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Discog Log vol. N+1

Just to keep track of the discogs I listen to outside of my binge lists. Vol. N+1 because there are lawd knows how many volumes I need to write up retrospectively

Started 07/12/2020
Done 16/02/2022 =====

Took me way too long to finish this because I wanted to have all the soundoffs ready before jamming the last EP. A band whose earlier period I prefer owing to the sheer amount of fun and innovation they display, whilst their later stuff feels a bit like milking whatever dusty recordings they had on the shelf and jamming random covers rather than fully fledged LPs. They don't have any album I'd call a 5/5 but this is without doubt an essential band for anyone ever so slightly broader sense punk-inclined.

Keepers: hard to select but I'd say Paranoid Time, Joy, and Buzz or Howl on the EPs side, and the first three LPs on the full length side. Plus loads on playlists of course
2Jessie Ware

Started 01/02/2021
Done 11/03/2021 ======

Her early discog is ripe with ideas, but the albums feel like they are torn apart between a lot of genres and directions, and feel a bit erratic as a whole. On the basis of that I was about dubitative about the hype over What's You Pleasure, but boy was I wrong. The album is a huge disco jam, and the others pale so much in comparison that I don't know that I'd call any of them keepers now. Maybe the debut?

Keepers: What's Your Pleasure, Devotion maybe?
3Inca Ore
Birthday Of Bless You

Started 02/02/2021
Done 09/02/2021 ======

Honestly a bit of a disappoint. I discovered her through the split with Grouper (of course), but I find that her brand of deranged, erratic noisy droney music only really works as part of a larger record like on the Grouper split, whereas as the primary constitutive element of her solo albums I find it a bit boring as it feels more like idea sketches than fully structured music. The only exception is Birthday of Bless You which is by far and away her best imo, as it mixes the noisy stuff with ambient vocals and other things to form a compelling whole. Also the LP with Heavy Winged is dope. Perhaps I should explore her split records a little further

Birthday of Bless You
Ring Mining (with Heavy Winged)
Split (with Grouper)
44 Bonjour's Parties
Okapi Horn

Started 03/02/2021
Done 16/02/2021 ======

Not my favourite band in the world but a nice find still when it comes to cutsie soft indie folk stuff with lots of chimes and bells n whistles and other diverse instrumentation. The Okapy alb felt a lot more engaging and reminded me of Takk a bit.

Keepers: Okapi's horn
5Life on Venus

Started 07/02/2021
Done 09/02/2021 ======

See dream pop binge vol. 1 for blurb

Departure EP
6John Coltrane

Started 23/04/2020 (lol)
Done 20/06/2022 =====

Coltrane is a giant, this surprises no one, and that status is more than well earned. Countless lines have been written about his music, and I am not going to attempt summarizing his career in a single paragraph; I'll just say I did not go through all his collab records, only his own. I probably should but there's so much there already!

Blue Train
Coltrane Time (aka Cecil Taylor - Stereo Drive)
Giant Steps
My Favorite Things
Coltrane (1962, Impulse)
The John Coltrane Quartet Plays
A Love Supreme
Kulu Se Mama
First Meditations (For Quartet)
Live at Birdland
Creation (maybe)
The Olatunji Concert
+ countless tracks

Started 01/06/2020 (lol)
Dreams of the Carrion Kind

Started 08/02/2021
Done 04/03/2021 ======

Fairly run-of-the-mill 90s dm in classic style, but executed very well with some truly excellent and groovy riffage. Like I said in my soundoff for Dreams of a Carrion Kind though, I feel like the band had untapped potential with sounds that reach beyond regular 90s dm in the intro and outro tracks, and I wish they explored a bit more of that to find a signature sound instead of being the genre well executed but a bit too by the book for me.

Keepers: mmh not really I don't think, LP is worth it for any dm appreciator though
Arctic Thunder

Started 30/09/2020
Done 01/03/2021 ======

A legendary band which will warrant me a couple crucifixions for my ratings (except, would that be trve?), but for which I really found more often than not that the name and brand did more for the albums than the music itself. True, the earlier stuff and the black trilogy especially is really cool and of historical importance. True, I admire a band just playing what they want and not what's expected of them, and if they want to have fun playing with genres they revere all the best to them. But for the most part I just found it ok, with lots of aspects that aren't too Bedexcore, but there's always a good riff to save the day.

