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The Search For The Worst: Week 3

sorry for the delay. i hoped to make it up to you guys by listening to some extra albums this week.
Chuckles & Mr. Squeezy

2Kurt Cobain
Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings

Sharing similarities with speeding bullet 2 heaven, montage of heck is an album that exhibits an artist not in their prime and possibly most vulnerable. With some questionable songs that are essentially Cobain fucking around in his studio, theres nothing here really worth listening too. Theres some covers, demos, ideas, and bat shit mindless nonsense in here that could serve as a trip inside the former Nirvana singer. What ill give this album is that none of the inane shit made it onto studio albums which is more than I can say for kid cudi. I cant really get upset over the fact that this exists because I don’t think it was actually meant to be an experience anyone should actually listen to. What is upsetting is that a label would sell this for money though. (theres a vinyl going for $30 in a nearby shop here) 2.25
3Celtic Frost
Cold Lake

4Kid Cudi
Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven

After knowing about Kid Cudi getting help for his depression so shortly after the release of this album listening to it fills me with sorrow more than anything else. This album might very well be a point where people in the future will look back and realise Speeding bullet 2 heaven was actually a cry for help. I hesitate to even call this an album or a statement. What this feels like is Cudi going into a studio drinking away his problems and recording how he feels throughout the night (while taking a few mimutes to watch a rerun of beavis and butthead in between). Even when putting away everything I brought up before, from a musical perspective this is dreadful listening to. As Cudi rambles over lazy guitar riffs with no effort put into the final product, I cant in good conscious say Kid cudi was in sound mind when he decided to put this out. Simply put this feels like Cudi hitting his absolute bottom as a human and musician. 1.9
5Rectal Smegma
Keep On Smiling

6King 810
Memoirs of a Murderer

7Woe, Is Me

8Falling in Reverse
Fashionably Late

9Unleashing My Demons

Ok, this is bad but I actually smiled from how fucking awful the vocals are. The harsh vocalists constantly sound constipated and out of breath and the clean vocalist sounds like a shy teen that got stage fright in front of his school when he had to sing in class. The music is merely background noise with some weakass drumming and standard electronic music but ill give them points for at least sounding like they were trying. 1.5
10Nina Hagen
Punk Wedding

Thankfully only a three song long ep, punk wedding can best be summarized as being caught in a bad 80s themed circus with an eccentric ringleader that might be off meds. The whole ordeal is just a jarring obnoxious time spent listening to deafening concoction of way to loud instruments clanging together and a crazed vocalist shrieking like a cockatoo about marriage or something. I couldn’t really make out much from the lyrics. While undeniably bad I can see myself shrug it off as a product of its time, coming out around the late 80s as a mess of sounds from the decade poured into the album. Speaking of the mess, for just three songs each track sounds out of touch with the others with the first sounding like some funky opening for a cop show about chasing crooks from the 70s with the next being a more fast paced “punk” song. Just another example with how schizophrenic this feels listening to. 1.4
11Blood on the Dance Floor

Grave New World

13Dot Dot Curve
Your Ears Will Bleeping Bleed

I guess its easy to claim to be the king of crunkcore when you fuckers all have the same sound. These guys aren’t even trying to hide their smutty lyrics behind double entendres. They straight up say “suck on this dick”. Begging isn’t exactly attractive fellas and you don’t exactly have any other attributes that makes you stand out. Trying to be tongue in cheek with your title isn’t making any loins froth either. I actually get angry from listening to this. Why the fuck would anyone listen to converge to get pissed when you can just listen to a song from this and get the same effect. How fitting that the screaming twat says hes going to hurt somebody because this definitely gives off that effect. Or was that the intention all along? Was I putty in dot dot curves hands all along? Were they devious enough to make music that they knew would get people upset enough to throw down like it was the crunkest event of all time? Definitely not but it’s the only thought that could get me thro 1.15
14Scene Kidz

I think this is another parody band but that doesn’t make it any less heinous. Very similar to HKSC with shitty fisher price piano keyboards music but at least they saved us a headache from not wailing in our ears. But they called me a faggot so I don’t know which is more insulting. Its just another shitty crunkcore band. 1.1
15Hello Kitty Suicide Club

Im not sure if this is supposed to be a parody band or not but even if it was you don’t have to make music intentionally bad. You can be a parody band and make good music too you know? Wouldn’t you rather do that? These guys didn’t. Ill give you the full lowdown on what this is. It’s a 14 year old messing around with his first casio keyboard while getting his younger brother to shriek like Ian Watkins was giving him the business. Splice in some of those Dank Memes soundbites referencing pop culture media and you know all HKSC have to offer. Its shit and if theyre hiding behind the music as ironic theyre still assholes for putting it on the internet for general consumption. 1.1
16Bull of Heaven
210: Like a Wall in Which an Insect Live

Still listening to it/5
17Etienne Sin
Sinna: Volume 1

Still damned/5
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