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Candy Bars Ranked

My top ten list of candy bars. Just candy bars, not skittles or m&ms or sprees or anything like that. Just candy bars. Tell me If you think i'm right.
1Minus The Bear

Milky Way- Candy bars are a sensitive issue with ppl because who doesn't like candy bars I mean honestly they're the best. And I guess i'm gonna have to go with the Milky Way for #1 Its soft and sexy, and don't even get me started on the Milky Way Midnight. I tastes like a Bill Withers album sounds.
2Zero 7
Simple Things

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups- I'm pretty confident that this qualifies as a candy bar even though its a candy cup. I mean you're not going to compare Reeses and Sour Patch kids. So anyway #2 pick is Reeses Peanut Butter cup. I don't even really like candy all that much but every time I eat one I find myself 20 minutes later in a small mound of Reese wrappers with chocolate and peanut butter smears on my bloated body. Sweet perfection.
3John Legend
Once Again

Hershey Cookies and Cream- This fucking thing is pretty intense mainly because its the only hersheys product with no actual chocolate in it but its got little bits of Oreo like substance in it and white chocolate which is also amazing and I find it to be a incredibly underrated candy bar. Yet it can't be that underrated because I've been eating them since they came out and that was a while ago so they must be selling them.
4 The Mars Volta
Bedlam and Goliath

Snickers- I know, a bit cliche but goddamn the snickers is cliche for a reason. Peanuts Caramel Nougat (Which by the way could someone explain to me what the fuck nougat actually is?) Anyway snickers is # 4 its a quality candy bar and if theres nothing else around thats sweet and you see a Snickers it is honestly impossible not to eat it. Unless you have severe severe blood sugar issues, in which case I feel bad for you.
Blood Mountain

Whatchamacallit- Here comes Hershey to face fuck your sweettooth again with they ever eclectic Whatchamacallit. It's got just about everything thats ever been put into a candy car (except coconut and for good fucking reason.) Also a fairly underrated candy bar but the people who have had it swear there allegience to it after the first bite.
6Mad Season

Skor- The Heath bar is the black sheep of the hard english toffee family and the skor bar is the perfect brother who makes insane amounts of money and buys everyone perfect gifts and is beloved by any human or animal it comes into contact with. If we're talking toffee and chocolate, the only thing that needs to be said is Skor.
Hell Hath No Fury

Twix- Pretty simple combo with the twix but its a deadly one Cookie bar covered in caramel and chocolate, or peanut butter and chocolate if thats your thing. Its an old stand by that I never get sick of.
8The Roots
Rising Down

Take 5- I'm a sucker for chocolate covered pretzels. I hate pretzels and I'm not a huge chocolate fan but when you put them together Goddamn is it good. When the take 5 came out I shit my pants because it was a chocolate covered pretzel coverd with peanut butter and caramel. Its pretty fucking sexy. The sweet and salty combo gets me every time.
9Mark Ronson

Nutragous- If youre a fan of that nut butter, nutragous is for you. Reese all up in that ass with the peanuts and peanut butter and nougat and chocolate and shit. Its perfect for peanut butter lovers like myself but will never surpass the original glory of the peanut butter cup.
10Rage Against The Machine

Anything that isn't a fucking Mound or Almond Joy. These are seriously the shittiest candy bars in the history of fucking candy bars and I even like coconut! I'd rather eat old stale candy corn from 1975 than suffer the freshest of Almond Joy. I'd name Almond Sorrow.
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