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without mewithoutYou

This is something of a knee-jerk list - mwY have been my go-to in so many different contexts, many of them difficult, and I cannot imagine the last few years without them. Aaron Weiss' voice has been such a huge FORCE in so many ways, all of them nuanced, dignified, self-aware and incontrovertibly lonesome in a way that's spoken to so many of us in various ways. Their music has never been less than stellar, both a perfect vehicle of personality and an exemplary rock sound. I don't really have a plan for this list other than chalking up as many of their most memorable moments as I can, as they occur to me. Please feel free to post yours, and I'll add them in!
Catch For Us the Foxes

Oh Christ, when you're ready to come back
I think I'm ready for you to come back
But if you want to stay wherever exactly it is you are
That's okay too
It's really none of my business
- Carousels

Of all mwY's God lines, this is the one that hits me the hardest. The mix of personal/material dejection and steadfast faith in Weiss voice is devastating and empowering in equal measure, and there have been points at which I've heard this, related fiercely to the former and then felt crushed and almost envious at how I can't take solace in the latter the same way. A beautiful moment.
Ten Stories

WALRUS: If the weather ever withers up your vine
Jacob knows a ladder you can climb
If that old thorn is still buried in your side
Jacob knows a ladder you can climb
OWL: Well if your Pacific rivers all run dry
Their clouds will fill my loud corrupted sky
And if the pleasures of your heavens ever end
That very ladder just as well descends
-Nine Stories

Similar to Carousels, this back and forth between real-world despair and heavenly escape packs a real punch, with an added ambivalence that lingers on, thanks to the way the Walrus/Owl dialectic is never really brought to resolution. Two different voices, or the same speaker in two minds - you never really know with Weiss.
Pale Horses

The other night I dreamt I was back in college
There were boys in robes and sandals
They were singing songs to Krishna
Burning candles they would trade for money
You agreed to buy one cause you felt guilty
One turned into Sr. Margaret
I said "If you can change your shape that easily
Can you take the form of my dead father?
Because I think he would've liked to meet my wife"
And I know for a fact he would have liked my wife
- Dorothy

An obvious pick and straight-up tearjerker, this one needs little explanation.
Catch For Us the Foxes

I threw a small stone down at the reflection of my image in the water...
And it altogether disappeared.
I burst as it shattered through me like a bullet through a bottle...
And I'm expected to believe that any of this is real.
- Seven Sisters

This song's tumultuous themes of creation and unfulfilment aside, the lack of self-worth it takes to fully resonate with a verse like that (let alone utter it with conviction!) is more uncomfortable than I'd like to admit. It's as beautiful as it is disarming and perfectly captures mwY's knack at cutting straight to the heart of things.
Pale Horses

Sint - my best memory of them is seeing them with twiabp and delta sleep just after pale horses came out, hearing january 1979, which is like one of my top ten favourite songs ever, live was incredible
Pale Horses

heyadam - The second to last time I saw them Aaron grabbed the collar of my shirt and basically headbutt me and we screamed the "I'd like to meet whoever said the words we print in red" line from Mexican War Streets together, and that's one of my favorite lines from him.
Catch For Us the Foxes

Josh D - one of the times I saw them at my favorite venue, I was against the railing of a second level area that overlooks the stage to their left. There are drain holes for rain at the bottom of it, which are in arms each from the stage. During a song where there was a break in singing and the band jammed a bridge or something, Aaron came over and pressed his hands against the wall and head banged a second, then looked up and reach through one of the drain holes. He grabbed the laces of my boots and yelled “is this your foot?”. When I said yes, he curled his fingers around the laces and yanked on them twice, then went back to the mic in time to start singing
Ten Stories

Rowan - so so bummed but great list idea and inputs. never seen them live (and if they don't come to Aus before they break up this ol' bucket list is gonna remain unfinished forever) but I have these lads to thank for pulling my head out of my self-righteous solipsistic ass midway through uni. I was one of those mega-pretentious 'just found out about philosophy' guys who went around being a douche because nOtHiNg eLsE rEaLlY eXiStS prove me wrong pleb xD

