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5 Albums A Year, My Life In Music

My music taste over the years of my life, and how it's evolved or devolved over the course of my life. I only picked 5 albums a year, although some years i could've picked 20-30. Year, meaning the year i discovered it, or the year that i look back and remember it the most from, not always the year it was released.
1 2000
(age 11/12)
Human Clay

First album i remember with staying value, at the time i thought it was heavy as fuck, however, that's not the case.

The horrible pop radio station that i was glued to at the time played "Yellow" every other song, and at the time i suppose it was reason enough to get the album, although i like it more now than i did back then.
4Smash Mouth
Astro Lounge

The first album i ever received, even then i only like about 3 songs, so i can only imagine how much i'd like it now.
5Barenaked Ladies

Easily my most played album of this year, haven't heard it in over a decade, but honestly i probably don't want to.
6Sister Hazel

This was my second favorite ever for awhile behind Human Clay, haven't listened to it in probably a decade.
7 2001
(Age 12/13)
Make Yourself

This album transformed my musical taste, and introduced me to "nu-metal", which would dominate my life for a few years. Album still rules
Morning View

Hard to believe i was 13 when this came out, Easily still one of my top 25 favorite albums ever.
Break The Cycle

This album changed me from being a nice young kid to a very angry teenager.

Obviously this fucking sucks, but wal-mart in a shitty secluded town only had so many cds to buy when you're 13.
The Sickness

Much like make yourself i was obsessed with this album, and this band for quite sometime.
13 2002
(age 13/14)

By a long shot my album of the year, i was more excited for this then my first NASCAR race in New Hampshire. (Yes, i like NASCAR)
13 Ways To Bleed On Stage

This was the perfect addition to my collection to keep my teenage angst in tact.

A life changer for certain. I remember my older sister (who listens to black metal) telling my not to buy it cause it sucked. Fuck her.
17 Chevelle
Wonder What's Next

When i first heard this was a christian band (i know i listened to Creed), i was hesitant to give this a shot, but it was right up my alley.
18Finger Eleven
The Greyest Of Blue Skies

Continuing on the trend of very "depressing" nu-metal (if this can even be considered it), this was in heavy rotation for quite some time.
19 2003
(age 14/15)

My first Deftones record, i was moving from Winchendon, Massachusetts to Fitchburg, Massachusetts and my mother bought me St. Anger and this, my first Deftones record, i loved it and still do.

This being the first year i had frequent access to the internet, i started discovering bands like dredg on tool fan sites, i'm glad i did.
14 Shades Of Grey

Also got this around the time i moved, it helped me get through the whole "moving in the middle of high school" thing.
23Shadows Fall
The Art Of Balance

This record made me feel as if i was entering a whole new realm of music outside mainstream/well-known rock artists. My metalcore phase wore of really quick however.
Through The Eyes

A late discovery, but this may just be the best nu-metal album of all time, i absolutely loved this album.
25 2004
(age 15/16)
26Funeral For A Friend
Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation

I bought this album because i like the album cover, because of that, it ended my metalcore phase and began my "emo" phase. Still a classic.
27The Mars Volta
De-Loused In The Comatorium

My first real friend went to see this band with A Perfect Circle this year, and came back and told me to get this record. At the time it was one of the weirdest fucking things ever, but amazingly different.

Surprisingly enough, i had never heard any Nirvana song before my friend burnt this for me, i very quickly wore it out, as i can't even listen to a nirvana song nowadays.
El Cielo

Having not liked this album on prior listens, it just clicked one day, and still remains of my favorites of all time.
30A Perfect Circle
Thirteenth Step

As obsessed with tool as i was in high school, this just has to be on this list. Much like El Cielo, i didn't like it for awhile, and it just clicked eventually.
31 2005
(age 16/17)
Chapter V

Still obsessed with Staind at the time, this album came out about the time i started dating my first girlfriend.

I heard this playing in a Newbury Comics store one day, and i had no idea what i was, so i asked the man working there, and it was this. Album brings back hardcore memories.
34Brand New
Deja Entendu

This was simply a life changing album, besides EITS, this is the most emotional record ever.

Anyone remember musicmatch? that's how i discovered this, and it opened the doors to post-rock for me. Nostalgic as fuck.
The Fire In our Throats Will Beckon...

My first ever completely instrumental album, and i was obsessed with it. I somehow heard of Pelican before i heard of Isis, much like Panopticon, it opened the doors to post-rock.
37 2006
(Age 17/18)
38Circa Survive

Some hot chick recommended this to me in my French class, i bought it and absolutely loved it, burnt it out over the years though.