Keepers: not as many as I'd have thought - the black trilogy, Ravishing Grimness, Sardonic Wrath maybe? Most of the other albums I might rejam once or twice but not spin often yknow
Unwound (1993)

Started 09/02/2021
Different Shade of Beauty

Started 10/02/2021
Done 23/10/2021 ======

Keepers: maybe none, maybe the debut, TBD

See dream pop binge vol. 1 for blurb
12The Sound

Started 16/02/2021
Done 26/05/2021 =====

13The Names

Started 04/02/2021

Reminder to check their stuff that isn't in the db
14Northern Picture Library

Started 19/02/2021
Done 05/05/2021 =====

See dream pop binge vol. 1 for blurb

Keepers: none
Slow Dance

Started 01/03/2021
Done 13/04/2021 =====

I was a bit disappointed by Slow Dance which I thought would continue the upward trend of teh other two records I heard, but nonetheless Aseul offers a nice blend of RnB, dream pop, ambient, 'electronica' in the vaguest sense, and whilst none of the albums are legendary or revolutionary records they are certainly a nice listen.

Keepers: Asobi, New Pop
16Maeror Tri
Yearning for the Secret of Nature

Started 09/03/2021

Probably not going to be a full discog run yet bcs it's long and there is a paucity of streaming options for it but hey
17Alpha Wann
don dada mixtape vol. 1

Started 09/03/2021
Done 07/02/2022 =====

Undoubtedly one of the best and most interesting French rappers out there. I love his class and flair, his lyrical game is outstanding (phonetically at least), and he often features on excellently produced instrumentals with a smokey, rich atmosphere. UMLA is one of the best modern French rap records and some of his other tracks scattered elsewhere are also excellent. That being said, I do feel like he would need better constructed, shorter albums with a bit less of a mixtape feeling and a bit fewer skrrt skrrt yee yee chorus tropisms for me to even start to consider 5ing his stuff like el dedehermano does. These issues remain rare though and there is much much worse out there, Alpha really is quality.

Keepers: UMLA, I'd probably keep the rest to playlists more than full records
18Dark Millennium
Ashore the Celestial Burden

Started 10/03/2021
Done 18/06/2021 =====

On the whole, not a band that managed to convince me. They do have some great moments here and there with some fun tones and cool ideas in a variety of ways, but the bulk of it is very meh, slow-paced, and not that entertaining whilst remaining fine for the most part. There are cringy bits at times but they are equally as scarce as the good bits.

Keepers: none
Basal Ganglia

Started 10/03/2021
Done 25/03/2021 ======
Solo effort by Javier from AAL, and if you like the genres he's touched before Mestis is resolutely worth a check. I feel like his personal style becomes increasingly prominent with each record, the latest one really not feeling like an AAL sidekick at all any longer. So while none of the albums really made it to sort of 4+ territory, I'm excited to see his future output.

Keepers: playlists-wise, bits and bops of all the records; but album-wise, just Eikasa probably
Premiere Fois

Started 16/03/2021
Done 13/04/2021 =====

Sweet little French rnb discog. I prefer the lighter, poppy summery tracks over the trappier ones. The former category offers nice playlist material, the latter is frankly forgettable, but neither of the currently available records struck me on the whole.

Keepers: some tracks for playlists, but the records aren't keepers overall imo
21Ash Borer
2009 Demo

Started 16/03/2021
Done 05/05/2021 =====

An excellent atmoblack band that will remain high on my list of releases to watch despite a last album that was a bit disappointing and struggled taking a new direction for them. The demo, debut LP, and sophomore EP/LP are all excellent though and I am only not putting them all as keepers because the records often shine mostly in their explosive bm sections but do struggle in between, which the debut handled best undoubtedly.

Keepers: Ash Borer s/t, 2009 demo, maybe Cold of Ages.
Scrolls of the Megilloth

Started 18/03/2021
Done 30/06/2022 =====

At best, reasonably well crafted, passable generic dm with fairly good vocals, music that's fine to listen to but that would be interchangeable with a lot of other records, or replaceable with a lot of better records; at worst, and for the most part, fairly boring stuff that just makes time pass. Rarely bad I will concede, but I also only checked their top 3 best rated albums, which is worrisome I guess.

