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Path of Eight Sniff jams -18

So well summer's gone and so is every reason to breathe. See you again in june will to live.
1Szun Waves
New Hymn to Freedom

4.5-4.0 [space psych jazz electronic stuff and such and …] yes this is such a pleasant trip
2Axis of Despair
Contempt for Man

4.0 [grindcore] Members of Nasum and Infanticide
3Angles 3

4.0 [avant-garde jazz] new Angles since when? It bangs though

4.0-3.5 [ambient techno] puts me in the zone and keeps me there

4.0-3.5 [post metal] extra vivid with some hints of math rock
Commit More Arson

3.5-4.0 [emoviolence] not many emoviolence records anymore huh? But this one is rather good
7Florian Pellissier Quintet
Bijou Voyou Caillou

3.5-4.0 [jazz] can't be too many 4's in a year right?
8The Long Now
Restoration (EP)

3.5-4.0 [post rock, electronic] depressingly beautiful
9Ensemble Cairn
Gerard Pesson: Blanc merite

3.5-4.0 [modern classical] Jacs list have good stuff
10Johanna Warren
Gemini II

3.5-4.0 [dark folk] FFO: Marissa Nadler
11Nakayama Munetoshi
Floating to Kill Time

3.5-4.0 [ambient, drone] with some field recordings in there too
12Ross from Friends
Family Portrait

3.5 [house] lo-fi house that I don't really want to like but I do anyways
13Channel Tres
Channel Tres

3.5 [hip hop house] bring it back old school style
14Jamie Saft Quartet
Blue Dream

3.5 [jazz] very soft jazz music but not all the time soft jazz music
15Alexandra Milne
My Hood, My Saviour

3.5 [tech house] better than the full length from this year for sure
Dope Rider

3.5 [sludge] WEED!
⊙ (Absolute)

3.5 [ambient] chill and cool ambient concept EP
Cheap Storage

3.5 [deep house] yes this is where it's at
19Steve Roach
Electron Birth

3.5 [ambient] Berlin-school?
20Catherine Sikora and Brian Chase
untitled: after

3.5 [avant garde jazz] noisy improvisations but also mellower parts
21Aleksi Perala

3.5 [deep house, techno whatever] I don't even know what he's doing anymore
22Aleksi Perala
Sunshine 2

3.5 [is this the buckethead of electronic] ?
23Helena Hauff

3.5 [acid techno] not sure about that genre tag but this goes hard but maybe overstays its welcome a tiny bit
24Masayoshi Fujita
Book of Life

3.5 [ambient] gleeful ambient with happy sound
25Steve Hauschildt

3.5 [ambient techno] needs more attention in here
26Infant Island
Infant Island

3.5 [screamo] with a shoegaze vibe
27Sebastien Wright

3.5 [ambient] soothing yoga time ambient
28Evigt Mörker
Total makt

3.5 [techno] dark techno with aggressive sounds

3.5 [jazzish] they're back as playful as ever
30Beats and Pieces Big Band

3.5 [big band jazz] big fun with big band + some avant seasoning
31Proc Fiskal

3.5 [grime, hyperdub] he never disappoint
32Altars (USA-CA)
Altars (demo)

3.5 [death grind] of a modern variety
Ever Orbit

3.5 [housework] Is housework a genre that's just a combination of house and footwork. I mean this probably isn't that but w/e fite me.
Coffin Birth

3.5 [osdm] not the best but still enjoyable
35Arms / Seizures

3.5 [chaotic metalcore] you know the deal
36El Ten Eleven
Banker's Hill

3.5-3.0 [mathcore, electronic, post rock] I don't know it has a fair share of twists and turns but eh
37The Slow Readers Club
Build A Tower

3.0 [80's pop] with a dark twist
The Switch

3.0 [drone] with a touch of noise rock maybe?
39Jaye Jayle
No Trail and Other Unholy Paths

3.0 [sad man rock] sounds like nick cave tbh
40Collections Of Colonies Of Bees

3.0 [indie pop, post rock] sowingcore
41Rafal Sarnecki
Climbing Trees

3.0 [jazz] would've owned if it wasn't some stupid cow shouting all over it
42Dom Viktiga Skorna

3.0 [hip hop] satirical swedish rap
Project 13

3.0 [dubstep] i don't know very much about this genre and i intend to keep it that way
44Wisdom Teeth
Benoit B - Vague à l'Âme

3.0 [electronic] sounds like an even more summery Geotic without the vocals
45Uniform and The Body
Mental Wounds Not Healing

3.0 [drone noisy drone] it's what we have become used to

3.0 [instrumental hip hop] fairly decent

3.0 [electronic, drone] sounds like a hotter version of a twin peaks soundtrack
48Evil Blizzard
The Worst Show on Earth

3.0 [psychedelic post punk] it has some great moments for sure
49Liam van Ryn

3.0 [ambient] "lush" electronic music in the form of a neat little ep
Temaukel, the Spirit Before Time

3.0 [destert rock] if you can overlook weak vocals this sports a fair deal of riffs
51Tragedy Khadafi
Immortal Titans

3.0 [boom-bap] that g stuff
52Holy Esque
Television / Sweet

3.0 [indie pop] fantastic vocal performance
53Get Well Soon
The Horror

3.0 [Chamber pop ish] Listen for lyrics more than actual music I'd say
54The Yossarians
Ambition will Eat itself

3.0 [post punk, noise rock] It's only 18 minutes long you have time to check
55Bass Drum of Death
Just Business

3.0 [brit pop] fite me about the genre tag
56Dire Omen
Formless Fire Embodied

3.0 [death metal] brutal and all but it seems a bit thin maybe?
57Maggot Heart
Dusk to Dusk

3.0 [gothic garage rock] guitar heavy
58Steve Roach
Molecules Of Motion

3.0 [ambient, Berlin-School whatever that is] starts out great but it's a bit too samey and too long
Portrait with Firewood

3.0 [Idm even?] I get what he's aiming at but i'm not feeling this sadly enough. But there's no denying it's well performed
60Sebastien Wright
Landscapes II

3.0 [ambient] Two of the same artist on the same list like whaddup?
61C.L.S.I. Ensemble
Stockhausen: Kurzwellen

3.0 [electroacoustic] it's two trips at once, at least
62Uli Fussenegger
San Teodoro 8

3.0 [tape music] Abrasive
63Nueva Fuerza
Hitos Y Derrotas

3.0 [hardcore] "7 tracks of uber-distorted Hardcore"
64Primitive Man / Unearthly Trance

3.0 [sludge, doom whatever] dark and heavy and well ehm not much substance
65Primitive Knot
Touch Me Not

3.0 [post punk maybe?] "Like Sisters of Mercy, Motorhead and Hawkwind slamdancing drunk in the dark."

3.0 [psychedelic fuzz punk] It's a bit, well a large bit, too long
Ancient Brewing Tactics

3.0 [crossover] with a hint of pv and also very good lyrics tbh
68Beach Skulls
Las Dunas

3.0 [some sort of dreamy post punk maybe] I dunno it's barely a 2.5 but it has its moments i guess
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