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Sniffson Five the -18 jams

-18 stuff I've jammed this month, saving some leftovers for the june list cos it was too much. Whaddup biches?
1Mikado Koko
Jo No Mai

4.5 [house, techno, ghetto latin whatever that is and so on] EP of the year
2Mikado Koko
Spiritual Journey

4.0 [deep house] what is this person and why is it so good?
Friends. Lovers. Favorites.

4.0 [modern grind, powerviolence] whoa this is really really really good
4Thaniel Ion Lee
Five Ghosts

4.0 [drone] no shame in 4ing a drone record

4.0 [sludge, post hardcore] If I say Breach you might agree
Pan And The Master Pipers

4.0 [kraut, post rock, psych] now this is a trip drenched in beer, psychedelic drugs and bagpipes

4.0 [instrumental post metal] don't forget this is out

4.0 [hardcore] been a while since i heard such a sincere hardcore onslaught
9Bruno Angelini
Open Land

4.0-3.5 [jazz] very cinematic. Can be a bit grating but when it's good it's real good
10Tropical Fuck Storm
A Laughing Death in Meatspace

4.0-3.5 [noise rock, psychedelic rock] wow having all the energy that made the second to last The Drones record so special
Luminosity Device

4.0-3.5 [techno] very busy but very engaging
12Chihei Hatakeyama
Butterfly's Summer and Vanished

4.0-3.5 [ambient drone] this is pretty pretty
13Dominique Fils-Aime

3.5-4.0 [rnb contemporary] wow very beauty
14Idris Ackamoor and The Pyramids
An Angel Fell

3.5-4.0 [jazz, dub, funk, space] imma just cite zak tbh: a cosmic journey through jazz, dub and the interstellar kitchen sink. Essential listening
Intuition Vol. 2

3.5-4.0 [techno, very concrete music] starts of as very concrete music goodness but ends up in techno amazingness
16Pharaoh Overlord

3.5-4.0 [psych rock] with the Demilich guy on vocals doing his thing. Works surprisingly well together with thicc fuzzy instrumentation
17Septic Tank
Rotting Civilisation

3.5 [hardcore] it's great fun and distortion
18Eyes (DK)

3.5 [hardcore] dark hardcore of the modern heavily downtuned and distorted one
19Darryl Yokley
Pictures at an African Exhibition

3.5 [jazz] big band vibes goes hard
20Joachim Mencel Quintet

3.5 [jazz, folk] the folk influences can be a bit annoying but it has a real underlying groove that can't be denied
21Sonido Gallo Negro
Mambo Cósmico

3.5 [psychedelic kumbia] ay this is a feast and a party
The Endavour

3.5 [dark ambient metal electronic] It can't really be described in that sense maybe i dunno. But it's good and you should check
O Grotesco e o Desespero

3.5 [crust, grind, death metal] uno solido crossovero de deathmetalo y crustisimo grindo e ocho perro pero. Muy grande penisimo
Thought and Existence

3.5 [stoner drone] Bong have really stepped their game up lately
25Kamaal Williams
The Return

3.5 [jazz fusion] Yussuf Kamaal, Henry Wu and now Kamaal Williams. He changes names a lot, what doesn't change is his brand of slick jazz fusion.

3.5 [neocrust] with heavy metal influences
27Shinya Fukumori Trio
For 2 Akis

3.5 [jazz] the type you'll hear at your local smokey jazzbar. The talented trio type
28Dirk Serries

3.5 [ambient] Dirk goes a bit harder on the ambient. It's still good af
29Jeff Snyder

3.5 [electronic, drone, sound collage] atonal and disjointed first two tracks develop into droning and subtle closing two tracks
An Asphyxiating Embrace

3.5 [hardcore, post metal] really well executed mix of genres. Check it out!
31Pascal Le Boeuf
Into the Anthropocene

3.5 [classical] but very aggressive

3.5 [ambient] sounds almost like electro-acoustic at times. Both apparently deeply situade in both dub and ambient
33Ripped to Shreds

3.5 [death metal] above average for one man bands for sure.
34Giraffes? Giraffes!
Memory Lame

3.5 [math rock] I don't understand why this hasn't got more ratings yet
35Just Mustard

3.5 [shoegaze, noise rock] this is actually very good and such Abe core
OverworX 001

3.5 [techno] abbrasive techno stuff but it's real good
37Klauss and Craig

3.5 [techno, house] dark vibes and worth a jam also if you dig dnb
38Violation Wound
With Man in Charge

3.5 [hardcore punk] floating seamlessly between punk subgenres
Polish Space Program

3.5 [space keyboard music] fm based blaster mega easter
40Temisan Adoki
In Flight

3.5 [lo-fi house] made for your headphone listening experience. Also cover art rules!
41Big Ups
Two Parts Together

3.5 [math rock, post rock, post hardcore] it's as if Fugazi made Spiderland
42Olivia De Prato

3.5 [contemporary classical] for violin by a violinist, it's kinda intimidating but also intriguing
43Death and the Maiden

3.5 [indie pop, post punk] surprisingly decent considering the genres

3.5 [instrumental rock, space rock, post rock] Tarfala is a fuckind desolate town. This is full of life though.
45Zinovia Arvanitidi
Nº 21 Ivory

3.5 [classicales modernales] modern classical, mostly just pretty piano but also some other types of instruments at some points
46Elysia Crampton
Elysia Crampton

3.5 [latin electronic, post industrial] back on the right track after last years bad outing
47Chihei Hatakeyama
Void XVI

3.5 [ambient] next in the Void series, who up?
48Mouse on the Keys

3.5 [jazzy math rock] New Mouse on the Keys yall
Astral Projection

3.5 [techno] new ASC yall
50Rotten Sound
Suffer to Abuse

3.5 [grindcore] do these guys never tire. New EP
51Martin Speake Quartet ft. Ethan Iverson

