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unappreciated wu-tang verses

inspired by my man DANcore's list, which covered all the classic stuff but missed a lot of my favourite lesser known shit. loosely ranked I guess but not really. have at it
1Wu-Tang Clan
The W

Ghostface Killah – Hollow Bones. love the mini-arc of emotional Ghost that Hollow Bones, I Can't Go to Sleep and Jah World make on this album, this is by far the best though

“and we fffffffffffiending to take those
move slow, I'm hearing how you broke Rob's nose
and I heard you keep a banging hammer, golden brass
diamonds embroideries that was stolen that you haven't reported, G”
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt II

Method Man – House of Flying Daggers. just one of his best ever

“yo is Staten in this bitch or what? don't get it twisted, we
twist it up and even mixed with dust
see these fans can't resist the rush, they wu-tang for life
scarred for life, they can't forget the cuts”
3Wu-Tang Clan
8 Diagrams

Inspectah Deck – Take it Back

4Wu-Tang Clan
The W

Inspectah Deck – Hollow Bones. yeah I really really like this song

“fleeing the crime scene speeding, beefing
leaving behind cream, not even peeping that I was leaking”
5Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah – Shakey Dog. there's no other song that represents the talents of its rapper as completely as this song does – in this case that the rapper is one of the best storytellers ever in the genre

“this is the spot, yo son your burner cocked?
these fuckin' maricons on the couch watchin' Sanford and Son, passin they rum
fried plantains and rice, big round onions on a T-bone steak
(my stomach growling yo I want some)”
6Ghostface Killah

U-God – 9 Milli Bros. as good a closing verse as the Clan's ever had tbh

“first one to snap, drunk off the Smirnoff
blow the bouncer's ear off, let him floss, he the boss”
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt II

Inspectah Deck – House of Flying Daggers. man knows how to start a song

“i pop off like a MOBSTER BOSS
angel hair with the LOBSTER SAUCE
summertime can't TOP THE SCORCH”
8Ol' Dirty Bastard
A Son Unique

Ol' Dirty Bastard – Back in the Air. just a genuinely beautiful verse

“notorious Glock buster, cap peelin', block hustler
who slap hoes, who lack feelings, black building crack dealing
black villain had a taste for blood spillin', love stealin'
any thing that twinkle bright to my eye sight, many nights I used to stay up at the twilight
and wonder to myself if there's a heaven or hell
been alone in these streets, since eleven or twelve”
9Wu-Tang Clan
Wu-Tang Forever

RZA – Duck Seazon. isn't this verse like two-plus minutes without pauses? insane

“i fuck hundreds of bitches and spent millions of dollars and built with thousands of scholars
my life saga from the hill to the harbor, legal 'caine grind like Nicaragua
i gave birth to MCs, thieves and bank robbers
we drove expensive whips and took worldwide trips
and my dick's been sucked by the finest lips”
10Ghostface Killah

Masta Killa – Assassination Day. genuinely menacing shit

“have you measured and shot for no pay
it's assassination day, I stalk my enemy like prey”
11Wu-Tang Clan
The W

Raekwon – Hollow Bones. you know what this is just one of their best songs

“i'm gagging and flagging a cab down
guess who in the Benz wagon, dragging my sound down macking
it was Dale Breedy, the greedy conniving-ass snake genie
cop with a bikini who murdered Tosh and Benini”
12Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah – Underwater. wu-surrealism? give me more of this please

“some mermaids with Halle Berry haircuts flashing they tail like 'follow me now, don't be afraid
imma show you where all the djinns and spirits pray
if you scared to face this life you shouldn't stay'
so I kept on swimming, grabbed on to her fin to help me out
as we got close I seen the boat all shot up with his anchor out
then she asked me politely what I'm thinking about, I said 'nothin
she said 'nothin leaves nothin'”
13Ol' Dirty Bastard
A Son Unique

Ol' Dirty Bastard – Intoxicated. or the same verse way too briefly in 9 Milli Bros

“yo, solid tone Smith with six shots, lick shots
leave ya head like a Shaolin monk with six dots”
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...

