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Just like every other self-aggrandizing audiophile on the internet rlately, I have been taking in quite a bit more electronic music. rWhen I was much younger, and much less discerning, I listened to ra lot of bad trance music and tracks by Oakenfold. Needless to rsay, I was off electronic music for quite a while.Here is a list of rarguably transcendent electronic music that I have been digging rditch-style lately. Enjoy it, you've all probably been told to listen to rthis shit loads of times by other people already... For the record: rthe definition I am using to categorize "electronic" for this list is rprimarily synth driven and carrying a consistent beat. There are rexceptions.

Because fuck skrillex. Seriously. And from First to Last. Fuck them so, so
much. This is to interesting electronic music what Michael Angelo Batio is to
guitar music. All wank (or in this case, wub) and not a hint of soul. I didn't
read enough informed lists when I first started approaching the six dozen
'step' themed sub genres. Mistakenly, I believed this asshole to be their
ambassador. Thank Odin my 52 year old father said one day: "You ever
listen to Burial? You should check out Burial."

Yeah boo-hoo, appreciating Burial is nothing new (someone is bound to
comment with 'ugh, Burial has been around forever you gay homosexual').
There is a damn good reason his albums turn up on EVERY list of
'electronic/dubstep/twostep/dark/melancholic/just-plain-great' music on the
internet right now. He is sublime. Colder than a Scandinavian winter with
sparse, disconnected beats and overwhelmingly strong atmospheres from
start to finish. This is when I realized that electronic music had to be much
more interesting than I was giving it credit for. Apparently, some fella
named Deviant can tell you all about the genre influences that make up
each of his albums... I don?t know enough about the history. Kindred is my
favorite to date although I find the self-titled album to be the bleakest.
3Tangerine Dream

I quickly began a fascination with the old-school analogue eeriness of Virgin
years Tangerine Dream and to a lesser extent Jean Michel-Jarre's early
albums. Not as much "beat" on these ones per se, but they are full of early
sequencer work and analogue melodies that are inherently cool. More on
the ambient side I suppose, but examining the forefathers is essential!
Rubycon is my favorite album from this time period but Phaedra doesn't get
enough hype.
Computer World

German robots craft futuristic synth pop with unrivaled style. Much more
rhythmic than Tangerine Dream, they have had a massive influence on
electronic music. Fun fact- the only listenable Coldplay song ever recorded
is based on the riff from "Computer Love" off this record. Fucking Coldplay.
5 Secede

I didn't spend much time moving through proper chronological channels as I
began expanding the various styles of electronica that I was listening too.
"Tryshala" really caught me off guard. It's got an excellent mix of chilled out
beat and synth tracks mixed with outstanding ambient collages. I was
listening to a LOT of ambient at the time so this album provided a fine
transition point. "Bye Bye Gridlock Traffic" is also fantastic.
6Digital Mystikz
Return II Space

I play this album for my "dubstep" friends... They hate it. "Pop Pop Epic" is
one of my favorite tracks in the 'step' vein. They kept saying "Is this all it
does? It doesn't do anything". I just shook my head.
Old Raves End

This album is already praised to death. It absolutely deserves it too.
Reminiscent of Burial but a little less bleak. A good relaxing listen packed
with top-shelf melodies you can drift away with.

Dark and glitchy! This is an unsettling but consistently fascinating album!
Clearly influenced by Autechre but as a result of just picking and choosing
albums all over the timeline, I came across this first. I don't see these guys
hyped up as often on sputnik but I recommend it to fans of "Tri Repetae".
Tri Repetae

Fantastic glitch-laden IDM (I am aware that term is a no-no... deal with it). I
would be surprised if you guys don?t already know this album.
Soon it Will Be Cold Enough

They say this is a very good album. I don't hear it yet. It's very nice and
everything... but I'd rather listen to Swarms.

Dense, Berlin-school rooted analogue psychedelia. Kind of like old
Tangerine Dream but more frantic. The album is a little short at only four
tracks but it's a strong release start to finish. Warm, synthy goodness. I
would like to hear some more by these guys!

There are a string of dubstep-ish (esque?) albums that I have come across
lately that are all very good listens. Pretty good chance if you can get into
Burial, you can get into these... This is one of those albums.

...So is this.
14 Vex'd

...and this. I've got about 5 more of these but I think you get the gist of it
by now. If you liked the last two on the list you'll find more like it on your
own. This is the internet after all... and you can all use that fancy Google
thing... I believe in you.
15Demdike Stare

Demdike Stare have a much more aggressive occult influence behind their
sound. Not a really a vibe I get very often out of electronic music so it
provides a unique perspective to the genre. It could be argued that Coil did
something similar thematically with "Love's Secret Domain" but sonically
they are worlds apart. Coil is being completely left off of this list as well
because I listen to them for their contributions to Industrial/Ambient/
Experimental primarily, and not for their house music.
16The Third Eye Foundation
You Guys Kill Me

This is another oddball electronic release that carries an occult atmosphere.
Lots of mind-twisting synth lines and punchy beats which give the whole
album a consistent uneasiness. "For All the Brothers and Sisters" scared my
girlfriend's cats. Thumbs up!
17Psychic TV
Towards Thee Infinite Beat

Psychic TV's acid house phase is not the highlight of their career as far as
I'm concerned. I haven't been able to develop much of a taste for
house/Chicago house/acid house/et al. just yet. Some of it I like for about a
minute and a half but then I tend to drift off. It would be foolish to
underestimate the popularity and influence of such sounds though... it just
doesn't do a whole hell of a lot for me.
18The Future Sound of London

You know this one but I'm running out of original options and I really want
this list to make it to 20.
19Boards of Canada

Again, not exactly unknown around the halls of Sputnik High. Boards of
Canada have always been in a world of their own. Lots of fascinating
moods and intentions buried in the music. Geogaddi is my favorite by them.
Something about it is just plain creepy.
20Aphex Twin
...I Care Because You Do

Richard D James is streets ahead. Plain and simple. He has done everything
from outstanding ambient albums to frenetic drum n' bass fueled
weirdness. Always carrying a trademark AFX melody. I chose this album
because of the juxtaposition of the calm and the frantic throughout it. He
gets bonus points for being a nutbag too. Not in a testicle holster way.
Anyway, feel free to give me examples of why your taste is better than
mine below. I guarantee I will totally value your opinion and not use it as
an opportunity to mock your subpar grammar skills while making wild,
uninformed speculations about your sexual preferences and intelligence.
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