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Vile Hamster Classic Metal

No real order of favorites. Just a Half-decent list of My favorite Clasic rmetal picks. Thrash, rrGroove, or just straight up face-smashing goodness, rits all here. Now go eat some pop tarts.

Following up bomber, The punk spirit combined with thrash riffs Made for one
hell of a listen. I would nearly dare to say this Out did ACE OF SPADES for my
favorite Motorhead album.
2Judas Priest

After albums like TURBO and RAM IT DOWN, many doubted If Priest still was
welll..... Priest. Painkiller came back to slap the metal community in the face. In
my opinion, this album is one of the strongest drumming and guitar riff albums
ever released (arguably of course). One key factor that kept heavy metal going
(yes I know Pantera) During the 90's to me.

Combine Ritchie Blackmore on guitar, and Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P) together,
That formula just works. Rainbow rising proves that. While only 6 songs long, it
feels like an out of body journey when you listen to it.

If I had to say my favorite album by Sepultura, this is it, Songs blend well, and
honestly, I enjoy this album for the pure fact of just Headbanging away to it. All
around Solid Album from the Brazilian Heavy metal Beasts.
Extreme Aggression

The Album title pretty much says it all. Heavy as fuck release from One of three
of Germany's Most Important Metal Bands ( SODOM, DESTROYER)
Among the Living

Between songs like Indians, Caught In A Mosh, and I am the Law, AMONG THE
LIVING Prevailed Above Many albums During the 80's thrash explosion. This
remains next to FISTFUL OF METAL as my favorite Anthrax album.
7Corrosion of Conformity

Very Reminiscent Of Deep purple to me with a little grungy feel. Overall Vocal
and Very strange and yet, intriguing guitar work drew me in after a few listens.
You most likely Heard "ALBATROSS" from these guys...Maybe. Well the album is
just as enjoyable if you liked what you heard.
8Iron Maiden

Its Iron Fucking Maiden. Whether It be the opening ACES HIGH, The Monster of
a title track, Or the epic RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER, few heavy metal
albums (with the obvious Exceptions) Can stand on Par with this all around
Cowboys from Hell

Yes VDOP Is the album that Most Pantera Fan would pick right of the Bat. To
me, CFH Is the first Pantera album anyone should check out. From Tracks Like
Domination, and of course, "WERE THE COWBOYS FROM HELL!!!" To the pure
Beauty and amazement of the Haunting Cemetary Gates, This album Just
captured the attention more to me.
Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt. 1

Extremely Underrated Album In terms of all around technical skill (in my
opinion at least)
Agent Orange

Honestly, i only recently started listening to Sodom heavily, and Agent Orange
Well i couldn't stop listening, Its Heavy Its addictive, even Against modern metal
albums, AGENT ORANGE holds up very well.
Hell Awaits

One of the first Metal albums I owned, The speed is fast, The drumming is Loud,
The vocals are "in your face". Honestly, even in a very passive mood this album
makes me wanna start a mosh pit after a good minute into it.
13Black Sabbath
Master Of Reality

Its Sabbath. Its a Given. You will See 2 other Sabbath albums here... most likely.
Ace Of Spades

If you listen to metal, You have heard "ACE OF SPADES". The Album is just as
amazing, I need not say more.
15Motley Crue
Too Fast for Love

I cannot take Glam very seriously most of the time, The first 2 or 3 crue
albums, however just stood out. TFFL, Actually is pretty decent, I would have to
say One of the few 80's glam albums I can say I like as an album.
16 Metallica
Kill 'Em All

Everybody has their own opinion about Metallica. Even so, KILL 'EM ALL
remains one of the most important albums in Thrash during the early 1980's,
and one of the first half decent american Thrash metal releases in quite some
17 King Diamond

High pitched Evil vocals (Which I actually like in this case), Were at first the only
drawback, But after a few listens, I realized how Amazing it was. Very Horror-
based to my liking, and So So Underlooked as a Classic Pick.
18Judas Priest
British Steel

Tied With PAINKILLER as my favorite Priest album. Its not as heavy and
technical, but at the same time, its genius. Plus who doesnt love BREAKING
19Blue Oyster Cult
Secret Treaties

Very Proggy album, The very Infamous DONT FEAR THE REAPER is on this.
Looking past that, The album stand-alone from that track is still a very complex
and fine piece of work.
Chaos A.D.

