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2012 Was Heavy, And I Was Fucking Late

I dunno why I never made a top-albums-of-2012, but I had a lot of shit I jammed from last year, so better late than never, right?
The Seer

Eh is it wrong to prefer Soundtrack for the Blind?

HOW can you not love everything on this label?
48Young and in the Way

I prefer I Am Not What I Am but Amen is cool too, angry blackened crust punk, as I said before (although this list is in reverse order so idk) though it sounds nothing like the implications of the genre.
Ten Stories

Frankly I preferred mwY before they went all country-spoken-word, but this is still pretty good eh?
46Indian Handcrafts
Civil Disobedience for Losers

When I first got Civil Disobedience, I thought it'd become one of my top 10 of the year. Still the Clutch meets Melvins vibe is pretty killer, I just don't jam it enough.
45JK Flesh

Really the only Justin Broadrick project I care about. I love the very dense heavy/psychedelic/industrial thing going on here.
44Kayo Dot
Gamma Knife

I haven't really listened to this much. But uhh I know it's in my top 50.
The Inherited Repression

Eh most techdeath from this year was boring. Psycroptic is no exception. However they kinda sound like a technical metalcore band if you listen to it right, and in that respect it's pretty cool. However this band will never sound as good as they did with all instruments and vocals flowing in the same groove.
42Torture Chain
Time is But a Doorway to the Incinerator

this one 23-minute-long song will put hair on your chest. Really though it's groovy psychedelic black metal without falling into the chasm usually occupied by bands that fall under those particular terms, and the guitar solos are to die for.
41Title Fight
Floral Green

Another band I recently discovered (good thing I just now did my 2012 list!) You know, most of these gruffmeaningfulcore bands suck, but Title Fight is actually pretty cool. Relatively inoffensive on the pop and the emo influences.
40 Muknal

It's almost unfair to call this one of my favorites of 2012, as I didn't find out about BTC til a few weeks ago. Still in a field of Incantation clones, Muknal is one of the few bands doing blackened death metal differently.
39Loma Prieta

A little whiny for my tastes, but Loma Prieta is also heavy as fuck. so there's that.
38 Black Light Burns
The Moment You Realize You're Going to Fail

You know how some music just sounds...dangerous? The side project from Limp Dick's guitarist is really good industrial-pop-rock.
37 7 H. Target
Fast-Slow Demolition

As many times as I've done a list with this album I dunno why I've never added it. Industrial brutal death that borders on slam at times, so awesome.
36 Code Orange Kids
Love is Love / / Return to Dust

Like I even need to justify this one. Goes by super fast though.

Blackened crust in the way you haven't heard it before (you know, mostly sounding like 34). Like Napalm Death being force-fed a heavy handful of...well, Anaal Nathrakh really. Considering this is their sister band, tis only fitting. Jam this shit if you like really pissed off British crust.
Hasta La Muerte

I love that all hardcore sounds like Entombed/Trap Them now. Xibalba is some angry-ass Mexicans who want to mosh the fuck out of everything, and believe me when I say the buzzsaw riff applies to this hardcore quite well.
33Make a Change...Kill Yourself

Would it be weird to call this one kinda charming?
The Time of Great Purification

Pathology and AP shared Matti Way this year. AP sounded better for it actually, a lot better, as on this he won't ever shut up.
Attention Please

I guess you can include New Album with this too, although I prefer the extremely dense psychedeligaze going on here.
Advaitic Songs

From this point on I'm mostly just trying to fit in albums I know for a fact are in my 50. Om never sounds any different and who could ever want them to? The calm pulsating bass and ritualistic drums and vocals moving at the same pace, plus the occasional arabic spice, makes this the perfect chill album.
29Author and Punisher
Ursus Americanus

I'm surprised this only has 33 ratings. Props for being the only "true" industrial besides NIN that I enjoy. BASSY AS FUUUUUUUUCK
28 Death Grips
Money Store

Me and everybody else was hoping they'd stick to the raw-as-fuck sound present on Exmilitary, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Still though the housestep beats fit his more relaxed delivery quite well.
27Gnaw Their Tongues
Eschatological Scatology

I don't listen to this much, but this is the one that introduced me to the greatness of GTT. Probably one of their more, ehhh, "conventional" albums I guess. The mix of sparse noisy black metal and horrorscapes sound a lot better than you'd think.
26Between the Buried and Me
The Parallax II: Future Sequence

This site gives BTBAM way too much shit. I was so stoked for this album and it didn't disappoint all too much. I mean, sure, it would've been cool if they didn't stick to a specific prog-metal sound throughout, but it was necessary for the narrative. Although I must say, I started out last year with BTBAM as my favorite band and despite this album, I ended the year barely listening to them. Thanks Sputnik.
Freak Puke

I'm not really sure why this wasn't more well-received. This was one of the first albums I grabbed up on my exploring-2012 binge, and other than the excruciating experimental-bass-strings sections, every song is awesome. There's this really cool vintage vibe all over, I dunno.
24Cattle Decapitation
Monolith of Inhumanity

