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Fear Factory Ranked

New announcement? New list, baybee
10Fear Factory

1 good song, maybe 2, fuck this album. Eat-my-ass/5
9Fear Factory
The Industrialist

Oh my god, who gives a shit. Not “bad” per se, just sooooo boring. 2/5
8Fear Factory
Aggression Continuum

Yeah, it’s nice. I don’t hate this album by any means, I just don’t remember it ever. I preordered this vinyl and I have played it multiple times to try to get into it, but nothing really grabs me, which is weird considering how much I loved Genexus. I genuinely can’t even tell you a single song on this album. 2.4/5
7Fear Factory
Soul of a New Machine

Since death and thrash metal are my two favorite genres, I appreciate the genuine death metal vocals and musicianship but this is still pretty damn amateurish. I dig it because it is the early days of my BOYS but I would be lying if I said I ever really put this on outside of Martyrs and a couple other tracks. An interesting album, not one that I ever throw on though. 3/5
6Fear Factory

Lmfao speaking of cringe, this is the heyday of nu-metal and FF was CLEARLY thrilled to hop on that train. Still, I grew up during that time and that’s also when I really got into metal/music in general so I have a massive soft spot for this dyed hair/hot topic chain pants metal. The majority of this album is super catchy, and I probably put it on slightly more than Archetype if I’m being honest – this is just lower because I don’t get AS much fulfillment as Archetype, but it’s still bouncy simple fun. 3.5/5
5Fear Factory

No Dino? Apparently no problem. Some of this album is pretty damn cheesy with some cringe ass lines “NOTHING YOU SAY MATTERS TO US, FUCK YOUUUUUUU” but the actual songs are so damn catchy that I can look past it. Weirdly a really good album despite the cringe. 3.8/5s
4Fear Factory

I don’t have too much to say about this, but I just think it’s really damn solid. The production is crisp, which adds so much to the futuristic sound, and it’s just a great collection of songs with not much of any flaws as far as I can tell. I still throw this on pretty regularly. 4.2/5
3Fear Factory

Christ, this fucker is HEAVVVYYY. This came out when I was in undergrad, and I think I jammed this more than anything for a full year. I remember this getting slightly mixed reviews when it came out, and I will never ever understand why. This is the angriest they’ve ever sounded and I felt like a fucking T-1000 on steroids when I would lift to this shit. This album still gives me the urge to give over to the machines and eliminate all pesky humans. Oxidizer still makes me want to crush skulls whenever I hear that shit. 4.5/5
2Fear Factory

I totally get why this is basically everyone’s #1. I may not have quite the same nostalgic connection as I do with Obsolete, but every fucking song here just fucking crushes and I still constantly throw this on at the gym or even at parties when I have my friends over for some beers (much to my pop punk loving fiancee’s dsmay) . I cannot imagine how badass this would have been to hear back in 95 but these riffs and the futuristic atmosphere is still pretty unmatched imo for the sound they are going for. Burton is on top form here, and so is everyone else. A goddamn classic of classics, one of my all time favorite metal releases. 5/5
1Fear Factory

This was actually the first albums I listened to that was THIS heavy, and wouldn’t be beaten until I would hear Slipknot’s debut in 2000. I’ve heard Metallica, Slayer and Guns N Roses before this but that’s it. I have memories of jamming this on my CD player before soccer practice and playing with my action figures to these badass riffs back in elementary school when it first came out in the late 90s. This may not be as technically perfect as Demanufacture, but every song here rules imo. The only possible weak point is the very last song not being quite as strong imo, but the rest of it is so good that I just don’t give a shit. The nu-metal influences are starting to peak through here, but it’s still in the subtle tasteful phase and not full on Digimortal yet. Shock, Edgecrusher, Smasher/Devourer is towards the top of my list of my favorite beginning to an album ever. I’m gonna throw this baby on right now. 6/5
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