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Intothepit Confesses To....

Thinking that all 10 of you are worthless, spineless lost causes who rprobably shouldn't be rallowed within 10 feet of the internet. They rhave homes for people like you.
1Beheading of a King
Quasar: Preserving Legacy

Pharoh- It's besides the point that he obviously didn't pass 2nd grade
spelling, but this user doesn't know any other insult besides calling
someone a "troll(Fail troll in this instance)." He also will not leave
deathcore/metalcore threads alone, making huge sweeping statements
and then not being able to back them up.
2Lil Wayne
Tha Carter IV

Qwe- Not only does "5'ing" any Lil Wayne album make you look incredibly
dumb, it also doesn't help Qwe that he claims to have a superior intellect.
While user does have some redeeming qualities, he tends to resort to
trying to "outsmart" any user that he comes into contact with, only to make
himself look like an even bigger idiot in the process.
3Born of Osiris
The Discovery

AftertheBreakdown- How many times can a user base let someone know
that they're unwanted? And how many times does that same idiot user
keep coming back?
4August Burns Red

Camstr- Between "5'ing" an album such as ABR's newest snore-fest and
comparing me to Hitler, I'd say this user rides the short bus more often
than not.
5Lil B
Black Flame

RosaParks- User tries way too hard to fit in and be funny. Not only that,
but piggy-backing on others insults isn't exactly "cool." Also, 5'ing a Lil B
album? Sorry kid, but you can't be all that intelligent.
L.D. 50

Restrikted- Between posting stuff about shitting, pissing, and molesting
children, this user certainly shows himself off as a winner, doesn't he?
7 Ratings

MynameisJosh/Jozsh/Sadsack- Do I need to explain anymore? It's sad you
still haven't figured out that IP addresses are visible to staff.
8Avenged Sevenfold
Waking the Fallen

Trantalocked- Insult reviewer because you're butthurt about rating? Check.
Insult users who disagree with you because you don't have a complete
understanding of the english language even though you're a senior in high
school(run-on sentence)? Check. Can't read? Check. Sounds like a
winner to me!
9Norma Jean
Bless The Martyr, And Kiss The Child

WitchxRapist/Mappy- How can you prove you have a higher intellect than anyone when all you use is meme's
and tired internet slang? Arguing against the majority when no one agrees with you doesn't help, as well. Not
only that, but that neckbeard pretty much defines you.

uckfutter2/IntothePit/FrankRedhot- C'mon, what's not to hate?
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