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Completed a road trip in December, 15 days of driving alone to the west coast and sleeping in my car for 12 of those days, amazing experience and felt like it was the only thing to release the stress and a great time to take photos, list is ramblings of a madman
1The Hold Steady
Boys and Girls in America

First day drove from Minneapolis all the way to Denver and slept there, not much to do throughout Iowa and nebraska. Listened to this album so much the first day
2Elliott Smith

Second day from Denver to Southern Utah, Driving through the mountains while it was snowing was absolutely breathtaking, and Utah was amazing till it hit night, slept outside of Zion.
3The Gaslight Anthem
The '59 Sound

Zion to Las Vegas. woke up at 6 and drove into Zion National park, and Hiked to Observation point and let my feet dangle, beautiful. Had to leave Zion early though in able to make it to Vegas by 3. On my way there I hit up Valley Of Fire State Park, which was well worth the 10$.
4Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes
Modern Ruin

Las Vegas to Joshua Tree. Spent the day driving through the Mojave Desert and going to the Oro Grande bottle tree ranch. Slept In Joshua Tree National Park, which was an incredibly eerie feeling.
5Siouxsie and the Banshees

Coachella to LA. Found out from my friend that it will be quite a while before i'd be able to hang out, so proceeded to Palm Springs and spent entirely too much on movie and music memorabilia and alcohol, then drove to LA to visit and explore the abandoned zoo and then the Observatory. Slept in a Burbank Walmart parking lot surrounded by hundreds of cars

Woke up not knowing really what to do, so I drove out into the Mojave again and tried to get to the Airplane Graveyard, didn't work out so well, cause security. Drove back into Hollywood and went to the Museum of Death and met some random people and got way way way too high for someone that doesn't really smoke. It was........ quite the experience being in that place, stared at a photo for like 10 minutes then left immediately and ate a lot of food down the street then came back to finish the museum.
Then Drove down to OC to see the Adolescents, The Dickies, and the crowd. They absolutely killed it and the audience was absolutely insane, so happy I found out they were playing that show.
7The Dickies
The Incredible Shrinking Dickies

Still killing time, drove to Camarillo to explore a supposed Abandoned "slaughterhouse" that was run by a mental institution, It's definitely there and I got some amazing pictures, with my pants getting ripped in the process while hopping a fence. Then headed up to Ventura beach and then back to LA cause my friend hooked me up with a really nice Hostel.

LA to Soledad. Woke up and hit up some neat shops in LA, like the echo park time travel store and a horror movie prop shop then told my friend I didn't wanna wait to hang anymore so I headed up the coastal highway and slept in Soledad.
Almost Human

Soledad to San Francisco. Drove up to San Jose to see the Winchester Mystery House and spent entirely too much to get in for a tour, then suffered through awful bay area traffic to get to Byron. In Byron I parked on the side of the road and walked a half mile down a dirt road that was fenced off to eventually find the abandoned hotel that is supposedly "haunted" It was very much just a shell of a building 4 levels, it was amazing to explore. It did have some odd sounds every now and then but it was probably something easily explainable, left the area and while staring at the structure I heard a rather loud screeching noise, which I felt was my sign to head back. I drove into Oakland and took a walk around the Albany bulb and checked out the structures left there, then headed to Vista Point to sleep.
10Toh Kay
Streetlight Lullabies

Woke up to the most perfect view of the Golden Gate bridge and the morning felt like a nice time to hike, so I drove down the coast of the bay by the old military bunkers and got out and hiked to the bunkers they "advise" you to not go to, and got a perfect view from the top of one of the Ocean. Then headed to a record shop to pick up some neat records, and then found parking at the Hemlock Tavern. It may well be the best bar I've ever been too, I killed 3 hours there drinking and talking to people about music and wrestling while listening to the Bouncing Souls. Then those people and I headed down the street to see Toh Kay from Streetlight Manifesto preform his campfire tour and met even more cool people. It was an absolutely terrific show with every one sitting in a big semi circle and singing along to requests he took and the entirety of The hands that thieve. After the show I said my goodbyes and headed back to Vista Point
11Streetlight Manifesto
The Hands That Thieve