I was all over this fucking album when it came out. Thinking back on it it's really top-heavy; after the first three tracks the album sort of drags its feet til Lifestalker and Your Disposal. Still, as independent listens each song is killer, and new-style CatDecap fits perfectly on top the death metal Olympus.
23Cannibal Corpse

Much like Vanitas, and Reign Supreme, and about a million other albums from well-established bands this year, Torture serves as a great introduction to CC. Can you think of any other Cannibal Corpse albums that had as many immediately lovable songs? Followed Home Then Killed, Encased in Concrete, Scourge of Iron, As Deep As the Knife Will Go, Caged...Contorted, Intestinal Crank, Demented Aggressor; I can see all of these keeping as mainstays in the CC setlist for years to come.
22Float Face Down
Exitium Verum

Wooooah there were two good deathcore albums last year? I always forget about FFD but idk why, because this is one of the most awesome and varied deathcore albums I've ever heard.
No Absolutes in Human Suffering

So yeah john might be a rapist and everything but I doubt it, because rapists don't make hardcore this good.
20Birds in Row
You, Me, and the Violence

I didn't find out about this one til a couple months ago, but fuck me that throatruiner sound is so great that I figured this at least had to be top 20.
Heavy Rocks II

Last year, I found out about a band that put out three albums in the year. What a great way to be introduced to who is now my absolute favorite band. Of the three, Heavy Rocks II is the best. Listen to Missing Pieces as you're tripping, everything about that song will kill your brain.
18Anaal Nathrakh

AN's most accessible release by far, because every song is like a mini blackened industrigrind epic. Certainly Vanitas is not as raw as Codex Necro, nor does it contain as consistent an atmosphere as, well, anything else up to this point. But it serves as a great starting point for the band in question.
17Abominable Putridity
the Anomalies of Artificial Origin

Have you ever heard anything slam this hard? Don't you dare fucking answer that question.
16The Acacia Strain
Death is the Only Mortal

THIS ALBUM BRINGS THE FUCKING JUNZ. Oh my god. There's deathcore and then there's the Acacia Strain. Every song sets this tremendously deep atmosphere and then BREAKS THAT SHIT DOWN. Best one-liners ever too, "I have the gun so I am the fucking boss" "I would rather see the sadness in your eyes as I watch you die" "
All We Love We Leave Behind

Like I even need to say anything about this album.
14Dying Fetus
Reign Supreme

I did not care for Dying Fetus before this came out. Frankly though this is far and away their best, as Dying Fetus is the type of band who largely repackages their sound every album to varying degrees (this time to the amazing degree!)
13Exotic Animal Petting Zoo
Tree of Tongues

I'm not really sure what to call this genre-wise, but this is exactly what progressive metalcore SHOULD sound like. Kaspar Hauser, The Great Explainer, and Thorough.Modern are AWESOME.
12Napalm Death

You know they don't really sound very grind anymore, but ND-core is awesome and more bands should do it. At this rate the third era of Napalm Death is better than the first two.
11Every Time I Die
Ex Lives

Southern hardcore done right, yet another album from 2012 where every fucking song is straight killer.
10Pig Destroyer
Book Burner

10 is 1 right? Actually you have to be with the right people to enjoy this. I was driving home from the beach with my friends who really wanted to know whta this sounded like, and it really was just a cacophonous mess. In the right setting though this is like a short story comp about crazy people featuring three or four different story tellers.
9Old Man Gloom

The first time OMG put together an album full of real songs, and damn is it cool. Also the only CD I own made out of cardboard.
8The Dirty Heads
Cabin By the Sea

My other summer album. Why doesn't reggae get any love on Sputnik? Virtually every song (besides the bullshit songs like the title track and Love Letters) is a perfect reggae-rap jam.
7Stagnant Waters
Stagnant Waters

crazy avante-garde black metal INSANITY. I've been recommended this shit to everybody since I hit this site.

My summer album last year, I dare you to not get this shit stuck in your head the second you here it.
Short Songs

I love how Silverstein took every element of their sound and then spliced it out evenly over 22 songs. Seriously though every original song is awesome and other than the derpy sxe covers, this album blows by like one giant awesome silverstein song.
Global Flatline

Aborted opened my eyes to so much last year. Before I jammed this album (which was the last album I pirated for about a year), I was all about the prog and had no concept of really good extreme metal. Then I listened to Coronary Reconstruction on repeat like twenty times and fell in love with death/grind. I also fell in love with underground bands with consistently awesome discogs, and with the modern production style of death metal.
3The Chariot
One Wing

What an amazing album. Way too short even though it's hardcore, because I just need fucking MORE! "First" is my victory jam too, I obsessively blast that shit when, I dunno, I win.
Yellow and Green

Probably the album I've listened to the most from last year, how can you not love their beautiful take on the classic sound?
In Somniphobia

Like jesus fuck this album is so catchy, and so good. Like the soundtrack to a James Bond movie where he goes to Hell and has to catch Satan on corruption or whatever
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