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Dexbros 2.5k party

It’s been a year and a half since we got out of the lurker shadows and both started spamming this site with our thoughts on every single album we jam. As we respectively just reached 1,000 and 1,500 soundoffs, ya boys thought it’d nice to celebrate. Our ratings generally agree to an aggravating degree but here’s a list of 5s we don’t have in common, plus a few other albums where our thoughts mismatch - take a seat, grab a beer, pick a side, it’s all in good fun. AND LET THA FUN BELGIAN VIBE ENTER THA ROOM BABY
Watch Out!

=== dedex 5s ===

(Bedex) Watch Out has dope melodies, dope songwriting, dope riffs, and dope clean vocals here and there, even with a proggy feel in a couple places, but I just can’t get past the sort of pop punk gimmicks and above all else the harsh vocals which I really cannot bring myself to enjoy. If they had written this as a prog album and not a goodolddayzcore record it would be an entirely different story - still, it is good goodolddayzcore at that. - 4.0

(dedex) goodolddayzcore? Fuck yeah, this is a nostalgic 5. I encountered this at the perfect time of my life (summer before entering uni). I relentlessly jammed at the time, and, since then, I never grew tired of it. If that's not the definition of a classic, I don't know what is.

(Bedex) inb4 you 5 Hybrid Theory

(dedex) *and American Idiot
2Alpha Wann
Une Main Lave l'Autre

(Bedex) This is top tier French rap for sure and has many dope tracks, but I struggle to see it ever reaching 5 status for me. Although you know what, I was scrolling through the album looking for an example of a track I don’t dig at all and didn’t find anything, so maybe I’m wrong. - 3.95

(dedex) You just gotta let it grow on ya. I spent one and a half years with this one before 5’ing it, but now it’s pretty clear it’s the record that had the most impact on me for the past two years. Best modern French rap, hands down.

(Bedex) yeah I’ll be the first to admit I need more listens with it, even if it’s still far from a 5
3At the Drive-In
Relationship of Command

(Bedex) Of all of yar 5s that I’ve rejammed for this list, this is the one I enjoyed the least. Sure, some tracks are really rich, cool and unique, and some of the choruses are delightfully recognisable and anthemic, but there are plenty of moments where the record gets to my nerves and makes me want to turn the volume down, especially in the second half (Cosmonaut and Extracurricular excepted). This one I really don’t see meself 5’ing any time soon. 3.8

(dedex) waaaat nah fam u b trippin. Not really surprised you don’t dig this one as much as my other 5s, but I wouldn’t have imagined it would be your least fave. I would have guessed Bon Iver or some sadboi Brand New stuff to take the last spot.

(Bedex) making this list would've been less fun if there weren’t a couple surprises my dude what can I say
4Bon Iver
For Emma, Forever Ago

(Bedex) This is undeniably sweet and thoroughly good, but it’d take quite a few perfect listens before I can see this being at the transcendental level of a 5 - yes I am picky. 4.1

(dedex) You’re on the right way man. This album will slowly eat your heart out. One day you’ll know each and every guitar strum. You will not be capable of inhibiting the flowing emotions. On that day you will understand how For Emma, Forever Ago won so many people’s hearts.

(Bedex) deep bruh

(dedex) thx i tried
We Are the Romans

(Bedex) I’m really glad I rejammed this because I liked it a lot more than I recalled. It did feel extremely strong, but the album’s last third loses its focus a bit and brings it down, at least in my book. Still, I’ll be jamming this one a lot more often from now on - and then who knows. - 4.25

(dedex) The last third also took some time to win me over. Although it objectivally is less pounding as the first six tracks, to me this still remains the best mathcore/metalcore release I’ve ever heard (yea I know I still need to listen to Rorschach or your favourite H8000 band). And “Saint Matthews Return to the Womb” is an absolute banger, the kind of track I’d throw at the gym if I ever went there.

(Bedex) last third needs more riffz

(dedex) the first two third has got the best riffz so shaddup with CI

(Bedex) you be salty I’m sugar coated sour

(dedex) is this a ref

(Bedex) smh my head

(dedex) waw never heard that it does slayz m/
6Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

(Bedex) You know what, this one clicked with me way more than it did a few years ago,
probably from jamming it on the road a fair bit. It's like it now ties to my life a little more, and thus its impact is magnified. Songs I did not click too well with like J.C. now feel superb. Hey maybe I’ll jam this in three years and it'll feel like a 5? I could honestly see that happen. 4.35

(dedex) What you should do is spend the summer with this record and then you’ll 5 it. Gotta say, I’m kinda disappointed you don’t hate this. I ‘member you used to diss me for being a pussy enjoying Brand New. GUESS WHO THA PUSSAY NOW BIATCH

