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02.10.12 Basically, Shit I Was Listening To Toda

Basically, Shit I Was Listening To Today

Have a peanut butter sandwich.
1Meat Puppets
Out My Way

If you have gone through the entire Meat Puppets discography, which I
have, you can see that they've definitely had "eras" where (and I say this
as a loving fan) they definitely fall victim to trends. The thing is, there's still
always a unique flavor to their music, just always presented in new
contexts. And yeah I know a lot of people don't want to hear this other
stuff outside of "Up On The Sun" and "II" because those two legitimately
are the most creative albums ever, but just for fans of catchy songwriting,
many people may do well to check out the 'Out My Way EP' - definitely their
most underrated back-in-the-day release. (Their most underrated release
altogether though is "No Joke!" but yeah.) Anyways in my opinion don't
even touch the steaming pile of garbage called "Monsters" and don't
approach the new albums either until you've gotten more familiar with their
better stuff.
Fuck All Y'All Motherfuckers

This album is absolutely insane. Read through the song titles some time
(which would take as long as listening to the entire album roughly) and
you'll get an impression what you're in for. The music is essentially
hardcore punk but interested Metal Blade Records because of some really
cool interesting riffs. Anyways you really, truly will want to destroy
something listening to this album.
Truth And Soul

Fishbone is another band that sounded way different on different albums,
and most of them sound pretty awesome to me; but in my opinion there
was never a better Fishbone release than "Truth and Soul". I find it a tiny
bit front-loaded with a badass cover of Curtis Mayfield's "Freddie's Dead",
but the whole album rules.
4Shai Hulud
Misanthropy Pure

On par with the Lords album as far as craziness is concerned (i.e.
destroying things, cool riffs in a hardcore punk context, etc.) but maybe
more self-serious. I mean the band had a song on another album called
"Eating Bullets of Acceptance." [editor's note:
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.] Anyway though the
title track is absolutely classic, as is "Chorus of the Dissimilar", and really
everything is very memorable.
Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes

I definitely think this album deserves more credit than it gets. I have
especially been listening to "With Friends Like These..." on repeat lately. I
just love how impossible the vocals are, it makes you wonder what a
battle-rap featuring Propagandhi would sound like. I mean...bad. But still.
"The purpose of this new counter-intelligence endeavor..." All of the
musicians are excellent. DESTROY.

Really, I've been listening to "Xerxes" and "Entropy" all the time, not
"Everest" as much, but I was too lazy to add the albums because Sputnik
hadn't heard of them. Basically you can hear that "Twin-Cities" sound for
sure, "Xerxes" is maybe a little heavier...I'd say Arcwelder is slightly less
whiny, ballsier R.E.M. in ways. The same type of catchy songwriting for
sure, but with a couple more weird curveballs.
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...

Well, duh. PS - "Knuckleheadz", fuck yeah.
Modern Life is Rubbish

God that is the most British album title ever ha. Anyways for such a long
ass-album, it's amazing the percentage of awesome among these songs. I
like this better than "Parklife" which came next (even though that rules too)
and WAY better than "The Great Escape" which I find to be pretty lame.
But yeah good times.
9The Number Twelve Looks Like You

I like their last album, "Worse Than Alone" a lot too, but in a WAY different
way. Both are unpredictable musically very interesting but yeah, if you've
heard both, there's no question "Mongrel" could eat "Worse Than Alone" -
just musically it's so incredibly insane. I was amazed to see a music video
for the song "Grandfather" on Headbanger's Ball one time, and got the
chance to show it to my friend. It's weird...anything before this album was
strong on the "being ridiculous" tip but didn't bring the "somehow catchy
and memorable" stuff the way "Mongrel" and "Worse Than Alone" did. I
tend to stick with those two albums.
10Off Minor

It's kind of tough to describe Off Minor if you haven't heard them, but they
are sort of dark, with complex rhythms and what I've found to be some
memorable songs. I guess when I'm in that Majority Rule, pg.99, Pygmy
Lush mood this is that same kind of thing I'm looking for. And there's like
eight songs on this album, so how wrong could you go? Ha
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