Keepers: none for me
23Xiu Xiu
Chapel of the Chimes

Started 25/03/2021
Lingua Franca

Started 26/05/2021
Done 26/05/2021 =====

One album disco so see the soundoff, but long story short this is cool djenty jazz fusion that is well worth your while if you like jazz fusion.

Keepers: Lingua Franca

Started 05/04/2021
Done 05/04/2021 =====

Single album discog so cf my soundoff, but CHECK THIS this is super fun bubbly summery Belgian pop

Keepers: Brol
The Rolling, Driftless North

Started 05/04/2021
Done 27/04/2021 =====

See dream pop binge vol. 1 for blurb.

Keepers: none I think because the vocals are very consistent at annoying/boring me, but if I had to keep one it would be After Fillmore County.
27Giorgio Moroder
From Here to Eternity

Started 13/04/2021
Excerpts From a Future Past

Started 17/04/2021
Done 16/05/2021 =====


ok but this band is graet and I will be following their future output for sure, though I found the second album a bit less engaging than the first on one listen

Keepers: Excerpts from a Future Past

Started 17/04/2021
Født til å Herske

Started 18/04/2021
Done 05/12/2021 =====

Only listened up to The Stargate, as it is my understanding that starting with The Smell of Rain, Mortiis' style shifted significantly and I am not sure that will be what I was looking for with this discog run. This is a powerful and historically important DS discog, but I do find that the earlier albums have a lot of problems that are somewhat disruptive to the immersion, chiefly excessive repetition and re-use of melodies. The albums that do that the least are my three favourites below, and those ones really do take you on a grand mental adventure. You can tell they came in later in the discog. Very good for those looking for a soundtrack to their goblin killing quests.

Keepers: Ånden Som Gjorde Opprør, Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent, The Stargate
31Kekht Arakh
Pale Swordsman

Started 18/04/2021
Done 06/05/2021 =====

Excellent raw lo-fi oldschoolish bm that works particularly well in the calmer sections but also offers fantastic explosions - a great garas find and a keeper for sure.

Keepers: both LPs
32Dead Moon
In The Graveyard

Started 22/04/2021
Done 16/05/2021 =====

More of a relic of what the underground Oregon scene may have looked like at the time than a band worth jamming today imo. I at least stopped at the first two LPs, which were enough to see that this is a band that is massively hindered by its whiny vocals and poor album construction. Some of their more punkish songs are really cool, but the vox ruin it, and some of the slower whinier songs are borderline unbearable. A band that is at most passable and at worst very annoying, without I think a single track that I'd want to jam again, although some I wouldn't mind. They did have a very cool aesthetic though I'll give them that. Nice shirt Liz

Keepers: none
33Lanterns on the Lake
The Realist

Started 03/05/2021
34Maurice Ravel
Valses nobles et sentimentales

Started 04/05/2021

Started 06/05/2021
Done 10/05/2021 =====

Tiny little two album discog for a band that is broadly neo-soul but stretches way past that, especially in LP1. I definitely owe LP1 a second listen because I wasn't paying attention to it, but it felt like a nice playlisty album, whilst LP2 felt stronger overall although with room for improvement. If they release something else I'll gladly jam it because this really could be a great band!

Keepers: potentially both Quadron and Avalanche, I haven't fully decided yet whether this is a band for playlists only or if I want to keep one or both of the albs. Will see with relistens m/
36You're Sister

Started 11/05/2021
Done 13/05/2021 =====

A short'n'sweet lo fi ambient indie folk sort of discog, rec courtesy of resident staffer robsona. This is a discog with a few great songs to keep, but the current albums are not quite keepers yet on the whole. I will be checking her future output though because the next ones may be keepers, and even if they aren't I'm sure they'll have some playlisty songs in them.

Keepers: none yet, but let's see what the future holds I'm sure there'll be some!
37Agnes Obel

Started 13/05/2021
Done 27/05/2021 =====


Started 13/05/2021
39Deathspell Omega

Started 15/05/2021
Already checked lots of bits and bops from them but I want to do a proper run
40Twin Shadow

Started 20/05/2021
La Planète Inexplorée

Started 22/05/2021
Done 23/10/2021 =====

So far the band hasn't topped their outstanding KEXP performance on record imo, but they still have lots of talent on display and a relatively unique and recognisable sound that is quite trippy and makes you travel places. It feels like their discog is just a build up to them finding the sweet spot with Ummon, which frankly eclipses the mostly 'nice' stuff they released before it. Ummon really reminds me of a stoner /psych rock version of an Ozric Tentacles, and I'm not even sure I would jam it all that often given this, but for 'Ummon' alone I can convince myself to put it as a keeper.