(Bedex) never would I employ such vocabulary you dimwitted turd
7King Crimson
In the Court of the Crimson King

(dedex) mate you really deaf if you can’t 5 this smh

(Bedex) Moonlight is so cool but it is so long too :[ everything else is 5 worthy but I cannot seem to connect with that track as much as I vibe with everything else on the record. 4.8

(dedex) Totally legit, Moonchild is a difficult piece to approach. Had to be baked and ponder forlorn thoughts for Moonchild to reveal itself as tha best improv I’ve ever heard

(Bedex) ever heard of “jazz”

(dedex) sorry im not into that elitist bullshit im a riffz man m/ m/ m/
8Le Pre Ou Je Suis Mort
Le Pre Ou Je Suis Mort

(dedex) I just realized this was my first francophone 5. There was one point where I couldn’t get enough of it, and every riff, shout, pause and drum fill are now chilling in my head. TERRE PROMISE, TERRE DE FEUUUU, TOUS ESPERENT LA FORTUNE MAIS AU PRIX DE LEUR LIBERTE

(Bedex) m/ m/ rips ahrd although I gotta say that the third track feels way more 5-worthy than the rest. This is sublime in a lot of places and it’s great everywhere, but if you’re going to compare it with Heir (NB: see below) I find that Suis La Lune’s effort packs so much more in so much less 4.2
9Pink Floyd

(Bedex) Sheep is a clear cut 5.0 but Dogs is such a drag in comparison, nah bruv I can’t rank this on the same tier as WYWH - 4.45

(dedex) dude you so full of shit Dogs doesn’t drag in the slightest sense. It’s no WYWH material (kinda difficult eh) but WYWH is a 6/5 so this is a 5.

(Bedex) “WYWH is a 6/5” that’s not how any of this works fam, shoulda spent more time studying math instead of crying over ( )

(dedex) lmao rekt amirite

(Bedex) Yeah this one slaps ahrd, maybe the closest to a 5.0 here after Unwound (4.4 but grows every time)

(dedex) you gotta watch that Breadcrumb Trail documentary, after seeing it I spent two weeks listening to Spiderland

(Bedex) I rAtE bAsEd On MuSiC aLoNe

(dedex) yeah that’s for n00bz, never forget context peepz
11The National
High Violet

(Bedex) I think this one massively boils down to familiarity. I’ve heard this maybe three times with several years in between, but dede jammed this a shatillion times. I feel the grower potential, but it’d take time before I start knowing the songs to a point where I could consider this a possible 5. Feels like this is the kind of album that seduces you slowly a little more each time, not one that you click with all of a sudden yknow? - 4.2

(dedex) I know wym. It took me ten years to 5 this. Sometimes things hit you and you can't do nuthang ‘bout it. Sometimes they don't hit you; instead they slowly make their way to your mind. They will never leave your head once they settle in.

(Bedex) ”they slowly make their way to your mind. They will never leave your head once they settle in” looks like somebody’s got prion disease better get that checked

@dedex soz bro your answer was dope and all but didn't fit the character limit and double entries are ugly
Leaves Turn Inside You

(Bedex) Yeah I have this at 4.9, it just needs one more perfect listen to become a 5 :]

(dedex) so go listen to it one more time dammit I’ve been telling you to 5 this for like four years

(Bedex) bish don’t tell me what to do

(dedex) ok do what you want, go listen to another trash thrash record

(Bedex) what part of bish don’t tell me what to do do you not get exactly

(dedex) all of it
Mass V

=== Bedex 5s ===

(dedex) Aaaaaaah, the one I should have had 5. I love all tracks, I dig the sequencing and the album’s length, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I never had *that* click. Sowwy bwo. 4.7

(Bedex) you’ve not had that click YET, just need to see them live a few more times

(dedex) trve

(dedex) It’s been a longass time but I think I still prefer Feedbacker. On the other hand, my latest listen of this absolutely floored me. Idk maybe i should spend some more time with this but at the same time I still feel it does drag a teeny tiny lil bit. 4.5

(Bedex) I hear ya and I like your soundoff too, I think this one is a matter of perfect listens again. It sure takes a particular mood to experience it as hypnotic beauty all throughout and to not feel like it’s taking too long to change at one point or another in the whole 70 minutes, so totally fair and I’m pretty happy with your 4.5 honestly

(dedex) Ofc I love this one. It proved to be a gigantic record if you’re walking in the dark streets, or surprisingly fitting for late night thesis writing. I’d say the record kinda loses me midway, and also if there’s one Burial imma 5, it’s gonna be Rival Dealer (yeah Rival Dealer > Kindred come @ me bro) 4.4

