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All this for you guys cos I love all yall. Let me hear your 2017 recs!
Para Quienes Aún Viven

4.0 [proggy post rock with folk influences] check it. I mean it, this is something special.
2Full of Hell
Trumpeting Ecstasy

4.0 [deathandhardcoreviolencepunk] goes too hard
3Artificial Brain
Infrared Horizon

4.0 [death metal] melodic and brutal and tech and heaven and all good and very good and check this

4.0 [dissonant tech death] last two tracks merit a 4. God those tracks go hard.
5Varg (Swe)
Nordic Flora Series Pt. 3: Gore-Tex City

3.5-4 [techno] Varg finally finds home in an effort a bit warmer and fuller than his latest efforts. Cut the vocal features and we have an easy 4 on our hands. Yung Lean need to stfu already. Or better yet he should’ve never existed.

3.5-4.0 [ambiwave is now a genre?] very Baths lite and I like. Also damn this is good I think I’ll revisit this quite a few times. Best Geotic maybe?
7Dominic Lash Quartet

3.5-4 [avant-garde jazz, improvised] how avant-garde jazz should taste.
8King Magnetic
Everything Happens 4 A Reason

3.5 [hip hop] where did this come from? I always thought of him as a rather mediocre rapper but this bangs. Loses a bit of steam midway but a cool outing.
9Bereft (USA-WI)

3.5 [post metal, doom, sludge] kinda like Dirge with the doom cranked up.
10Colin Stetson
All This I Do For Glory

3.5 [saxdronejazz] sax (I think) wizardry. Last track is everything.
11Daniel Brandt
Eternal Something

3.5 [nu-jazz, “world”, electronic] grooves hard but shallow
12Straightjacket Nation
Straightjacket Nation

3.5 [hardcore] 80’s hardcore with modern shenanigans
13No Omega

3.5 [hardcore, dissonant metalcore] hits home hard
Run With The Hunted

3.5 [d-beat crust] old guys rule
16Scuba Death
The Worm at the Core

3.5 [minimal techno] there’s a summery feel in this cold offering.
Společnost psů

3.5 [screamo] Arch recs sweet recs
18Blue Iverson

3.5 [slick rnb and jazz] aka Dean Blunt
19Fuoco Fatuo

3.5 [almost funeral doom] check this it’s guud.

3.5 [ambient] of the sweet sort.
21DD Horns
DD Horns

3.5 [jazz] disciplined with a big band feel. An easy listen.
22El Mahdy Jr.
Time to Sell the Golden Teeth

3.5 [Arabic-influenced trip hop] pre chill morning jam for yall
23The Caretaker
Everywhere at the End of Time (Stage Two)

3.5 [soundscapes] very much like the first part of this series but I find this has more beautiful moments. But how badly does he want to compose movie soundtracks tho?
Cellular Automata

3.5 [techno] cold minimal synthbased techno that wont have you dancing.
Time Flex

3.5 [house] a collection of John Tejadas work under the moniker Autodidact
Ledyanoy Album

3.5 [techno ish with a touch of idm] accessible idm
27Avishai Cohen
Cross my Palm with Silver

3.5 [jazz] juzz the jazz

3.5 [post metal, math rock] a bit mathy instrumental post metal done right

3.5 [post punk, kraut, punk, jams] this is an entrancing mix of a lot of cool genres. Check!
A Common Truth

3.5 [chambient, dream pop] very beautiful and relaxed from the cellist in Esmerine.
31Kelly Lee Owens
Kelly Lee Owens

3.5 [techno, dream pop] some lackluster parts but overall a decent listen. Recommended.

3.5 [chaotic metalcore] has a somewhat raw demo feel to it. I dig.

3.5 [experimental post rock-ish] kind of a slow burner but the splendid last quarter makes up for the wait

3.5 [noise math rock polyrhythm] not for those who prefer to keep their sanity. All over the place with weird production but this is cool in a way
The Past

3.5 [pre eglise] pretty basic metalcore of the Converge school but well done.

3.5 [minimal techno] minimal not in the ambient since but rather in another. Check.

3.5 [skramz] to the point and short enough
The Assassination of Julius Caesar

3.5 [dark pop] this is real good

3.5 [sludge] standard-esque but well executed
What If

3.5 [modern classical] is amazing but would benefit from a little more variation maybe?
41Evan Caminiti
Toxic City Music

3.5 [ambient, techno] too busy to be called ambient, not busy enough to be called something else.
42Dutch Uncles
Big Balloon

3.5 [indie pop] it’s weird for me to like such a joyous album this much. But this is an upbeat and off the beaten track (not really but it sounded good in my ears to read that sentence) fun ride.
43Robert Armani
Madman Stand

3.5 [techno] selected works biches.
44Dj Seinfeld
Ruff Hysteria

3.5 [lo-fi house] cool samples and groove. His best yet?
45Low Roar
Once in a Long, Long While...

