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Monsters from Horror Ranked

All monsters that I can think of, ranked
41The Black Dahlia Murder

Bye Bye Man - LMFAO

Slender Man - LMFAO
39Insect Warfare
World Extermination

The Nun - LMFAO

Darth Maul from Insidious - LMFAO
Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious

Leprechaun - LMFAO
The Satanist

Annabelle- LMFAO
35Cradle of Filth
Dusk and Her Embrace

Creepers - LMFAO
Transilvanian Hunger

The Babadook - Not really a monster, but OK.
Seven Churches

Toby - From Paranormal Activity. You have some moments.
Scream Bloody Gore

Bagul - From “Sinister”…uhhh….meh.
31Blood Incantation

Drag Me To Hell lady - She did not deal with rejection easily.
30Dying Fetus
Wrong One To Fuck With

Art - This is one that has the potential to be way higher on my list with a better movie. I did like “Terrifier” but it had a lot of problems. The actor was fantastic, the artwork was amazing, but I feel like these are just the blueprints. Good stuff, though.
Pierced from Within

Annie Wilkes - Fans suck.
Consuming Impulse

Damien - Kids suck.
Close to a World Below

Dr. Carl Hill - From Re-Animator. I like this movie much more than the villain. He was pretty good, don’t get me wrong, but he mostly gets points for “giving head” as a decapitated head.
26Pig Destroyer
Prowler in the Yard

Sam (Trick R Treat) - Adorable little guy. Great weapon, great design. I want to see more with this dude.
25Malevolent Creation

Samara - She’s actually pretty damn scary imo, she’s only so low because everyone on this list rules. She made me afraid of VHS back in the early 2000s.
I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die

Jigsaw - I’m not too sure how in the fuck this man had all of the time, resources, energy, etc to elaborately plan out more than 6 movies worth of schemes and plans but it’s fine. Tobin Bell plays the character so well that it makes you forget how illogical some of his murders actually are.
23Dark Angel
Darkness Descends

Ghost face - This is a bit lower since he’s several different characters and doesn’t really have much of an identity, but Ghostface has always been a consistently interesting villain (minus Scream 3).
22Artificial Brain
Labyrinth Constellation

Zombies from the “Dead” series - Iconic stuff right here.
Melana Chasmata

Candyman - That deep voice, though. Mph.
20Ripping Corpse
Dreaming With the Dead

Jason Vorhees - Basically just a Michael Myers rip off. Although his look is pretty damn cool and he gets points for being iconic. Also he made for a very fun foe in Freddy vs Jason.
19Morbid Saint
Spectrum of Death

The Descent Monsters - Yeesh. I would not want to spend a vacation with these assholes.
Coma of Souls

Jaws - It’s a shark, yo.
No More Color

The Thing from...The Thing. Gross. Ew. Get it away. Amazing practical effects - arguably the best in horror. But it doesn't have much of a personality.
16Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath

Black Philip - C’mon, it’s a black Satan goat who talks children into doing fucked up shit. How is that not the most awesome thing ever? “Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?”
15Cannibal Corpse
Tomb of the Mutilated

Pennywise - Tim Curry version for me, although the new one is really great too. Clowns are fucked up. The end.
Through Silver in Blood

Leather face - 1st movie Leatherface never fails to scare the absolute living shit out of me. He may not be the smartest guy in the room, but his presence makes him the most horrifying pawn in cinema.
Catch Thirtythree

Leslie Vernon - Fuck yeahhhhh, my socially adorable boy. The man just wants to have fun. Let him have his fun.
In the Nightside Eclipse

Captain Spawlding - I gotta give it up to this guy. He makes Rob Zombie movies interesting and fun. All of the points for this charismatic son of a bitch. Fruity fuckin tooties.
Storm of the Light's Bane

Jack Torrence - This man needs to stop drinking and try some meditation.

Pinhead - The real Fifty Shades of Grey. Pinhead is unfortunately far more interesting than any movie he’s ever been in. The man deserves better!
9Mercyful Fate
Don't Break the Oath

Norman Bates - Therapy, kids. Don’t be ashamed to get some therapy if you truly need it.
Hell Awaits

Pazuzu - This one is just straight up terrifying, don’t even know what to say about it.
7Demolition Hammer
Epidemic of Violence

Chucky - The man is a one-lining machine. And he’s a cute little doll. Impossible not to love, even in some of the shit seques.
6Howls of Ebb
Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows

Terminator - Including this because the first movie is basically a sci-fi slasher. The origin of the “I’ll be back.” This motherfucker just doesn’t go down.
5Deathspell Omega

Deadites - From Evil Dead, of course. They’re deadites! They can be your friends, your family, you, or me! Hurray!

Xenomorph The entire design of this creature is absolutely terrifying. That and the fact that it’s basically alien Michael Myers makes this fella one scary dude.
3Morbid Angel
Blessed Are the Sick

Hannibal Lector - Intelligence + cannibalism + Anthony Hopkins = the entire universe shitting themselves.

Michael Myers - Not a very talkative dude, but holy shit this man is terrifying. Or Shape. Whatever. the OG Vorhees is still the creepiest. My favorite stalker < 3
None So Vile

Freddy Krueger - All time favorite, not even a question. He’s terrifying, hilarious, charming and a creepster all at the same time. Every moment he is on screen, even in the bad movies, are the most fun moments ever. 10/10, put Krueger in every future movie, rom coms and historical films included.
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