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10 Worst Movies

That you furry faggots probably love.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl- Geoffrey Rush is one of my favorite actors, but even he couldn't even save this mess. A clunky, overlong distraction filled with unintentionally hilarious dialogue and beautiful set pieces(and that's about it). While Depp is great as Captain Jack and Rush in top form as Barbosa, the rest of the supporting cast doesn't add anything to the film.
Crush Kill Destroy

X-Men Origins: Wolverine- First of all, none of the X-Men films are that good. In fact, 2 out of the first 3 weren't worth the money they made. This isn't any better, if not much worse. Liev Schreiber is miscast as Sabretooth, and the special effects are so outlandish(helicopter scene) that I found myself laughing in embarrassment when I saw it.
8Discordance Axis
The Inalienable Dreamless

The Perfect Storm- While the story of the Andrea Gale is a thrilling one, the movie takes way too long to set up it's focal point. It's a mess once it does get settled in, and the Wahlberg's soliloquy at the end is laughable at best.
Prepare To Be Let Down

Ocean's 12- While the first one isn't that great to begin with, this just seemed like an excuse for all of the actors involved to make an extra buck. The movie is way too long and very boring, and Vincent Cassel, one of the finest French actors to walk the earth, is wasted.
Coldest Winter; Darkest Reaches of the Mind

Battle: Los Angeles- I thought this was going to be the movie to set the tone for the next decade, but instead turned out to be an Independence Day remake with an extra side of cheese. Aaron Eckhart, who I very much respect for his roles in The Dark Knight and Thank You for Smoking, must have been smoking crack when he chose this role. Script is ludicrous and the lack of an original storyline makes this an offensible addition to the sci-fi genre.
5Charles Bronson
Complete Discocrappy

Donnie Darko- I'm not going to elaborate on why I despise this movie because I've done it so many times before.
4Fell Voices
Fell Voices

True Grit- Jeff Bridges is a fine actor and one of the best of our generation, but his incoherent mumbling throughout the film ruined it for me. You want to see the part of Rooster Cogburn done right, look no further than the 1969 original with John Wayne in the lead role.
3Crossed Out

Transformers- Overly long and anti-climactic, with questionable casting choices all around. Jon Voight was wasted in his role.

Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2- While Tarantino is one of my favorite directors, I was extremely bored by these movies. Besides the questionable choice of Uma Thurman(in my opinion), the visuals don't add anything to the story, but in fact distract from it.
1Dead Man in Reno

The Matrix- I understand that the visual effects were groundbreaking, but the acting is pathetic, and the plot isn't too tight neither. It lacks the cohesion that could've turned what is a sub-par movie story-wise into something fantastic.
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