The first time i heard this i was in awe, it was unbelievably heavy/screamz/atmospheric/everything. Wish they made more albums like this.
10,000 Days

This came out shortly before i graduated high school, can't believe it's been that long since they came out with a record.
41Explosions In The Sky
The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place

My favorite album of all time, even though i've listened to it 1,000plus times, it brings back memories of my first REAL love, even being six years ago, i still get butterflies hearing parts of this album.
42Armor For Sleep
What To Do When You Are Dead

When you're an emo kid falling in love for the first time, and you discover this album, shit gets intense. Nostaglic as fuck, much like everything i've listed this year.
43 2007
(age 18/19)
44Circa Survive
On Letting Go

My favorite Circa Survive record, if only for nostaglic reasons. 2007 is by far the best year of my life, and i'm glad this record was a part of it.
Set Sail The Prairie

I was just discovering this around the time i got my first car, i drove about 200 miles away with my girlfriend the first day i had it and listened to this multiple times.
OK Computer

Took me awhile to give this a shot, but i did, and it's obviously amazing. The last three songs mean a lot to me.
47Explosions In The Sky
All Of A Sudden, I Miss Everyone

It's Natural To Be Afraid, sitting alone with your girlfriend baked off your ass may just be the best thing i've ever experienced.
48Fair To Midland
Fables From A Mayfly

I first heard this returning from seeing my family in Plattsburgh, NY. I had heard of the band before this record, but the production was very, very poor. This was a perfect discovery.
49 2008
(age 19/20)
Define The Great Line

I had this album for some time, but it never sunk it the way it did before this year, the best metalcore album of all time.
51Elliott Smith

For awhile i hated Elliott Smith, and ex-friend overplayed Needle In The Hay, and i hated that song to began with, then i broke up with my girlfriend of three years, and this just made sense.
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About

An old friend burned me this awhile back, but i never listened to it, as he was into Snapcase, Converge, Circle Takes The Square, and i was into fucking Staind, Lamb Of God and Tool. But just like Elliott Smith, this came to me at the right time.
53Jeff Buckley

Another album my ex-friend liked, that i hated, but i got over the grudge and found out this was fantastic.
The Rescue

The atmosphere of this album is unbelievable, especially when you're stoned, this and Vheissu dominated my zune prior to the break up.
55 2009
(age 20/21)
A To B: Life

Still caught up on the break up, this was absolutely perfect timing to listen to this, although i had it from my "skreamz" friend for 5 years prior.
57Brand New
The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me

Absolutely perfect for the same situation, i had heard this record hundreds of times prior, but it didn't surpass Deja Entendu for me till this year.
The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion

Although at the time their weakest album, it marked a transition point in my life, reconnecting with old friends, and ditching the ones who needed to be gone.
59Minus The Bear
Menos El Oso

I saw this band with a random girl i had been acquaintances with for years, i'm still friends with her, but seriously regret turning her away romantically even three years later.
60The Appleseed Cast

My favorite album from this band, reminds me heavily of the drastic changes in my life around this time.
61 2010
(age 21/22)
The Shape Of Punk To Come

The year i discovered sputnik, My old friend also burned this for me, but i never tried it till this year, obviously a classic.
Wavering Radiant

Went to their final show in Boston, the show was amazing, just puzzling why half the crowd left after the Melvins.
Diamond Eyes

I felt connected to this album upon first listen, and that happens oh so rarely with me. Maybe best record of this decade so far.
65Minus The Bear
Planet Of Ice

I realized that this is their best record, my friend who i saw them with thinks this album sucks, however, now she listens to Lil Wayne, so i'm pretty sure i'm correct.
Jane Doe

A good friend of mine died while i was obsessed with this album, i've never really lost anyone close to me besides him, so obviously this is gonna stick.
67 2011
(age 22/23)
...In Shallow Seas We Sail

Reminds of moving out of my parents house and into my first apartment, i could do anything i wanted, why i chose to blast this album at this time, i don't know, but i love it now.
69Pianos Become The Teeth
Old Pride

When i first heard Filial i was in disbelief, it was love at first listen, so different from what i normally listen to, this opened many doors in my current musical taste.
Life From Dead Limbs

Without this website, chances are i would've never found this, the vocals may be bland as fuck, but the work of the band itself is near perfect.
71Explosions In The Sky
Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

Much like Emery, this leaked the week after i moved out, and on my first vacation not living with my parents, so this and Black Ops pretty much took over that week.

This was my second most anticipated of the year, and it turned out to be the best album of the year.
73 2012
(age 23)

This album is amazing, I have listened to this on long car rides to many different events this year, and my girlfriend doesn't bitch about it. Win, win.
75Circa Survive
Violent Waves

I have an emotional connection to every Circa album (except Blue Sky Noise), and i know pretty soon there will be one with this album too.
76Every Time I Die
Ex Lives

I never liked this band until i heard Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space, which made me laugh, but it turns out, this album kicks ass.

Discovery Of The Year, hands down. Listened to this a lot, as my old best friend and i stopped talking because his girlfriend (who i set him up with) is a stupid fucking bitch.
78Fear Before
The Always Open Mouth

Gave this a chance a bit more this year, after only really like Art Damage, and i was very surprised how much i liked it in comparision to six or seven years ago.
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