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A list ahead of it schedule cos I'm leaving for excursions in the Laotian rainforest tomorrah. Lot's of possible AOTY contenders on here thanks to arhd jammers on his here site. Only 2017 stuff I haven't rated previous months.
1Our Ceasing Voice
Free Like Tonight

4.0-4.5 [post rock, alt rock] FFO: I Like Trains, Nick Cave, Tom Waits and post rock in general. This is so god damn beautiful and if you don't feel this you're born without a heart. Be warned tho - it's rather cheesy. TEAMSTER!

4.0-4.5 [sludge, post metal] a much needed album in the genre. Very Isis-sounding in a good way. RAMON!
3 | Release Yourself Through Desperate Rituals

4.0 [post everything] such an unholy mixture of genres and feelings shouldn't be possible to pull off. But these guys do it accurately. TEAMSTER!
Au peuple de l'abîme

4.0 [black metal, sludge] sounds a lot like Celeste but with trver production. TEAMSTER!

4.0 [skramz] a post rock tinged beauty. PJORN!

4.0 [nightdriving techno] very chill and very good. RELINQUISHED!
7Merkabah (PL)
Million Miles

4.0 [progressive jazz metal and rock] what if DEP and Shabaka Hutchins had a baby together?
8Arditti Quartet / Orchestre philharmonique de Radio France
Pascal Dusapin: Quatuor VI; Quatuor VII

4.0-3.5 [classical] dissonant journeys through string soundscapes makes for a fine listen. JACQUIBIM!
9Hell (USA)

4.0-3.5 [sludge] thicc and dark and fuzzy in a cold way with rather engaging songwriting. AARON!
10James Holden and The Animal Spirits
The Animal Spirits

4.0-3.5 [IDM, jazz] a mixture of Holdens signature arpeggios and jazz. Works unbelievably well.
Over Depth

4.0-3.5 [industrial techno] sonic adventures that take me places.
12Ostraca / Flesh Born
Faces of the Moving Year

4.0-3.5 [skramz, post rock, grind] It's rarely that I enjoy both sides of a split as much as I enjoy this one. Flesh Born is new to me and a cool mix of Full of Hell and Orchid.

4.0-3.5 [post metal] at it's finest when the vocals are absent. But vocals aren't bad per say. Sort of Cult of Luna-ish but with a mix of modern post metal. TEAMSTER!
14Chapelier Fou

3.5-4.0 [classical, electonic] a joyful mix of electronic music and classical instuments. BROKENCYCLE!
Gifts from the Ebb Tide

3.5-4.0 [techno, jazz] the shape of future funk to come. A mix of ambient techno, organic sounds, korg and jazz
16Dave Clarke
The Desecration Of Desire

3.5-4.0 [techno, drum'n'bass, dark pop, post punk] im so puzzled by this. Can't really wrap my head around it. Check for yourselfs the mix of basic dance music, poetry, intricate dance music and phat bass.
17Young Jesus
Young Jesus

3.5-4.0 [emo, alt rock] weirdly emotional and engaging emo/alt rock crossover that also is quite garagy in its approach.
18Blood Freak
Total Destruction of the Human Form

3.5 [death metal] a mix of old school, new school, grind, gore and straight up riffage that takes itself seriously enough.
Check it.
Father, Lord and Wizard

3.5 [industrial techno] bass heavy and with some neat ambience. This kid will go places.
V: The Inside Scriptures

3.5 [black metal] very french, very black metal.

3.5 [experimental pop] is she getting even weirder?

3.5 [ambient] beautifully crafted and nice progressing.
Post Self

3.5 [industrial metal] As I'm not the biggest fan of streetcleaner I have no hard time saying this is better than that. The cleaner production does wonders.
A Tale Of Wildfire

3.5 [grindcore] noisy assault of grindcore madness.
25Armand Hammer

3.5 [rap] sweet flow and overall a consistent great album with a few missteps.
Off the Grid

3.5 [ambient techno] sweet flowing but also gets you moving. RELINQUISHED!
27Slow Meadow

3.5 [ambient, post rock] beautiful but resembles background music more than anything else though
Apocryphal Gravity

3.5 [post rock] over polished production in this post rock but rather fine songwriting. TEAMSTER!
29Guantanamo Party Program

3.5 [post metal] a beauty in the truest of forms. Raw emotion. TEAMSTER!

