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If you dip a hand with a cut on it in porky water that ribs we're thawing in, do you die?rList is all rabout illegal downloading, piracy, etc. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK SPUTNIK

Everybody gave metallica shit for they're stance on the whole napster thing. Even
though they're all filthy fucking rich. They have a point. The music is legally their's
(and the record companies) and while metallica may be filthy rich. When a
technology is created that can completely alter the way an industry does
business comes out. It never really hurts the rich guys. But the middle men.
(Roadies, Sound Engineer's, Producers, etc) Those guys rely on the music industry
for they're paycheck. And while Metallica and electra records (now Warner Bros)
may be wiping their asses with 100's in their gold plated lambo's. Alot of not so
rich people are relying on them to be rich so they can continue to pay them.
Fuckin trickle down Reaganomics.
2Limp Bizkit
Gold Cobra

Limp Bizkit never really gave a shit about napster, in fact they encouraged it's use
and they sold around 15,000,000 albums world wide in 10 years. Holden the gold.
Crack The Skye

This was the last compact disc i purchased. Loved the album, hated the huge
fucking scratch my roommate's cat put into it rendering it useless. I downloaded
the album on using Utorrent 12 minutes later.
Kingdom Come

Jay-Z was the CEO of Def Jam for a hot minute. He saved the Roots from the evil
clutches of Geffen Records and since then the Roots have put out some amazing
material. He eventually had to step down as CEO because he wasn't making
enough. Goddamn internets downloden
5Kanye West

Kayne and 50 Cent had a little competition to see who could sell the most records
since both of their new releases came out on the same day (9/11/07) 50 cent said he
would step down and quit rapping if Kanye won...Then kayne won. My prediction was
that they would both flop because anyone that still really wanted a new 50 cent
album in 2007 would just steal one. And anyone that had been anxiously waiting for
the new Kanye joint would just download it. Because everyone that likes Kanye is
probably in college and poor. But Kayne won and 50 cent kept on rapping.
6The Sword
Gods of The Earth

"But alonsoharris what if i want to spend my hard earned cash to support a struggling
band? Shouldn't I purchase their album?" No. If you want to support a band, buy a T-
shirt at a show of theirs that you paid to see. Most bands signed to major record
labels (and or affiliates) make about 12 to 15 cents per album. Now if your the kings
of leon and every vagina in the western hemisphere bought your album in 2009
That's a lot of 12 centssss.
7Gnarls Barkley
St. Elsewhere

This was one of two albums to go platinum if 2006. (The worst year in music business
history.) Proof that no matter what the circumstances, good music will always prevail.

This was the other one... Proof that no matter what the circumstances, shitty music
will always prevail.
9 Sputnik

I started browsing on this site about 3 years ago and since then have used it as a musical
compass of sorts. Like everyone who's been on here i found really great music here that i
normally wouldn't anywhere else. (I don't live in a large city with cool little hidden magical
record stores where i can find vinyls of great obscure 60's bands.) However, since I've joined
Sputnik, my "illegal" downloading has gone up by at least 60 percent. I'm not going to find
Warpaint, or Botch, or anything like that in Best Buy.

I downloaded this last night whilst sputniking because i used to love it in
high school and had forgot about it until i saw the review of their new
album. Got rid of it 20 minutes later. I can't stand that shit anymore.
My point is. I've purchased every metallica cd since i've been alive. At least
once. Cd's get broken and pissed on and hurled into the ether, mp3's do
not. Also i'm fucking broke, and I love computers+free shit+music-trips to
the store. The fact is, someone found a way to get record companies
products to the consumer, quicker and cheaper than they did. Internet
downloading won. That's about as Capitalist and American as anything, so
too all those people who think free is just another word for socialist... Go
fuck yourself.
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