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Yet Another Q1

I was planning on making my first 2016 list at the halfway point, but I've been so much better with current stuff than I've ever been lately that I feel like a quarter list would benefit me as well as maybe being something interesting to look at. i've been getting music from a lot of other places besides sputnik lately too, which is a nice change of pace. but ugh there's so much i need to catch up on already. a lot to put in the database too. anywho here's everything i've heard so far from this year, ranked af. also thanks to the folks i did totally grab some of these from
36Mandroid Echostar
Coral Throne

1.5 - this is "progressive," guys. wtf are you serious. the only thing keeping this from a 1 is a couple tasty riffs. the rest of it is a blur of absolutely tasteless, tuneless, aesthetic-less bullshit. first time an album has made me mad in a long time

1.5 - creepy grating ambient horseshit that sounds more like a halfhearted soundtrack for an equally halfhearted horror flick
For Silence

2 - incompetent black metal
33Panic! At the Disco
Death of a Bachelor

2 - no, this Vegas coke-pop will definitely not help you stay relevant you fuckin dolts
32Moon Tooth

2 - really annoying faux-prog
31No Fun
Photocopier Waltz

2.5 - i definitely get why one would find this awful, but i think the amateurish abrasiveness of it is kinda charming, actually. it's just that you've heard every piece of each song within the first 30 seconds of it
30Ty (VEN)
The Golden Soul and the Hunger Feelings

2.5 - Atmospheric black metal with potential, but it's produced kinda horribly. it's almost like... orchestrated noise that you can vaguely tell is supposed to be black metal.

2.5 - GarageBand trip-hop
28Single Soul
cold drone blues expanded

2.5 - wow this is cool guys show it to all your friends you'll be so cool
Deep Fried Thumb

2.5 - this is on the verge of a three.. idk it's interesting bubbly techno stuff but it gets kinda grating after a while. seems like the mixing of it was kinda rushed
26Agoraphobic Nosebleed

3 - cool that they're taking this direction but make the songs more interesting plz thx
Promise Everything

3 - pleasant but ultimately pretty insubstantial indie-punk-whatever bullshit

3 - This band is awesome, but I'm not a huge fan of the super dense production on this. I much preferred the guitar tone on Exodromos, it was easier to follow the riffs. Plus this album doesn't really have anything like "Tautochrone" or "Xenoverse Discharger"

3 - what walking through a black cloud feels like. just walking, just taking a stroll.
22Submotion Orchestra
Colour Theory

3 - this album just slides by

3.5 - No, it doesn't throw you for any loops, but it's tight, crunchy and RIFFS
20Tomb Mold
The Bottomless Perdition

3.5 - Death metal in 2016 has no business being this crusty
19Sensory Deprivation

3.5 - A decided tour-de-force. Expansive, noisy, and pretty damn engaging
Void 4: Permanence

3.5 - Crushing break-neck grind from the guys in Tanpopo Crisis
17School of Seven Bells

3.5 - This is the first I've heard from these guys - I have a feeling I'd dig their earlier stuff more, but this is kinda delightful
16King Green
The Moon Has Fallen

3.5 - If I could I would rate this three Batman symbols out of two yin-yangs. Inscrutable nightmarish dreamscapes courtesy of AnimalsAsSummit

3.5 - Tight, pulverizing grind, but you'd think that after seven years their sound would've evolved a little more

3.5 - ahem read my review
13White Spot
I Had The Best For A Little While

3.5 - noise rock that's somehow both fresh and grimy
Nocturnal Masquerade

3.5 - yeah this is sweet. if only bands like this could take Born of Osiris's spot

3.5 - probably the closest thing i've heard to the Converge/Botch style of metalcore tbh, vox are almost a little too similar
Old Sunlight

4 - post-metal that's equal parts pretty and heavy. the really riff-heavy parts could use a little more texture, but the songwriting is undeniable
9Tanpopo Crisis
Nobody Knows

4 - grind with amazing spacey guitar tones. get on this
Le Dernier Crépuscule

4 - delicious, adventurous death metal with some trimmable fat
7This Is Nowhere
Music to Relapse

4 - really powerful psych/stoner rock. starts off amazing with two of the best songs i've heard so far this year - "Burn the Line" and "Thiefall", but falls off a little bit toward the end. its overall thick and entrancing sound still makes it very worth checking out tho
Allir vegir til glötunar

4 - punishing black metal; crisp and tasty
5Massive Attack
Ritual Spirit

4 - I really wanted to give this a 4.5, as it's evident that there's definitely an evolved sound happening here - "Dead Editors" is becoming one of my favorite songs ever - but there's something about "Voodoo in My Blood" that just seems... tawdry. So the fact that there's only three consistently amazing songs makes this release feel a little like a tease. Which I guess it is... but an excellent tease it is.
4Tim Hecker
Love Streams

4 - This guy can do no wrong. "Music of the Air" is simply exquisite.

4.5 - You need to be in a pretty specific mood for this album to really resonate, but when that happens, it's amazing how powerful it is. Every song is an exercise in a different kind of hypnosis.
2The Body
No One Deserves Happiness

4.5 - This rating isn't completely solidified yet, but a 4.5 is what it's feeling most like right now. This album is everything that's cool about this band refined and given even more detail. Punishing, beautiful, and bizarre; snapping and cracking with life.

4.5 - I guess this technically isn't out yet, but holy balls get on it when it is, guys. AOTY potential. review is already written, lying in wait.
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