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Favorite Vocalists

some favorite vocalists, yeah
1Andrew Jackson Jihad
People Who Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People

Sounds like a skinny white guy playing on the street.
2The Antlers

I wish I had this guy's voice, all I would have to do is sing and I could get any bitch I want.
Severed Survival

Chris Reifert sounds like a fucking madman being tortured.
Give Blood

He just yells at the top of his lungs, and it sounds awesome. Lots of energy.
5Built to Spill
There's Nothing Wrong With Love

There's a childish wonder in Doug's imperfect singing voice and lyrics.

7Dinosaur Jr.
You're Living All Over Me

J. Mascis is not a good singer, at all. He's constantly off key, but it's almost as if he's just singing that way because he doesn't give enough fucks to even try. Sounds slacker as fuck.
8The Gaslight Anthem
The 59 Sound

His voice is powerful and rough, and conveys a lot of emoshun.
9Iron & Wine
The Creek Drank the Cradle

His style is very whispery. Some of the most relaxing shit I've ever heard.
10Iron Maiden

Epic and operatic, his vocals are catchy as fuck.
De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

One of the most unique voices in black metal, or music in general. Fucking psychotic.
12Mazzy Star
So Tonight That I Might See

Sounds like something you might hear in a hazy dream.
13Neutral Milk Hotel
Ferris Wheel On Fire

Some people think Mangum is a bad singer, but fucking how? I must be tone deaf or something because I rarely hear him go off key, and I think is voice is quite pleasant. He doesn't have the greatest singing voice but it's distinct and can be very powerful when he's yelling out his lyrics with a lot of emoshun.
Slanted and Enchanted

Like Mascis, Stephen Malkmus seems to give very few fucks and sings off key a lot, but his voice has a lot of personality and it fits the feeling of laziness that saturates this album.
The Scepter of the Ancients

UHH...EHH...AHH AHH, EYY EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH. Matthew Chalk was a very unique death metal vocalist. He did a lot of weird shit. Too bad he isn't with the band anymore, they would be a lot better off. The new vocalist sucks dick, he basically has a mid-range metalcore scream and he wears out his welcome quickly.

Agent Orange

Sodom was very influential on the black metal scene. The vocals are snarling and hateful, and Angelripper's newer style is more of an in-your-face yell with some raspy parts. Still awesome.
Effigy of the Forgotten

Frank the Tank has never matched the brutality of the performance he put out for this record.
Watching From a Distance

Fucking depressing.
20Wye Oak
The Knot

"It?s soft and fragile, yet smoky and dangerous." A description of her vocals from a review on this website. Agreed.
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