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The Eleventh Sniff -18

Gonna try with a new format next year friends. 2018 albums (a selection of "deep cuts") I've jammed this month... Here we go!
1Rudy Royston
Flatbed Buggy

4.0-4.5 [jazz] drums and accordion and horns til your ears fall off
2Irakli and Zesknel
The Moment Just

4.0 [ambient techno] sounds a bit like that one Ketev album that owns
3Noise Trail Immersion
Symbology of Shelter

4.0 [dissonant hardcore, mathcore, dso-worship, plebeian grandstand style] get that 3.0 outta here MetalSoliloquy nerd
4Big Business
Tour EP 4

4.0 [sludge rock] suicide covers
There Is A Place

4.0 [jazz] Shabaka Hutchings smelling but still not him?
6Yuhan Su
City Animal

4.0 [jazz] xylophone jazz with horns is good
7Peter Gall
Paradox Dreambox

4.0 [jazz] what a year for jazz frens
8Jean-Michel Blais
Dans Ma Main

4.0 [classical] wow this owns!
9Tone S.T.S.
No Longer Living, Merely Existing

4.0 [blackened sludgegrindmetal death] Like Cult Leader but actually good but in a way nothing like Cult Leader
10Blind Girls

4.0-3.5 [skramz] from the sunniest of places

4.0-3.5 [jazz] WITH ANNE QUILLER!
12The Gasman
Controlled Hallucination

4.0-3.5 [IDM] watch me slap a 4 on this with more conviction than ehm pots would

4.0-3.5 [post rock] leaning somewhere to the post metal side of the spectrum. Very huge sounding
14Trio Untold
Trio Untold

3.5-4.0 [jazz] jazz is on a fire streak this year
15Autumn Creatures
Funeral Garden

3.5-4.0 [post rock] sad post rock for sad kids
16Dirge (IN)
Ah Puch

3.5-4.0 [doom] fake dirge but still goes ahrd dirge
17Funeral Chic

3.5-4.0 [crossover] crust thrash hardcore stuff that riffs
18Makaya McCraven
Universal Beings

3.5-4.0 [smooth jazz] with an allstar ensemble
19Syringe (USA-MD)
The Leash

3.5 [hardcore punk] d-beat sir
20Tim Haldeman
Open Water As a Child

3.5 [jazz] free jazz and organized jazz and poetz
21Penelope Trappes
Penelope Two

3.5 [ambient pop] I get Julia Holter vibes
Singularity to Extinction

3.5 [sludge] riffs pretty ahrd and also big brain music
23Joy Orbison

3.5 [house] t/t owns
Outlaw Chiptune-Strike 1.6

3.5 [chiptune] by me
25Ian William Craig

3.5 [ambient, tape loops] Ian does what Ian does best
Cocoon Crush

3.5 [dub leaning idm] he is back, not as good as flatland but almost
27Aaron Parks
Little Big

3.5 [jazz fusion] 80 minutes of slick jazz fusion electric stuff

3.5 [blackened crust] they've done a fair amount of releases 2018 this is an ep. It's good
End of Cycle

3.5 [ambient techno] nothing that stands out in genre but still very good
Sueños Deceptivos

3.5 [hardcore] classic 80's hardcore and frantic shouting vox
31Steven Julien
8 Ball

3.5 [house] with some slight techno vibes
Driving East

3.5 [ambient keyboard space play] Natsukashii is the transitioning to a state of mind - nostalgia for the past, sometimes with implications of nostalgia for a flawless past that never was.
33Still Life (USA-NY)
Still Life

3.5 [ambient, classical] piano pieces and poetry
Psychic Data

3.5 [kraut strange fun songs] the quiteus is a good website for music
35Kenji Kihara
Scenes of Scapes

3.5 [ambient] japbient
Memory Repetitions

3.5 [ambient] it's 2.5 hours but very good 2.5 hours
Coral Sea

3.5 [ambient] binge listening to Celer
Something Cathartic

3.5-4.0 [ambient] i'll just 3.5 his whole discog tbh
I Wish You Could

3.5 [ambient] japbient
40Celer and Forest Management

3.5 [ambient] Move to Japan = become a great ambient artist?
41Beyond the Hill
Granular Life

3.5 [ambient, new age] more sweet ambient jams from japan
42Demdike Stare

3.5 [everything] mix of dnb, dub, glitch, industrial techno, breakbeat and whatever else you can think of dark ambient and so on so on
43Thrainn Hjalmarsson
Influence of buildings on musical tone

3.5 [classical] the tile says it all
44Moloch (UK)
A Bad Place

3.5 [sludge] mini-thou
45Michele Mercure
Beside Herself

3.5 [ambient electronic space keys] a collection of old works

3.5 [idm, industrial] it's better when it's idm-y
47Petre Ionutescu and Daniel Dorobantu
Cartea De Piatra

3.5 [everyhwere between electronic ambient to jazz and whatnot] lot's of strange words in those titles
48Set and Setting
Tabula Rasa

