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A Riffin 2012 >.>

no point waitin coz no matter when i make this list its gona be outdated in a couple of weeks anyway. dont stand a chance against a CONTRIB list so no hope for a feature there either, oh well1!1!1!! list is best albms ive herd this yr. also yea fuk artwork its prob all b&w coz demos rite... RITE???
80 Cold Womb Descent
Rise of Ldaovh

space odysey through the far regions of bandcamp ~
79 Straightjacket Nation

punx from the heart that is close to tearing itself apart... i guess?

junk trash garbageiolence
77 The Audacity of Youth
Amor por Voc? (For D.)

enchanting n lush ambient piece ~
76Matt Elliott
The Broken Man

dark folk, not quite bient but its getting there!
75 Casi Cada Minuto
In White Rooms

nicely textured ambient
74 Curmudgeon

bandcampviolence.i think thats a chick vocalling shes cray
73 Police des moeurs
N'en parlons plus / Un monde sans ?vasion possible

minimalest of tha wavez
72 Modern Convenience

71 Vatican Shadow
September Cell

dancin the rape away >.>
70 Nattavaara Rocks
Ghosts Move Through

69 Damian Valles
Nonparallel (In 4 Movements)

tight glitchbient
68Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Visiting This World

i imagined a world without ledesma and it was so... boring
67 Dirty Beaches
Dune Walker / Rhythm Ace Dub

not as gd as their 2011 effort (forgot the name lol) but yea
66 Mean And Ugly
Demo 2012

has a song called poker violence. yea
65 Vatican Shadow
Jordanian Descent

theres no going back. youve changed this... 4evr
64 Bazooka
I Want To Fuck All The Girls In My School

artwork rulez, album title rulez & tells the truth (29)
63 Lunar Miasma
Impermanent Nature

sol(i)d as always
62Dweller on the Threshold
Dweller on the Threshold

decent indy in an indecent time
61Alio Die
Deconsecrated and Pure

pure and innocent just liek baseline]]]
60 Fag Cop
Whimpers From the Pantheon

they're called fag cop so yea
59Street Drinkers
Dead Secrets

dead serious, band is gud
58 Slow Magic

summer's over and so is this album HA
57 Crib Death
A Change Of Pace

noisy junk-violence
56 Meth Lab
Demo 2012

55Sea of Shit / Water Torture
Diseased Audio 006

dont dig water torture side but sea of shit side rapes
54 Lust for Youth
Saluting Rome

saluting LFY >.>
53 Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin
Instrumental Tourist

surprisingly great
52 Bear Bones, Lay Low / Hellvete

51Nautic Depths
Submental Vol 1

undersea ambient from the dark >.>
50Lee Noble / Ensemble Economique
Motion Forever

runnin out of ingenious descriptions... gd albm!!
49 EUS, Postdrome & Sa?ad
Sustained Layers

sustained awesomeness. fuckin SAAAD
48Lust for Youth
Growing Seeds

i love lust for youth??
47Loma Prieta

everyone loves this band no?
Skin Marks

tight powerviolence record with shitty production FUK YA
45 Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan
Vanity Fair

its all part of the plan
44 Thick Skin
Demo 2012

violenting the power >.>

predicatble yet awesome pviolence in the vein of sea of shit

elite lo-fi noisy glitchy drone
41 Lower Plenty
Hard Rubbish

pleasant lo-fi indie aids check it1!1!!!
40 Declawed
Negative Feedback

amazing doom-violence. old school hollow production, thin drums and balls out heavy doom riffs interspersed with rapid blasts of powavilnc
39Cremation Lily

sometimes the pit sends something back >.>
38 Theo Henrique
Untitled Album

dude is 14 and has already put out one of the most memorable noise pieces ive heard this year. he even commended my effort on rym!11!!!
37 Warthog
Chain Wallet Sessions

raging hardcore punk that that cuts deep >.>
36 Various Artists
Port Out, Starboard Home

noise-pilation of some of the best pe artists today
The World Is a House on Fire

this should be lower but im in too much hurry to get u all excited :3
34 Ordstro
Fall MMXII Tape

another great demo from one of fastcore's most fun bands
33 Black Rain
Now I'm Just a Number: Soundtracks 1994-95

dark industrial... bient
32 Birds of Passage & I've Lost
I Was All You Are

my autumn ambient album, a gentle floating melancholic mess
31 K?ji Sait?

30 Oren Ambarchi, Jim O'Rourke & Keiji Haino

free improv extravanagnza not sure if i spelled it rite
29Vatican Shadow
Iraqi Praetorian Guard

The End of Greatness

as a certain RYMer put it, mulm succeed where others fail
27Natural Assembly / Cremation Lily
Nothing, Everything Hidden

darkness visible >.>
26 Tollund Men
Looking for Love / Chains of Desire

Attic Noise

death rock with catchy guitarwork
24Egyptian Art Strike
Egyptian Art Strike

not my band as i led u to believe but hearing this no wave pv hxc masterpiece certainly makes u think it is so dw about it
23 Venn Rain / Past Utopia

venn rain nuff said
22Bedroom (NY)

tranquility records-core
21 Shores

like this way more than i should. codeine junkies gone generic cymbal crash post-rock. could be a hit on here so dont sleep on it!
20 Tollund Men
Tour 2012

lo-fy romantic sinth
19 Shattered Hymen / Hate Basement / Hadals / Fantasy Island

4-way harsh noise gangbang
18Je suis le petit chevalier
An Age of Wonder

already explained the beauty of this in my previous 2012 list ugh
17Venn Rain
Serene Beam

havent listened to this in forever. rules tho so stfu
Walk On Heads

noiz rawk with energy >.>
15Gustaf Hildebrand

dense n eerie (not to be confused with phill velarum) darkbient
Montagna Futura

genre: womba

disturbing ambient
12A Haunted Sawmill
The Dance of Death... (The Fear of your Life)

minimal wave. originally recorded in 87
Triumph of the Village: Bat??-??Ass Archivator Zupamix, 1989??-??2005 (2012)

noise collage Russian trash sample shit

9War (DK)
At War for Youth

synth abuse
8Mount Eerie
Ocean Roar

ocean recordings
7Venn Rain
Cymatic Cymbols

yr ov venn rain
Winter Light Burns

dark abmint

bitchfork's laptop junk
Multicultural Degeneration

pogrooooom :S
3Proud Father
Hearu Shi no Proud Father

lo-fi noisebient
2Venn Rain
Diamond Dust

ambient emanating from within~
1Mount Eerie
Clear Moon

transcendental indie-writer
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