Keepers: Ummon
42New Order

Started 23/05/2021

Don't forget the joint alb with joy division
43Tokyo Shoegazer

Started 24/05/2021
44Silvana Estrada
Primeras Canciones

Started 19/06/2021
Done 20/06/2021 =====

A wee discog from a young Mexican artist which shows excellent maturity and depth in songwriting, though some elements keep the records within upper 3.5 range and no more. Some of her songs are already quite delightful and I think she might have great surprises in store for us in the future if she manages to keep her records more focused and fluid all the way through. Edit: she did release an LP which is a lot more focused and it is quite good! check it out

Keepers: Primeras Canciones, Lo Sagrado, the LP
Doe or Die

Started 20/06/2021
Done 12/10/2021 =====

Cool classic 90s East Coast hip-hop with some great tracks and a surprisingly recognisable voice from those like two verses I know him from on Illmatic. His delivery tends to fatigue over the course of long albums, and whilst both the albums I checked begin very strongly they do struggle to keep me engaged til the end. They are both great, and perhaps it'll be worth skimming through his later output to find other great tracks, but also I highly doubt I'll find an absolute top tier hip-hop alb in his discog as I fail to see the issues I mentioned being resolved. Looks like the latest alb might be good idk.

Keepers: Doe or Die, Pieces of a Man
46Laura Murcia

Started 21/06/2021
Done 21/06/2021 =====

She only has a two tracker EP from 2017 and a bunch of singles that were re-released lumped together on bandcamp, but I sure hope she releases another EP or full-length soon because I really enjoy her pure music. Lovely Mexican song that'll fill my playlists and hopefully produce more keeper records.

Keepers: Cassette (probably the bandcamp version to have all the singles, unless she includes them on a future record?)
47Sofia Valdes

Started 26/06/2021
Done 26/06/2021 =====

Also a single EP discog, but the record is extremely lovely lush summery pop with soul vibes, perfect for lazy late afternoons, by a Panama-born young artist with quite an interesting journey to her. Looking forward to her future releases for sure.

Keepers: Ventura
Tako Tsubo

Started 10/09/2021
Done 19/02/2022 =====

A band whose space funk, steampunk, 50s sci-fi French touch pop sound and aesthetic I adore, which released quite a number of bops that are instant playlist goers, but that - to the exception of Odyssée and maybe its acoustic version - is yet to deliver an all-round outstanding record. They just seem to stay a bit shy in their funk pop explosiveness/goodness, and so their records are largely less boppy than they could be - to the benefit of atmosphere I'll concede -, which is particularly prominent on Tako Tsubo. One to watch for sure though.

Keepers: Odyssée plus loads of playlist tracks
49Lucy Gooch

Started 13/09/2021
Done 14/09/2021 =====

A miniature discog of heavily vocal based ambient. I think her style is inspiring and could really work well for some intros/intro tracks on longer record, and I see potential here, even though I don't think the variety of the EPs as they stand would suffice to extend to a full length. We'll see where she goes next!

Keepers: none yet
50Alexander Scriabin
2 Poèmes, Op.32

Started 13/09/2021

Started 15/09/2021
Done 25/09/2021 =====

A small discography from a cool German little indie pop outfit. Instrumentally full full of ideas and nice synths in which I see a lot of potential, but the vocals just rarely cut it from me, and so the overall result is a bit frustrating. We'll see what they come up with next, as they do have the talent to make something great.

Keepers: none
52Joy Division
Unknown Pleasures

Started 19/09/2021
Done 05/11/2021 =====

Undeniably a legendary band with a powerful aura and an immensely sad story, but also an outright great band of its own, although I do think the former aspect slightly overinflates the latter. Both LPs are great, but neither reaches 4.5 status for me, let alone 5.0. Again their historical importance and aura is undeniable though. I enjoyed the LPs, and honestly punk Joy Division in their earlier stuff was quite a good band too.

