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Pit's Favorite Users

Here I am, in beautiful San Francisco, California, and I'm stuck in a rhotel room with a laptop that's slow as shit and a TV that won't rpick up the Eagles-Falcons game. If I weren't on crutches, I'd rhobble myself to the nearest sports bar, but that's about 3 miles raway. So, instead of wearing my ass out, I feel like spreading rsome good will and cheer. If you're not on this list, I more than rlikely think you're retarded.

BallstotheWall- Sir Wylie has certainly grown on me. Whether it's his wit,
his love for all thing kvlt, or the fact that he's from Miami, this guy rates very
highly on the Pit-scale.
The Darkest of Grays

Maniac!- Brandon has proven himself to be a worthy friend. Not only do I
trust him when he recs me music, but I wouldn't hesitate to call him if I
needed him for an all-out brawl. Nothing like throwing an 18 year old with
mid-level Judo skills to take out a bunch of whitey-hatin', gin-and-juice-
drinkin' black dudes.
3Native Nod
Today Puberty, Tomorrow the World

Apollo- While Apollo makes himself look stupid every now and then(as do I),
his infinite knowledge of all things Neige as well as the fact that he's one of
the few Sput-bros I can relate to with marital issues makes him a stand-up
guy in Pit's eyes.
4Neil Perry
Lineage Situation

Inveigh- Ever since day 1 on Sputnik, Inveigh has been my Sput-bro. Sure,
he hasn't been around as much, but the man knows his
underground/whiteboy hip hop better than anyone else on the site. Go get
your love on, 'Veigh.

KimmsightMatters- I know I'm going to get some hate for this, but I am
willing to stand by my choice. With a very questionable, dubious start on
Sputnik, Kimm seems to have flourished under the tutelage of a few other
users. Whether or not she uses Sputnik as a blog is irrelevant. She has
proven herself to be one of the nicest users on the site. She also seems to
have a very thick skin. Congrats Kimm.... you finally made a list that doesn't
crucify you. Whoops, probably shouldn't have said that.......
The Tombs

BigHans- Another guy I can relate to about the marital life, Hans' only flaw
is his love for very bad hair metal. That flaw can overlooked, though, when
you acknowledge how open-minded he is to listening to new music. The
guy also knows his football as well, which makes him okay in my book.

Spec- What was once a user I despised has turned into someone I enjoy
having a conversation with. He's constantly egging me on to treat him and
others like idiots, which I do, but I can't help but notice his willingness to
take a beating. I love people who do that. Sacrifice yourself for the
greater good.
8Beau Navire

Andcas- Another user I used to hassle on a daily basis, andcas has proven
himself to be worthy of respect. What I used to think was a scene kid has
flourished into a functioning Sputniker with a bit of an attitude.
9Full of Hell
The Inevitable Fear of Existence

Josh D- Because he's always as drunk as I am.
10 Combatwoundedveteran
I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos

There isn't anyone else I care about enough to list.
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