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Top 50 Favourite Albums

Well, not much to say. The 50 best records I have heard (updated twice a year). By the way, I'm from Austria, so my English isn't even close to perfect. I hope there won't be too many mistakes. If you find any, let me know.
The Eminem Show

Well, he never really got to me. In fact, this is his only LP I wouldn't say is overrated. Like the Rock-sound, like the maturity in the lyrics (so much better than the Marshall Mathers LP) and even the fun tracks aren't really annoying. // Top 3: White America, Hailie's Song, Sing For The Moment // Rating: 7.5 / 10
49Sum 41
Screaming Bloody Murder

I know most people think they sucked after Dave left and Underclass Hero really wasn't more than average (maybe less). But the dark sound, the heavier guitars and all the anger remind me of Chuck with better production and, ok, some flaws. // Top 3: Jessica Kill, We're The Same, Back Where I Belong // Rating: 7.5 / 10
48Billy Talent
Billy Talent III

I really don't know why people think this is so bad. Ok, the other two parts of the trilogy are better, but there are enough great songs there to make you happy. And even if "Sudden Movements" is ridiculously bad, there aren't too many missteps. // Top 3: Saint Veronika, Devil On My Shoulder, Tears Into Wine // Rating: 7.5 / 10
47Green Day

Even if I don't really like their work in the 90's, I just have to admit this is good Pop Punk. The lyrics are mostly juvenile and there's a certain lack of energy in the songs, but somehow it works out pretty well. Still, I will never be a big fan of their pre-Warning outings. // Top 3: Longview, Basket Case, Burnout // Rating: 7.5 / 10
In Utero

There's more anger, more meaning and less production than there was on Nevermind. All things that make it better, although the raw sound can make it a bit hard to enjoy it. // Top 3: Heart Shaped Box, Rape Me, Dumb // Rating: 7.5 / 10
45 Maroon 5
It Won't Be Soon Before Long

You definitely have to listen to some cheesy ballads and strange sounding up-tempo-tracks, but in general there's enough good material from both sides (especially on the Deluxe Edition) to finally get a decent Pop record. // Top 3: Can't Stop, Story, Won't Go Home Without You // Rating: 7.5 / 10
44Fall Out Boy
From Under The Cork Tree

Pop Punk with Pop written quite big, but you have to give them credit for some great riffs ("7 Minutes In Heaven"), catchy choruses and at least a few funny lines. Even if it starts quite boring, beginning with "I've Got A Dark Alley..." it works really well. // Top 3: I've Got A Dark Alley..., 7 Minutes In Heaven, I Slept With Someone... // Rating: 7.5 / 10
43Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory

Maybe Nu-Metal wasn't something special anymore when this came out, but their pop-appeal, the duo Bennington/Shinoda and some more than good riffs make up for this. I'm one of the few thinking this isn't their best, but on the whole they haven't done too much wrong here. // Top 3: In The End, With You, One Step Closer // Rating: 7.5 / 10

A difficult record. Not all of the new ideas they put in can be really good. And besides "I Miss You" there isn't anything that is too close to perfection, but on the other hand it is their most interesting record up to date. // Top 3: I Miss You, I'm Lost Without You, Always // Rating: 7.5 / 10
41Bob Marley And The Wailers

A classic. It's THE Reggae album. Not much more to say. One or two songs are on the weaker side, but as long as there's a song like "Three Little Birds" you haven't much to complain about. // Top 3: Three Little Birds, One Love, Jamming // Rating: 7.5 /10
40Rise Against

Yeah, they move further away from Punk with every record, but there's still enough left for me to enjoy it. Especially with the dark mood in most of the songs it's better work than Appeal To Reason. Nothing here blows you away ("This Is Letting Go" is pretty close), nevertheless they've done a good job. // Top 3: This Is Letting Go, Wait For Me, Broken Mirrors // Rating: 7.5 / 10
39Sum 41
Does This Look Infected

This and Chuck is the reason why I don't think they just copied blink-182 and Green Day. The hard, raw sound, combined with some of Whibley's best lyrics and Baksh's best riffs. Still there's something missing, even if I don't really know what. // Top 3: Hyper-Insomnia-Para-Condrioid, No Brains, Still Waiting // Rating: 7.5 / 10
38The Offspring
The Offspring

The first of many Offspring-records in here. Most of you might think they sucked after Smash (maybe even before), but, even without knowing exactly why, they can do almost what they want and I still think it's damn good (don't count "When You're In Prison", "Special Delivery" or "Cruising California" in). Not surprisingly the production here is crappy, but especially when it comes to the lyrics it's some of Dexter's best work. // Top 3: Beheaded, Crossroads, I'll Be Waiting // Rating: 8 / 10
Back In Black

I really don't know what to do with this. I know, it's damn good music and Angus Young can play his guitar like almost no one else on this planet could. But somehow I just don't like it, especially after listening to Highway To Hell a year later. Anyways, I can't say it's bad. // Top 3: What Do You Do For Money, Honey, You Shook Me All Night Long, Back In Black // Rating: 8 / 10
36My Chemical Romance
I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought...

