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Notrap's 2012 So Far

These are my favourite 2012 releases so far. No particular order.
L'Enfant Sauvage

One of the most impressive albums of the year so far.

Very interesting debut. If they manage to evolve their identity around songs like
Atoma, Hole In The Sky or Bermuda Riviera and skip the dispensable harsh vocals,
Atoma will be one of the finest bands of the decade.

Killer album.
Clockwork Angels

It's amazing to see that after more than 40 years they've still managed to make such a quality album.

Very interesting album conveyed with remarkable musicianship and emotional songwriting, but they need to build a more solid and
original identity (the Tool influences are too obvious) to make the step forward.
6Hour of Penance

Excellent piece of modern death metal.
7Napalm Death

Another excellent release from the leaders of the extreme.
8Dying Fetus
Reign Supreme

Excellent piece of modern technical death metal with blistering moments like
"Subjected to a Beating", "In the Trenches", "Devout Atrocity" or "Revisionist Past".
9Cattle Decapitation
Monolith of Inhumanity

Songs like "A Living, Breathing Piece Of Defecating Meat", "Forced Gender
Reassignment", "Gristle Licker", "Lifestalker", "Your Disposal" or "Kingdom Of Tyrants"
help to make Monolith of Inhumanity one of the most interesting albums of the year
so far.

Smart and interesting songwriting that swings between modern technical death
metal structures and extremely catchy harmonies. Allegaeon is definitely one of the
most interesting new acts around. Impressive album and a must have for all metal
fans out there.
At The Gates Of Sethu

Despite the over-compressed sound production, album is a grower.
Psalms For The Dead

Solid and catchy swansong. Candlemass/Leif Edling fans will not be disappointed.
13Paradise Lost
Tragic Idol

Their best album since Paradise Lost. Very enjoyable effort.
Carolus Rex (Swedish Version)

One of the best heavy/power metal albums I've heard in quite a while. Enjoyable
concept (about the life of the Swedish king Charles XII), solid musical performances
and excellent songwriting. "Carolus Rex" is the best power metal release of 2012 so
far and a serious contender for metal album of the year. The Swedish version is
definitely more interesting.
153 Inches of Blood
Long Live Heavy Metal

"Long Live Heavy Metal" has nearly every metal cliche known to man (musically and
lyrically) but still remains a very enjoyable album. Cam Pipes performance, which is
somewhere between Rob Halford and Jon Oliva's early years, is quite impressive.

Accept's formula still works. Very interesting album.
17Grand Magus
The Hunt

More solid than the previous effort, "The Hunt" is a very enjoyable and unpretentious
piece of classic heavy metal.

Interesting album with enjoyable 80's retro songs like "Unisonic", "Souls Alive",
"Renegade" or "My Sanctuary". Great to see Hansen and Kiske together again.
19Primal Rock Rebellion
Awoken Broken

Far away from Iron Maiden's heavy metal sound "Awoken Broken" is a surprisingly
solid effort with great moments like "No Friendly Neighbour", "Tortured Tone",
"Awoken Broken", "Search for Bliss" and specially "White Sheet Robes". Adrian
Smith's side project deserves far more recognition.
20Lita Ford
Living Like a Runaway

Nice to see Lita going back to her rock/metal roots. Enjoyable surprise.
21Van Halen
A Different Kind of Truth

Revisiting the past proved to be a smart move. A Different Kind of Truth is indeed a
very enjoyable album with great moments like "She's the Woman", "You and Your
Blues", "China Town", "As Is" or "Honeybabysweetiedoll".
The Electric Age

Their best album since Horrorscope. Excellent piece of thrash with that old school
vibe written all over it.
Phantom Antichrist

Excellent piece of thrash with an unusual sense of melody. One of their best albums
to date and a serious contender for thrash album of the year.
24Fear Factory
The Industrialist

I don't know their more recent works so I can't tell if "The Industrialist" is a step
forward or plain and simple deja-vu. The album itself is very solid.
25Circus Maximus

Very enjoyable and catchy piece of work, with an excellent performance from
Michael Eriksen. Circus Maximus have released their most solid effort to date.
Of Breath And Bone

The main problem with the melodic death metal scene is finding space to create
something really new, nevertheless "Of Breath and Bone" remains an enjoyable
effort that should please genre fans.
Contaminating the Hive Mind

There are more interesting 2012 death metal releases, nevertheless
"Contaminating the Hive Mind" remains a solid debut.
Few Against Many

The first impression wasn't great but after a few spins the album grew on me. Even if
it fails to match the quality of the last efforts "Few Against Many" still has nice
moments like the title track, "The Undying Fire" or "Destiny". I'm still kinda
Weather Systems

Enjoyable music, but once again I feel the band failed to cross that thin line
between competence and greatness.
30Hideous Divinity
Obeisance Rising

Despite the obvious similarities with their country counterparts Hour of Penance and Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hideous Divinity still managed to release a decent debut.
31Jeff Loomis
Plains of Oblivion

Excellent shredding as expected.
32 Exumer
Fire & Damnation

Enjoyable comeback.

Enjoyable blend of old school and technical death metal with great moments like "The
14th Legion" or "Alexandria". "Interitum" may not be the most original album out this
year, but remains a very solid release.
34High on Fire
De Vermis Mysteriis

The concept? Weak. The music? Great.
Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors

This Polish underground band have a lot more to offer than most other death metal
bands around. "Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors" is an excellent album that should
appeal both old school and modern death metal fans.
The Black Chord

Interesting retro progressive rock. A must have to all 70's nostalgia fans out there,
but don't expect to find any fresh idea here.
37Cannibal Corpse

Solid effort.
A Perfect Absolution

A very interesting release that deserves a top spot in the death metal lists of 2012.
39Abominable Putridity
The Anomalies of Artificial Origin

Interesting blend of slam and technical death metal. Matti Way's very deep, guttural,
and unintelligible vocals also helps to make "The Anomalies of Artificial Origin" a very
distinctive release. A must have for all extreme metal fans out there.
Blood For The Master

Fine piece of blackened thrash/death with some enjoyable Sodom (early years)
41Sphere (POL)
Homo Hereticus

Despite the lack of originality (Vader comes to mind) Homo Hereticus remains a
very solid release.
The Inherited Repression

Joe Haley is one of the most interesting rhythm guitarists around. Excellent album.
43Beyond the Bridge
The Old Man and The Spirit

Interesting album with catchy melodies, smart arrangements and solid musical
performances. Very enjoyable debut that should please all progressive rock/metal
fans out there.
Les Voyages De L'Ame

Enjoyable shoegazing.
45Barren Earth
The Devil's Resolve

Good but also predictable songwriting. That kind of album that grew off quickly.
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