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Anime Of 2012

I know there's plenty of anime viewers on this site. (you know who you are) rWhether you watch rit or you're interested in watching, here's a list of 20 rhighly recommended shows of 2012.
1Ling Tosite Sigure
still a Sigure virgin?

Psycho-Pass : A sci-fi action show that takes place in the future where an
individual's crime coefficient is able to be determined with technology. The show
revolves around a team of police sent on missions to maintain order. Written by the
infamous Gen Urobuchi, you know this is good. This anime is currently still airing, so
get on it and watch it with the rest of us.
2 Band

Yuru Yuri??: Season 2 of Yuru Yuri. A comedy slice of life show about four middle-
school girls who create an 'amusement club' situated in the former tea ceremony
club room. This anime is funny and incredibly cute.

JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: This anime is fucking fabulous. It's an action anime about
the lineage of the Joestar family, where every 2nd generation fight bizzare enemies.
It's cheesy but it's incredibly fun. Can you handle the fabulous of this show? The Ending theme of this show is fuckin Roundabout
by Yes so fuck yeah this show fuckin slays
4Mami Kawada
Square the Circle

Jormungand + Season 2: This is an action anime about an arms dealer seeking world
peace. She is backed with an elite team of veterans including a child soldier. This
anime is action packed and is recommended for those into action anime with guns.
5 Band

Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai: A romantic comedy about a highschool boy with an
embarrassing past of suffering from chuunibyou. (eighth grade syndrome, look it up,
it basically means he was a retard) He attempts to start anew in highschool but
meets a girl who suffers from chuunibyou and is fond of his past.
6 Band

Kokoro Connect: A highschool drama that involves 5 kids who end up getting their
bodies swapped. (lol iknowrite?) This is a fun anime and reminds you of how great
friendship is.
7 Band

Robotics;Notes: If you can't tell already, this sci-fi anime takes place in an
alternate future to the popular Steins Gate anime from 2011. You don't need to
watch Steins Gate because it's a whole different story. Just like Steins Gate, the
story starts up slowly but builds up once you're into it. This show is still airing so
get on it.
8 Band

Hyouka: Some may find this anime to be incredibly boring, others would highly
recommend this or praise it to be Anime of the year. Hyouka is about a group of
high school friends (yes, another highschool anime) in the classic literature club
who end up investigating a mystery. The appeal of this anime does not come from
the plot, but the character development and relations.
9 Band

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Dai 2 Maku: Sequel to Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. This
anime is interesting to describe. It's a comedy series about a group of female
detectives who attend a detective academy. There is no mystery in this anime, it's
purely just a series about retarded loli dykes with retarded villains. If you're into
watching some weird and funny shit, this is the show for you.
10 Band

Hidamari Sketch X Honeycomb: (Obligatory Hidamari on every anime list) Season 4
of the popular Hidamari Sketch series. It's a slice of life anime about 4 girls (6 after
season 3) who attend arts school and live in the Hidamari Apartments. Very relaxing
series and one of my favourites.
2BA Masta

Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes! Season 2: I'm actually joking with this post, i don't
think i will ever watch this but it's pokemon so why the fuck not?
12 Band

Kill Me Baby: A comedy series about an average high school girl who happens to be
best friends with a trained assassin. You can see how this ends up right?
13 Band

Joshiraku: Another slice of life comedy about another group of 4 girls. (This is a
common thing in anime but it works) This anime is just straight out funny. Although
many of the jokes and puns require you to be at least this japanese to understand.

K: Yep, this anime is called K. This show wasn't really that great, but the visuals
and soundtrack made it stand out. It kinda just ended a few days ago but it's still
being discussed. It's about an alternate reality where people have weird magic
powers and there's lots of gang rivalry. There's lots of blue tint as well.
15 Band

Naruto Shipuuden: No, don't watch this piece of shit. i'm just running out of ideas.
There was a fuckload of anime i watched this year and i'm having trouble
remembering which were actually good and worth having on this list.
16 Band

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo: A romantic comedy about an average highschool boy
living in the sakurasou dormitories, the place for weirdos and problem children. One
day, he meets a girl who ends up living in the Sakurasou dorms, but he finds out
she is an absolute retard(lol, and an artistic genius) who can't look after herself.
The title translates to: The pet girl of Sakurasou dormitory. This anime is still airing
and started off slow but i see it holds potential to be great.
17 Band

Another: A dark and edgy mystery anime(lol im just kidding) about a highschool boy
who transfers to a school and meets an eyepatch chick and end up solving a
mystery about students and people related to the school ending up in gruesome
deaths. It's not the best psychological mystery horror thriller 2deep4u fantasylolisex
anime there is, but it was pretty good. Recommended if you like black. And
18 Band

Breaking Bad: No, this isn't an anime, but i think many of you have no love for
anime, so i'll put BB on this list for you guys because it was fun.
19 Band

Anime of the year: Fairy Tail (just kidding this show sucks) But seriously, Honorable mentions:
Boku No Pico, Sword Fart Online, Shin Sekai Yaoi, Persona 4(technically a 2011/2012 anime), Rebuild of evan's jelly lions 3:
You can (not) watch camrips!, Black Rock Shooter, Korean Zombie Desk Car? Of the dead, BTOOOOOOOM!, Boku No Pico,
Strike Witches: The Movie (u thought i would joke about strike witches? no wayy), Girls Und Panzer(shit show but the japs
love it so), Upotte(It's like Girls Und Pansies except w/ better characters), Lesbian Space Pirates, I want to fuck my onii-
chan!, JoJo again because its so fabulous.
20 Band

Anime of the year: Fate Zero season 2. Okay if you haven't read or watched Fate
Stay/Night, do it now. I know it's a pretty average story but bear with it. Once
you're done, proceed to watch the prequel: Fate Zero and the 2nd season because
this show gets me so fucking hard. This show is based off the novel written by Gen
Motherfucking Urobuchi so it should make you hard as well.
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