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Personal Top-10 Video Games

Slightly bored, and I figured you guys would want to argue about something tonight.
1Call of Duty 2

When someone logs in over 3,000 hours(and that's not counting the hundreds of hours also spent on the Xbox 360 as well) of game play that is still ongoing, you know the game did something right. To me, it is the most addictive multi-player(PC) game, and I'll still play the campaign just for fun.
2Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 was a late bloomer for me. I had never played anything by Valve besides L4D and then in late 2011 I decided to buy The Orange Box for my 360. Manohman, had I missed out. Half-Life 2 was the single player story, gameplay and everything else mixed in that I had always wanted in a video game. I will say one thing about having missed out on in back in 2004 though, at least I've only been waiting for about 2 years now for Half-Life 3, instead of the 9 that every one else had to wait.
3Fallout 3

So here's the deal: before this game, I had never played a role-playing game in my life(With the exception of KotOR). I was strictly FPS for the most part, and I was damned good at CoD2 on the PC to take up my spare time. My friend lets me borrow this game with a cool looking fellow in armor on the front cover, and I decide to try it out. Played about 15-20 minutes, made it to Megaton, killed Mister Burke after he told me to blow up the bomb AND EVERYONE STARTED SHOOTING ME. So I run out of the bar, and the autosave kicks in. Here I am, a noob at RPG's and I did the one mistake that almost made me never play the game. Everyone in Megaton hated me and tried to kill me, I was a Level 2 with a pistol and a baseball bat with no hope of ever getting out of Megaton alive because my only save was that auto-save. I end up not touching the game again until around 2011, and that's when I restarted the game and played it all the way through. It was amazing. Without Fallout 3, I would have most likely never picked up Oblivion, Skyrim, Mass Effect or any other RPG.
4The Saboteur

This is most likely the biggest surprise entry on the list, so I'll explain myself. Ever since I was about 12 years old and my parents finally allowed me to watch Saving Private Ryan, I have been an avid WWII geek. Video Games, Books, Movies, you name it. So when I see an open-world game set in France during WWII, my immediate thought it, "Pandemic made this game exactly for me." This was the funnest game I ever played on the 360 and it was just that. Fun. Never made me mad, never was overtly competitive, you just killed Nazi's and scaled the Eiffel Tower like you were Spider-Man. Did I mention it had the killer idea of being Black and White as well? Amazing.
5Halo 3

Ah, Halo 3. Oh the memories. The whole reason(besides playing the CoD2 demo in Wal-Mart while mom shopped for groceries) for me buying an Xbox 360. I have so much pent up nostalgia from playing this game. It was the first game I got as a midnight release, and just the memories of playing online with my friends at 3 A.M. screaming at the TV, yelling "That's bullshit!" or "HAHAHA, NO SCOPE." while still attempting to keep my voice at a pitch low enough not to wake my parents. Good times, good times.
6Battlefield 1942

Speaking of nostalgia, my first PC game. This was back when I was around 11 or 12 rocking a Windows ME edition with a dial-up connection. You know, cause I was cool. Anyways, besides never really knowing that having a 300+ Ping was a bad thing, this game's online was fucking OUTSTANDING. To me, it was the perfect mix of fun. You just got killed by a tank? Spawn at your base and jump in your tank and blow the bastard up that just killed you. Want to fly airplanes? We have that too! Or maybe, you and your friends want to hope in a big ass bomber and all parachute out onto the town where the Jerries are at. Yeah, we got that too. Add in 64 player multi-player and this was an absolute blast.
7Mario Kart 64

Time for more nostalgia. This was basically the entire reason for having friends over at your house in Elementary school. Playing Balloon Battle on the level that looked like it was made of Lego's was my shit. "Turtle Mania" is what me and me fellow 8 year old friend would name it, shooting green turtles everywhere on the map and then trying to kill each other. Ah, elementary fun, but fun nonetheless.
8Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

While at the age of about 10 or 11, an RPG would never hold my attention, but you put Star Wars on the cover and give me a kick ass story and ohhh mannn, I'll do anything you want. This was back when I thought the Phantom Menace was good, Hayden Christensen was the perfect guy to play Anakin Skywalker and George Lucas was the greatest thing to ever live. At least I was right about one thing back then when it came to Star Wars, and that was KotOR was the best game ever.
9Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Ah, Bad Company. You know, the only good console version of the battlefield series. This game brought back everything that was fun to me back when I was a kid playing 1942. My friends and I would come home after school and play this non-stop. Strapping C4 onto an ATV and then jumping out after you've lined it up to blow up a tank: priceless. Too bad the community on 360 is all but alive, or I'd still be playing this.
10Super Mario 64

Even though, as a little kid I never really knew what I was doing in this game, it was still something that made me want to keep playing and playing and plaaayyyingg. Maybe it was the sheer enjoyment of stomping Goomba's in 3D instead of 2D or trying to beat Big Bomb-Omb or Bowser in the sky. Either way, I was hypnotized as a kid when I played this game.
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