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2020 sextape/2 Jukebox

Welcome to my tape I am bored here is a ranking of my 50 most jammed albums of the last 180 days according to! What are yours?
Return of 13 Hedgehogs (MxBx Singles 2000 - 2009)

264 plays
There are like 30 songs on this album and most of them are good!
2Rina Sawayama

256 plays
Binged this to oblivion on release, wonder how it holds up now...
3Fiona Apple
Fetch The Bolt Cutters

184 plays
Similar story to Sawayama, only much less bingeable

174 plays
There's a lot of Boris on this list (spoilers!!)
Homephone TE

171 plays
This album is still very perfect and I will not stop listening to it
For Your Own Special Sweetheart

170 plays
Only been jamming this a week, hot damn! Perfect og post-hardcore.
7Amon Tobin

167 plays
Been a good year for getting into Amon Tobin. This was my favourite at one point, probably still my go-to for a full listen.
Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements

160 plays
Whenever I listen to this it becomes my favourite Stereolab. One of the best '90s arty rockfests mm yes.
9Triangulo de Amor Bizarro

156 plays
One of the best and most interesting 2020 releases, love this one's alternations of noisey post-punk and blissful gaze. The gaze is what gets binged, though.
10Sweet Trip
You Will Never Know Why

155 plays
Template indie pop that sounds better than the template because Sweet Trip made it. Delicious.
11Aoki Takamasa + Tujiko Noriko

148 plays
Absolute peak glitch-pop perfection. Would be at the top if it were more than 7 songs long.
12Amon Tobin
Out From Out Where

145 plays
Possibly my favourite Tobin, not quite as varied a listen as Supermodified but very damn consistent.
13Everything But the Girl
Walking Wounded

143 plays
This should be higher! Extremely good vintage trip-hop/downtempo vibes, one of the best abrupt shifts of style from any group, probably.
Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night

143 plays
Stereolab's ugly duckling, except some chunks are gorgeous as hell. A wild ride for zany chilltimes.
15The Brilliant Green
Los Angeles

139 plays
A couple of duds, but this is grade-A power pop magic for the most part. Lovely late 90s/early 00s guitar pop vibes, had a great time forcing my mate to nail the closer on karaoke so he had extra firepower for an upcoming date.
Dots and Loops

137 plays
Whenever I listen to this it becomes my favourite Stereolab [2]. Glad this one's catching on. Someone said something about it being the soundtrack to a weird hip lounge party or whatever - p much accurate. Perfect indietronica right here.
Heavy Rocks

136 plays
Top-tier stoner jams from Boris at the top of their game.

135 plays
Another one that should be higher - morose, melodramatic post-punk with superb storytelling that rips several pages from the Cave playbook. Top 5 for 2020.
You and I

135 plays
A nice step forward into alternative territory for O'Brother. Gotta say, half the reason this is so high is that I listened to it on repeat while reviewing - and that review took absolutely forever!

133 plays
Noisey random af psychedelic Boris, shit yes. Underrated album, some huge tracks here - especially that closer - one of their absolute best! I put that one on during a thunderstorm on the highway back from Osaka; cinematic as hell.

130 plays
More underrated Boris, this one dishes out their sludge and doom sides deliciously well. Surprisingly varied, but I can see that megatrudge of an opening duo putting some people off.
22Laurel Halo

128 plays
Eyyy quarantine #topical. I listened to this album once a day for about a week straight during lockdown, wondering when I'd 'get it.' Not sure if I got there, but definitely looking forward to coming back having given it a break - very much into the ideas behind it.
Emperor Tomato Ketchup

121 plays
Stereolab do everything on this one, and most of it is pretty great!
24Rolo Tomassi

115 plays
Finally got round to checking this properly - slaps! More fun than Time Will Die, though not quite on par with Grievances.
New Album

114 plays
Boris made a pretty great alt roc- I mean OMG GUYS BORIS MADE A J-POP ALBUM. New Album is fab.
26Dai Dai Dai

114 plays
SOLID CHAOS POP lmao. Some of the hardest bops of 2020 are on this record. All of it is obnoxious as hell. Big love.
27Amon Tobin
Foley Room