Crappy Production, strange (some might say bad) singing from Gerard Way and quite depressing lyrics. Not much, but it's enough to make this work, especially when it comes to the last ten minutes. It surely isn't the most creative record ever made, nevertheless they're good at what they do. // Top 3: Demolition Lovers, Cubicles, Our Lady Of Sorrows // Rating: 8 / 10
35The Offspring

Offspring #2: In 1992 it wasn't really special to get a little Grunge into your Punk Rock-sound and nothing here is really an improvement over their debut, except for the fact that a track like "Dirty Magic" or "No Hero" was missing three years earlier. // Top 3: Dirty Magic, No Hero, Forever And A Day // Rating: 8 / 10
Kid A

If someone asked me to describe the music on this CD, I actually had no idea how to do it. This is different, very different. And the minimalistic lyrics, the electronic sounds together with the quite apocalyptic mood work great. Actually it can be difficult to listen to this, but there's no reason not to think this is damn good music. // Top 3: Idioteque, Everything In It's Right Place, Kid A // Rating: 8 / 10
33The Cure
Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

As poppy as it get's for Robert Smith. And the variety in sound he delivers here is what makes it great. Sixteen songs are obviously too much, but there's a bunch of stand-out-tracks that make up for the few little mistakes. If he had shortened it a bit, it would be better than Disintegration in my eyes. // Top 3: Why Can't I Be You?, How Beatiful You Are..., Icing Sugar // Rating: 8 / 10
32Red Hot Chili Peppers

Kiedis sings about sex too much and there isn't a real flow in the album. Still it is great. I just can't listen to it often. Anyways, it's the Chili Peppers so nothing wrong with that. // Top 3: Road Trippin', Californication, Around The World

When you listen to this, you know, they could have done better. Bob Rocks production is great, Hetfield sounds almost as if he could sing and it begins with "Enter Sandman". But some tracks are to short, some are to slow, and "The Unforgiven" or "My Friend Of Misery" don't suit Metallica. On the other hand it's Metallica, so... // Top 3: Enter Sandman, The Struggle Within, Wherever I May Roam // Rating: 8 / 10
30Joshua Radin
We Were Here

Great debut. His whispering accompanied just by acoustic guitar and some strings just works. There isn't anything else to hear in this 40 minutes, but if he does it that well, I don't really think about that. // Top 3: What If You, Only You, Winter // Rating: 8 / 10
29Fall Out Boy
Take This To Your Grave

Not much to say about this. Decent Pop Punk with a bit more misery than blink-182, more cynicism than Green Day and a slightly harder sound than both of them. Monotonous, but damn good. Ok, you have to like those lyrics targeted at guys right in puberty, but if you listen to blink or Green Day you're used to it. // Top 3: The Pros And Cons Of Breathing, The Patron Saint Of Liars And Fakes, Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy? // Rating: 8 / 10
28The Cure

A difficult one. You can't miss the unbelievably good lyrics and the great work on drums and keyboard. But the twelve songs are more a huge mass of great music than tracks you can easily enjoy on their own. Disintegration works in it's entirety incredibly well, but the 72 minutes can be exhausting. // Top 3: Lovesong, Lullaby, Prayers For Rain // Rating: 8 / 10
27Billy Talent
Billy Talent

Their second debut (after they changed their name). And it's a good one. Strong riffs from beginning to end, mostly decent lyrics and definitely enough energy to get you on your feet. The average production and a tiny wave of boredom keep it down a bit, but this is more than enjoyable. // Top 3: Standing In The Rain, The Ex, Lies // Rating: 8 / 10
26Avril Lavigne
Under My Skin

Ok, I confess, I like her. Definitely not the strange Avril from The Best Damn Thing, but the one from her second LP. More Rock fits her quite well, not to speak of the maturity in the lyrics (at least for a nineteen year old). She doesn't hold the high level in the second half, but on average she does great work. // Top 3: My Happy Ending, Take Me Away, Fall To Pieces // Rating: 8 / 10
25The Offspring