3.0-3.5 [dream pop, touch of americana and] more like “slow coar” amirite? t/t is candy for your ears
46Bestia Arcana

3.0-3.5 [arch-core i.e. death doom] a bit overlong

3.0-3.5 [shoegaze] amazing gaze
48The Moth Gatherer
The Comfortable Low

3.0 [post rock, post metal] not bad but unfortunately rather flat.
49Francesco Berta
The Way of Walking Alone

3.0 [ambient] nothing special.
50King Ayisoba
1000 Can Die

3.0 [African folk guitar stuff] cool guitar parts but these rhythms just annoy me 
Moh Lhean

3.0 [indie pop] decent enough for the genre. Couple of gems hidden in this
52Diamanda Galas
All the Way

3.0 [experimental, gothic maybe] I have no idea whether this is emotionally painful or painfully emotional but here’s a 3 for good luck.
The Rose EP

3.0 [hip hop] flows are tight but the hooks and production are rather forgettable.
Death Peak

3.0 [idm of sorts] I really don’t have any idea how to rate this. But it features amazingly many arpeggios
A Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day

3.0 [jungle idm] disappointing after the praise given by The Quiteus.

3.0 [bluesy, some kind of African folk music] excuse my generalization but I’m not very well versed in African folk music  also this is kind of boring  but cool as a novelty I guess.
57The Golden Filter
Still // Alone

3.0 [synth pop, house, trip hop] nothing special.
58Basic House
I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Des

3.0 [ambient, field recordings] kinda dark and with a lot of dull moments but still enjoyable nonetheless

3.0 [ambient, a touch of pop] pretty and has cool vocal lines here and there but overall rather forgettable

3.0 [freeform jazz, noise] on the verge of being unlistenable
61Fred Frith / Hans Koch
You Are Here

3.0 [see above]
It's a Myth

3.0 [post punk] bass heavy and post punky. Very pitchfork much snooze.
63Arto Lindsay
Cuidado Madame

3.0 [art pop] I imagine you fans of the genre will dig this more than I did

3.0 [avant-garde idm it works right] sometimes I just want to tell Arca to get his head out of his ass.
65Jesu/Sun Kil Moon
30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet Earth

3.0 [I don’t know] more of the same SKM and whatnot
66Wear Your Wounds

3.0 [post rock, art rock?] half of this feels phoned in and the other half is decent enough. Might grow if I ever decide to relisten.
Arla II

3.0 [strange house and synths] fair enough

3.0 [maximalist ambient] pretty but boring
Distance Amongst Us

3.0 [ambient] that kind of ambient that is rich in pretty sounds but lacking in interestingness

3.0 [dsbm] like most modern dsbm…
71Trans Am
California Hotel

3.0 [electronic rock, slow-fi post rock] a forgettable record 
72Crusher (USA)

2.5-3.0 [post punk, noise rock]
73He Is Legend

2.5-3.0 [post hardcore, beercore, groove] not bad per se but kinda bland
74Funeral Chant
Funeral Chant

2.5 [black metal, punkish, deathish] average semi-fi black metal with extra cvlt
75Diamanda Galas
At Saint Thomas the Apostle Harlem

2.5 [Diamanda Galas Live] see description from above
76With Our Arms to the Sun

2.5 [post metal] the blandest of the bland
77Deez Nuts
Binge & Purgatory

2.5 [partycore] has some riffs but ultimately this ends up too boring
Stella Polaris

2.5 [black metal] too much folk influence for my liking but vocals are ferocious which is a +. Also what the hell kind of band name is Goatmoon gtfo.

2.5 [electrified indie pop with funk] people seem to dig this. Maybe you’ll too if this is your type of genre.
80Wojciech Golczewski
The Signal

2.5 [electronic space synth chiptune ambient journeys] sounds like the ost to Golden Eye 64 if that game would’ve had even more of a space theme going on.
Martyr Complex

2.5 [I don’t know, electronic, noisy and not noisy] this is the strangest release I’ve heard all year. Check!
82Pole Younger
Go Daylight!

2.5 [improvised bedroom guitar] 2 emotiunz 4 me
83Locust Leaves
A Subtler Kind Of Light

2.0 [avant-garde black metal] nope not for me but CalculatingInfinity will di I guarantee.
84Ghost Bath

1.5-2.0 [upbeat black metal] so boring. It’s not even funny. Vocals are the only redeeming factor.
85Dead by April
Worlds Collide

1.5 [hits for kids] two songs in. GTFO
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