3.5 [jazz] traditional sax-jazz
Pachinko Plex

3.5 [math rock, "flumm"] it's out there, no doubt
53Rival Consoles

3.5 [arpeggiated idm] let's make this his/their/hers/whatevers most rated
54Carla Bozulich

3.5 [art rock, art pop, drone, whatever] continues her string of very fine releases
No Spirit Within

3.5 [sludge, doom, black metal] in the same ballpark as Primitive Man

3.5 [psychedelic cuts of modular 2-step techno] Looking forward to when electronic Ep's get real names
57Beta Librae
Sanguine Bond

3.5 [techno, space ambient] it's a fairly long but still decent trip
58Dj Healer
Nothing 2 Loose

3.5 [deep house, ambient] faux deep(emotional) deep house
A Low Winter's Sun

3.5 [sludge] it sounds like thou!

3.5 [ambient house] mostly spacious synths and ambient but some housebeats manage to sneak in here and there

3.5 [space electronics] criminally unknown band
Permanent Imbalance

3.5 [IDM] it's cool (cos it's russian)
63Le Officine Di Efesto
The Elements

3.5 [techno, electronic] "modular wizards"
Crescendo of Despair

3.5 [blackened hardcore] It's pretty slow for crust and that's a bad thing. But it has a certain engaged feeling to it and that is a good thing.
The Least Likely Event Will Occur In The Long Run

3.5 [breaks] besides the factual error in the title this is pretty neat as breakcore
66Ghastly (FIN)
Death Velour

3.5 [death metal] it's very Finnish ngl. But to me there is better death metal than this out there.
67Melatonin Man
Cruise Control Love

3.5 [house] with clear chill dub leanings
68Klaus Schulze

3.5 [ambient dub] with heavy space-synth influences. It's also kind of really good
Chapel Perilous

3.5 [psych rock, drone] a bit on the noise rock side. First track is really really good
70Joe Armon-Jones
Starting Today

3.5-3.0 [jazz funk, fusion] instrumentally fucken A featured vocals are bad as expected
71War on Women
Capture The Flag

3.5-3.0 [hardcore punk] Do I hear Rise Against in this, but you know, actually good and fun
72Sarah Davachi
Let Night Come on Bells End the Day

3.5-3.0 [electoacoustic, drone] only the last track really reaches the heights that Vergers did
73Daniel Blumberg

3.5-3.0 [art pop] does remind me of Talk Talk from time to time. But also Bowie and more modern art poppers from time to time
74Nadia Struiwigh

3.5-3.0 [space electronic] moves in the territory of spacy keyboards and more relaxed electronic music
Geschichten des Lebens

3.5-3.0 [ambient, techno] is ehm a bit unengaging but well done

3.5-3.0 [hardcore punk] i don't know how this works cos it sounds so unreal it shouldn't really be working
Hell Is Here Now

3.0-3.5 [hardcore, death metal, thrash metal, metalcore] yadayadayada whatever genres. Sounds like a crossover between Slayer riffs, hardcore chugs and toughguy vocals
78Leila Abdul-Rauf

3.0-3.5 [ambient] piano, brass and vocals make up most of this haunting but still chill? journey
Loose Blooms

3.0 [ambient, drone] tape manipulation at it's sort of finest
80The Summer Kills
Last Night We Became Swans

3.0 [alternative rock] Hammock does Hammock, some random dude I probably should know about does vocals. It works sometimes and other times it sounds as bland as U2
81Synth Sisters

3.0 [ambient] synth soundscapes that transfers you to a better place
82CP Unit
Silver Bullet In The Autumn Of Your Years

3.0 [avant jazz] very noisy and improvised. It's cool though
Songs for Midi

3.0 [electronic explorations] don't really know how to categorize but it's happy fun times for sure
Bran Coucou

3.0 [avant-garde rock] proper weird
85Buck Curran
Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas

3.0 [classical guitar, ambient] very VERY chill abum

3.0 [dub, industrial] i don't really know how to describe this. Ehm slow droning dub maybe is the best way
Where Were You // Step FWD

3.0 [dubstep] sounds kinda mainstreamy I guess but it works.
88Dylan Carlson

3.0 [drone] sounds like happy Earth
89Nils Frahm
Encores 1

3.0 [same as the previous] same as all melody cos it's leftovers from that record
90Croatian Amor and Varg
Body of Water

3.0 [electronic] a mishmash of influences turns out alright
Rien ne nous sera épargné

3.0 [post rock, post metal] is very instrumental, is very tried but here it's decent enough
92Mary Lattimore
Hundreds of Days

3.0 [harp] it's literally harp music
93Jim O'Rourke
Steamroom 40

3.0 [drone] happy beautiful drone song for happy people
94Jim O'Rourke
Steamroom 39

3.0 [drone] dark ambient drone for those who keep it real
95Jim O'Rourke
Steamroom 38

3.0 [drone] it's cool cos it's american (i think)
96Chihei Hatakeyama

3.0 [ambient] does what he do
We Are Ill

3.0 [post punk, garage rock, noise rock] tops every other talantless obnoxious teenage band who knows one chord and one drum beat
98Gabor Lazar

3.0 [techno, idm] synth heavy not very engaging but it's decently performed
99Dirk Serries/Colin Webster

3.0 [free jazz, avant-garde] slapping on guitar and slapping on sax in a mess that's rather cool tbh

3.0 [crust, hardcore] decent 80's leaning crust punk
101Johnny Jewel
Themes for Television

3.0 [soundtrack] it's decent. Not as good as Digital Rain though
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