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Some Favorite Songs

Definitely leaving some out, but these are the ones that are on my mind rright now.
1Arctic Monkeys

"Do I Wanna Know" It?s the biggest single Arctic Monkeys have had to date, and for
good reason. Heavy R&B pulsating beats coupled with a slow, polished, and indie
swagger-showered riff lets know that rock has never left the mainstream.
2Portugal. The Man
Evil Friends

"Modern Jesus" The song is all about believing in yourself. There?s no need to put all
your faith into something that doesn?t do anything. It?s an indie pop anthem that
has really led their latest lp, Evil Friends, and helping them become a prolific force in
the indie scene. Such a fun song with a great message for the modern age.
3Alice in Chains
Alice in Chains

"God Am" ?Sure god?s all powerful, but does he have lips?? Wooooaaaahhhhh."
4The Black Keys
Rubber Factory

"The Lengths" The guitar freaking sounds like it?s crying in the night. One of my
favorite songs from their past discography and shows that The Black Keys are
capable of creating such beauty with a minimum amount of blues instrumentation.
5Queens of the Stone Age
...Like Clockwork

"I Appear Missing" Best song off of ...Like Clockwork hands down. If anyone knows
the past story of Josh Homme practically dying during surgery, you can really hear
his heart being put into the lyrics. The second half of the song after the falling
apocalyptic guitar leads is purely amazing and has had me on the edge of my seat
on every listen. Seriously check out this live performance. Best there is:
6The Beach Boys
Pet Sounds

"God Only Knows" Brain Wilson?s voice on this song is heavenly. The first time I
jammed pet sounds, this song immediately stuck out from the rest.
7 Oasis
(What's the Story) Morning Glory?

"Morning Glory" The ambience that the band makes with blistering chords
penetrating your eardrums during the choruses caught me offguard on first listen.
Like most people I heard, ?wonderwall? first by the band which was much cleaner
sounding than this. I?m glad I find this song that shows the raw side of Oasis.
8The Beatles
Magical Mystery Tour

"Strawberry Fields Forever" I get goddamn goosebumps mixed with orgasms every
time with the intro
9The Neighbourhood
I Love You

"Sweater Weather" Kind of a noir ambienced pop song. Nothing intelligent about it
at all, but it's a shit load of fun to jam at any given moment.
10The Doors
L.A. Woman

"Riders on the Storm" A long time ago when my family listened to the Doors I
thought they were so fucking boring, and I couldn?t stand Jim Morrison?s moaning
voice. Now looking back, these guys were so revolutionary for their time and the
way Ray Manzareck handles his keyboard on this song to create the atmosphere of
a storm is remarkable.

"C'mere" Listened to this song nonstop the other day. ?The problem is...that you?re
in love with someone else. It should be me. Iiiit shouuuulldd beeeee meeeeeeeee.?
12The Police

"Walking in your Footsteps" I?ve never heard this kind of variation from the Police.
Their first 3 albums are primarily straight forward rock records with spicy reggae
influences and new-wave vibes. This song off of Synchronicity shows new talent
for a band that I thought couldn?t experiment all that well.

"January" These guys have introduced me into the marvelous world of house music,
as well as more electronic music in general. The guest feature is Jamie Woon who I
think fits perfectly with the cold aura love song that is the deep house, January.
14Black Sabbath
Master of Reality

"Sweet Leaf" I remember back in 8th grade my best friend and I would go into
science class early in the morning for extra help. My teacher gave us some packets
and played this album on the smart board he had. When Sweet Leaf kicked on, I
immediately asked what the song title was.
15John Mayer

"Vultures" Breaking out the blues guitar in sincere pop fashion. He needs to play in
the trio more often.
16Jack Johnson
In Between Dreams

"Better Together" Such a feel good song that can always uplift my spirit if I?m in
need of some relaxation.
17Rage Against the Machine
Evil Empire

"Revolver" Best track from the album. Whenever I hear the vocalist going,
"YEEEAAAAHHHH" at the end I think of that one CSI meme.
18Melt Yourself Down
Melt Yourself Down

"We are Enough" When I first heard these guys I initially thought that they were a
very interesting group. Fun jazz fusion with a slight hint of dancey punk into the
vocals. Great track, good for certain moments and feelings.
19City and Colour
Little Hell

"We Found Each Other in the Dark" Dallas Green?s vocals are so beautiful, and
hearing this material from him after seeing him in a post-hardcore ?screamo? band
really emphasizes his talents. I love the production in this song, it sounds so thick
and full and his voice is just blissful.
20Tame Impala

"Apocalypse Dreams" Neo-pyschedelia at its finest. The second half of the song
where it just gets unconventional and loose is the best.
21Killswitch Engage
Disarm the Descent