3.5 [post metal] standard-ish post metal done right. TEAMSTER!
Les Flavescences

3.5 [post rock] with a clear spacy feel to it. TEAMSTER!
Time Doesn't Heal Anything

3.5 [post metal, post hardcore] A french The Circle Ends Here. TEAMSTER!
33The Death Of Money
Ghost Pains

3.5 [sludge, shoegaze] when it's samey in a good way it's called repetitive TEAMSTER!
34The Throne
Frail Threads

3.5 [post metal, hardcore] with some crust punk influences. TEAMSTER!
The Dusk in Us

3.5 [metalcore] A little too much samey-samey to reach the heights of the shorter more focused EP.
36Call Super

3.5 [future jazz] electronic music with a jazzy feel. Future funk if it wasn't wave.
Void Masquerading as Matter

3.5 [black metal] same Thantifaxath as it ever was.
War At Home

3.5 [crust, hardcore] short little EP but a fine little EP. PJORN!
GL Outtakes

3.5 [house, techno, jungle, dubstep] a collection of songs recorded in 08/09 never before released. Sounds very fresh for being made at that time.

3.5 [post rock] new EP from what probably is one of the bands in the forefront of Swedish post rock.
41Terrence Dixon
12,000 Miles of Twilight

3.5 [ambient techno] a long record that gets a bit samey but that's okay since it's good beats samey.
42Oresund Space Collective
Hallucinations Inside the Oracle

3.5 [jam rock, space rock] another entry in the evergrowing discog of these jam masters.
43Helena Hauff
Have You Been There Have You Seen It

3.5 [techno] bass heavy af with quirky melodies.
Six Songs Of Happiness (2006)

3.5 [pre prog post metal] previously unreleased demo from 2006

3.5 [techno] starts out slow but the last tracks really make up for a slow start. This is not different from other modern techno but the latter part of the album is still worth a spin imo.
46All Pigs Must Die
Hostage Animal

3.5 [hardcore, metal] Sort of bleeds together to one enjoyable esoteric mess this.

3.5 [ambient] what a tight ambient record this is.
Phantom Brickworks

3.5-3.0 [ambient] much like The Caretaker.
49Gaspar Poet
Nahi Bat

3.5-3.0 [electronic fun times, downtempo uptempo] osmark86 makes music for yall.
50Atlases (FIN)

3.5-3.0 [post metal] beautiful production but a bit too mellowdramatic maybe? TEAMSTER!

3.5-3.0 [post metal] ye rather fine at times but not feeling the songwriting completely. TEAMSTER!
52Anja Schneider

3.0-3.5 [tech house] some really banging slower club jams and some rather bland tracks.

3.0-3.5 [downtempo pop] uneven quality wise with some real neat tracks and some that aren't as neat.
Point of Origin

3.0-3.5 [techno] more techno and less ambient this time
55Stella Donnelly
Thrush Metal

3.0 [hipster singer songwriter] is this aussie or what? Also has a funny approach. JACK!
Pyrrhic Victory

3.0 [metalcore] ranges from really tite songs with good bouncy riffs, like the first and last track, to whole songs of mediocrity (almost all the rest).
57Avalon Emerson
Whities 013

3.0 [deep house] arpeggios in the first and murky beats in the second track.
58Odonis Odonis
No Pop

3.0 [electro pop] with very dark heavy post punk leanings.
59Alexis Georgopoulos and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Fragments of a Season

3.0 [chillwave] organic chillwave summer jams released at the very end of summer.
Pre Dawn/Indoors

3.0 [rave music] very UK sounding. Not bad but nothing special.
61Prins Thomas
Prins Thomas 5

3.0 [electronic] smurtness and 80's smelling but modern sounding.
A flame my love, a frequency

3.0 [electro pop, ambient] multi instrumentalist with good voice. Mellow pop for being hungover.
63Hundred Waters

3.0 [dreamy electronic pop] better than it first seems.
64Huron (USA)
The Red Tape

3.0 [ambient] pretty little soundscapes EP that ends with a hint of techno.
65Rainer Maria

3.0 [fuzzy rock] fuzzy feels, fuzzy sounds, fuzzy everything. Did not disappoint.
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

3.0 [dreamy pop scapes] safe and sound. Last track is rather lame tho.