It is so sad that "Pretty Fly" was their greatest hit. From the twelve songs on this it is the second worst (I can't stand "Pay The Man"). Everything else is the almost perfect Pop Punk-LP. Almost perfect because I wouldn't say that there is something mind-blowing going on here, but my expectations aren't that high. // Top 3: Have You Ever, Feelings, Staring At The Sun // Rating: 8 / 10
24Rise Against
The Sufferer And The Witness

They just know how to make a good Punk song with a little bit of meaning in it. In fact they know more. But they are at their best when you hear a great guitar riff, Tim McIlraths strong voice and their complaints about the oh so bad politicians or them calling out a revolution. // Top 3: Chamber The Cartridge, Survive, Behind Closed Doors // Rating: 8.5 / 10
23Green Day
American Idiot

Well, I'm quite surprised this major shift turned out to be so good for them. The whole Rock opera thing works great. Mostly because they don't completely dismiss their Punk roots and give us tracks like "American Idiot" or "St. Jimmy". But even the ballads fit in nicely and even tough they try to force big sound at times, there's a bunch of awesome material. // Top 3: American Idiot, Jesus Of Suburbia, St. Jimmy // Rating: 8.5 / 10
22The Offspring
Ixnay On The Hombre

The perfect balance between funny songs like "Cool To Hate" and the more serious tone in "Amazed" or "Change The World". After the in my eyes a bit boring Smash (yeah, I really mean that) there's no place for something like this in here. Too many different directions they go into. Every song sounds fresh, even if they never get back to the level of the beginning. // Top 3: The Meaning Of Life, Amazed, Change The World
21System Of A Down

I know this too long to not like it. I'm not a huge fan of their music, but somehow they managed to do very much very right here. You just can't ignore tracks like "Chop Suey!", "A.T.W.A." or "Toxicity". They are too good. // Top 3: Chop Suey!, A.T.W.A., Science
20Maroon 5
Hands All Over

Yeah, nobody likes them, I get it. But obviously they hit one of my weak spots with those cheesy lyrics, the cheap keyboard sounds and Levine annoying high voice. Or they simply are good, but that's not my call. Anyway, for a Pop record this is more than just good, at least if you don't have the version with "Moves Like Jagger". // Top 3: Runaway, Stutter, Never Gonna Leave This Bed // Rating: 8.5 / 10
19 3 Feet Smaller
December 32nd

Austrian Pop Punk. No one here knows them, which is quite good, because most people would dismiss it as being generic and old. But I like the diversity in sound and the voice of the singer. // Top 3: Vertigo, Tonight, Faintheart
18Rise Against
Siren Song Of The Counter Culture

Their best one. Don't know why, it just is. Everything is a bit harder than on their later works, still better produced than their first two LP's and therefore it sound great. The drums are fast and hard, the guitars sound quite heavy and McIlrath's voice fits in perfect. Enough for me. // Top 3: Paper Wings, Swing Life Away, Anywhere But Here
17Flogging Molly

I am not into Celtic Punk, so I really can't compare it to any other band, but I like the hard riffs, I like the great sound the violin brings in and I definitely like the personal lyrics in most of these tracks. To make it even better, Dave King's voice is the best you could possibly get for such a band. // Top 3: Selfish Man, Devil's Dance Floor, Black Friday Rule // Rating: 8.5 / 10
Enema Of The State

A Pop Punk classic. I don't think there's much to add to what people already know. Travis Barker is one of the best drummers I know (maybe even the best), the duo DeLonge/Hoppus as singers works quite nicely and that Tom is a great guitarist isn't really new either. All these "I don't know what to do with a girl"-lyrics can be annoying at times, but mostly it works. // Top 3: Adam's Song, Dumpweed, Dysentery Gary // Rating: 8.5 / 10
15Red Hot Chili Peppers
By The Way

What makes this special in the already good RHCP discography is the great laid back sound. Maybe some fans miss the energy that was so important on earlier outings, but they obviously don't need it. Especially when the lyrics are so much better than they were on Californication and they experiment with so many different sounds. // Top 3: Dosed, Don't Forget Me, Venice Queen // Rating: 8.5 / 10
14Joshua Radin

After the disappointing The Rock And The Tide it's good to hear he is back at his best. He obviously has a better feeling for the right instrumentation than on his debut and for the best way to not bore his fans. It's enough diversity on this record to make it more than just enjoyable. // Top 3: The Greenest Grass, So Long Sunshine, The Willow // Rating: 9 / 10
Reise, Reise

Well, I sure know a lot of people hate them and I'm not their biggest fan myself. But with they're slow departure from Industrial Metal to a more Alternative Rock sound the came very close to their second perfect album. There's something for almost everyone. The old Metal tracks, a Pop ballad, a little Blues-sound and, on the whole, less disturbing lyrics. // Top 3: Moskau, Amour, Ohne Dich // Rating: 9 / 10
12 Jimi D.
Fisherman's Son