Keepers: both LPs, Love Will Tear Us Apart single, maybe An Ideal For Living EP, not really the Warsaw LP.
53Quiet Sun

Started 26/09/2021
Done 26/09/2021 =====

Single album discog so see soundoff, but basically a cool 70s prog rock album that I don't really find worth keeping bcs I can find countless cool 70s prog albums and some are better, though this one isn't bad at all.

Keepers: none
So Long, Scarecrow

Started 26/09/2021
Done 25/10/2021 =====

See dream pop binge vol. 1 for blurb.

Keepers: none
55Wolves in the Throne Room
Diadem of 12 Stars

Started 30/09/2021
Done 02/09/2022 =====

Well, the show I was prepping for got cancelled so this took a while, but I'm glad I completed their discog nonetheless. With this band my taste is very basic: like everybody I tend to prefer their first two albums and their return to that sound with Primordial Arcana. Aside from the first two, they always feel like a band who edge on greatness, but always have something holding them up, whether it be uniqueness to the hard sections or album construction or else. Their interlude passages are consistently good though. Will still follow their output for sure, and would love to eventually catch them live goddarnitrwefwg3r

Keepers: Diadem of 12 Stars, Two Hunters, maybe PA
56Alexia Avina

Started 08/10/2021
Done 15/10/2021 =====

See dream pop binge vol. 2. Honestly her first couple LPs miiiight have been keepers, but Unearth is so clearly stronger imo that it trumps them and takes the keeper title away from them.

Keepers: Unearth
57Hiatus Kaiyote
Mood Valiant

Started 08/10/2021
Done 28/19/2021 =====

HK have been with me for years, and whilst their latest was not my favourite they sure will remain in my roster for many years to come. Incredible songwriting abilities and I am so wanting to see them live goshdarnit! Contrary to what I recalled the debut is probably the only one of their records I would consider ditching, but man you can't get rid of Nakamarra can you and a lot of the cool stuff isn't on Live in Revolt so you'd be missing out.

Keepers: all 3 LPs and Live in Revolt
Glow On

Started 14/09/2021
Done 13/11/2021 =====

Checked the excelllent, very fun and Refused-esque GLOW ON upon a trusty dedebro recommendation, and did them a discog run. GLOW ON is clearly their magnum opus so far. They started in straightforward but fun hxc, and gradually added substance, quality and influences to that base mix with every record - meaning the latest is the best. They do have some james sprinkled through their prior discog though.

Keepers: GLOW ON, Time & Space probably too

Started 11/10/2021
Done 14/04/2022 =====

Recommendation from sir Aberf. I cannot say this band does anything for me, and their music ranges from barely passable to utterly skippable. The main culprit are the vocals which really do not click with me, but there's also not much else from an instrmental standpoint to push me to suffer through them. I dont think they are inherently bad, but it's just not a band for me.

Keepers: none
60Nuclear Assault
Game Over

Started 09/10/2021
Done 05/03/2022 =====

By far and away not the worst thrash band in the world. They aren't too cringe, riff good, and make short albums that don't give you headaches. And if I wanted a couple well made but not so special otherwise angry thrash tracks, anything from the debut or Handle With Care would be safe picks. They just never seem to have an edge or interesting element beyond 'well made thrash' for me to grow fond of them.

Keepers: for a fan of thrash, the debut and Handle with Care, for me, nothing
A Peu Pres

Started 12/10/2021
Done 23/10/2021 =====

An artist I like a lot, but whose LPs I like perhaps less. I really enjoy her glittery pop songs, but she only has a few of them scattered across EP1 and LP1. The second LP abandons that side of her music almost completely, and the many, many bonus tracks only help slightly. Yet I do like her voice and aesthetic, and will be following her future output for sure, but at present she is mostly a playlist artist for me and not so much a record artist.

Keepers: A Peu Pres, mayyybee the debut EP but not really
62Miel De Montagne
Miel De Montagne

Started 14/10/2021
Done 30/10/2021 =====

Lovely little discog of relaxed, lazy afternoon ?French synth pop with almost a dream pop feel. Never outstanding or amazing, but quite consistently good, with lots of songs to keep. I do kind of wish they bopped a little harder and more explosively, but that is just personal taste and they do the relaxed vibe quite well. I'll happily jam their future stuff to see where they go.