While a little more Mainstream ( I kinda feel that way at least) I think This
Release kinda Cemented Sepultura as a Staple in the headbanger books. Yes I
know how Amazing BENEATH THE REMAINS is but to me, CHAOS A.D. Broke
the glass ceiling while Beneath the remains was the start of the elevation.
21Black Sabbath

Iron man, paranoid, War pigs.... Yeah More reasons. Sabbath needs no
explaining though
22Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath

the Last Sabbath album i will list, honestly, i love the first 5 albums, but my top
three are listed. If you are asking yourself who BLACK SABBATH is, go slap
yourself,, then google it.
Holy Diver

Cause RJD's vocals alone gave me goosebumps.
24Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden

I can't Pick a favorite Maiden album. However this would be in my top 3. Early
amazing maiden.
25Iron Maiden

Its just that good. Might as well list it.
26Iron Maiden
The Number Of The Beast

Very Predictable, but Its a given for metal.
Master of Puppets

Come one, you have yelled "OBEY YOUR MASTER, MASTTERRR!!" really loud,
then listened to the rest of the album and realized, Dude this is awesome.
Reign in blood

One of the best thrash albums ever made. hands down.
Pleasure to Kill

Kreator's Shining Work, and im sure fan favorite
Rust in Peace

Never was much for Megadeth Until i sat down listened to RUST IN PEACE. I
was surprised, and can say it did deserve alot of the hype it had and still has.
Warrior on the Edge of Time

Its So Epic, and honestly , i just dig it. I dunno why, Honestly the sound just
draws you in and you can't stop listening, thats how i feel about it.
32Ozzy Osbourne
Blizzard of Ozz

The prince of darkness may not be the greatest singer, but his early solo efforts
had enough audio- scenery in them to make the albums all around very
33Motley Crue
Dr. Feelgood

Why? Cause This was an actually really well done album during the 80's, Unlike
alot of Glam counterparts, Crue actually made some really decent track,
particularly on this album.
34Skid Row
Skid Row

Addictive, yet again one of the few decent glam metal albums in my opinion.
35Mercyful Fate

This is a release, I felt also was Extremely Underrated in terms of imagery, and
technical skill at the time it was put out. Mercyful fate killed on this album,
Simple as that.
Moving Pictures

Its prog metal, it spacey Its Epic and its awesome. F'n Neil Peart man.
The Great Southern Trendkill

This album was really really really heavy, its not overlooked, but it is at the
same time. Honestly in terms of technical prow-less , This is at the top of the
list for Pantera.
Practice what you preach

Melts faces, Cracks skulls, and is one Monster of an Album.

One of the most important and well-done Death Metal Album of all time.
40Skid Row
Slave to the Grind

A large departure from the Glam Metal days, They pulled off an amazing
transition, and Made one Amazing Follow-up. I didn't believe this was the same
band at first.
Bonded By Blood

Their Debut Stands as a Powerful thrash Classic, Yes Kirk Hammett was in the
band prior to joining Metallica. That doesn't matter, Exodus Still Unleashed fury
to the masses.
42Metal Church
Metal Church

This Band name alone is awesome. Surprise! the album Is uhhh.... Pretty Legit
43Judas Priest
Screaming for Vengeance

Priest's Shining moment in terms of popularity. The Album still shine bright as a
heavy metal classic.
44Deep Purple
Machine Head

Yes they are Classic rock, I think this is however a very metal album regardless
and influenced so many bands i couldn't keep count

One of the first and best prog. albums ever made (of course arguably) 40
something years old and still taking bands to school.
46King Crimson
In The Court Of The Crimson King

Pretty Much the same thing i wrote about Yes's FRAGILE. Except these guys did
it first.
Vulgar Display of Power

I got to this one. It Really is one hell of a Album.
48 Mercyful Fate
Don't Break the Oath

I don't know why i enjoy this one, but i do.
Black Metal

I can't stand VENOM after the first two albums. That being said this album is
said to have influenced many many bands. I can hear why.

As it Began, it ends. Bomber is Well-crafted, and to me in the top 4 Motorhead
albums. Prior to OVERKILL, there was bomber.
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