"Always" KSE I believe has had some sort of ballad type song on each album
they?ve done, with the exception of their debut. This one sets the bar high. I?ve
always been a huge fan of the vocal styles of both vocalists, but Jesse Leach I feel
actually gets moved when he sings and I can feel the passion coming from him more
than Howard. The video helps the emotion as well.
22LCD Soundsystem
Sound of Silver

"New York, I Love you But You're Bringing me Down" A very creative electronic
song, to which is quite new to me considering I?m not HUGE into the electronic
genre. Hopefully James Murphy is on to bigger and better things and will consider
picking the name up again.
23Portugal. the Man
Censored Colors

"Created" Simplicity in it?s finest form. Such a beautiful song especially played live.
We may know a lot about the world now, but some things are still left uncertain.
24 Steve Miller Band
Circle of Love

"Heart like a Wheel" The first time I remember getting wasted, this song was playing
in the background as one of the last moments I remember that night. Great way to
go out I must say haha. Just an all around mellow classic, as is most of this guy?s
25John Lennon

"Imagine" Come on, it?s an anthem for generations to come. I hope we never forget
this song.
26Louis Armstrong
What a Wonderful World

"What a Wonderful World" Probably one of the first times I sincerely cried to a song
a few years ago.
27Arctic Monkeys

"Cornerstone" Some of the best lyrics I?ve heard from Alex Turner. Such a fun song
to sing a long to
28Trophy Scars
Bad Luck

"Botanicas" Not the biggest fan of these guys, but this song stuck with me by a
longshot compared to the rest of the album. It?s such an interesting song, shit the
whole band is interesting. Their style is hard to describe and is much easier to
comprehend when you actually listen to them.It?s post-hardcore attitude with
bluesy production and a little bit of alternative rock in there.
Oracular Spectacular

"Electric Feel" ?said ooohh girl, shock me like an electric eel. Said ooh girl, turn me
on through an electric feel.? It?s a tad outshadowed by the song, ?Kids? but this will
remain my favorite of theirs just for the funk that Kids doesn?t provide. Headphones
is the way to go with this song. Sugary psychedelics.
30The Smashing Pumpkins
Siamese Dream

"Cherub Rock" The opening guitars on this song are so fuzzy and rocking, it?s one of
the first Smashing Pumpkins songs that I fell in love with. It really sets the rest of
the album with a high task of living up to the title track.
A Rush of Blood to the Head

"The Scientist" I wish more top 40 songs were like this
32 George Martin
Live and Let Die

"Live and Let Die" - Paul and Linda McCartney. Epic and Guns,n, Roses can eat shit
33 Elton John
Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player

"Crocodile Rock" Probably one of the only songs I know that can use, "la-las"
effectively in a song.
White Pony

"Elite" The contrast of Digital Bath into this beast is freaking heavy. 3 minutes of
just monster crushing screams.
35The Beatles
The Beatles

"Blackbird" The best song on the best beatles album
36The Growlers
Hung at Heart

"One Million Lovers" The music video to this is pretty fucking weird and took me out
of the imaginative world I first got when I listened to this. I pictured just like a lo-fi
indie love song, the video turns it in to some stoner hipster shit haha. When the
singer?s voice picks up and gets louder it makes me want to go out and hug some
random guy.
37Animals as Leaders
The Joy of Motion

"Another Year" Instant nostalgia when I heard this for the first time. It felt like
something straight from one of the first 3 Spyro games, which were some of my
earliest video game memories. ahhh good times.
38Foo Fighters
The Colour and the Shape

"My Hero" When I was 13 I was kind of coming out of my Nirvana phase. What
would be more appropriate to explore more music than to go on to basically post-
nirvana (atleast for like the first 2-3 albums). My mom downloaded the greatest hits
for me on my mp3. This song would get extra love when I?d go for walks or bike
rides. Just singing to the chorus while looking at the sky gave me the good kind of
39The Dillinger Escape Plan
One of us is the Killer

"One of us is the Killer" Although it?s not as spastic and heavy as their whole
discography, this song is a standout not just on the album, but what they?re
capable of. Great dynamics and production.
40Grizzly Bear

"Sleeping Ute" Is was a toss between this and Two Weeks, but ultimately I liked
the originality in this song more. It's a massive and driving indie rocker with a lushful
41Cage the Elephant

"Come a Little Closer" I speak firmly when I say that this album did not get enough
recognition in 2013. It?s the best album they?ve put out yet, great garage rock with
some easy going psychedelic influence here and there. The chorus has the hook of
Moby Dick?s fishing rod. HUGE.
42The Antlers

"Endless Ladder" It feels exactly like that, only I don?t get tired
43Fleet Foxes
Helplessness Blues

"Helplessness Blues" Just great, fun, yet thought provoking folk music. Kind of like
Bob Dylan, but a whole band. This song is what they should go down for if only one
44The Doors
The Doors

"The End" ?an artist has succeeded if people don?t understand his work, but they
still like it. ? - Oscar Wilde
45Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin IV

"When the Levee Breaks" Nuff Said.
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