Keepers: Miel de Montagne, possibly the EP but I think one LP is enough Miel de Montagne for my library for now? Also I much prefer the LP art m/
63Yoriko Ichinomiya
Tango renka

Started 26/10/2021
Done 29/10/2021 =====

LP1 has cool ideas and is respectable but isn't quite my cuppa. LP2 is largely bad and is ruined for me by vocals that remind me of a crossbreed between Xiuxiu and Demis Roussos but in female version. Not one for me.

Keepers: none
64Polo and Pan

Started 26/10/2021
Done 12/02/2022 =====

A band which makes for select excellent tracks, with a nicely recognisable style, but also tends to make overlong bloated albums that feel like they can't be the target of full attention, but would work well as semi background. I really like their stuff, but equally I doubt I'd jam any of the three current albums in full ever again, unless it's in hte background of some activity - they really feel like a mostly playlist band when it comes to hardly focused listening.

Keepers: playlist tracks
65Moon Kissed
I’d Like to Tell You Something Important

Started 28/10/2021
Done 03/11/2021 =====

Small discog showing lots of potential for some cool synthy, kinda rock at times pop that can be plain fun, but is imo yet to release a fully realised album that truly makes them shine.

Keepers: I'd Like To Tell You Something Important maybe if I dig it on second listen.
66Depeche Mode
Music for the Masses

Started 30/10/2021
67The Boo Radleys
Ichabod And I

Started 30/10/2021
6 Feet Deep

Started 02/11/2021
Done 02/11/2021 =====

Only jammed the landmark album so see blurb.

Keepers: 6 Feet Deep
69Case Studies
The World Is Just A Shape To Fill The Night

Started 05/11/2021
Done 23/11/2021 =====

First album has quite a few nice folk songs that aren't utterly outstanding but do set a mood; second album has mostly dull songs and a couple of better ones that reach okay levels. From the dates of their releases it doesn't seem like there'll be much output in the future, but I probably would check it because this wasn't bad.

Keepers: maybe The World is Just a Shape
70French 79

Started 05/11/2021
Done 17/05/2022 =====

Finely crafted but ultimately instantly forgettable electro house type stuff with a couple songs that will fit the playlists but otherwise neither meat nor potatoes to speak of really.

Keepers: none
71Phoebe Bridgers
Stranger in the Alps

Started 06/11/2021
Done 15/08/2022 =====

Listened to 90% of the discog within a couple weeks, and then I left the last little Christmas EP drag along for half a year. A pretty good indie folk artist that really never wowed me. She's good, but something about her word focused delivery makes me think I would appreciate her music a lot more were I interested in paying attention to lyrics. Although I can really appreciate individual songs, on longer format I just get out of it quickly. As it stands there's hardly a single record of hers I'm thinking of coming back to. Strangers in the Alps seemed clearly the most consistent to me tho, and I did say in my soundoff I owed it a relisten.

Keepers: none I think, but I do owe SitA a relisten.
72Vice Versa (UK)
8 Aspects Of

Started 07/11/2021
Done 09/11/2021 =====

A band whose music does nothing for me. All I hear is bleep bloops and random vocals, that sometimes coalesce into something vaguely okay, mostly does nothing I care for, and sometimes gets really annoying. I'll still check ABC because it looks like they changed a lot, but as Vice Versa they didn't make a single track I'd want to keep in my library, let alone a whole record.

Keepers: none.
The Seduction

Started 10/11/2021
Done 24/02/2022 =====

A unique, really really cool band that I recommend anyone with an experimental/jazz/post-punk inclination should check the keepers of (i.e. the list below). Their crazy sound, fun jazzy bass, unusual vocals, and whole aesthetic is really something I thoroughly enjoyed discovering. Sure, LP2 gets a little too weirdcore for me, and I don't feel they really have a completely stunning record I could call a 5.0, but their stuff is still hugely worth checking. A sweet sput-obscure gem. Not 100% sure I jammed everything by them because their discog is weirdly spread across different compilations and singles and it's all not very clear.

Keepers: first EP, first LP (actually if you see their compilation version it's quite nice too as it adds a couple good tracks that aren't on either), and Completement Nue Au Soleil EP are the essentials I'd say
74Monuments Collapse
Monuments Collapse

Started 29/10/2021
Done 08/11/2021 =====

Started this because of the split with Breag Naofa, which turned out to be by far their best work, as the LP's first track is fairly meh, though the second improves a lot on it. Kinda wish they continued their career because they frankly have excellent moments and a great vocalist, but alas afaik they haven't released anything since 2013, the year they released both the LP and the split, so I have low hopes there'll be any further output to follow.

