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___ Can Go And...

fuck itself.
1The Beatles

Math, failing both my math courses this year have 80%+ in everything else. Study it endlessly still fail test anyway.
2King Crimson

People who claim they have no religious view or political view. Get a fucking opinion.
End Of Silence

People who claim there is no such thing as good or bad music.
4Robert Wyatt
Rock Bottom

People who take middle ground on every topic.
And So It Came To Pass

The burger chain Harvey's. Got food poisoning from one, never ate there again since.

People who think acknowledging someone's race is racist.

People who get butthurt over things that nobody should be offended by.

People who always put on a front that they are political correct.
9Electric Wizard
Black Masses

Overly optimistic people.
Watching From A Distance

People who wear Burberry scarves, seriously if you have one of those counterfeit light brown scarves go fuck yourself.
11Animal Collective
Sung Tongs

Public Strain

Track pants, I call them 'Idgaf pants'.
13Misery Signals

People who signal to turn after they start turning.
14American Football
American Football

Emos who don't know what emo music is.
15MF Doom
Operation: Doomsday

People who call everything screamo!!
Fake History

Certain sputnik users (you know who you are).
17Electric Wizard
We Live

People who dress up based around the music they listen to.
18Dark Time Sunshine

When something is advertised as 'family' means it is directed only at young kids. Since when are 5 year olds the only participants in the family unit?
19Dark Time Sunshine

People with baby carriages who think they own the world.

People in wheelchairs who think everyone should serve them and move out of their way because of their ailment.
21 The Sound Of Animals Fighting
The Tiger And Duke

People of a minority who think everyone is racist against them even though nobody gives a fuck. (Who actually hates blacks anymore besides 90 year old women and Vesper?)
The Bootlicker

Generic youtube comments/jokes.
23The White Stripes

People who keep making fucking religion threads.
24The Strokes
Is This It

Think This

Women's fashion as of late, I mean I love how yoga pants look on a ass as much as the next guy but women's fashion is getting ridiculous in how exact it is. Women's fashion is more like fucking uniforms.
26Rise Against
Revolutions Per Minute

Goody-two shoes.
27Swallow The Sun
The Morning Never Came

People who believe porn should be illegal.

People who think I shouldn't be able to bong in the privacy of my own home if I choose to do so.

People who go on and on about how much our generation sucks.
30The Speed Of Sound In Seawater
Red Version

People who overuse slang.
Blood Inside

People who use slang to make everything they do sound exciting! I could slay a dragon on the weekend and travel the world but fucking Bob could sit on his couch all weekend watching reruns of Gilligan's Island and make it sound more exciting than mine.
32Cannibal Corpse

The word 'chill'.
33MF Doom
Born Like This

How it seemingly has become a dick measuring contest to see who can elicit the most emotion out of the other person. 'you butthurt?' 'I don't even care, clearly you are butthurt' 'no you are!' Fuck you both.
Killing Is My Business...

The amount of acclaim Metallica receive.
Never, Neverland

People who are so fucking dumb that they assume you have problems if you listen to a certain kind of music.
A New Era Of Corruption

People who complain about how emo music only sings about girls yet EVERY fucking mainstream song on the radio does.

People who automatically hate deathcore just for being the genre it is. I am not a big fan of it but writing it off just because of the genre is so closed-minded.
Electro-Shock Blues

People who hate fags. I especially feel for them because I have had gay friends and it is bullshit the ridicule they receive from bigot assholes.
Tomorrow Morning

People who assume nearly every action you can do makes you gay, even though I have never met a gay person who abides a large portion of the stereotypes.
40Love Through Cannibalism

People who think only the first 151 pokemon are good. Fuck you, get your head out of your nostalgic ass, there are plenty of retarded pokemon in first generation just as much as there is now.
Downward Is Heavenward

People who think the entire 5th generation of Pokemon is void just because of 1 fucking ice cream cone pokemon.

First-person shooters.

People who talk in circles because they have no fucking point and hope to confuse you into thinking they are right.
44Wu-Tang Clan
Iron Flag

99% of movies that are the same shit rehashed over and over again. I seriously have no idea why people even like movies there are probably only like 50 in existence I can tolerate.
Traced In Air

My ex-manager. Wherever you are I hope you are fucking yourself.
Warrior On The Edge Of Time

All Spyro and Crash Bandicoot games made after the ps1.

People who think harsh vocals is literally just yelling in a microphone. This includes most people. I have been doing metalcore vocals for 2 years, and it pisses me off to no end that society thinks all I do is yell in a microphone.

Yankees who don't cut trees ; )
49 M83
Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

That you have to initiate everything in life because people are too fucking stupid to make plans themselves.
50System Of A Down

The fact that I have to put up 50 albums to aesthetically please your ungrateful asses. Fuck you, this will take an hour is it pretty enough for you?
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