...then I heard Ten Stories, more specifically the very last verse of Aubergine. "when I saw how far I'd travelled down this solipsistic road, I climbed out to ask for directions" and so on. really gave me a slap around the head and I got a lot better at actually interacting with wider society and sparing everyone my self-serving philosophy rants. god knows how isolated I'd be if not for Weiss and co. - cheers boys

IronGiant - Saw them in November of last year supporting [Untitled]. Was the third person in line waiting for the venue to open up, about 3 hours before doors opened. Met a friend there waiting in line whom I still talk to this day. She encouraged me to be in the front row (something that intimidated me prior) and I proceeded to have the best concert experience of my life. Screamed along to every word and had Aaron get in my face for 75% of the show yelling along with him and the crowd was a quasi religious experience. They played my favorite song by them, "A Glass Can Only Spill What it Contains", and I lost my shit, as expected. They played with passion and purpose and I am forever grateful for the lifelong friend and memories I made that night. Thank you mwY, can't wait to see you in February with Thrice!
Brother, Sister

butt - I have only seen them once, and it was on Underoath's "farewell" tour. That was the first time I had heard of them and I was too immature to give them a chance since I was only there for Underoath. I thought their style was dumb and they annoyed me. In the weeks that followed, I felt like checking out some of their stuff for whatever reason. Thank god I did. Within 3 months, I was already calling Brother, Sister my favorite album of all time. It stills sits safely in my top 3.
A to B: Life

grannypantys - Only saw them once. They co-headlined with the Menzingers. They killed it and then most people, including me, left once the Menzingers took the stage.
Catch For Us the Foxes

dmathias - I picked up an Ethics minor for fun basically in undergrad ("fun" is used loosely") and my senior essay was on how mewithoutYou used heavier music to show ways of productively displaying positive masculinity and religion. Was the most fun I ever had writing a paper.

But for an actual story: I saw them this past summer at my favorite venue, Codfish Hallow, which is an old refurbished barn two miles off of a gravel road in middle-of-nowhere Iowa. The show was incredibly powerful, I was front row, everything was incredibly intimate and powerful. Towards the end of the show, Aaron said he had a very important message to share that someone in the crowd passed on to him. He pulled out a paper plate and read this message off of it: "Fuck you Jeff". Whoever Jeff was yelled "Fuck you" back and then they immediately went into Four Word Letter (pt. 2). It was so surreal and bizarre, but fit so perfectly somehow.
It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright!

elliootsmeuth - I saw them live several months ago and they were as great live as I thought they'd be. Except for the encore (and the absolutely dead crowd was a bit of disappointment, but anyways). The encore was just Aaron and an acoustic playing The Fox, the Crow, and the Cookie, a song that while many love, I had never really connected with. However, it really took on a different tone live and I found myself really falling for it in a new way. Then, Aaron seamlessly transitioned into an acoustic rendition Cardiff Giant. This was one of my favorite songs from them for quite some time because of its relatively joyous sound, but hearing it in this context, it took on an incredibly bittersweet mood. I was struggling without a lot at the time, just starting college with some issues back home weighing on me and in that moment, despite everything that was going on around me and inside me, I felt like everything was going to be okay.
It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright!

[cont.] Cheesy, I know, but that's the way that it hit me and no other piece of music has hit me that way before or since. Other little things that made it special was everyone had put down their phones. Throughout the show, people would record bits of their favorite songs, as one does at shows, but for this, there was this sweeping unspoken moment of "Hey, put your phone away you fuck." and everyone did. The other part was there was this guy that I'm 90% sure was homeless that was just going absolutely ham the entire show, but here, he just quietly whistled along. Also, I cried, which I don't think has really happened before.
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