Keepers: maybe the split with Breag Naofa, but really I think not as there are lots of similar post-metal out there on more consistent records. Still might return to it every now and then
75Helena Deland
Drawing Room

Started 10/11/2021
Done 13/01/2022 =====

A nice discog that shows a fair bit of variety and prowess in different genres. Whilst her music is in majority some variation of indie folk, Helena does show traces of more pop/dream pop stuff, or even RnB in some of the EP tracks or on the Hildegard project where she is featured. I do think she is yet to realise a really strong record because she is looking into different directions, and because the main direction so far is indie folk where it is difficult to be remarkable; but I also think she easily has such a record in her.

Keepers: not sure but I'd give a chance to her whole solo discog probably; Hildegard feels more like a keep a few songs for playlists and that's it sort of album.
Happy Songs For Happy Zombies

Started 15/11/2021
77Gang of Four

Started 19/11/2021

Started 22/11/2021
79Igor Stravinsky
L'Oiseau de feu "The Firebird"

Started 30/11/2021
80Giacinto Scelsi
Natura Renovatur

Started 15/01/2022
Done 11/08/2022 =====

To be honest there are a few more pieces that have >1 vote and are rated rather highly, but I really feel like I have had enough Scelsi for now. His music can be visceral and potently horrifying or blood chilling, which is great, but the issue is he rarely manages to captivate me more than a few minutes, and generally past 20 min I am ready for the pieces to be over. Natura Renovatur is the one I most enjoyed and it was quite good I will concede (though the whole CD is overlong), but is that just because it was my first one of his?

Keepers: maybe the t/t of Natura Renovatur, nothing else I think
81Natalia Lafourcade
Un Canto por México‚ Vol․ 2

Started 02/12/2021

How have I not discog'd her yet
82For Against

Started 11/12/2021
Done 03/04/2022 =====

Their debut is kinda cool, showing a nice blend of synthy post punk with dreamy, lazy soft vocals, but it's like with every record they lose a little more of their willingness to try and vary up the songs. The tracks all blend into the same, soft but okay thing, and their quite monotonous vocals don't help. The only saving grace is the EP which has some synthpop elements, but after the debut and the first three track on LP2 there isn't really much else to this band who seem to have grown tired very quickly into their kareer.

Keepers: Echelons maybe
83Shabaka and the Ancestors
Wisdom of Elders

Started 21/12/2021
Done 11/02/2022 =====

Great jazz with fusionesque-elements that certainly does not reinvent the wheel but just as certainly crafts a hell of an excellent wheel. The second album in particular is a modern jazz album I'd jam any day, whilst I'm a bit more puzzled about LP1 as it overstays its welcome a touch.

Keepers: def LP2, maybe not LP1 as there is just better dreamy jazz out there I think.
84Clara Malaterre
Points Cardinaux

Started 09/01/2022
Done 26/01/2022 =====
Dexbro rec


Keepers: both EPs probably, sligh edge to Points Cardinaux I suppose
Jewel of the Moonsea

Started 09/01/2022
Done 13/02/2022 =====

Dungeon synth that does have great qualities as background music to set an adventurous RPG/board game mood, Jewels especially, but does struggle to keep to that place as it often wants to bang loud ass drums at you which is quite disruptive, not to mention the guitar riffage on LP1 that really doesn't work. Some neat tracks, but only Jewels truly could work as nice DS background all the way through methinks. Maybe I had super conditions for it idk.

Keepers: Jewel of the Moonsea
86Sum 41
All Killer No Filler

Started 25/01/2022
Done 12/04/2022 =====

A band that should have made fewer albums and stuck to their original style a lot more, instead of making clones of copies of what was popular in their sphere. I started skipping albums near the end because it hardly sounds like they were trying.

Keepers: debut is still bonkers jams
87Marissa Mur

Started 06/02/2022
Done 11/02/2022 =====

So far an LP discography that is largely made of well crafted but not too bangery pop songs. The singles she has been releasing recently are quite cool though, and there was an upwards trend towards a dancier, more personal, heavier latinx influenced sound, and so I am quite hopeful for the future.