112 plays
Couldn't get into the mid-section on this, but the opening and closing combos are up with his best. Fascinating methodology behind it, mix of found music and plunderphonics - listening closely and trying to work out where each layer might have came from definitely gives it an edge.
28Amon Tobin

106 plays
SUCH a departure from his previous work, but this might just be the best Amon Tobin album. Really fascinating listen, feels a lot more volatile and amorphous than before but still with that trademark smoothness. Jamming this again right now.
Mars Audiac Quintet

105 plays
Not as huge on these fuzzy warm krautpop jams as other Stereolab, but they got carried along by the binge and the length of the tracklist.
30Buke and Gase

104 plays
Freakhouse indie collage of angular sounds with great hooks and lots of energy mmm yes, more people should check this.

102 plays
Cute noisey early Stereolab aww yes, some lovely jams on this

102 plays
Space-lounge!! The highlights on this are absolutely fantastic, I get more impressed by this record every time I return to it tbh. Due another listen soon.

100 plays
I feel that atmosphere! Perfect comeback album, need to get this on the go again. Those tones and tempos are thicc.
34Coaltar of the Deepers
Come Over to the Deepend

97 plays
Best shoegaze album that riffs like a storm warning and periodically drops into death/doom because, uh, why not. Amazing stuff.
35Sweet Trip
Velocity : Design : Comfort

96 plays
Getting deeper into this album (particularly the first half, which I didn't vibe much at first) has been a joy.
36Jeff Rosenstock

92 plays
New Jeff is angry and whiny and catchy and scuzzy and pretty good I guess
37Flying Lotus
You're Dead!

88 plays
Long overdue listen. Not sure I gave this as much time as it deserves; generally strong stuff, but it didn't grip me as hard as Cosmo or the backend of Until the Quiet Comes. Need to wrap Flamagra soon.
38Tujiko Noriko
Blurred In My Mirror

88 plays
Really interesting experimental pop album, one of the most convincingly abstract things I've heard in this vein. Closing combo is a bit screwy, but this is very impressive for the most part.
Mudai (7)

86 plays
Glitchy Radiohead-y post-rock that feels entirely suitable for this cracked warphouse of a year. Get on this, 65DoS fans!
Miss Anthropocene

86 plays
New Grimes ups her game considerably from Art Angels, avoiding most of that album's embarrassments and production pitfalls but not hitting the same highs. I'll take it.
?depacse ohw

86 plays
Silky smooth Korean R&B, excellent mood jams
Margerine Eclipse

86 plays
At once the saddest and (maybe) most zany Stereolab album, I adore parts of this and get a little phased by others. A good'un, all in all.
Kuuchuu Camp / Something In the Air

85 plays
Underlistened! This album is wonderful, deservingly successful dream pop/dub vibes that I could loop for days. Beautiful stuff, perfect pop songwriting.
44Susumu Yokota
Grinning Cat

84 plays
Also underlistened, although this one often has such a rich, peaceful tone that I feel it's stuck at 5 in the morning and I should either be waking up or mediating to it. Beautiful ambient tracks, "Cherry Blossom" is much perfection.
Heavy Rocks (2011)

83 plays
This one's a pick 'n' mix of heavy Boris with mixed results but a few colossal gems.
46Tujiko Noriko
Shojo Toshi

83 plays
Tujiko Noriko's first glitch pop album! It's a good'un, a little more sugar and less starch than her other stuff in this vein with some gorgeous highlights. Love this lady a lot.
Imaginary Sonicscape

80 plays
An experimental black metal album that is fun and doesn't blow chunks of ham. Some of this pushes the boat out in an exciting way, some of it brings the riffs, and some goes on just a tad too long. Good stuff.
48Charli XCX

79 plays
How I'm Feeling Now is ok, but I'm mostly grateful to it for pushing me to check this one again. Inconsistent as hell, but when it goes it *goes*.
Cover Me Shakespeare

79 plays
Vestigial plays from when I binged this to oblivion at the start of the year, a total power pop gem. They don't make em like this anymore.
Linear Cryptics

78 plays
IDM/glitch with ace melodies and hooks for days. Need to give this more attention.
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