They don't even know this guy here in Austria, let alone anywhere else, but he is just great. Somewhere between Reggae, Ska and Folk with a great voice and some of the most relaxing songs you will ever hear. // Top 3: Feel That Rain, Hide My Heart Away, I Wonder // Rating: 9 / 10
Master Of Puppets

If this wouldn't be so exhausting at times, I'm sure it would be in the Top 5. I don't think Trash Metal can get any better than it is here. There's just not much to criticise here. Sure, James Hetfield isn't the best singer, but he and Kirk Hammett are an unbelievably great guitar duo, not to forget drum-god Lars Ulrich. What's there left to say? If you want Metal, that's the way to go. // Top 3: Master Of Puppets, Battery, Welcome Home (Sanitarium) // Rating: 9 / 10
Highway To Hell

I think, 80% of this album's quality comes from Angus Young. It is really unbelievable what insanely great riffs there are in the title track or "Beating Around The Bush" or, or, or. You could list all the songs. Therefore it isn't really important that "Mutt" Lange's production is great, that Bon Scott is at his best and the lyrics are way better than those from Back In Black. But it still helps. // Top 3: Beating Around The Bush, Highway To Hell, Touch Too Much // Rating: 9 / 10
Automatic For The People

If there's one R.E.M. record you almost must like, it's this one. But, to be honest, I have almost no idea why. It's just... great. Damn great. From beginning to end. The only track I think is a weakness would be "Star Me Kitten". Except for that it's plain and simple awesome. // Top 3: Nightswimming, Drive, The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight // Rating: 9 / 10
8Linkin Park

As good as Nu-Metal gets. It's the perfect follow-up to Hybrid Theory. Everything that was good on their debut is here, just even better. There definitely isn't a huge difference between the both, but there is no need for that. And by the way, "Breaking The Habit" is in fact the best song I've ever heard. // Top 3: Breaking The Habit, Don't Stay, Faint // Rating: 9 / 10
7The Beatles

I don't have to say anything here, do I? // Top 3: Tomorrow Never Knows, For No One, Taxman // Rating: 9.5 / 10
6My Chemical Romance
The Black Parade

Sure, most people don't like them, because of their melodramatic Appearance and all the singing 'bout death. But it works nicely. They do almost everything right here, although one thing or the other might be over the top. Still, a Rock opera like this shouldn't be dismissed as crap so fast. // Top 3: House Of Wolves, This Is How I Disappear, Welcome To The Black Parade // Rating: 9.5 / 10
5The Offspring
Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace

I can almost hear all the laughs of the Smash fans right now. Yeah, almost no one likes it. But I do. It is their "darkest" (can't use the word for an Offspring-album, but still) and most diverse album. That works out quite well for me. Sure, it isn't completely flawless, but even the low points aren't really bad in my eyes. And to give you a further reason to get angry, my favourite Offspring-song is "Kristy, Are You Doing Okay". // Top 3: Kristy,... , Takes Me Nowhere, You're Gonna Go Far, Kid // Rating: 9.5 / 10
4Billy Talent
Billy Talent II

Simply perfect Alt Rock. A bit screaming here, a catchy chorus there, an insane riff. I think that's enough. Especially if this comes along in almost every track. There's no flaw, there's actually nothing to complain about. // Top 3: This Suffering, Surrender, The Navy Song // Rating: 9.5 / 10
3Sum 41

Their little trip into the Metal genre worked insanely well. I can't think of any other album, with depression and anger feeling so real and believable like here (many will point to Disintegration, but not for me). It's definitely THEIR best album, if it is more is everyone's own decision, but for me this is out of question. // Top 3: Angels With Dirty Faces, I'm Not The One, Noots // Rating: 10 / 10

It's so hard to hold the level, if the first song of the record is called "Tired Of Sex", but they really make it. No, it's not one sensational song after the other. Nevertheless the album really has no weak spot (even if I myself don't really like "El Scorcho"). And thanks to Cuomos Lyrics it's not just musically great, the mix of really depressing lines and a bit gallows humor fits perfect too. // Top 3: Tired Of Sex, Butterfly, Why Bother // Rating: 10 / 10

I will never be able to explain this strange choice as a number one on this list. But, honestly, there aren't any flaws except for the silly "Rein, Raus". Some great lyrics (yeah, I know what you think right now), incredible riffs, Lindemanns deep voice and the perfect use of a keyboard on a metal album. At least for me. // Top 3: Ich Will, Adios, Hallelujah // Rating: 10 / 10
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