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The Search For The Worst: Week 4

after a long hiatus im back with 5 more albums for you guys. since work for me has slowed down a bit im hoping i get to do these more frequently and finally just be done with this.
1Corey Feldman
Angelic 2 The Core

I actually listened to this before so im pretty excited to talk about it now. This is the best worst album ive ever heard in recent memory. It’s the Room of music. Its obviously poorly made in almost every way imaginable, the production is terrible, Corey hams up the vocals constantly, and ideas are all over the album leading to a schizophrenic sounding album. However I think that is the albums biggest strength. Its so off the wall absurd I cant help but have a laugh at it. I believe Mr. Feldman legitimately wanted to make a good album and listening to this is akin to watching a puppy explore a new house full of toys. Hes jumping from thing to thing and maybe he trips over himself along the way and its stupid but it brings a smile to your face regardless. Im not even touching on the novels worth of quotes you can get from this either. Seriously, its so amusing in how badly made this is but im not going to damn Corey for that. I couldn’t anyway as hes angelic to the core. 2.75
Chuckles & Mr. Squeezy

3Kurt Cobain
Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings

4Celtic Frost
Cold Lake

5Missing Andy
Generation Silenced

I’ll level with you guys, I had to cheat and look up a review because I legitimately couldn’t come up with much to talk about this album. It’s a pretty standard folk punk album with a singer that has a thicker than oatmeal british accent which admittedly does detract from the experience by a good margin. The other thing I could come up with was the album had a sound that tried to be fun and lively but just came across incredibly boring. So this album is sitting at a 1.1 with 11 votes which makes me think I should’ve put a minimum vote rule on my initial list but you live and learn right? To quote Doof on his review “While the message behind the music is certainly worrying it's the ham-fisted delivery that surely applies the noxious coating, one that transforms a selection of otherwise uninspired songs into a truly abysmal, borderline offensive album.” I cant say I can share his opinion on the album. The music is so hard to listen to and understand I just kept wanting to turn this off2
6Kid Cudi
Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven

7King 810
Memoirs of a Murderer

8Woe, Is Me

9Falling in Reverse
Fashionably Late

10Rectal Smegma
Keep On Smiling

1.5 (bumped down)
11Waking the Cadaver
Perverse Recollections of a Necromangler

Its another br00tal deathcore band and you honestly just need to look at the album art to know what youre in for. A deformed man mutant shotgunning a guys jaw off while a tied down beaten woman looks in horror in the background. A spiky illegible band logo which always is the opposite of what I think you should do as youd want people to be able to identify your name right? (although in this case its good no one will know who they are) Heavy chugs, one note drumming, lyrics of shit youd have try to be extra hardcore but in reality just make you look worse as a lyricist. I will say its impressive the vocalist used nothing but his butthole for growls though. I’m not even being witty by saying that theyre shit either, it actually sounds like he recorded his toilet sessions from a night he was having stomach problems as the vocals. If it weren’t for the soundbite of the band blazing up (yes,really) I wouldn’t be amazed if they just looped the first few minutes for half an hour. 1.5
12Unleashing My Demons

13Nina Hagen
Punk Wedding

14Blood on the Dance Floor

Grave New World

16Dot Dot Curve
Your Ears Will Bleeping Bleed

17Scene Kidz

18Hello Kitty Suicide Club

19Bull Of Heaven
210: Like a Wall in Which an Insect Live

Almost finished/5
20Etienne Sin
Sinna: Volume 1

sinna 2 the core/5
21Sachiko M
Bar Sachiko

If you ever wanted to know what its like to have tinnitus this is the best example of it. Its just an hour of it though and even though it gets progressively worse it does end unlike the continuous torment people with tinnitus have to endure. So if you ever think your life is shit just remember: you could live a life where this is always playing and youre always hearing it with the only solace being when you sleep. But then you wake up and it begins again. The first thing you notice. Oh god, just let it end. If I sleep forever ill be safe. That’s all I want now. To be safe from hearing Sachiko every waking moment. Sine/5
22Prussian Blue
Fragment Of The Future

At least their name is appropriate seeing as listening to their music made me want to die. Oh ho! That’s about as fun as I can make this as listening to Prussian Blue actually is an immensely uncomfortable experience. I actually had to dig to find some of their music but when I did I unearthed a rabbit hole that seemingly never ended. Listening to the music could’ve been enough. I should’ve said it’s a couple of out of tune brats singing out of tune strumming a single string on a guitar and moved on but I didn’t. Why are these little girls talking about people corrupting their homeland, the holocaust, and walking the road to Valhalla? Its fucked up someone weaponized these girls as an instrument of hate. I know its not two girls fault they put out this music but I feel someone should have to answer for this. According to the wiki page they’ve since abandoned their white supremacist views and say theyre liberal now so at least theres that to soften up the grotesqueness of this.
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