonwitch will
continue to make heads bang until they roll off.

Some good ole' tech death. Arsis have put out one of their best with Unwelcome showing the world that they can still tear
faces off. Unwelcome has become a welcome sight in the realm of technical death metal.
20 Persefone
Spirtual Migration

The band from the little country of Andorra have done it again. With their newest release we see Persefone taking a spiritual
migration of there own, mixing elements of prog and death metal. The album is no Core but is more on par with Shin-Ken.

Being not a huge fan of Industrial metal, I was quite surprised by Mechina's blend of epic electronic/industrial death metal. The
album feels like an epic space odyssey in which you are on a journey to another world. Quite an enjoyable journey.
18Shade Empire
Omega Arcane

I have a huge thing for symphonic elements in my music, Shade Empire's Omega Arcane is no exception. One of the end of the
year contenders that I already knew would make the list after hearing the album once. A very enjoyable ride for symphonic
black metal, now if Dimmu would make another Puritanical.
17Sigur Ros

First time exploring this band and boy what a find. An audial experience is what I will call it, some very good music here. The
way in which the singer uses his voice as an instrument is very unique and fitting for the music. Look forward to exploring more
of the band.
16Steven Wilson
The Raven that Refused to Sing

I have recently just started listening to Steven Wilson, with that out of the way, I have become an immense fan of all of his
works, Porcupine Tree as well. Mr. Wilson on this record showcases his skills of prog and atmosphere. The general concept of
the album is intriguing as well, exploring several ghost stories. I am so very happy that I discovered Steven Wilson and look
forward to back cataloging and towards the future.
Earth Rocker

Honestly, this is the first time of hearing Clutch and I feel bad that I haven't heard of them before. This album kicks so much
ass! Mixing hard rock and blues never felt so right since Zeppelin (although totally different). Some of my favorite moments of
this year came from rocking to Clutch. Now to back catalog!
Surgical Steel

I am going to get this out of the way, I have little to no knowledge of Old School Death Metal acts (except for Cynic honestly).
With that out of the way, Carcass have proved to me that they are worthy of my list with their latest output. Mixing old school
and new school death metal elements for a ride to hell and back, Carcass' new record has inspired me to delve deeper into their
previous works.
13Ghost B.C.

Ya, Ya, I enjoy Ghost. That being said, this catchy album from Hell is worthy of its status of 13 on my list. Although not as good
as their first record, Opus Eponymous, Infestissumam has proven itself in its own rights creating a soothing and catchy
soundtrack to praising Satan
The Living Infinite

Soilwork has proved themselves quite the band, tackling a double album. The band has made quite the comeback with this
release. I actually believe it is Soilwork's best output to date and I look forward to what Bjorn Strid and the gang come up with

One of the first albums I heard this year, and it made it on the list. Katalepsy's new record will rip your face off, just like on
their cover. The combination of old school death metal with slam and brutality make this album wanting to hurt someone. The
best part of this album is the bass player Anatoly, who delivers some of the nastiest bass lines that ever have graced my ears
(or maybe it's ripped my ears)

Every time I listen to this band, I cannot help but move. Revocation's self-titled effort continues to melt faces with David
Davidson's axe-wielding guitar wizardry. Although not as good as Chaos of Forms, the band continues to put out solid material
and will continue to do so in the future.
9Run The Jewels
Run The Jewels

The only hip-hop album on the list but rightly so, deserves the praise. The aggressive nature of the album shine as both Killer
Mike and El-P combine their efforts to put out the best hip-hop album of the year. Well done, and this is coming from someone
who generally doesn't care for hip-hop.

Chthonic blend symphonic black metal with native Taiwanese folk elements, creating a unique and one of a kind sound. Bu-tik is
probably Chthonic's most solid work outside of their famous Seediq Bale, and through their unity and hard work as a band have
really shined in this record.

2013 is a big year for Amorphis, their biggest in fact since 2007 when Silent Waters came out. Amorphis has created a perfect
balance of their melodic death metal, prog, and folk metal sound to create Circle. Amorphis seem more focused than they have
with the past few records, and have crafted one of the very best.
6 Ovid's Withering
Scryers of The Ibis

Wow, this album kicks so much ass! Mixing elements of symphonic death metal, black metal, and even that word that means
over abundance of palm muting (no need to say it). But man does this album pack a punch, the overall musicianship is
phenomenal for a debut album. I had their previous EP The Cloud Gatherer and was already sold by the efforts, but this record
solidified and proved to be better than I expected. Ovdi Pls.
The Mountain

Haken have surprised me with each release. Their first album Aquarius proved to be a carnival ride of atmosphere with lush prog
elements. Visions, their second album continued their progressive journey into the depths of the mind. The Mountain, shows the
band at their finest with each member contributing their own personal conquering of the mountains that they have faced. Well
done Haken, you have yet to disappoint.
4The Safety Fire
Mouth of Swords

With the release of Grind the Ocean only a year ago, The Safety Fire have progressed as a band with their new album. Although
they have toned down a little, they have gained a sense of unity. The lead singer, Sean McWeeney has improved much as the
once weakest member of the band to the strongest. The general atmosphere of the record have proven to me that The Safety
Fire have much more to offer in their future works.
3The Dillinger Escape Plan
One Of Us Is The Killer

Dillinger is one of those bands that you either love or hate. I was on the hate side for quite some time, but that all changed
with this release. I gave them a fair shot and they surprised me so much, that here they are! I now enjoy most of their back
catalog and look forward to what they do next. I recommend this for those who enjoy roller coasters or those who snort
Altered State

I am going to get this out of the way, this album just clicked with me. With that out of the way, this album proves to be above
all of the bands that palm-mute (yes, don't need to say the word). The general atmosphere of the album along with new singer
Ashe O' Hare, make a wonderful couple. I believe that Tesseract have created an amazing piece of art that mesmerizes certain
listeners, such as myself. Well done Tesseract!
1The Ocean

The mere concept of this album is grand. Exploring each layer of the ocean, the music progresses and delves deeper just like
the layers do. Post-Rock, Sludge, and Prog mix together for an amazing journey that captivates the listener. Listening to this
album as a whole is recommended and a worthwhile endeavor. The Ocean have proved with their latest output that they are
worthy of album of the year.
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