3.0 [shoegaze, sludge] with a hint of post metal. Songwriting can be a bit uninspiring even though the overall sound of this is great.
68Street Sects
Rat Jacket

3.0 [industrial electronic] also this with heavy post punk leanings.
69Thomas Fujiwara
Triple Double

3.0 [jazz] drum focused. Maybe too drum focused.
70Spook the Horses
People Used to Live Here

3.0 [post rock, alt metal] former post metal band gone soft. Pretty but nothing special.

3.0 [downtempo, instrumental trip hop] has some nice highlights but the rest is just an enjoyable mess but nothing more than that.
72Kuzma Palkin

3.0 [techno] not on the beaten track that's for sure.
Theory of Colours

3.0 [house, ambient] a lot of pretty sounds but unfortunately this doesn't go anywhere for me.
74Renato Cordovani
Cordonbleux at NOF

3.0 [jazz] experimental sounding and not very groovy.

3.0 [noisy ambient] gone are the drilling sounds, noise stays with the addition of steel stringed acoustic guitar and some other instruments - digeridoo?
76The Body and Full Of Hell
Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light

3.0 [industrial, noise rock] a cool record that I unfortunately not vibe with completely

3.0 [electronic pop, rnb] Grows a bit towards the end with some real nice tracks. But overall this is not for me.
200% Electronica

3.0 [wave, not electronica] not as good as George, bring back George.
S / T

3.0 [screamo, hardcore] Loma Prieta worship.
80Club Night
Hell Ya

3.0 [math rock, emo, electronic] with vocals that remind me of Fever Ray. But other than that, nothing special.
81Lingua Ignota

3.0 [classical, noise, gothic] Like a crossover between Pharmakon, Anna von Hausswolff and Diamanda Galas. Album gets better towards the end.
Ramble Beyond

3.0 [southern rock, stoner, psychedelic] i can groove to this. TEAMSTER!
End of Chapter

3.0 [post black metal] I don't know why this genre is so popular, it's basically black metal with the appeal stripped off. Nonetheless this is rather tight. TEAMSTER!
84Everything Flows

3.0-2.5 [doom, sludge] By the books but a bit uninspired to me at least. TEAMSTER!
85Electric Wizard
Wizard Bloody Wizard

3.0-2.5 [stoner doom] EW on autopilot
86At the Drive-In

2.5-3.0 [post hardcore stuff] rather bland
87No Warning
Torture Culture

2.5-3.0 [hardcore punk] modern sounding and with decent songwriting but the heavy metal influences are a bit off putting for me at least.
88Spirit Adrift
Curse of Conception

2.5 [doom metal, heavy metal] I can easily see why people like this. It's not for me with all the traditional metal influence though.
Trans-Neptunian Objects

2.5 [ambient] ASC does ambient quite alright even tho this is a bit overlong and not super engaging.
90Logan Strosahl Team
Book I of Arthur

2.5 [jazz, classical] some weird crossover of classical composition played jazz and a radio theater.
Shuffle Drones

2.5 [ambient, drone] cool concept but as an album it doesn't really work imo even if the sounds are pretty and all.
92Dan Terminus
Automated Refrains

2.5 [synthwave] stale effort in a stale genre.
Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix

2.5 [black metal, death metal] like every other Behemoth clone type of deal.

2.5 [deathcore] tried and tired
95DJ Seinfeld
Time Spent Away From U

2.5-2.0 [house] basic af.
Lune Rouge

2.0-2.5 [r'n'b, electronic] modern r'n'b might very well be the worst genre ever.
97Tove Lo
Blue Lips

1.5 [pop] still boring, still worthless, should quit music
98Yung Lean

1.0 [scene bs] cant wait til this retarded trend blows over
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