GZA – Guillotine (Swordz). the Genius does a Deck, Rae and Ghost verse before ending as himself, it's too good not to quote the whole damn thing

“the nigga don't get mad, I got mad styles of my own and it's shown when my hands grip the chrome microphone
verbally I catch bodies with cordless shotties
intriguing MCs, keep em trained like potties, I bomb facts
my sword is an axe to split backs invisible, like dope fiend tracks
sky's the limit, niggas are timid and nobody knows
how we move like wolfs in sheep clothes
producing data, microchips of software, underground and off-air
the land of the lost, notorious henchman from the north
striking niggas where the Mason-Dixon line cross”
15Wu-Tang Clan
The Saga Continues

Method Man – If Time is Money. more than three minutes of butter smooth rhymes, it's all great

“rappers stuck in limbo 'cause they were settin' the bar low
every time I rhyme on a track, it's like a convo
king we put the nine to your back, it's like you Rondo
when it come to John though, imma slaughter a John Doe
drag him through a drive-thru like he ordered the combo”
16Wu-Tang Clan
Wu-Tang Forever

RZA – Triumph. so much more to this song than Deck's verse

“march of the wooden SOLDIERS, c-cypher punks couldn't HOLD US
a thousand men rushing in, not one nigga was SOBER”
17Ghostface Killah

Masta Killa – 9 Milli Bros. nice to hear some actual energy from this dude

“ayo we wild like rockstars who smash guitars
yo son, split his face with the toast, he ain't Ghost
it's no joke, iron-coat rifle with the stroke”
18Wu-Tang Clan
8 Diagrams

Method Man – Watch Your Mouth. best deep cut in the discog for sure

“rappers your time's up, go finish them rhymes up
all my soldiers is lined up, my corners is crimed up
niggas know where to find us, settin the grind up
police checkin them pies up, my rims are shined up”
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...

U-God – Knuckleheadz. possibly his only good verse longer than 16 bars

“brothers from the no-lands, all we want is the Gs, guns and grams
living fat like the Hoffa, mafia, sipping, eating pastas
laying in the house telling the seeds about the sagas
before we got dramatic and those got sporadic”
Beneath the Surface

GZA – Breaker, Breaker

“the immortality of my fame is the measure of others' torture
burnt offer from a flamin' author
the falconer who flies enough birds for the chase
strictly excel in what is excellence with grace
the significance was not the vulgar applause of interest
but the feelin' that exit, completion of a sentence”
21Wu-Tang Clan
Wu-Tang Forever

Ghostface Killah – Triumph. if I ever had a favourite final line from a Wu verse it's probably the one that ends this, but the whole thing slaps

“you two-faces SCUM OF THE SLUM
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...

Method Man – Wu-Gambinos. cos if RZA on this isn't already in your top tier then you're wrong

“scriptures hit the body like sawed-off shotties
like my hair knotty and my nosepiece snotty
fuck a nigga hottie, that ho pussy probably
burn like the deserts of Mojave, for real”
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...

Raekwon – Knuckleheadz

“lay on the crime scene, sipping fine wines, pulling nines on
UFOs taking they fly clothes, they eyes closed
we getting loot, no doubt, check the word of mouth
unheard about, guns go off and now I murder route”
24Wu-Tang Clan
Wu-Tang Forever

Method Man – Hellz Wind Staff

“we on the run with the golden guns, get you none
when it reach out and touch someone, blaze their buns
now I'm guilty by association
times of blackness eclipsing the sun”
25Wu-Tang Clan
The W

Ghostface Killah – I Can't Go to Sleep. and we've come full circle

“somebody raped our women, murdered our babies
hit us with the cracks and guns in the early 80s
for those that murdered me shall stand before God
to fall at the hands of fate, then out comes the rod”
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