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Indie Labels - A389 And Nuclear War Now!

Some records I purchased through holiday sales at both A389 Recordings and Nuclear War Now! Productions. Seriously these are both great distros with great deals going on right now. Snatch that shit up.
1Young and in the Way

I freaked for the chance to own some YAITW.
2Young and in the Way
I Am Not What I Am

This was bundled with 1.
Blasphemy Made Flesh

No really, they have it!

I just fucking HAD to get a BTC album. Axeman is probably the best of the bunch too (although Dolorvotre is my personal favorite).
5Pg. 99
Document #12

Split with a band called Majority Rule. Pretty sweet chaotic emo. I have a soft spot for splits that are full LP length. It's called "unit price ratio".
This Sheltering Night

I also got this one pretty cheap. I had never really checked out this band before (maybe one cursory listen before I was able to appreciate crusty vocals) and damn, are they weird. Like a fusion between crusty death, avant-prog structuring, and that tasty mid-nineties metalcore sound.
7Mutilation Rites

A cross between necro black metal, modern-ish thrash, and a sweet punky vibe. I guess you could throw crust in there too, but I must say that with the pervasiveness of "crust" as a descriptive influence in so much of today's heavy music, you can really say that about anything. Being that they don't really sound like "dark hardcore" or "neo crust" or "entombedcore", though, I'd say it's really just "skuzzy". These are important determinations, dammit.
8Despise You
West Side Horizons

This bitch has SIXTY FOUR proto-powerviolence jams on it. Yeah, you read right. Oddly enough a lot of this stuff seems to have pretty similar recording quality to it, which is unusual given that it's a compilation. And that quality is GOOD! No shitty skuzz-punk up in here.
9Bastard Noise
A Culture of Monsters

I really don't know what to say about this one. Bastard Noise used to be "Man is the Bastard", a seminal proto-powerviolence band. On this release, at least, they fuse light elements of powerviolence with...electronic, uhhh, stuff. If I use too many descriptors you'll be confused and possibly disappointed with the final product. You really should just listen to it free of bias.
10Children of God
We Set Fire to the Sky

I'm really not a fan of the vocals, but everything else about this post-metal/metalcore/crust punk/powerviolence/WHATFUCKINGHAVEYOU band is perfect. You'll flip this record over and over again for sure.
Through the Cervix of Hawaah

One of the best (here we go again) "Incantation clone"/war metal/bestial black metal bands out there. They sound like a swirling vortex of hell.
Watchers' Reign

A comp of their early shit. This gets a lot weirder and noisier than "Hawaah".
13Father Befouled / Helcaraxe
Ruination of the Heavenly Communion

These bands should really be paying royalty to Incantation. Actually Helcaraxe has a bit more classic-heavy-metal influence which works quite well in their favor. Father Befouled, on the other hand, is a rather typical Incantation clone, although they're pretty good at what they do.
14Horned Almighty
Contaminating the Divine

Everything in me was screaming not to get this shit. But I don't know, those riffs and vokills are just really charming. It probably wasn't worth the nine bucks, but whatever, it'll be good for when I need no-frills blasting blackened death.
Death Transmutation

Yet another war metal album. This band has a former member of both Denouncement Pyre and Destroyer 666 on drums and vocals.

And so these guys put out their debut LP (see above) in 2009, just before war metal started folding in on itself and becoming more and more caveman-esque. As a result, these two albums have a lot more room to breathe and don't really find themselves needing to conform to the Antediluvian/Portal sound.
17Ill Omen
Divinity Through Un-Creation

Loud, raw black metal. Fuck yeah.

Compilation of tracks from the early death metal band MASTER. Honestly I had never listened to them before scrolling by the album. Paul Masvidal from Cynic is on at least most of these.
Total Death

I actually got a comp called "Metal Medallo Attack". You can never go wrong with underground death metal from South America, and in these case I suppose these guys must be the progenitors to the Colombian brutal death metal scene.
The Western Front

Kinda ploddy trad-metal influenced death metal. Come for the concept, stay for the leads.
The Sweyy

Actually a split with a band called Rites of Thy Degringolade. Wow, what a terrible name. Although I bought the split mostly for that Rites band because they're awesome, although if the "Sweyy" on this album is anything like the one from the EP, I can't wait to hear Portal's side too.
22 Not in the database
for shame

Ancient Shores/Cynarae - "dark hardcore" with a nineties metalcore edge, for both bands
Disforterror - Impalement and Holocaust Stench: I got this because it was three bucks. "War metal" used to mean necro as fuck, primitive black/death/thrash from FUCKING BRAZIL, and it was almost cooler than what it is now. Disforterror is basically your stereotypical underground Brazilian band.
V/A-Litanies of Sacrilege: I kept trying to find a band on this that sucked and I really couldn't. Pretty awesome comp of blackened death metal that DOESN'T sound like Incantation. Featuring bands such as Grave Miasma, Blasphemophagher, Embrace of Thorns, Zygoatsis, and more.
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