San Francisco to Eureka. Drove through the thick northern California forests to get to Fort Bragg to see the glass beach, it was raining pretty hard and the beach itself wasn't the most impressive sight due to the weather. I continued up highway 101 completely awestruck by the cliffs and dense forested mountains, I took the long way through the Avenue of Giants, and even though it was dark it was incredible. Explored an abandoned house and found the old recreation of Hobbiton that was destroyed long ago. I finally make it to Eureka around 10pm and slept. Eureka kinda sucks.
12Red City Radio
The Dangers of Standing Still

Eureka to Chiloquin. Got Gouged for an oil change in Eureka and drove through Redwood National park. Then made a last minute decision to speed to Lava Beds National Park before 5 to beat the darkness, managed to get through the Oregon/California border mountains just fine and made a pit stop in Macdoel to check out the abandoned motel, which was very nicely creepy in the still mountain air. While walking through one of the corridors I hear something like footsteps on the other side of a wall, but couldn't find the source. Did find a shack in the back though, looked like a place for squatters. My pit stop kinda made me lose a lot of time though and I got into Lava Beds for about 15 minutes before darkness finally hit and the snow started to come down hard, undeterred I decided to try Skull cave before leaving, bundled up and walked to the bottom of the cave in complete darkness aside from my flashlight. Then started up to just south of Crater lake, Chiloquin
13Red Fang
Red Fang

Chiloquin to Portland. Woke up in 4 degree weather and felt I might as well beat the sunrise to Crater Lake, which was a great idea as I got to see the sun rise against the mountains and snow covered pines. Finally make it up the mountain and climb a 9 foot snow wall to see the lake.... Not much else to do so I head back to my car and make my way to Portland. Got to my Hostel and then walked all the way to Wonderballroom and accidentally broke in 4 hours prior to a Red Fang show, after debating if I should just stay there, I ask someone from the band Whores. if they could get me out as I was locked in. Killed time before the show in the basement bar and got way too drunk before the show and made a few more friends. Whores, Torche, and Red Fang absolutely killed it, left with bruises and a sore neck, Hung out with a merch guy, Taco, for a while, cool guy. Then walked an hour back to the hostel.

Portland to Cle Elum. Spent only a little time in portland, cause it was a little disappointing, went to the Mississippi record shop, which was cool. Tried going to the Sloth Enclave in Washington, it was closed, my heart broke. Then just did a straight shot to Seattle, even though it was night and I only hit one shop in the city, The Nevertold Casket Co. to explore their odd trinkets, such as skulls, medicine bottles from early 20th century, and creepy paintings and other antiques. I spent a good hour and a half talking to the man that runs the shop about exploring abandoned places, traveling and Ween, until it was closing time for him. Then drove a couple hours out and slept.

Cle Elum to Rapid City. Tooook a detour from the highway for what felt like over an hour on dirt roads to get to the Govan schoolhouse, an abandoned schoolhouse for pictures. Then near that area found a neat abandoned garage and house, decided to take a gander. Inside the garage was just trash and a end table in the middle with a chair, on the table was a moonshine jug half full of red rusty colored liquid and a open book frozen to the table called "The Neat Little Corpse".... Strange. So I took the book cause of course and looked into the open door of the house and saw an antique stove, old chemical bottles, and a big dartboard thing on a deck covered in pictures of women and books on murder.... also Strange, so I peered into a couple rooms and found a mattress on the floor and a bunch of old briefcases stacked up, I took a picture and a booked and got the fuuuuck out. proceeded to drive through the mountains of Idaho and Montana and got stuck in some seriously bad weather.
16Motion City Soundtrack
Commit This to Memory

and arrived in Rapid city South Dakota around 3 am
Rapid City to Minneapolis. My last day consisted of me just driving through the state and back home, there was an odd sense of comfort and nostalgia finally seeing just plains of white snow for hundreds of miles, it was comfortable. And I finally make it home just in time to go meet a bunch of my friends at emo night in the city with the dude from motion city soundtrack.
17Bruce Springsteen
Born to Run

This was an amazing trip, I met so many amazing people, seen so many amazing things, did so many flat out dumb things, nearly died, and lost a lot of weight from lack of food, but it was all worth it and I don't regret a single thing. In the end I may have been just running away from all my problems and nothing has truly changed or improved with my mental state, but it helped relieve a great amount of stress and helped me think I have a bit of meaning. Sorry for this rambling list, I just wanted something that I could log my thoughts and adventures in cause it was all blending together in my head.
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