Keepers: I think Amores, but I suspect (hope) that once LP3 comes about it'll blow Amores out of the water
88On The Might of Princes
Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

Started 22/02/2022
Done 19/04/2022 =====
Had a ratingless soundoff on LP2, can't have that. A band that has some really strong ideas here and there, a good bass game, lovely softer bits, and that on the whole produces great songs or segments of songs, but that ultimately has other weak aspects, especially when they attempt to go abrasive, that on the whole I'm not sure these are albums I'd seek out again.

Keepers: select tracks, but more for their inspiring ideas than to jam them
89Manicured Noise
Northern Stories 1978/80

Started 25/02/2022
Done 25/02/2022 =====

The band Ludus' guitarist was in before Ludus - and there's more overlap to be seen with other Ludus members as well. Only one compilation type album in this discog as they dont seem to have released much when they were active, but damn if it isn't a good album. The first 10 tracks are bonkers fun, the ensuing 7 are a little more experimental and exciting, but it's def a Bede rec. Check my soundoff for the rest of my thoughts I guess

Keepers: well Northern Stories 1978/80
90Billie Eilish
Happier Than Ever

Started 01/03/2022
Done 28/06/2022 =====

Certainly not the least imaginative or the blandest pop star out there. She went through a number of directions and makes all of them work (sometimes), though this also tends to hurt the whole-album value of her records. Although her whispered, darker leanings form her more unique side, it gets a bit old on longer formats. Her vocal delivery is also very competent on more classic styles of tracks, and she does look into noisy textures and fun sounds to enrich her tracks as well. I am not a particular fan of any of her records as a whole (though her debut? EP was a very pleasant surprise), but if she were to release an appropriately long album with a well-defined, single, clear direction that isn't ballad after ballad like HTE, it could be a real banger. I'll keep listening to what comes next.

Keepers: playlist songs only I think
91Julia Kwamya
Feel Good About Feeling Bad

Started 12/03/2022
Done 12/03/2022 =====

Single EP discog, see blurb, but also check this because it is class

Keepers: maybe the EP, but I feel like a future LP might be even more worth keeping? I'll watch this one for sure

Started 17/03/2022
Done 17/03/2022 =====

Single LP discog - see soundoff but CHECK THIS

Keepers: Keleketla!
93Sons of Kemet
Your Queen Is a Reptile

Started 18/03/2022
Done 26/06/2022 =====

There is certianly quality to be found here, and Your Queen is a Reptile and Black to the Future are both worth listening, but the overall conclusion from this band for me is that I just don't like the way they use tuba. As a rule of thumb, the more distinctly audible the tuba is in the track, the less I like it, and the more embedded it is in the sound rather than being alone loud and clear, the more I get to enjoy the other elements in the music whihc are often well crafted and creative. I will probably follow their future output, and I recognise their quality, but I also struggle to think of them as a favourite band of mine.

Keepers: none for me I think

Started 19/03/2022
Done 05/04/2022 =====

Felt like jamming some math rock, why not. A nice albeit obscure band that have tight drumming, good musicianship. but ultimately as seemingly every post 2010 math rock act out there they struggle to deliver an album that marks the memory beyond 'nice math rock'. Their EP does a good job of distinguishing itself from the crowd, but the LP fails much more on that front.

Keepers: none, although I might recheck the EP some time and I like the LP's opening track
Blood Mountain

Am several albums behind I should complete it
96Lianne La Havas
Lianne La Havas

Started 12/04/2022
Done 21/06/2022 =====

A phenomenal young artist who showed great promise early on and delivered the well constructed, big bucks triumphant record on her s/t. I've known Blood since it came up sort of, but there are loads of other things to discover in her catalog. Very excited to see where she goes next.

Keepers: s/t with its art I adore, and Blood (for certain tracks + nostalgia factor). The EP and debut are nice but less convincing in comparison
97Susumu Yokota

Started 15/04/2022

Johnny's guide: Grinning Cat > Symbol ~= Will > Sakura
98Monsieur Perine
Encanto Tropical

Started 16/04/2022
99Paul Dukas
The Sorcerer's Apprentice (L'apprenti sorcier)

Started 21/05/2022
100J Balvin

Started 21/05/2022
101Sly and The Family Stone
A Whole New Thing

Started 22/05/2022
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