(Bedex) get good and learn to dig ambient you noob

(dedex) thank u i liked that airports record i know my fair share of ambient

(Bedex) *surprised Pikachu meme*
16Fall of Efrafa

(dedex) I objectively love this but to me this clearly redundant with Elil

(Bedex) To be fair either this or Elil (if not both) will go when I update my 5s since they are indeed redundant with one another, and it’s more likely than not that Tharn will be the one taking the fall so yup
17Steve Reich
Music for 18 Musicians

(dedex) ‘member that show in Brussels? Baked af and sitting there:, it sure was one of the best concert experience I ever had. Since that show, I never had *that one* perfect listen that would propel this to 5 material. Norage. 4.5

(Bedex) ya just need to ponder the meaning of existence with this in your ears and you’ll understand

(dedex) ill ponder the meaning of existence with a day to remember in my ears and ill understand fosho

(Bedex) goodness gracious
18Suis La Lune

(dedex) We each have one euroskramz 5’d. I understand why this one is your euroskramz 5, but to me LPOJSM > Heir. You can’t even shout the lyrics lmao. Love the way they pulled out uplifting screamo tho. 4.3

(Bedex) “You can’t even shout the lyrics lmao” do I even need to say anything

(dedex) yes pls do explain yourself


(dedex) nice
19The Dillinger Escape Plan
Calculating Infinity

(dedex) I think I appreciate this one more for the impact it had than for the enjoyment I have while listening to it. I prefer the Irony EP and Dissociation, and I don’t really know why. The frenzy and manic aesthetic tend to tire me within the last third. 4.2

(Bedex) I see now why you 5’d Botch and not this one, needed a chill last third to rest your fragile baby ears how delicate

(dedex) hey i like nuance you nincompoop

(Bedex) nuance is for indie pop this is TDEP embrace the RIFFZ
20William Basinski
The Disintegration Loops II

(dedex) What can I say about this one? It’s just a loop man. It’s a beautiful and ominous and lush loop, and yeah the sound of the tape deteriorating is cool, but it’s just a loop man. Maybe it’s one of the best loops ever, yeah. 4.3

(Bedex) get good and learn to dig ambient you noob [2]

(dedex) u just like loops bc ur a dumb baby who doesn’t riff m/ m/ m/

(Bedex) inb4 you 5 Sabaton
21Four Year Strong
Enemy of the World

=== Random stuff ===

(dedex) Best easycore hands FUCKING DOWN yall dumb let’s get drunk and sing-along some edgy choruses HELL YEAH BRO LET’S DO A SHOTGUN LMAO

(Bedex) Best easycore agreed 2.2

(dedex) classic
22Weyes Blood
Titanic Rising

(dedex) 2019 AOTY. I always get lost in the strings. One of the most beautiful 2010s record forreal. 4.7

(Bedex) I mean I feel a bit bad judging this on one listen and I’ll have to hear it again but this is mostly okay

(dedex) u donkey go listen to this one again

(Bedex) bish calm your kongs
23Danny Ocean

(dedex) That rascal told me it wasn't straight up radio reggaeton/latin pop, and even though it's true it has some qualities others do not have (no bad use of autotune, quite versatile instrumentation and tracks for the genre), I can't help but not enjoy this. Sorry not sorry. 2.2

(Bedex) What I meant was that this is better than one would expect from a simple reggaeton album - what did you expect Danny Ocean to be, noise rock/post-punk? Don’t deny this wouldn’t be a good soundtrack to a Cali beach buddy fite me

(dedex) Cali beaches deserve Alex Cameron

(Bedex) you’re a beach who deserves Alex Cameron

(dedex) aw
24Sigur Ros
( )

(dedex) I remember the first time I listened to this. I was studying math (aight you know tha shit) and I didn’t study for shit because this one felt like an insta-5. Three listens were enough to 5 this.

(Bedex) Ah man, the good old days where it took three listens to slap a 5 and not a whole duckin’ three years, wonder if that’ll ever happen again. This is great but it could use some trimming, Takk >>
25Famous Dex
Dex Meets Dexter - 90% of users on here

Here’s the random fact sections, grab yo waffles:

Bedex used the word ‘drone’ 141 times, dedex 14. Talk about an ambient head
dedex used the word ‘punk’ 167 times, Bedex 20. Talk about a punk head
dedex used the word ‘French’ 83 times. Cocorico amirite
‘riff’ has 157 occurences for Bedex, and 109 for dedex m/ m/ m/
‘slayz’ has 3 occurences for dedex, and 0 for Bedex rofl noob m/ m/ m/

dedex started soundoffing on February 23rd 2019, which is a rate of 3.2 soundoffs per day
Bedex started soundoffing on February 12th 2019, which is a rate of 2.1 soundoffs per day

No idea how many soundoffs sput gets on an average day but that looks like a good amount dunnit ok yes maybe we spam a bit
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