3.5 [instrumental post metal] with some black metal and post rock influences
Celestial Governors

3.5 [ambient, drone] with field recordings and cool sounds for you
50Eli Keszler

3.5 [experimental] some percussion driven sounds ahoy
51Brendon John Warner
la fonte

3.5 [ambient, post rock] beautiful calming sounds
More from the Morphy Vaults

3.5 [dnb] a compilation of old tracks for you to enjoy
Unreleased "Oscuridad Eterna" Tracks

3.5 [hardcore] frantic hardcore punk. 2 songs only
54Mahakala (UK)
The Exodus / Desert Road

3.5 [dnb, breakbeat] bring your indiana jones hat cos it's jungle mode on
55Songs: Ohia
Travels In Constants

3.5 [still owns] didn't even know this existed
The Outer Limits

3.5 [ambient techno, dnb maybe] keeping the steady flow of releases going
Artefacts of Rotation

3.5 [techno] time to play catch-up with asc 2018 releases as we reach the end of the year
Astral Perception

3.5 [techno] lets face it. He is the most 3.5 artist ever
Ski Mask

3.5 [dnb] it's good aight
60Prettybwoy / cuxrixous
Parallel Lives

3.5 [ambient grime] frankly very beautiful

3.5 [dnb] neat little ep with some dub wubz
62Public Memory

3.5 [darkwave] is good with good parts

3.5 [drone, ambient] droning ambient that's really good
64Kayla Painter
Cannibals at Sea

3.5 [ambient pop stuff] meditative pop leaning weird noises sounding not easy to classify stuff
65Information Flash
Information Flash

3.5 [outsider house] less breakbeat than last years, still good stuff
66Graham Massey and Umut Çağlar
Kicked From the Stars

3.5 [jazz] with a middle eastern vibe :O
2000 - 2004

3.5 [post rock, drone] scary spooky tape loop sigur ros stuff
69Harriet Tubman
The Terror End of Beauty

3.5 [free jazz] heavy on the electric bass electrified free jazz stuff
70A.M. Breakups
Out of Four Came Many Soldiers

3.5 [instrumental hip hop] beat tapes goat
71Kenny Segal
Happy Little Trees

3.5-3.0 [downtempo, instrumental hip hop] it's pretty
72Second to Sun
The Walk

3.0-3.5 [post black metal] riffs at times, drags at other times

3.0-3.5 [dub, deconstructed club, drone] slowly creeping dub stuff
74Second To Sun
The Black

3.0 [post metal, black metal] flappy jacks metal
75Lenka Novosedlikova
Sarah Hennies: Sisters

3.0 [classical, ambient] "In the two compositions for vibraphone she wrote for mappa editions, Sarah Hennies analyses the psychoacustic dimensions of space."
76Lando Chill
Black Ego

3.0 [hip-hop] album art matches the title
Rites of Despair

3.0 [doom, death] there's better death/doom out there
78Gia Margaret
There's Always Glimmer

3.0 [ataricore] genre says it all
79Crimson Throne
Of Void & Solitude

3.0 [black metal] atmospheric punky black metaly
80Eiko Ishibashi
The Dream My Bones Dream

3.0 [left field pop] outsider ambient pop with influences all over the scale
81Tyshawn Sorey

3.0 [jazz, experimental] i mean it's not bad for being just shy of the 4 hour mark
82Claudio F Baroni

3.0 [classical, experimental] the usual deal with modern contemporary
Feeding Frenzy

3.0 [punk, hardcore] gnarly shouts
84Marja Nuut and Ruum

3.0 [ambient enchanting pop] haunting stuff

3.0 [funeral doom] you can't spell funeral doom without al do
Musique Exotíque #03

3.0 [hardcore punk] standard-esque
87King Dude
Music To Make War To

3.0 [sad rock] sex is better
88Mutant Beat Dance
Mutant Beat Dance

3.0 [house] old school house techno with a slight kraut lean

3.0 [ambient] dark ambient
90Mika Vainio + Ryoji Ikeda + Alva Noto
Live 2002

3.0 [drone, glitch, techno] not as good as some of their other works
So that I May See You Again

3.0 [house] not the best songwriting but decent production

3.0 [ambient] recordings of rainfall and random generated ambient soundscapes
93Cruel Diagonals

3.0 [ambient, electronic] pretty cool stuff
94Cruel Diagonals
Monolithic Nuance

3.0 [ambient, electronic] pretty cool stuff
95Novo Amor

3.0 [indie folk] Shameless Bon Iver rip-off
96Te Aorangi
Black Robin

3.0 [ambient] tape manipulation stuff
Towards The Shadow

3.0 [a mess] but an uplifting and sometimes cool mess

3.0 [crust] everything crusty, except maybe the clown

3.0 [punk] very punk in eveything
100Meg Baird and Mary Lattimore
Ghost Forests

3.0 [chamber pop] back with the harp
101Missing Foundation
Nature Is Watching You

3.0-2.5 [noise rock, punk attitude] i think i want to like this more than i actually like it
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