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Don't Do This Drunk

10 things you shouldn't do while drunk, as well as my 10 favorite rdrinking albums.
1Johnny Cash
At San Quentin

Don't try and get all philosophical. You'll only end up either a) embarrassing
yourself, or b) throwing up while screaming at the person who disagrees
with you.
Welcome To Sky Valley

Don't call your ex/current girl. Either way, you'll end up saying something
you'll regret the next day.
3Blood for Blood
Outlaw Anthems

Don't claim someone you just met is your "best friend." You could easily
have a stalker on your hands. Then again, knowing some of you, that
might be your only friend.
4 Malignant Tumour

Don't count how many drinks you've had. Sooner or later, someone will
challenge that number, and a fight will ensue. Or gay fraternity acts. Take
your pick.
5Don McLean
American Pie

Don't call your parents. You poor trust fund babies might lose 1/19 of your
billion dollar inheritance.

Don't claim to be the best at anything. You will soon be challenged by
some other hot-head at the party to prove it. You can't blame him the next
morning when you wake up with a case of the red dick.
7The Proclaimers
The Best Of...87-02

Don't bring a chick you don't know home. For one, drinking and driving is
bad(unless you like virtual reality games), but you never know how drunk
she really is, and you never know how big her daddy is.

Don't try and be the bartender. You won't have a drink the rest of the
night, and you'll end up wanting to fight at least 3-4 people at the party.
9The Pogues
Rum, Sodomy & The Lash

Don't engage in mindless drinking games. Beer pong(pussies) and Flip-Cup
are okay, but at least exude some energy so the rest of the copious
amounts of alcohol you consume don't fuck you up for the rest of the night.
Ace of Spades

Don't head off into the woods. A brief Blair Witch Project moment will scare
away that disgusting bitch you have on a leash behind you..... Oh, who am I kidding? None of you will ever
have that chance.
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